A Change of Plans, a Birthday, and a Prayer Request

by | Aug 29, 2009 | Birthday Parties, Cake Decorating, Happy Birthday, Prayer Request | 24 comments

Last night, between 5:30-6:00 p.m., I was preparing dinner in honor of St. Monica and St. Augustine and looking forward to our weekend.   My husband had just finished his 40 hours for the week and would be home soon.  The phone rang and it was Hubby saying that he had just been given a fire assignment (the first for this year) and would be leaving for California in the morning…

Well, Twinkle Toes turns six on Sunday.  This year it was just going to be our family (she’ll have her big birthday party with friends next year, for her 7th birthday), so we were thinking of driving to the coast on Saturday and then having her requested “cowgirl” themed party on Sunday afternoon.   … sigh…   I was so sad that Hubby was going to miss yet another birthday!

We usually always celebrate birthdays ON our children’s birthdays, but we decided, this time, that I would throw a cake in the oven and we would have a little birthday celebration before he left!  (That way he could also see her open the gift we were so excited to give her!)   So as dinner was simmering on the stove, I quickly baked a cake.  I was so excited to have a reason to make Madeline’s Gateau Chapeau after all!  (Remember our recent Madeline Lap Book?)

Twinkle Toes was very excited!

After the cake, we brought out her gift!  
It was the cutest thing, watching her reaction as she opened the box. 

As soon as she saw the cradle she sat down on the hearth and pretty much froze.  
She was so excited!

She then jumped up and ran to give her daddy and I a hug, before taking it out of the box!

Then she was off to find a doll!

Oh! And Twinkle Toes wasn’t the only one that loved the new cradle! 😉 

Well, very early this morning hubby had to leave, and I haven’t spoken with him since.  He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to call during this assignment or not, due to the location.  Rascal got up early to see him off with me, and had tears rolling down his cheeks as his daddy pulled out of the driveway.  It is going to be a hard couple weeks… 

In the meantime, I am still going to try to pull off a “cowgirl” party on Sunday for Twinkle Toes.  I actually ended up asking a couple of her little friends (whom we saw at Mass and Benediction this morning) to join us.  It will be nice to have a little bit of company…

Anyhow, I would really appreciate any prayers you can spare, for his safety.  Thank you!! 


  1. Karina

    Your husband's safety and you and your kids' peace of mind will be in my prayers! It's hard when daddy's away for extended time periods – we know too. Love the cake. Your daughter reminds me of my 2nd – who will also be 6, on Thursday. The cradle is lovely – my girls have one very similar and never stopped playing with theirs! Snuggles is so cute with his doll! Precious!

  2. Jana Jae

    Well, you got to make your cake AND have her cowgirl party. Is that the same as having your cake and eating it too? lol God will be with your husband. Mine is a journeyman millwright and goes on the road often. His last stint was 5 months. Thank goodness it was only 3 hours from here so we could visit once a month. We are celebrating a birthday here today as well. Princess is turning 8! God bless yall and keep yall safe.

  3. Robina

    I was actually thinking about your family watching the news yesterday morning and that your husband may be fighting those fires out west. I'll keep him in my prayers. Hope the birthday party goes well, I ahve no doubts since you're doing it that it will be adorable. Great job on a last minute cake. How do you find the time?

  4. Peklet Mom

    We'll be praying here, we know what traveling Daddy's are like too. We hate to see them go, but LOVE it when they return. God bless.

  5. Eileen

    Oh, Jessica. This is so hard. I know, on a *much* smaller scale something of what this is like, also having a husband with a calling to serve as a firefighter (though as a volunteer, he does not ever have to serve for days, let alone weeks, at a time!) The fear for his safety is awful — the silence unbearable — and missing his presence at birthdays and such is a fact of life. I can see from this post (and your site in general!) that you are made of much sterner stuff than I! But you and your dear husband will be in my prayers, you can count on that. Thank you, as always, for being such a model of strength (whether it feels like it or not!!)

  6. Lena

    Your intenions will be added to our Novena to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.
    PAX CHRISTI – Lena

  7. regan

    the smoky air and fire on the mountain near my house the other nite makes me wonder if he was up there…or could be the ones in/near LA…but firemen and their safety are so dear to my heart as my father was one for 25 years, he just retired recently…so prayers, definitely. hugs to you dear lady.

  8. Anonymous

    I have been thinking of the families as I watched the news on those fires. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts esp. your firefighter husband. Please know that many are praying for him. Blessings. PJ

  9. Danielle B.

    Adorable cake Jess! He will be in our prayers as well as you and the rest of your family. Rob will be leaving this week to Alabama for the entire month of September and then will be going to Colorado in October for training for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. I know how hard it is to have your hubby away! God Bless you all!

  10. Sweetness and Light

    The cake is adorable, happiest bday wishes to your sweet Twinkle Toes!! PRayers for safety for your dh and for you all to cope whie he is away..Love,

  11. Anonymous

    The cake was adorable and the cradle precious! So sorry about him having to leave. That is just so sad!

  12. Renee

    Jessica, praying for your hubby's safety. What a spontaneous and sweet birthday for your daughter. She is so full of lovely facial expressions, what a joy to see this post. It felt as though we were there celebrating with you all, and your cake turned out great. I'll bet that was a delicious cake. The cradle was so precious but that photo of her hugging her daddy was heartwarming. Worth framing. God bless!

  13. Sarah

    Oh, Jessica, that is so hard … I admire you for pulling off a wonderful birthday for your daughter (beautiful cake and all!), after just getting the disappointing news. God bless you for your devotion to your vocation! I will definitely keep his safety in my prayers, as well as for all of you back home, that you will remain peaceful during his time away. Take care!

  14. Unknown

    Asking St. Florian to pray for him and his fellow firefighters and for Good St. Joseph to look after your family while your husband is away. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Your celebration looks so so beautiful. Just love seeing the joy. God bless her on her special day and always!!

  15. Margaret

    WOW 6! How do they grow up so fast?

    I will be praying for your husband. There is no worry quite like the one where you worry about your husband's safety. Love you!

  16. Mary N.

    These pictures are so cute. My daughter turned six last month. I will pray for your husband,too.

  17. Karla in MN

    Praying for your husbands safe return…I well know the feeling. We are retired Military and my dh was gone for 3 out of the last 6 years…not to mention all of the other deployments and training over the years. God bless and I hope that Twinkle Toes has a great party tomorrow.

  18. Robynn

    We will certainly keep your husband in our prayers. We also appreciate your husband coming to help. So many fires, I am sure these guys are exhausted. We are north of the Los Angeles Fire and the smoke was blowing out our way today, it has been a very dark day. Have a great birthday party for your little one.

    God Bless

  19. Kelly

    We will of course remember you, your husband and your family in our family rosary. God bless you.

  20. Roxaline

    We said a prayer at mass today for a safe and speedy trip home for your husband and we will continue to life him and your family up in prayers.

  21. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you all SO much!!!

    I still haven't heard from hubby since he left… which is so hard! I've been spoiled during his last fire assignments with a call each night at some point.

    Since I haven't spoken with him, I am not sure where he is exactly, but I am pretty sure that he is in Northern California.

    Well, we have guests coming over in a few minutes and I have a couple last minute things to finish.. I just wanted to pop in for a second and tell you all how much I appreciate your emails, comments, prayers and FRIENDSHIPS!!! THANKS!!!!

  22. Shauna

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Mary Alice Phillips

    praying for your husband's safety and quick return!

  24. Anonymous

    I told Molly (and Gabriel too…hope you don't mind: ) ) to pray for your hubby and for your peace and comfort. Offering my day for you and your family. And…your cake is beautiful. I want to make it for Ella today!!!


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