Our 2023 Book Sale

by | Sep 16, 2023 | Book Sale | 40 comments

I’ve been stalling on having another annual book sale since we moved in 2018… It’s hard to believe that we have been in our new home for nearly 5 years now! On top of still having a few boxes of books that were never unpacked due to lack of shelves, plus the annual new school year additions, I am really starting to feel the effect of not doing our yearly cull. There are books stashed everywhere!

I finally had a free afternoon to take pictures for another book sale! (I had the extra motivation of an earlier than usual ski lesson bill coming up, after just paying this semester’s college tuition!) If you are interested in purchasing any of the items in this post, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won’t be displayed publicly.) I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping.

Once payment is recieved, I will ship your books via USPS media mail which usually takes 7-14 days. Shipping will be added to your order by actual weight/media mail cost with a minimum shipping of $5.00. If you are local let me know and I am happy to arrange a time for pick up!

Please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly. I can accept Paypal or Venmo. Comments are moderated, but I will do my best to approve/publish them as quickly as possible and update the post with “sales pending.” If multiple visitors request the same book it will be sold to the first request. I’m also open to reasonable offers on any of the books listed and will probably drop the prices on anything that is left at the end of the sale. Thank you!

Note: Most links are affiliate links.

  • Saxon Math 1 Teacher’s Edition (with Saxon Math 1 Student Workbook Part Two) – $15.00  (sold)
  • Saxon Math 3 Teacher’s Edition – $15.00
  • Saxon Math 5/4 Solutions Manual, cover is falling off – $2.00 
  • Saxon Calculus, ISBN 156577146X – $15.00
  • Saxon Physics, ISBN 1565770056 – $15.00
  • Saxon Math Two Home Study Kit including Teachers Edition, Two Workbooks and Meeting Book (NEW), (Retails for $144.95 on sale at Rainbow Resource) – $50.00 or best offer (sold)
  • Fix It! Grammar Robin Hood Teacher’s Manual Book 2, 3rd edition, missing cover -$2.00
  • Fix It! Grammr Little Mermaid Teacher’s Manual Book 4, 3rd edition, $5.00 (sold)
  • Fix It! Grammar Chanticleer Student Book 5, 3rd edition, New, $8.00 (sold)
  • Fix It! Grammar Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Student Book 6, 3rd edition, New, $8.00
  • The Elegant Essay Teacher’s Manual and Student book, duplicate set, Teacher’s cover creased, Asking $25.00 for the set (sold)
  • Kolbe Academy Study Guides – All in like new condition:
  • The Merchant of Venice Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $4.00
  • Wuthering Heights Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $4.00
  • Oliver Twist Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $4.00
  • Out of the Silent Planet Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $4.00
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $4.00
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Study Guide Only, Asking $2.00
  • Human Generis Study Guide, Asking $2.00

Small Hardcover American Girl Books – $3.00 each or all 10 for $25.00 (sold)

Paperback American Girl Books – $2.00 each or all 5 for $8.00

These are also all in new/like new condition:

These are all in new condition, duplicates of books we own:

All in new condition, most were sent to my by publishers:

A few books from the boys time at Christendom:

I think these are mostly books from Christendom as well.

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. 

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Natalie Haney

    I’m interested in the following: Saxon 1 and 2, Fix It Grammar teachers manual 4 and 5, harwood mysteries set. I’m local to SJA

    • Natalie Haney

      Typo – fix it grammar student book 5

      • Jessica

        Perfect! I was just going to ask. Pulling them all aside for you now!

  2. Kasia Sevier

    Our Lady’ Wardrobe
    St. Brendan and the Voyage before Columbus.
    Local pick up…SJA parishioner

    • Jessica

      Pulling these aside for you now! 🙂

  3. Erika Burt

    I would like all American Girls hardcover books please!

    • Jessica

      Thank you, Erika! I just sent you an email and have the set of books pulled aside for you!

  4. Lorena De La Rosa-SJA

    Memento Mori desk calendar
    Usborn World History
    Usborn Explorers
    St Nick comic

    • Jessica

      Thank you, Lorena! I have them pulled aside for you. Let me know when you’d like to stop by to pick them up! 🙂

  5. Catherine

    I’d like (1) child’s luminous mysteries, (2) way of the cross 3 copies, and (3) catherine or Alexandria. Thank you!

    • Jessica

      Great, thank you! Were you wanting the “A Little Catholic’s First Rosary Book Luminous Mysteries, $5.00” or the “The Luminous Mysteries, Paperback, $10.00”? I want to make sure I pull aside the right one.

  6. Anne Hilker

    I’ll take the Book that Changed Everything, The Thief, The Spider, and the Blue Cloak ones please!

    • Jessica

      Ok! I have those pulled aside for you and will email you in just a little bit. Thank you!

  7. Laura Gonzalez

    I would like A Catholic Introduction to the Bible by John Bergsma and Brad Pitre. Thank you so much.

    • Jessica

      You got it! I will email you as soon as I figure out the shipping. Thank you!

  8. Leah Hunt

    I would please like Brendan the Navigator, Midwifery and Herbs, Real Music, and The Founding of Christendom. And is the Usborne Book of Explorers still available? It hasn’t been marked off the list, but I believe someone already requested it in the comments. Thank you!

    • Jessica

      Yes, you’re correct. The Usborne book had sold. I just got that updated. I just pulled the rest aside for you and will send you an email once I figure out the shipping cost. Thank you!

    • Mary

      Hi there! English from the Roots up, please!

      • Jessica

        I have it pulled aside for you Mary 🙂

  9. Chloe

    God Loves the Autistic Mind
    The Catholic Workout
    The Way of the Cross for Children


    • Jessica

      Pulling them aside for you now, Chloe! I’m email you in a couple minutes once I get them boxed up and weighed. Thank you!

  10. Denise

    I would like the two copies of Christian Prayer, Ponder and the Advent and Lenten Momento Mori books. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Great! I’m boxing them up for you now and will email you with the total in just a few minutes. Thank you so much!

  11. Jolene Sis

    I would like The Complete Illuminated Rosary. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Boxing it up and sending you an email shortly. Thank you!

  12. KAREN H

    Hi Jessica! I would love to purchase –

    Advent and Christmas: One Day at a Time for Catholic Teens

    G.K. Chesterton

    Saint Charles De Foucauld: His Life and Spirituality

    Contemplating the Way of the Cross

    The Menagerie of Marsepink

    Hope. Always. Our Anchor in Life’s Storms

    Prayer before the Eucharist

    Jesus Speaking: Heart to Heart with the King

    Catholic Funny Fill-ins

    *Thank you for this awesome book sale!

    • Jessica

      I have these all pulled aside for you Karen! Thank you! I’ll send you an email now.

  13. Tisha Pookombil

    I’m interested in ‘The Good Shepard and the Child” Do you have any other books by Sofia Cavelletti?

    • Jessica

      I have it pulled aside for you! I think I have another book by her as well, but not one I’m selling at this time. We have company about to arrive for dinner, but I’ll email you tomorrow morning to get your mailing address etc.

  14. Katherine McHale

    Hello! If they are still available, I will take:

    Pocket Guide to Sacramental Reconciliation

    Writing Our Catholic Faith Handwriting 2M

    Drinking with your Patron Saints

    Classic Bible Comics

    Thank you Jessica!

    • Jessica

      They are available and I’ll pull them aside for you! We have company about to arrive for dinner so I’ll email you in the morning!

      • Katherine McHale

        Thank you! :⁠-⁠)

  15. Jodi Shaffer

    I would like the Life is Precious unit study if it’s still a available. Thank you!

    • Jessica

      I’ll pull it aside for you and email you in the morning. Thank you!

  16. Carol Alber

    I would like , So Many Ways to Be Holy, I Pray Everyday and I Pray the Mass, The Mass Explained for Kids, please. Anything else that might be good for Kindergarten Faith Formation?


    • Jessica

      I’ll pull these aside for you and send you an email in the morning. Thank you!

      • Jessica

        I sent you an email this morning! Let me know if you didn’t get it for some reason. 🙂


    Hi Jessica, I’m back! I hope these books are still available (and I’m sorry for the extra trip to the post office..) If these are still available I’d love to get them:

    1. I am Therese

    2. A Pocket Guide to Sacramental Reconciliation

    3. Liturgical Year Board Game

    4. The Way of the Cross For Children

    5. On the Other Side of Peace

    Thank you so much!

    • Jessica

      They are! I’ll pull them aside for you and email you later this evening. 🙂

      • KAREN H

        YAY! Thank you and I’ll keep an eye out for your email😊


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