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I just love this Woodcut Irish Blessings Celtic Cross that I found at our little Catholic Bookstore yesterday.  It is sitting on my kitchen windowsill.  So pretty!

I am very happy that I was able to get a jump start on some fun treats for this coming weekend!  
Saturday is going to be super busy, with back to back plans from 9am-7pm including the boys last day of Hockey (including a Skills Competition, Parent vs. Players Game, and Potluck), a birthday party for a sweet little 2 year old, and then evening Mass since my Hubby will be leaving for a 3-week training session all the way across the country on Sunday morning at 4:30am.    As I mentioned over at Catholic Cuisine, I also agreed to help a friend provide treats for our Coffee Hour after Mass this coming Sunday.
So far I have most of the Candy Shamrocks made for on top of our Mint Crunch Cupcakes and the kids just finished helping me decorate some St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coins!  I posted links to our documents over at Catholic Cuisine
OK… I know that my Shamrock Eggs look a little “Gross” and the Snake Snack is silly, but does the Cinnamon Shamrock really look like an Octopus?  LOL! Now that you mention it, if I just add one more heart shaped cinnamon roll where the stem is, and a little round “head” on top, it might make a perfect “leviathan” for our Wind and Sea Good Shepherd Garden Party


It has been… ummmm…. 3 YEARS since Captain began making his St. Patrick Lap Book.  My grandfather passed away that same week (3 years ago yesterday), and it just never has been completely finished.   Maybe this year?  Is it just me, or do unfinished projects drive you crazy too?!


My sweet little Bud has been hanging out in the baby basket at my feet, happily watching me type up this post!  I just can’t believe that he is going to be 3 months old on Monday… He had his weight checked yesterday and is already up to 11 pounds 12 ounces.  He is such a cutie!

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  1. Jamie Jo

    Now, I thought the pepper/egg meal was great, but my kiddos don't like peppers!!

    Bud is just darling!!!! I can't believe how much bigger he is than Simeon…he's a little over 8lbs. (still not quite into 0-3 mos size)

    Most unfinished things, after a year, I get rid of them, otherwise they would bug me–it's so freeing to get rid of them!!

  2. Lazywife

    I think the shamrock cinnamon roll is beautiful and I may make the snake snack on Saturday! -Meagan

  3. Lena

    Prayers for a blessed feast day this weekend.

  4. Jessica Gordon

    Simeon is tiny still, isn't he!?! And SO cute! My little guy is just starting to wear 3-6 months size clothing. He doesn't let me put him down much, but he was super happy there for a little while. 🙂

  5. Hope

    Great idea with the shamrock cinnamon rolls! You are amazing-always filled with good plans! 🙂 have a great St. Pat's and weekend.

  6. Anonymous

    We started the same lapbook three years ago too…and it doesn't look like it will be finished this year because we head out of town tomorrow for State for our sons' gymnastics on Sat and have to get the house ready for his b-day party on Sunday when we get home…I want to implement all these great Saint ideas and Catholic traditions, but a new baby, homeschool, and a move have made it impossible…maybe once we move and some of our activities are no more and we are home more…we shall see…we will be living near a lot more kids, so not sure…oh I still don't know how to be notified when you reply 🙁 I don't see a get an email when someone replies option…

  7. noreen

    I love that Celtic Cross Jessica! I would love to find one like that! Your weekend does sound very busy but with lots of fun. Are you playing on the Parent vs. Players Game? Or is your hubby doing it? Sound like a great time for all. Bud is so absolutely sweet! Will offer up prayers for safe travels for your hubby and that the time he is gone, goes quickly.

    St. Patrick, pray for us!

  8. Jessica Gordon

    Have a safe trip!

    As I am typing in this reply/comment box, just below the bottom right side of the box is a "Subscribe by Email" link. Is it not showing up on your end?

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Ohhhhh, NO! I haven't been on the ice in years, and I have never played Hockey! There is no way I am going to chance ending up on crutches the day before Hubby leaves for 3 weeks. 🙂 I am really looking forward to watching him play though!

    The Celtic Cross really is gorgeous! The price at Amazon (link is in the post) is actually less than it cost at my local store, though it doesn't include the shipping.

  10. Anonymous

    I just see subscribe to post comment atoms…I did that, but haven't figured that one out yet…I know what you are talking about though, I have seen it on other blogs…

  11. Jessica Gordon

    Hmmmm… Now that i have changed the comment box to the embed feature, it has changed how you subscribe compared to most other blogs. I will take a screen shot of what you need to look for and email it to you.

  12. Anonymous

    I got your email…mine is a sguare selct profile and publish and preview, but nothing on the right side…your's looks more "modern" than mine…I tried updating my browser, but nothing…

  13. Momma Holmes

    I LOVE the list of books that you have on the side and was able to get several of htem at my local library. Meant to thank you sooner, but life happened. And Baby Bud is adorable!

  14. Lisa

    Your cinnamon shamrock looks terrific!! Octopus, indeed. good job

  15. noreen

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm back to let you know that I made your Cinnamon Shamrock and it turned out great! I also used your St. Patrick images for the chocolate gold coins which I sent a couple to my godchildren and RE first graders! Thank you so much! I did blog about it today and linked back to you. Happy Feast of St. Patrick's Day.

  16. Sarah

    I'm such a sucker for bonus pictures of babies, LOL! Happy Feast of St. Patrick!

  17. Leila

    What nice photos! Your baby is beautiful!


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