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by | Sep 29, 2009 | Little Flowers | 26 comments

Last year, as an addition to the plans from Ecce Homo, I decided to have my Little Flowers Group make notebook pages each month based on the Saint and Virtue for each meeting. I’ve been meaning to try and figure out an easier way to share the documents I created with those of you that would like to do the same, since I am not always the quickest at responding to email requests. Anyhow, I finally figured out how to share them using Google Documents and so, anyone who would like to use them with your own group, or even with your own girls at home as an extra project, is more than welcome to download a copy!

I will continue to add more links and notebook pages as we continue to have our Wreath 2 meetings this year, and if I am able to, I will try and add the links to my old posts for each meeting as well.

My girls have really enjoyed making these notebook pages. Their notebooks are turning into such nice keepsakes and are so great for reviewing the virtues, saints, and memory versus!

Updated 8/16/12:  I just added the remaining notebook pages for all four Wreaths!  🙂

Update 6/23/15: My documents are no longer available to download here at Shower of Roses. I’m currently working on revising all the documents (and creating documents for the new Wreath IV!) and they should be available soon directly from Behold Publications. 

~ Wreath One ~

~ Wreath Two ~

Mercy ~ Courage ~ Joy/Mirthfulness (spelling corrected in file)

~ Wreath Three ~



St. Therese the Little Flower ~ Pray for us!


  1. Kimberlee

    These are just gorgeous, Jessica! How generous of you to share! Thank you!

  2. Unknown

    Thank you, Thank you! I was trying to make something like you do since last year but I was having a hard time. This is a great activity for the girls to do at home and reinforce what they learned at LF. This way they can teach me (since I am with their brothers during the meetings:)) God bless you!

  3. Mary Beth

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, Jessica. I was already using yours as a guide for making up my own for Wreath 1 this year, but now you have saved me a lot of time. Thank you and may God bless you!

  4. Sarah

    It is with great generosity that you share these with us, Jessica! Thank you!! As you know, I'm prayerfully considering doing this for my girls and maybe even starting a little group of our own … If I can't find other girls, do you think it would work to just do it with them (3 total)? What do you think?

    Thanks! And God bless you!

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Your very welcome! I am happy to share and hopefully save you all a little time! =)

    Sarah ~ I really DO think you could do it with just your girls. In fact, when I started I didn't think I would have more than just my girls since I live so far from town, and had decided to give it a shot and start with just my girls if necessary. It still amazes me that I have 12 girls in my group this year!

  6. Advena

    These are so sweet! I just came across them while searching for something else. Thank you for providing this resource.

  7. LittleFlowerMom

    Thanks for providing these. The girls in our group love doing their album pages every session. I know other moms in our group have printed these off but when I try to click on the links I get this error message from Scrib: "Sorry! This document is not publicly available.The owner has set this document to private.You will not be able to read it unless the owner changes it to public on their "My Uploads" page, or sends you a direct link."
    The error comes up for all the notebook pages I click on, but I did get another download from the blog to work fine on scrib. Any help in how I can get the notebook pages to print for me would be appreciated. Thanks!

  8. LittleFlowerMom

    Thanks for posting these, but I can't seem to get the links to open properly for me. I have tried clicking on all of them and I get this error from Scrib everytime: "Sorry! This document is not publicly available.The owner has set this document to private.You will not be able to read it unless the owner changes it to public on their "My Uploads" page, or sends you a direct link."
    I did get a different link for the "anne of green gables party favors" to download fine. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I have a setting on my computer I can change?

  9. MomOfSix

    We have really enjoyed these! But I am having the same problem as LittleFlowerMom above. Is there a solution available? Thanks so much.

  10. Jessica Gordon

    The author of Little Flowers Girls' Club® requested that I delete my notebook pages this past week which is why they are now listed as private and no longer available to download. I did speak with the publisher on Friday afternoon and will work with them to add my notebook pages to their trademarked program. It shouldn't be too long before they are available to download directly from Behold Publications. In the meantime, please send me your email address along with what page you need for your upcoming meeting and I will forward it to you privately.

  11. Jessica Gordon

    MomOfSix, please see my response to LittleFlowerMom above.

  12. MomOfSix

    That definitely explains it – thank you! They really are lovely pages that you put together, and will certainly add to the program! Our group is working on Wreath III this year, and our meeting Friday is on the virtue of Self-Control. So the link to that page would be wonderful. Thank you so much for all you have done to make our learning a little more creative!

    My email address is

  13. meferri

    Hi Jessica,
    We are also using your beautiful pages. My group is working on St Agnes and we are meeting on 3//16/15. Can you please send me the download? My email is Thank you

  14. Unknown

    Hello and thank you!! I would love to have the downloads for year one. You are a very inspiring woman! I've learned so much from you. Many thanks!

  15. Stacy

    Jessica, I am going to private message you as well.

  16. Laura

    Hi! I would love to have the downloads if still available! I'll be leading a group next year and I think this would be great for the girls. Thanks so much! My email is

  17. Laura

    I will soon be leading a Little Flowers group and would love to incorporate your scrapbook pages. Are they still available? We will be doing Wreath I. If you can still email them, my address is Thanks so much!

  18. Jessica Gordon

    Hi Laura, That is so great that you'll be leading a group next year! I'm currently working on revising all the documents and the updated versions should be available soon from Behold Publications.

  19. Laura

    Thanks so much! Will the downloads be for purchase through Behold Publications? Thanks for all the great resources on your site!

  20. BookMomma

    Hi there, can I echo the last two messages? I am starting a Little Flowers group here in MD at St. Joseph's parish in Buckeystown. And those notebookiing pages gave me the confidence to lead the group! Can you let me know if they are available to download yet? Thank you!

  21. Jessica Gordon

    Hi! It's taken a little while since all of the images (saints & flowers) and even some of the fonts had to be changed since the pages are going to be used by Behold Publications (and not just "for personal use") as I had originally created them for my girls. I sent the last of the revised and updated pages to Behold Publications earlier this week, but they have been really busy with all the Little Flower Summer camps – the last one is this weekend – and she will be getting back to me soon. I really hope to have them ready for whoever would like them soon! Sorry for the inconvenience, and I'm so happy to hear that they helped give you the confidence needed to lead a group. God bless you!

  22. BookMomma

    Thank you Jessica! I will keep checking the Behold Publications daily to see if they are available. God Bless!

  23. Jessica Gordon

    I believe that there will be a few different options. My goal was to keep them as affordable as possible. I'm sorry it is taking so long!

  24. Trisha

    Are these available to download yet? I am having a hard time finding it. Thank you and God Bless!

  25. Jessica Gordon

    A couple years ago the author of Little Flowers Girls' Club® requested that I delete my original notebook pages so they are no longer available to download. I did end up working with the author and publisher to add an approved version of my notebook pages to their trademarked program. They are available to download directly from Behold Publications.

    Wreath I Crafting Pages:

    Wreath II Crafting Pages:

    Wreath III Crafting Pages:

    Wreath IV Crafting Pages:


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