Plans for the Feast of St. Mark

by | Apr 24, 2008 | Feast Day Plans, Liturgical Year, Saints, St. Mark | 9 comments

St. Mark the Evangelist
Image from Catholic Culture

The feast of St. Mark is celebrated on April 25th. Don’t you just love celebrating the Liturgical Year? My kids sure do! Here’s a quick look at a few things that I will be incorporating into our day:


  • Mass & Benediction (The boys serve each Friday.)

O Glorious St. Mark, through the grace of God our Father, you became a great Evangelist, preaching the Good News of Christ. May you help us to know Him well so that we may faithfully live our lives as followers of Christ. Amen.


  • After Mass we always have coffee with Father… I will bring along decorated muffins cupcakes to share. I was going to make Martha Stewart’s lion cupcakes… But after seeing the adorable one’s Mary made, I decided to make hers instead. Aren’t they darling?!?
  • In the afternoon, we will have the other half of the cupcakes which we will decorate as palm trees for our 50 days of Easter.
  • For dinner we will be having Risi e Bisi (Rice and Peas) served with Salad and Rolls.



  • Color pictures of St. Mark to add to our Liturgical Notebooks… We will probably use this one, the Lion symbol for St. Mark. Does anyone know of a better one?


Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. ~ Mark 16:15

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? ~ Mark 8:36

I’d love to hear any plans you all may have. And if anyone has a better link to a coloring page, please let me know!

St. Mark ~ Pray for us!


  1. The Wades


    It blows me away how much work you put into your blog! It is amazing. If I was Catholic or a homeschooling mom, I’d check with you ALL the time for ideas and help! WELL DONE! 🙂

  2. The Wades

    If I were? If I was? AHHH. My brain is mush.

  3. Jamie Jo

    Yes, I always know when I come here, I am going to be doing/preparing to do stuff afterward!! You do have the best blog for ideas!! Thank you for all you do for us!

    We are going to lay off the cupcakes though, after all our bird snacks and dragon cake, we have to eat something healthy tomorrow!! Like veggies and fruit! Those kiwi cupcakes are pretty cute though, we could do that with a bran muffin right? haha!

    I think we will do Mass after music class tomorrow and just read and color St Mark, thanks for the coloring link! Have a great day!

  4. Kathleen Miller


    You are so organized! It is amazing what you do with your children to help them to appreciate the Feast days.

  5. Christine

    Is that right what Jamie said…you are only 30! Good for you! I am amazed how fast my 30’s went because of the kiddo’s.

    Thank you for doing this (saint ideas) because it helps me.

    I will meet my mom tomorrow at 1pm for Grandparents Day at school and we will celebrate with Mass and the kids will have food and singing for the grandma’s and grandpa’s. Brian and I plan on going out. Have a good weekend!

  6. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you everyone! I wasn’t going to get back online till my closet was done… OH well! I am making progress! 🙂

    The Wades– As Regina says “indelible mark baby!” Now you just need to start homeschooling!!

    Jamie– I’m planning on just decorating muffins too. WAY too much cake has been in our home lately!

    Kathy — AS for being organized… this is just one aspect of my life!! If I could only get the rest of it organized. My mom says I’m getting close, so I guess there is hope!

    Christine– Yes. I’m 30… I turned 30 last January. It was traumatic for me, as you can see from all my “Birthday posts.” For me it seems like my 20’s flew by. I was married at 21, and have been pregnant or nursing since! IN FACT–today is the day hubby and I got engaged!!! Can’t believe that was 9 years ago! Wow!

    OK–Back to work!!! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with everyone! You are very inspiring to all of us and I for one am so grateful!! I also think you are wise beyond your years for 30! I am glad we get to enjoy the fruits of your labor 😉 Your kids are so lucky to have a mom that keeps them learning about so much about our faith. Bravo mom!

    I still have cake from St.George’s day, so we aren’t going to do cake, but I found a great idea I will share with you later!
    God Bless!!

  8. Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Your blog is just wonderful, and I love the organization of your plans. Wel-thought out, and easy for me to “steal” and implement in my home. Thanks for your enthusiasm and generosity!

  9. Sue B.


    I absolutely love seeing your plans. I actually keep things like this in a notebook to work into my plans for next year. I am looking forward to more.

    By the way, I tagged you for a meme. You can see the details on my What Actually Happens blog.


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