13 things I am looking forward to this month!

by | May 22, 2008 | Music, Thursday Thirteen | 11 comments

13 Things that I am looking forward to this month!
(It’s going to be hard to limit it to thirteen!)

  1. I am looking forward to my brother in laws ordination to the priesthood. If you’d like, you can watch it on EWTN May 30th at 11:00 AM Eastern/8:00 AM Pacific! I’m so excited!!
  2. I am looking forward to receiving those wonderful First Blessings, which contain plenary indulgences, from the newly ordained priests!
  3. I am looking forward to the newly ordained Father’s First Mass…(this is going to be confusing, THREE Father [last name]’s in the Family!!!!)
  4. I am looking forward to Captain’s First Holy Communion! We begin a novena in preparation TODAY!!!
  5. I am looking forward to visiting with the Carmelite Nuns! I love them so much, they are all so sweet! (OK… Here’s a quick story about the nuns. During our first visit with them, May 23rd 2004, on the occasion of Fathers First Mass, Twinkle Toes was only 10 months old, and Mother Superior let me send her back through the turn (a device in cloistered monasteries and convents that shields the visitor from the monk or nun, but permits one to pass notes or small objects in and out). It was so cute! Normally, you or I would not be aloud inside the walls of a cloistered convent, under the penalty of excommunication, without the permission of the bishop, but an infant cannot commit mortal sin, and is therefore excluded from this! They passed her around for about 20-30 minutes on the other side of the grill, where I could see her, and then I went back to the turn to get her back. I knocked to let them know I was waiting, and then I just heard giggling. A couple minutes later, it started to turn and sitting inside was TT’s shoes! They had kept my baby, and sent me back her shoes. Eventually they sent her back to me! Anyhow, that was her first visit to the Carmel… I wonder if someday she will feel called back?)
  6. I am looking forward to taking the kids to the Zoo!
  7. I am looking forward to seeing all my in-laws, and my kids being able to play with their cousins… ALL my kids cousins live out of state!
  8. I am looking forward to Snuggles being able to meet his Grandparents!
  9. I am looking forward to seeing the boys faces light up when they get to see the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at a Natural History Museum!
  10. I am looking forward to spending time at my hubby’s childhood home and parish.
  11. I am looking forward to visiting my Grandparents, my children’s GREAT-Grandparents!
  12. I am looking forward to eating out, and not having to do many dishes!
  13. And last of all, I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures to share with you all next month!

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In the meantime, I am going to be busy, so my blogging is going to be non-existent lighten up for awhile.

Speaking of lightening up, the song used in this video is from one of my favorite singers, Marie Bellet. I can so relate with her music! I posted an actual music video of hers awhile back in this post

“Well I don’t know who started this, and I don’t even care… But the pressures getting to me and I got to get some air…” Just listen to the song!

Seeing this video made me disappointed that we will be missing our local Family Camp with the Fathers of Mercy. They are such wonderful priests! Ah! So much to do, and just not enough time ~ hopefully next year…


  1. Jamie Jo

    I love your story with the nuns!!! What a great story!!!

  2. Anonymous

    That is so great! That is the cutest story about twinkle toes!!
    What a blessing!

    I loved the video, how fun is that!! I love EWTN!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christine

    I hadn’t realized that EWTN was going to air the ordination. How exciting! Have a wonderful time and enjoy visiting the nuns again.

    P.S. I was happy to read that your husband’s health is okay. I pray that next year’s visit results with a bill of “perfect” health.

  4. Amy

    That story about the nuns is so cute! I could completely picture it!!
    Have fun! We will miss you!

  5. Anonymous

    Have a great trip Jess!! Call me next week if u get a chance. Did you get a car charger yet? A. B. P.S Were leaving today (camping)

  6. stephanie

    I love those Carmelite nuns…I was a candidate with the School Sisters of Christ the King in Lincoln when they moved to the Lincoln Diocese and they stayed at the CKs motherhouse for a week. It happened to be during the week of one of their principal feasts – St. Teresa of Avila – and it was beautiful to listen to them chant Morning and Evening Prayers in Latin. After getting married, I *had to* name one of my girls Teresa. We are so blessed to have them in Nebraska!

  7. Anonymous


    My best friend and her children are attending the ordination to see a young man by the name of Dennis, ordained. Wouldn’t happen to be your BIL? Just curious…the world is such a small place ;-D

  8. Jessica Gordon

    Stephanie — You are so blessed to be near them!!!!

    Kimberly — Yes!!! Dennis is my brother-in-law. It really is a small world, isn’t it?!? Maybe I will meet your best friend at the ordination… What is her name?

  9. Anonymous

    Her name is Sandra Smith…she and her husband are long time friends of Dennis’ – she is staying in Nebraska for several days. She will have four children with her…8, 5, 2 and 9 mos.

    Very, very cool! God bless Dennis and all the other young men giving their lives in service to our Holy Faith!

  10. heather

    I just read about your Family Camp with the Father’s of Mercy. We live in Owensboro which is an hour away from them!
    We are great friends with Fr. Chris Crotty. I just had dinner with him last week!
    I am helping with a spiritual/healing conference with Fr. Chris and Fr. Paublo Straub in October here in Owensboro.
    I just wanted to let you know that we love the Frs. of Mercy, too!

    Many blessings,
    Heather Clemens


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