Highlights from “A” Week

by | Aug 24, 2009 | Alphabet Path, Alphabet Path (2009-2010), Kids in the Kitchen, St. Anne | 29 comments

~ Letter Formation ~ 

~ Picture Book Science :: A is for Apple ~

~ Picture Study ::   Paul Cezanne’s Apples ~

~ Apple Blossom Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book (while listening to this CD!)

~ A is for St. Anne ~ 

~ A is for Angels ~

(With some help from Momma!)

~ A is for Apple Pie ~



  1. Unknown

    Wow- you really got it all in there! Looks like a fun, busy, fruitful first week. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Foss

    This totally and completely brings tears to my eyes. You did an absolutely beautiful job. I can't wait to see "B!" What blessed children you have.

  3. Renee

    Looks like a fabulous time had by all to me. The pie turned out great, bet it was super yummy. Loved the angels and your sweet girl's big eyes while posing for you. Memories are made of these. Yep, can't wait to see "B"…no pressure you know. LOL God Bless.

  4. Megan

    I've a 3 year old son that I’m excited to introduce Along the Alphabet Path to. I've a binder of print outs, recipes, etc. all from Serendipity, plus books I know I want to check out at the local library. However, with a 21 Month Old and another blessing due in mid Oct. I was feeling perplexed in how to jump into the whole alphabet journey and not become exhausted.
    Thanks for inspiring me to finish up my curriculum and to start teaching soon! You’ve given me some ideas in how to spread out teaching the letter A during the week and catering it to fit my son’s age and learning personality.
    You’re blog as been such an inspiration for me being a new Mama and wanting to give my children a strong base in their Catholic faith. Being new to Catholicism, I too am learning and especially learning more about the saints. I can’t thank you enough; I love being Catholic even more because of your dedication to your children/ family in teaching them. I understood how to learn about Catholicism as an adult (books, adult convo, etc.), but find it even more thrilling teaching my children at their level. The basics of Catholicism, which we all need constant refreshing, no matter what age.
    Now, since reading your blog about a year ago, the Ipp family incorporates our faith through our everyday living, through feast days, coloring pages, traditions, family prayers, family alter, and I could go on and on.
    Thank you, from a devoted blogger and reader of Shower of Roses.
    God Bless,

  5. Unknown

    What an AWESOME week! You really know how to make learning fun. God be praised!!

  6. Blair

    Okay, I've made up my mind. We must walk the Alphabet Path this year! My girls are 4 and 6 and we need to have some fun like this! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful memories of your children. Now I'll just be a few weeks behind, but would love for you to continue to share these fun lessons! Off to plan our year…

  7. Erin

    Thanks for posting this, and for the link to Pinewood Castle that you gave me – it gives me a better idea of how the Alphabet Path works. I love the pie crust made from letter A!!

  8. Peklet Mom

    I love the 'A' top crust to your apple pie, very cute idea!

  9. Mary S.

    And what a CUTE apron for Twinkle Toes! :0)

  10. queen of the castle

    You're doing it! And you are off to a fabulous start! This will be one of the most memorable things your kids will ever do. Thanks to Serendipity for the inspiration!

  11. Anonymous

    I am so excited! I am a week behind you and can see how it all goes with you first! LOL
    The kids really enjoyed it today. I still need to get some of the things, but I am really loving it — this being said only after day 1, but there you go!

  12. Christine

    Very well done. Thanks for posting this. Too much fun!

  13. Kelly

    Love this! Thanks so much for posting it. 🙂 You are such an inspiration Jessica! I agree with Elizabeth, your children are so blessed!

    God love you!

  14. Jessica Gordon

    Wow! Thanks everyone, and THANK YOU ELIZABETH for the inspiration and sharing the Alphabet Path with all of us!!

    I was slightly worried about posting this, wondering if you'll want to see B, C, D, etc… lol!! It would be a fun way to document the girls progress though, so I will try. =)

    Meagan ~ Thank you for your note!! I am so glad that you've found some ideas here that you can use. I am really happy with the weekly plan we have. Our first week went great and this week is already off to a wonderful start. But, after my baby is born, the girls and I may switch to one letter every 2 weeks. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes once she arrives, but since your little guy is only 3 that might be something that you could do?! I just LOVE how easy it is to modify the program for each child/family!!

    Mary ~ WE ARE LOVING THE APRONS!!!! We'll be ordering more soon. =)

    Amy ~ I am glad your doing it too! Thanks for the heads up though… Now I will make sure to order the books I'll need from the library early. 😉 You can have them when I'm done. lol!

  15. Aimee Landreneau

    Let me know how you like that saints cd.

    It looks like y'all had a GREAT week! We're have fun here also!

  16. Kelly

    Fantastic! I can't begin to imagine how you come up with all the ideas and where you find the time to pull it all together. I can't wait to see the upcoming weeks.

  17. Sarah

    So cool! I think the Alphabet Path is such a neat program … I will be taking a stab at homeschooling my preschooler this fall. I hope to do a very simplified version with her, working on one letter per week and also incorporating some of the Little Saints curriculum. I have to work at keeping it simple, though, for my own sake … and hers, since this will be her first "school" experience. I want her to really, really begin to enjoy learning!

    God bless you!

  18. kimberly

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!

    My girls loved the Alphabet Path…looks like your sweeties are in for an exciting "trip!"

    What a brilliantly appropriate apple pie!

  19. Sweetness and Light

    Beautiful Jessica, I'm looking forward to doing this in a year or so with my littlest 🙂 So fun!!

  20. Gae

    Dear Jessica,
    Well guess what? We are going to be doing this too with the 2 younger girls and of cource Corbyn will want to join in.
    We half started last year but got side tracked.
    I am hoping back tracking will help Moran with her learning (hopefully the testing will advise us too) So even though she is older I think this gentle approach should help her .
    I loved when Tracy from Pinewood Castle did it too.
    She was very creative too.
    I think I will start next week , so we also will trail you in letters.
    God Bless

  21. Kristyn Hall

    This lovely post reminds me of the early days homeschooling my girls. It is so much more fun when when they are young and the letter "A" gives them a thrill! Now my girls are in 7th and 5th grade and unfortunately school isn't as exciting anymore for them.
    My little boys, on the other hand, are at that great age…5 and 3. My five year old said, "I am going to learn EVERYTHING this year!"

  22. Anonymous

    You have such a gift for teaching and for making learning fun (even for oldsters) and I am not going to repeat all the great compliments but ditto ditto ditto and lastly, love that other little tiny hand just about to poke that apple pie with his sisters! It brought back so many memories and just gave me the giggles and made my day ! PJ

  23. Chari

    Lovely! Beautiful! Gorgeous! I am really proud of you! You are so inspiring. God bless.

  24. Kelly

    Hello Jessica,

    I wrote you an email asking this question, but I'm afraid I sent it to the wrong address. Anyway, I was just wondering where you purchased the wooden pieces that you use to form the letters for your letter formation. I see them in the pictures but have not seen a link. Sorry to bug you, but I have started the alphabet path this year with my 5yr daughter and would like to use these for letter formation.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. God bless!

  25. Jessica Gordon

    Kelly ~ I just emailed you, but I'll post here too in case anyone else would like to know.

    I purchased our Wooden Pieces from Rainbow Resource. (They offer them at a discount, and I usually place one large order each year, since they offer free shipping on $150.)

    You can also purchase them directly from Handwriting Without Tears.

    We also have the Capital Letter Cards, Mat for the Wooden Pieces, the Slate, and the Stamp & See Screen — all which are great!

    I hope that helps! =)

  26. Stacy

    Jessica, I am doing the Alphabet Path with my kiddos this year and was going over what I needed. I cannot for the life of me find Our Saints Alphabet on CD, which you have on the rest of your blog for the Alphabet Path. Can you tell me where you bought it?

  27. Jessica Gordon

    I purchased it from Catholic Artworks, the illustrators and publishers of An Alphabet of Saints. They recently changed their website and products, but you can try contacting them and hopefully they can help you!

  28. Bridget at Le. Rheims

    I am seriously impressed that you fit ALL of that into one week. It was just one week, right? I am thinking I need to rethink my daily schedule to fit more stuff like this in and leave less time for idle nothingness. 🙂

  29. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, it was one week. And I'm impressed that I was able to fit it all in too! 😉

    We would focus on one thing each day – adding in all the extra picture books throughout the week: (Our plan 2009-2010: The Schedule)

    Monday: Presentation; Letter Formation using Modeling Beeswax and HWT Wooden Pieces; Flower Fairy Coloring Page
    Tuesday : Science themed Picture Books and Coloring Page and/or Worksheet
    Wednesday: Picture Study (ABC Museum)
    Thursday: Saint Story (Alphabet of Saints and various picture books) and Craft
    Friday: Serendipi-Tea Time Recipe

    This year, since I am still trying to incorporate additional hands-on activities for my older kids (science, geography, history, etc) I'm thinking I will spend two weeks on each letter. We'll see how it goes!


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