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by | May 15, 2009 | Pregnancy, Thank You | 47 comments

I guess I was bound to cry at today’s ultrasound, and sure enough, as soon as I heard our little one’s heart beating, as perfect as can be, the tears started falling! Happy, joyful, THANKFUL tears!!! I knew I was a little bit worried, but I didn’t realize just how scared I was until today…

I had the same ultrasound tech that I had in the fall, and she didn’t hesitate to let me hear the heart beating and reassured me that everything looks just fine this time.

My due date is December 24th!!! The ultrasound machine kept going back and forth between the 24th and the 25th before finally settling on the 24th. Either way, we seem to have a Christmas baby on the way!

To celebrate I picked up a box of See’s candy for me my family and a couple maternity tops… Is it really possible to start showing at just 8 weeks???? lol!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!


  1. Eileen

    Wonderful, just wonderful news, Jessica. I’m so happy for you!! God bless you and your baby, and may this be a healthy, happy and uneventful pregnancy from here on out! Oh … and Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  2. Marisa

    Oh happy day!!!!!

  3. Christine

    Thank you for sharing the great news and the picture! You and baby continue to be in my prayers!

  4. Ruth

    I’m so happy for you, Jessica. Many prayers coming your way.

  5. Anonymous

    we can be pregnant together! I amdue (I think) December 3rd.

    I am showing…I guess after so many babies..my tummy has no control anymore!

  6. Sweetness and Light

    This is the BEST news I’ve read all day, happy tears for you too my dear!!! Praying for that Christmas baby 🙂

  7. Angela

    Wonderful news! So happy for you!

    I am a December baby – it’s the best time of year!

    Continued prayers for you!

  8. Anne (aussieannie)

    What news, Jessica!!! And a baby at Christmas, just so lovely…I’m praying for you right now and will continue to do so.

  9. Conservamom

    Congratulations!!! What a blessed day!!! God bless you and your precious little gift.

  10. Party of Eleven

    Congratulations! Love the U/S picture 😀
    I had to laugh at what you said…I’m showing and I had my baby in September!! Ha!

  11. Kelly

    Fantastic! So happy for you and your family! God bless you. St. Gerard, ora pro nobis!

  12. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Jessica! I’ll be praying for you. Just found out we are having a New Years baby! After two miscarriages in the last year I can totally relate to that wonderful feeling of seeing a little heartbeat. Nothing could be more exciting! I will certainly remember you and your little one with lots of prayers for a healthy baby and a Merry Christmas. God is good!

  13. Regina

    SIX KIDS WOW, dont you know how that happens 😉

    congrats. . . when you called this morning i was soooo reassured to not hear the tears like last time!!
    congrats again.

  14. Allison

    For those of us who follow your blog and adore you, we are joyful right along with you!

    This baby will be like a Christmas present to us all as we anticipate. Our dear Blessed Mother will be especially close to you, she can’t help but notice the timing. 😉

  15. Sarah

    Thanks for sharing the photo of little one. How exciting, a Christmas Blessing for sure!! We’re celebrating with you today!

  16. Therese

    how wonderful Jessica. Praying for a healthy 9 months.

  17. Jennifer

    So good to hear Jessica! Congratulations!

  18. Gae

    Dear Jessica,
    How exciting.
    I think news of a new baby is one of the greatest broadcasts possible.
    How happy you all must be. Enjoy your pregnancy.
    I love being pregnant
    God Bless

  19. Meme

    You got me tearing up! Congratulations! Deo gratias!

  20. Margaret

    YAY that is SO exciting.

  21. Kathryn

    Congratulations, this is wondeful news!!

  22. Kirsten

    How wonderful Jessica!!! God Bless you and your baby, I will be praying for you both. So exciting.

  23. Aubrey

    Oh, Jessica, I’m so happy for you! This must be such a relief and so good for your heart. Can’t wait to hear more about Baby 6! 🙂

  24. Kathy


    May God Bless you and hubby with a healthy baby!!! I am so happy for you.

    Please consider offering your rosaries( scandal at Notre Dame) see my blog for details. Thank you!

  25. Jennifer G.

    Praise God!! I have my first appointment/ultrasound next week and I’m terrified. I trust in His plan for our family though. And…I’m only on my third baby, but I’m definitely showing already too!!

  26. Lori

    What wonderful news! I am so happy for you. God Bless you and your precious family, Lori

  27. Jamie Jo

    Beautiful baby!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the great news, and yes, it is possible to start needing those maternity shirts so early, trust me, I know!

  28. Jamie Jo

    Goodness sakes, I miss a night and I’m like #28 on the commentors….figures!

  29. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Enjoy your extended Advent — preparing for this blessed child, and the Christ Child, all year long… such a gift couldn’t be granted to a nicer family.

  30. Jessica Gordon

    Cathy and Jen ~ CONGRATULATIONS to you both as well!!! How exciting!!!! =)

  31. Joannof10

    Congratulations!!! What wonderful news–a Christmas baby!!

  32. Michele in Illinois

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! Prayers for an uneventful preganancy!

  33. michele

    so happy for you Jessica! I have happy tears for you too 😉 What a beautiful picture of that blessing of yours,Praying for you!

  34. Catholicfitmom

    Congrats… I had a December 29th baby girl whos due date was Christmas… ur girl will be christmas eve baby! What a beautiful time of year to have a baby. Remeber thinking.. this most be how our Blessed Mother felt ..but much prettier for sure. We’ll keep you in our daily prayers!

    God bless,Cecilia

  35. Morning Star

    “3 Cheers!!!” with the angels and saints for the gift of life God has blessed you with again!! An eternal soul and jewel in your family crown – what a JOY to read this! I once had a doctor who works with Pope Paul VI Institute tell me that “REST won’t stop complications with an unhealthy pregnancy (as in it won’t stop already present problems), but it CAN help otherwise”, so be sure to rest up extra each day with your busy life – it helped me to know I was witnessing to the sanctity of life with my children when I would slow down for the sake of new life! God bless and protect you all!

  36. Renee

    Oh Jessica! I am so happy to hear this news, and thrilled for two reasons; first all is okay of course and secondly, I would love your baby to share a blessed birthday with our Lord Jesus, and selfishly, Dec.25th is my birthday too, so heh, love it all. (big grin) We have news our son and his wife are also expecting in December, so much to look forward to. Yippee! Happy tears is right. I will be praying for you, and send congratulations to you and your family once more here. God Bless!

  37. Maria

    Oh what joyful news, Jessica! Congratulations!

  38. Nicole Bradica

    Wonderful news!! Continued prayers for you and the wee one:)

  39. Unknown

    May the Most Holy Spirit who communicates God’s love continue to give your family messages that warm your heart!!!!

  40. Mimi

    Congratulations and prayers during your pregnancy.

  41. Thought and Action

    Wonderful comments also.
    Thank God for family and babies.

  42. elm


  43. Sarah

    Awww . . . what a beautiful baby Bean in there! Makes me tear up just to think of it! (My pregnancy hormones are still high! 🙂

    You will be in my continued prayers!


  44. Anonymous

    I just can’t tell you how happy I am for you guys!! Blessings!!!


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