The Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa

by | Sep 6, 2008 | Crafts, Liturgical Year, Mother Teresa, Saints, Spoon Saints | 14 comments

September 5th is the anniversary of the death of Blessed Mother Teresa, and her feast day.

I remember very clearly traveling to San Francisco in 1988 (when I was just 10 years old!) with my Grandmother to see Mother Teresa, at St. Anne’s Church, as she welcomed 11 new nuns into her order. I remember my grandmother telling me that, “one day this amazing little nun will be declared a Saint!” My grandmother passed away just a few short years after that trip. I am so thankful for those precious times we had together, and her amazing love for our Lord and His Saints that she shared with us grandchildren. I sure do miss her, and Mother Teresa always reminds me of my grandma!

You know, my very first “Saint Themed” blog post was on our plans for celebrating this feast last year. I followed that one up with a post containing pictures from our Tea-and-Craft. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but it amazes me how much our children have GROWN this past year!

This year, we spent the morning at Mass and Benediction, then picking plums at Father’s house. After that we had a few doctors appointments to go to, so by the time we got home it was after 3pm.

My kids were begging to make Indian Sweet Bread once again, but with so little time I had to improvise. Thankfully I had a package of our favorite uncooked tortillas from Costco in the fridge, so I just sprinkled them with sugar and cooked them like normal. They were GREAT! They were even better than our homemade ones from last year, and SO MUCH easier. I also made iced Chai Latte’s with Oregon Chai! Yummmm!!!!

After dinner the children colored the beautiful coloring pages from Charlotte, while listening to The Gospel on Five Fingers.

Every time the “Gospel on Five Fingers” was mentioned, Twinkle Toes would stop coloring, and say it as she counted on her fingers at the same time… “You did it for Me!” It was so very cute!

They devoured the Indian Sweet Bread while watching Mother Teresa: Seeing The Face Of Jesus before bedtime. (It is available to watch instantly on Netflix, for those of you with memberships!)

This coming week we will be reading Mother Teresa, and the children will each be copying a quote or two of hers to add to their notebooks…

In my search for Wooden Folk, I did run across a bag of wooden spoons, and immediately remembered Alice’s Spoon Saints. Since the spoons were quite inexpensive, I purchased a bag. After deciding it would take too much time to make a wooden Mother Teresa, with the short time we had, we made a Mother Teresa Spoon Saint instead. It was quite easy, and turned out pretty good for our first attempt, if I may say so myself. I added a popsicle stick to the back, and told my boys that they could use it as a puppet. Captain replied, “Yeah!! Now all we need are some slums!!!” (They may have to use they little imaginations for that!)


  1. Jamie Jo

    I love the spoon puppet!! How cute! Can I get mini spoons at a craft store? Where did you get them?

    I have never heard of “uncooked tortillas” not sure they sell them in MN…

    You did such a nice job on this Jessica!

  2. The Wades

    Your kids are so cute! I wish you lived closer so you could bring them out to the youth ranch. They sure would look cute on horses. 🙂

  3. Shelly

    wow, you do so many wonderful things with your kiddos! must be ultra organized – something i’ve really got to get a handle on. i really love the Glory Stories, we have that one too – they are just soooo moving! one of my favorites is Blessed Imelda.

    Anyway, great post! thanks :o)

  4. Jessica Gordon

    Jamie ~ Yes, I purchased a bag of 75 mini spoons at Michael’s for only $3.50.

    Also, I had never heard of uncooked tortillas either, until my neighbor told me about them and said Costco carried them. They are SO SO SO yummy!

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Michele~ My kids would LOVE the youth ranch… I wish you lived closer too!

  6. Jessica Gordon

    Shelly ~ I am not ultra-organized… In fact, I am hardly organized at all! Though, sometimes it can appear that I am. 😉

  7. Kirsten

    I have the same picture that you do. The one of Blessed Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II. It is hanging up in our classroom and it is one of my favorites!!
    God Bless!

  8. Christine

    You are sweet Jessica….hardly organized, now that is funny. If you are hardly organized then I am hardly hardly hardly times a million unorganized. You have it together and you do it so well. You amaze me!

    What a treasure to have a memory with you and your grandmother. What a story to tell the children!

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks Christine. Maybe organized wasn’t the right word. I guess it is more of a problem with time. I just don’t have enough time to keep up with everything I would like to accomplish, and it makes me feel unorganized. I am always telling myself if I could stay organized we could accomplish so much more. Maybe that is unrealistic of me. I don’t know! :o)

  10. Regina

    seeing that i know you irl, i would say you are indeed organized. now, you arent able to accomplish all that you set out to do but that is just cuz you are an overachiever and try to do too much, but you are certainly organized.

  11. Regina

    i’m still number one

  12. Regina

    oh and you dont want to live closer to michelle-nor do you want her living closer to you- trust me, she is bad news

  13. The Wades

    that Regina! what a sassy, rude thing! i bet you’re breathing a little easier with her in another state! 😉

  14. Regina

    well now i must reply to that sassafrass ‘the wades’…harumph


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