Highlights from “H” Week

by | Oct 20, 2009 | Alphabet Path, Alphabet Path (2009-2010) | 10 comments

~ Letter Formation ~

The girls were very excited to move along to “H” week, as you can tell from their smiling faces! They are just loving the Alphabet Path! In addition to their Modelling Wax letter H’s, the girls also worked on making the letter H using Handwriting Without Tears Hands-On Materials and Kimberlee’s Grey Block Paper.

In case you are wondering what is decorating our table, Twinkle Toes asked her daddy if he could help her make an “Autumn Tree with a branch she found outside!

~ Herb Twopence Fairy Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book
(While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

OH! And “Mom, we can’t forget the honeybees in Over in the Meadow!!!”
(One of our favorite books!!)

~ Picture Study :: H is for Hair ~
George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Using Museum ABC, Museum ABC Nesting Blocks,
and the image printed onto cardstock.

~ H is for St. Helen ~

Our Painted Saint Helen…

St. Helen from Our Saints Alphabet on CD (50% off for Home Schoolers), Copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (you can download my document here), and a coloring page of both St. Constantine and St. Helen found on page 28 of this downloadable Icon Coloring Book.

(Charlotte also has a lovely Coloring Page of St. Helena.)

We also listened to parts of In This Sign You Shall Conquer and read about St. Helen in Saints: Lives and Illuminations and Picture Book of Saints.

~ Writing the ABC’s on Little Hearts :: H is for Helpful ~

Thank you Kimberlee and Lydia for these beautiful coloring pages! My girls were extremely Happy to have these this week!
~ Speaking of Helpful :: H is for Home Sweet Home and Housework ~

We read the Home Sweet Home Book Twinkle Toes received for her birthday, and the girls were very Happy to be Helpful with all the Housework!

~ Crafts ~

We made a few crafts this week based on Handprints, Honeybees, and Houses!

Handprint Honeybees


Construction paper
Poster paint in yellow, black and white

Print a single yellow handprint with fingers together in the middle of the paper and leave to dry. Use the side of the hand to print black lines down the handprint for the bee’s stripes. Add an eye with the tip of finger. Again using the side of the hand, add a white line to the bottom of the bee for its sting. Make the wings by using white paint on the side of the hand and moving the hand in a fan shape across the paper with fingers pointing to the bee’s back.

Beeswax Candles

“O” Antiphon House
For a couple years now I have wanted to make an “O” Antiphons House to add to our own traditions for observing the “O” Antiphons, but it just hadn’t happened yet. Even though I have had the supplies for awhile now, I figured if I want to have one ready for this year, I had better finish it before Advent. What better way to make sure I get to it, than incorporating it into our Alphabet Path plans. 😉 “H” is for House after all!
That’s as far as we have gotten, but at least it is a start. I’ll post more pictures once it is completed!
~ Serendipi-Tea time ~

I started the week deciding that we would stick to Healthy Foods like Hummus and Herbs. We did make some delicious Hummus for our Friday dinner, which was Mediterranean Veggie Pitas.

They were definitely Healthy, and absolutely Heavenly!

However, the girls begged me to let them make Honeybee Cookies over the weekend. After all their Help and Housework, I couldn’t turn them down…

The girls were amazed at the efficiency of our new mixer, a recent gift from a friend since she had two (Thank you again Amy!!), and they LOVED sharing the mixer. Watching them brought back memories of sharing the mixer with my own siblings as a child, since my mom’s Kitchen Aid looks identical to this one!

Even though I did opt for a Healthier version than the ones we’ve made in the past, I must say, the perfect sweet and salty combination, leaves this pregnant momma craving “just one more”… Not good! 😉 Hopefully they will all be gone SOON!


  1. Kelly

    Oh, my goodness!!! That is the exact same O Antiphon house that we made! 😀 I started it after Christmas last year and have the blocks half way done. I painted them in shades of purple, but I like your idea of using gold instead. I get so excited over the little things, lol. What are you planing to do for the symbols? I was going to print out some I found on the web and having the kids color them and then cut them out and paste them to the blocks.
    I think I'll wait to see how you do it. I have a feeling you'll have the better idea. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing your "H" week with us.
    God bless!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh wow. I had a question how did you make your own document from The Alphabet of Saints book? Amazing job!!!

  3. Jessica Gordon

    Kelly ~ I downloaded pictures from online too, but I was actually just considering drawing them on using paint pens, but still not positive. I plan to include the symbol on one side, as well as the name and date on the opposite two sides (one on each). I am a little nervous about this part, but then I can always paint over if it doesn't turn out, right!?!

    Kittim ~ I used an online Handwriting generator. I think I may have linked to it in the past, but I am not sure. Here is the link. Another site I like using for creating Handwriting sheets is Writing Wizard. (I like that you can save them at this site for sharing!) I am still trying to find a site where I can create Handwriting Without Tears Practice sheets.

  4. Kelly

    Aren't you just loving the mixer?!? I love mine. I'm looking forward to seeing the O Antiphon house finished. Your posts are always so inspiring!

  5. Sweetness and Light

    So inspiring all that you're doing with your sweeties! Thanks for sharing it all :))

  6. Unknown

    How about "H" for Honorable Homemaker. You sure put the Heart in your Home!

    Also, Rascal is a really talented artists. Wow. High five!

  7. Anonymous

    O how fun!! And I am glad the mixer is a hit!!! 🙂

  8. Jessica Gordon

    Cherise ~ Rascal says "Thank you!" (with a big smile on his face!)

  9. Angela

    What fun you all have at your house!

    Love the O Antiphon House. I will have to copy yet another idea!

  10. gretchen

    I love the bee cookies! You are such a treasure all Catholic moms.


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