Highlights from “G” Week

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I wasn’t able to Get to quite as much as I had hoped to this past week, since I started the week rather unprepared after our little anniversary Getaway. Nevertheless, we still had a Great week!

~ Letter Formation ~

In addition to their Modelling Wax letter G’s, the girls also worked on making the letter G using Wooden Pieces and Handwriting Without Tears worksheets.

    ~ Gorse Fairy Coloring Pages ~

    From this Coloring Book

    (While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

    ~ Picture Book Science :: G is for Gardens ~

    Some of the Books we Read:

    The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jennifer Wojtowicz
    Secret In The Garden by James Mayhew
    Dancers in the Garden by Joanne Ryder (This was such a lovely book!)
    The Gardener by Sarah Stewart (This was from the library, but I would love to add it to our own collection!)
    Flower Fairies of the Garden by Cicely Mary Barker
    My Father’s Hands by Joanne Ryder
    The Rose in My Garden by Arnold Lobel
    Everyday Garden by Cynthia Rylant
    Quiet in the Garden by Aliki

    Other Books in the Basket:
    (We didn’t get to all of these, but the girls have enjoyed looking through them and the boys have been reading some of them as well! We will continue reading more of them this week.)

    Pierrots Abc Garden
    My Indoor Garden
    Busy in the Garden
    Linnea in Monet’s Garden
    Linnea’s Windowsill Garden (Linnea books)
    Mrs. Rose’s Garden
    Flower Garden
    The Tiny Seed
    How a Seed Grows (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)
    Looking Closely inside the Garden (Looking Closely)
    Mortimer’s First Garden
    HOW MY GARDEN GREW (Rockwell, Anne F. My World.)

    I decided to have the girls work on another Lap Book, combining Flowers from last week and Gardens from this week. You can see pictures of the links to all the resources we used here.

    They worked on various mini books and pictures including color by Grids and Garden Mazes. I’ll post pictures of the completed Lap Book soon! I wasn’t sure if the Grid coloring would be too hard for Twinkle Toes, but she did an excellent job, all by herself, after I explained it to her.

    ~ Picture Study :: Francois Hubert Drouais’ Boy With a House of Cards ~

    The girls were busy enough with their Lap Books this past week, so they didn’t do the picture study. However, Rascal really enjoys this each week and so he asked if he could do it anyways!

    We printed the picture found here as well as Elizabeth’s pdf, to add to the Museum ABC Book and the Museum ABC Nesting Blocks.
    ~ G is for St. George ~

    Our Painted Saint George for with

    Coloring Page from Our Saints Alphabet on CD
    (Home Schoolers receive 50% off CD’s!)

    St. George and the Dragon Coloring Page and Copywork

    Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges

    ~ G is for Geography ~
    (Including The Garden State and Georgia!)

    ~ George vs. George ~

    The boys have been watching everything the girls do very closely, and were starting to feel a little left out, so you may have noticed that they have been participating in some of the activities. I am trying to tie in some of their regular studies as well, so we don’t start getting too of course, so this week they completed the covers to their American History Lap Books. It was a picture of George vs. George, and just perfect for G week!

    We also have been enjoying the book George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides.

    ~ Crafts & Serendipi-Tea time ~
    I had plans to make both a Flower Fairy Garden (directions found in The Flower Fairies Activity Book) as well as “Garden Bloom” Cupcakes, but my energy levels have really dropped these past couple weeks, and I wasn’t having any luck finding some of the supplies I still needed, so I decided to simplify things so we could finally say Goodbye to “G” week! 😉
    Instead of making both a craft and a recipe, we combined the two this week and made an edible Gumdrop Garden!

    • Pound cake or other loaf-shaped cake (I cut it in half so the girls could each decorate their own.)
    • Chocolate frosting
    • Ladyfingers
    • Chocolate wafer cookies
    • Sugar & Gumdrops (We used Assorted Fruit Jellies from Trader Joe’s)
    • Green toothpicks
    • Coconut
    • Green Food Coloring
    I wasn’t able to find Green toothpicks at the store, so the Girls dyed their own.

      Ice the top and sides of the pound cake with chocolate frosting. It’s okay to lick your lips, just not your fingers or the spatula. At least not until you are all done. 😉
      Then trim the top of each ladyfinger into a point to resemble a fence picket. Gently press the pickets against the frosted sides of the loaf cake.

      Seal a handful of chocolate wafer cookies in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumb “soil” on top of the loaf cake.
      Plant a row of tulips. (Using Gumdrops, sprinkle sugar onto a waxed-paper-covered surface. Using a rolling pin, flatten gumdrops to a 1/4-inch thickness. With kitchen scissors, cut notches in the tops of the flattened gumdrops to create tulip shapes. Insert a toothpick stem into the base of each blossom. — We just cut notches out of some of the Assorted Jellies, and added skittles to the middle of others. We also added Gummy Worms!)

      For a fun finishing touch, sprinkle coconut tinted with Green food coloring around the Garden to resemble Grass.

      Just look at those Grins!


      1. Aimee Landreneau

        Girl, even when your energy is down, you still are rocking at this!!! I am so impressed.

        My energy is tanking big time these days, so we are scaling back. For a lot of my crafts, we're going to slowly work on them during our baby moon instead of rushing and stressing to get them done now. I'm glad we're getting the basics done right now!

        I went to the doctor this morning…36 weeks, head is down. I have an ultrasound next week!!

      2. Jessica Gordon

        Thanks Aimee! We really did get off to an awful start this past week, and then I had Little Flowers here on Thursday, but we were able to get a lot done on Friday and Saturday. =)

        It won't be long now!! I can't believe you are already 36 weeks!!! How exciting!!

      3. Katy

        I LOVE the Gumdrop Garden!! I'll have to remember that for my nieces!

      4. Kelly

        Those cakes are just way too cute!!!

      5. Sweetness and Light

        Lovely week, thanks for that great link to the Alphabet Saints Cd's I hadn't seen their site before, it looks super 🙂

      6. Erin

        The gardens are almost too pretty to eat… but I bet they got eaten anyway, huh? 😉 Pretty and delicious!!

      7. Anonymous

        So cute! Looks like it was Great!

      8. Anonymous

        Many years ago, I gave my grandaughters a couple of little dolls from the Campbell Soup Kids and they were each wearing these same identical Chef's red trimmed hats! Your two are the REAL little dolls wearing the same hats! I just had to let you know how cute and adorable they are and how many memories you have resurrected! Bless you!

      9. Unknown

        G-reat work with G week!! I bet you could publish a book with all of your fun ideas and pictures!!!

      10. Amy

        We are in the middle of our G week. Thank you so much for all the ideas. The pictures make it so much easier and its inspirational! Blessings to you.


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