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I always feel like I am not getting very much done until I sit down and try to record what we did each week… Then, if I remind myself (or somebody else reminds me!) that my husband was gone all last week as well, that I had 9 girls here for a Little Flowers meeting, that I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant, and *trying* to keep up with Religion, Math & Phonics (most days), I don’t feel quite so bad that we didn’t get to “everything!” 😉 Anyhow, here are a few of the things that the girls did do last week with the Alphabet Path.

~ Letter Formation ~
In addition to reading the lovely story of Mrs. Applebee, Michael, and the Iris Fairy, the girls also made their Modelling Wax letter I’s, and practiced making and writing the letter I using Handwriting Without Tears Hands-On Materials and Kimberlee’s Grey Block Paper.

~ Iris Fairy Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book
(While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

~ Picture Book Science :: I is for Insects ~

We read various picture books from our collection and the library.

The girls also completed some of the worksheets from I is for Insects, though we just added the pages to their binders, and did not make the actual lapbook.

I also had every plan to do the picture study for this week using the pictures from Museum ABC and the Museum ABC Nesting Blocks, in fact, at the beginning of the week I was even able to find a couple of the images and printed them out, but it just didn’t happen… Oh well!
(Here they are, if you’d like a copy: Study of Tulips and Bees with Honeycomb)

I did print out some Story Maps for the girls to fill in after reading some of the picture books. It was a great way to review and discuss the books!
~ I is for St. Ignatius ~

Our Painted Saint Ignatius for with An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

St. Ignatius Coloring Page from Our Saints Alphabet on CD,
copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints,
and one more coloring page from Fenestrae Fidei.

The children also colored a picture of St. Isaac Jogues, which I traced from one of our coloring books after they were shocked that I couldn’t find one online. (His feast day fell during our “I” week, so they insisted!) I think they have been a little spoiled by everything that is available online! Seeing me trace the picture for them, piqued their interest though and they wanted to try too. (The top right picture was traced by Rascal. It looks like I didn’t take a picture of the one Twinkle Toes traced. Hum… I wonder where it disappeared to!)

We also listened to Ondesonk: St. Isaac Jogues by Reginum Martyrum Productions.

~ Writing the ABC’s on Little Hearts :: I is for I’m Sorry ~

Thank you Kimberlee and Lydia for these beautiful coloring pages!

~ Crafts ~

I is for Icicles

I’ve been trying to tie in a few of our Christmas Crafts now, in case the baby arrives early. My children love making ornaments for their Godparents and Grandparents, and since one of the ones we choose to make this year were Wooden Bead Icicles, I thought “I” week would be a perfect time. They were quite easy and turned out very cute!

~ Serendipi-Tea time ~

Sparkling Ice

Spider Crackers
I know… Spiders are NOT insects, but I had everything to make these, and I was trying to keep the treats fairly healthy with all the sickness going on around our valley. However, it was a perfect opportunity to discuss the differences between Spiders and Insects! 😉

Ants on a Log

And, yes, I did let them each have a scoop of ice cream on a cone. I needed something to bribe them to eat that celery!


  1. Aimee Landreneau

    I think it's safe to say that you're doing A LOT!! I'm always impressed, especially knowing my own declining energy level!

  2. Kelly

    You are doing a fantastic job!!! Don't ever get down about that. Thanks for posting all of these pictures and ideas. I'm going to start the path with my youngest two and I'm looking forward to copying everything 😉

  3. Kelly

    Honestly, I'm always amazed at your energy! I think you are doing a fantastic job. You certainly are an inspiration to me. I understand what you mean though. Sometimes, we are so busy "doing" that we forget or wonder what exactly we have done. May God bless you Jessica! You are a treasure. 🙂

  4. Robina

    of course you're doing great. I always feel a well done less is more than a quickly done more.

  5. Erin

    I understand about feeling like you aren't getting much done – but by documenting it with photos, you can look back and see what really got done, and that you really got a lot accomplished! I am not even homeschooling yet, but I always feel like all we can manage to fit in a day is preparing meals, doing housework, going outside, settling conflicts, and reading some books! I don't know how I will fit in homeschooling… if my kids were old enough to play outside alone, then I might have more time on my hands! One day…

  6. Donna Marie

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! I was feeling so very overwhelmed this week and now I feel much more inspired. Now I have some pretty pictures in my head to ponder!

  7. Anonymous

    Looks great! We were supposed o do I week this week, but we are spending one more week on "H" as in getting Healthy!

  8. Anonymous

    This is not on the subject – however, I have to confess, I am so excited to see someone else in this world knows about peanut butter on celery snacks! Everyone where I live has never heard of it! GEEESH! Also, if I could define your meaning of "a little" I would say I am accomplishing a whole lot by your description of "a little" …you do so much it is awesome….just awesome and need to slow down a little considering where you are right now. Take care of yourself ….and don't be so hard on yourself! Saying that with a smile! Bless you.


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