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by | Dec 17, 2008 | Uncategorized | 12 comments

… I’m too busy shopping!

Tomorrow is the last day for Amazon’s free shipping, and I still haven’t even finalized my shopping list! Yep… I am a tad bit behind, to say the least. I was so thankful to hear that, even though I am behind, I may still be right on track! (Anyone else that is feeling behind or overwhelmed, be sure to click through to that last link! It really helped me put things back into perspective, and remember everything I AM getting done. Thanks Maryan!)

Anyhow, I can NOT think of something to get for Snuggles… I have a board book for him, and I was thinking about maybe getting him this sweater, but I should get him at least one toy, shouldn’t I? He just has so many hand-me-downs from his older siblings… Do any of you have any suggestions (preferably something that is not expensive, battery operated, too big, and preferably not plastic unless you absolutely love it, lol!!) for me?? I’d love a few!!!

OH, and while I am on the topic of shopping… One of my dear visitors sent me some information on an AMAZING deal on Father Lovasik books!!! I hope she won’t mind if I quote her here:

You can get all kinds of ten-packs of the St. Joseph Picture Books for children for $1.50 (for all ten)! Plus, most of them qualify for Amazon’s 3 for 4 promotion where if you buy 4, you get one free. So you can get 40 books for $4.50 if you have other purchases that can qualify you for free shipping. I thought the $1.50 listing for ten books had to be a fluke until I ordered some last week and found that even some that didn’t say they were 10 packs actually were (I ended up with 30 copies of one book b/c I thought I ordered 3)! I learned that you have to look at the item weight down in the description–if it’s over a pound, it has to be a 10 pack. If it’s 2-3 oz., then it’s just one book.

Isn’t that awesome! I just placed an order, and I have 140 picture books and 90 coloring books on there way for a grand total of $25.87, INCLUDING shipping! I am so excited! These will come in so handy to use as gifts for lots of little children that I know, including my Little Flowers!

OK, I gotta go! I’ve spent too much time online already… Have a great evening and God bless!


  1. Anonymous

    I have the same problem buying for my 5th child…I finally decided to buy an item that she will “grow into” as the other kids can make use of it (a cash register for school) and she really just wants to open something at her age.

  2. Sarah

    Hmmm . . . your Snuggles is close in age to my Lloyd so here’s some ideas that might work that we’ve been thinking about or had on his wish list . . . Of course, because you have had much more time and children to accumulate these items, you might already have them, but they’re new to us! 🙂

    A set of lacing cards (I think the one’s we’re getting him are farm pictures)
    A set of lacing beads
    some wooden play food
    several books
    some new cars (he seems to especially like the smaller ones that fit in his hand versus bigger ones)
    A new puzzle from Melissa and Doug (we’re getting him the latches/locks one – I guess to teach him how to open our doors? 🙂 Maybe this isn’t a great idea! 🙂
    Art supplies. Sidewalk chalk of his very own, some pebble crayons from “stubby pencil studio” (google it), some bathtub crayons and a new drawing pad, etc.
    A stainless steel sippy cup
    Wedgits Starter Set (if we don’t get this for Christmas, I’ll probably get this for him for his birthday in March. But my little guy is just very engineering oriented, so maybe it’s just him! 🙂

    I hope these ideas help!!


  3. A

    been feeling really bad about not blogging lately. I guess I have a good excuse, plus with all the Chirstmas planning, things just seem to fall to the wayside. I really miss reading some of the blogs too, which I haven’t been able to do at all. I think it has to do with my computer being hidden in the bedroom… I can’t wait to move it!!!

    As for Snuggles… I wish you would have told me earlier, I would have made him something… a Saint doll or something…. That age is so hard, isn’t it? All the good stuff is for three and older. What about big legos for his age??

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the Amazon deal! And for Snuggles, I think a truck would be just fine. My boys love cars and trucks.

  5. elm


    See ‘n Say

    DVDs: Leap Frog Letter Factory… my oldest learned to read with this and the Word Factory at age 3.5!! He LOVED it and taught himself with the help of these videos!

    If you have ANY time left for creating lovely things… (HA!, eh?) You could find a big box… large enough for crawling into, anyway! You can turn it (with some strategic cuts, paint and paper cutouts) into a house, church, treehouse, fire engine, car, castle with a knight’s sward and such, etc… the sky is the limit! AND here’s the thing… it is cheap, he’ll LOVE it, and you can say, “Oh, at that age you could wrap up a box and they’d be thrilled to just open THAT!” and you would be totally telling the truth, because you would have done it!!!

    Them’s my two cents! Should be adding to my blog… but I am sitting here catching up on people and what they are doing while I take a break for my eyes before heading back to my sewing! Such is how it is going lately!

    Let us know what you finally decide… Cute sweater, by the way – and ON SALE right now!! wooo hoooo!

  6. Jessica Gordon

    WOW!! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!! They have been so helpful! I’ll let you know what we end up getting him.

    Elm, your right! The sweater DID just drop in price to only $15.00. Yeah!! I will have to get it for him now. He has the matching hat, and it is SO cute!

  7. Jennifer G.

    Thanks for the tip! I’m definitely going to hit that up! 🙂

  8. Our Catholic Family

    I saw this in my Faith & Family last night I have a call in to see how to order and how much it is. I think its such a great idea! And, not a knew one at that. (I read some blog where someone was upset with a foam host).

    We got Roman a Little People Farm at the Toys R Us weird sale (the one that ran until like 3 am) for $28. I also found those bristle blocks, do you remember those? I love them. I thought they were funner than legos. Those ranged from $10 for a small set to nearly $25 for a big set. (At Toys R Us)

    Let us know what you decide! I am for sure buying each my boys a mass kit for their birthday. They also have a *My Holy Catholic Church* set coming soon.

  9. Anonymous

    As another blogger noted, I’ve found that my boys loved cars and trucks. They also liked wooden toys such as fire engines and cars. I’ve found that wooden toys are well-made and last longer than plastic.

  10. Erin


    Last year I bought my little one a shape sloter (not real name, you know the child has to match the shapes, circles, squares with the hole and drop into the ball)

    We previously had a plastic one, never used with six children. Bought a lovely wooden one and it is used EVERY day.

    Do hope you can work out what I mean. blush.

  11. Jessica Gordon

    Whew!! I just got home from shopping! What a nightmare… I have decided that, although it is nice to get out without the children, I MUCH prefer to do my shopping online!! It is so much easier. I tend to get so overwhelmed with all the stuff and CROWDS this time of year.

    Anyhow, I am SO GLAD that some of you were able to use the Amazon deal. Isn't that amazing?!

    Thank you all again for your suggestions!! They were all great, and actually we have quite a few of them… Maybe I should just go pull something off a shelf and wrap it up!! lol!!! Only problem is my other kids would notice… For some reason this year I am really burned out on toys (probably because I am picking them up ALL the time!) and everytime I look at something, I think "how much will this annoy me when I am picking it up, or seeing it lying around the house?" Is that bad?? Do any of you do that too?? I haven't always been like this… just lately. For some reason it is the plastic toys that bother me the most. Although we do LOVE Little People, and I finally have those under control in the baby's room in a toy box. I thought about getting the Little People Nativity (Wal Mart had it for $30 something, but no more will fit in the toy box, so that was out!)

    Sarah ~ We have lots of lacing cards and beads, TONS of cars, lots of wood puzzles (including the Latches and Locks one, which is fun!). I love the idea of wooden play food, but more for my girls, and I have been trying to make them felt food instead. I also love the idea of a Wedgits, though probably not for Snuggles, yet. I think I am going to pick up some art supplies for stockings, great idea!

    Amy ~ I wish I would have!! I *love* the saint dolls you have been making!

    Erica ~ I LOVE the idea of making something out of a box!!! hummmmm…. Oh, and a few of my kids have learned all their sounds from our Fridge Phonics. My 3 year old we be getting the Word Wammer Fridge Phonics this year. Magna Doodles we love, but have a couple already, and I think the See n Say would drive me crazy!

    Our Catholic Family ~ I can't believe I had forgotten about that little Mass kit!! I saw it on F&F awhile back… Thanks for the reminder. I probably don't have time to get it for Christmas, but maybe for his birthday!! Great idea! We already have the Little People Barn, and my children have been turning it into a chapel lately. =) (Using the barn for the back of the church and the loft is where they place the choir.) Oh, and we do already have bristle blocks. They are great, aren't they!?!

    Erin ~ I know just what your talking about. We have a plastic shape sorter too, from Tupperware I think, and my kids do use it, but not a lot. I wonder if they would use a wooden one more too? Thanks for the suggestion!

    OK — so what did I pick up today? Well, hubby thought I should just get him a few balls, so that's what I got. A little set of three, soccer, football and basketball. It is cute, and I think he will like them. I also am going to give him a couple more Signing Time DVD's. He LOVES the ones we have, and they are great for him to watch while I am working with the boys in the morning. That's it… Not much, but I do have a couple new board games on there way — hopefully they arrive in time. I still have so much to do: cards to make and send, baking to do, and a few homemade gifts to complete, plus a couple more to find…

    How are you all doing??

  12. Sarah

    Good ideas Jessica!

    We got Lloyd a little mini soccer ball recently and he LOVES it. Initially he threw it (like his football or basketball) but now he knows it is for kicking and just shuffles along behind it. I’m actually impressed! 🙂 Of course, our next door neighbors have three kids in soccer who are always practicing outside, so I think he sees the technique often!

    You got some great ideas . . . I’m going to have to go check out a few of them for myself! 🙂



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