The Boys’ New Bedroom

by | Jul 29, 2009 | Bunk Beds, Home Sweet Home | 14 comments

aka:  our old school room

Since I only posted pictures of the boys’ closet earlier today, I am back with a few pictures of the rest of their new room.

Here is how it looks from the doorway.

The bunk beds were given to us a few years back by my parents.  They had been my brothers.   If you look close you will see all sorts of carvings in the wood, but that just gives them character, right?!  We decided to go ahead and set up both sets, even though only Captain and Rascal are in the room right now.  More than likely Snuggles will be joining them soon.  

On either side of the closet door we hung their icons and crucifix, as well as their Sacred Heart picture above the dresser. 

In between the beds is a little nightstand, which use to belong to their daddy when he was a child, and we hung their Grandfather’s Navy memorabilia above, which was given to Captain. 

I still need to find comforters for the other two beds.  I don’t think I will be able to match the denim ones I have but I am hoping to find something that will compliment them nicely.  Any suggestions??

I also have quite a bit of wall space above the beds. (This particular wall still needs to be painted, and has since we moved the door to it’s current location when we added on to our home.)   I was thinking that it might be fun to paint just this wall a different color, but I’m not sure.  
The boys would also love to have a print of “The Prayer at Valley Forge” and also one of “The Flag Raising on Iwo Jima” to hang above their beds too… I’m going to have to start watching for those.
The boys are really enjoying their new, organized and simplified, room!  The drawers, under the bunk bed closest to the rug, have been used to sort some of the toys that aren’t in their closet:  Cars, G.I.’s, and Playmobil.   They have been setting up either their castle or coliseum each day and having battles against each other.  (Today is was the “Rebs vs. Redcoats.”  And yet, they are able to pick it all up when they are done so much easier than in the past.   Yay!!! 


  1. Therese

    oh wow. The room is huge Jessica. I love it.

    It looks great.

  2. Sarah

    Great job! It's set-up so nice! I think painting the one wall a different color would be a great asset to the room. The boys' ideas would be super too.

  3. Allison

    You know Jessica, I bet you could build a loft up there!

    The room looks great. Well done.

  4. Maggie, ofs

    I love those bunkbeds! You know a friend of mine built some similar, he added free standing drawers underneath. Just a thought to add more storage. God Bless

  5. Nadja

    Super nice room! I have my "big boys" moving into a room of their own in a few months, and am inspired by what you have done. I think I will be getting some nice icons for them…

  6. Sarah

    I really like how you have so many religious icons and images in their room. I want to incorporate more of those things into my kids' rooms, but it just takes time to acquire … Are the icons of their patron saints?

    Do your kids keep most of their toys in their rooms, or just special toys? I bet those drawers make clean-up easy!

  7. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you everyone!!

    Therese ~ It is a nice sized room! The bedrooms in our house are great, it's our living area that is TINY!! When we purchased the house (over 9 years ago!) it was only 1000 square feet. This room was our Masterbedroom for 4 years before adding on and the room opposite it, which was the same size (but is now much smaller since a hallway was added to go through to the addition) was where the children (the first three) all slept. When we added on we added 3 more "bed"rooms and 2 bathrooms with TUBS — we lived with only showers for those first 4 years of being parents! =) Someday we hope to add on to the other side (a family room and dining room) since we have outgrown our kitchen.

    Sarah ~ It would be nice, wouldn't it!?! Maybe I will wait till I have chosen additional bedspreads and found the prints and then pick a color that coordinates.

    Alison ~ My boys would probably LOVE a loft, but that sounds like a LOT of work!! =)

    CMo9 ~ Thanks!! I love the beds too! In the boys old room they took up quite a bit of space since they are so bulky and we would have never been able to fit both, but they are working great in the new room! These beds do have 3 drawers under each which is GREAT for more storage. Then, behind the drawers I can fit an under-bed storage box for even more storage. The boys are keeping all of their play guns and dress up under the one closest to the door and can slip everything in and out of the box which is nice!

    Sarah ~ Yes, the icons are of their patron saints. Captain received his as a gift and we purchased Rascals for a name-day gift. Snuggles was hand-painted by a friend and given to him when he was born. I LOVE THEM!!!

    As for their toys, yes, most all of their toys are kept in their room, except for all their learning toys and games, which are either in the hall closet or in the school room. I did get rid of lots of little toys while we were cleaning and moving, but they have all their big "sets" : Playmobile, Castle, Lincoln Logs, Army Guys, play cars in either their drawers or the big basket in the closet. Their Mass kits are also in the closet and the smaller baskets contain their rodeo set, legos, and Schleich figures. As I mentioned above, their guns and other dress up are all in a storage box under the bed and I think that is pretty much everything. They do have a large Thomas the Train set that is in Snuggles room right now and I am not quite sure where to keep it…

  8. Anonymous

    I saw some denim /mixed ones on sale at target.

  9. Jennifer G

    Very cute or should I say, manly?! 🙂 For the comfortors….you could find a set of matching comfortors and then move a denim comfortor to the new set of bunk beds, so you have a denim and a new one on each bed, therefor, the bunk beds will match…does this make any sense!?! I swear, my pregnancy brain is ruining my ability to communicate clearly!!

  10. Jessica Gordon

    I had thought of that!! I think that would look nice!

  11. Margaret

    I recognize those bunk beds. Weren't those your brothers? 🙂

    You are getting so much done. Good job!

  12. Anonymous

    It looks great Jessica! I saw go for it in painting the one wall, it would be fun!

  13. Cheryl

    What a wonderful room! I will have to keep this post as a favorite so I can have some ideas for my boy's rooms when my hubby retires from the Marines next year and we are out of base housing. You might want to look at Warm Biscut bedding, they are a little pricey but they have great children's fabrics for boys. You can always buy sheets and make duvet covers. Good luck!


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