My Daybook ~ January 12, 2009

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FOR TODAY: January 12th, 2009
My dear friend’s BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Trina!

Outside my Window… it is beautiful sunny day. As soon as the boys finish up there binder work and Math lesson, we are heading outside.

I am thinking… about my sister Julianna and about how much I am going to miss her. She just moved far, far away for a new job. I am so glad I got to say goodbye last night, though it meant jumping in my car late last night, and chasing her down on the freeway. (My mom had forgotten to tell her I wanted to meet her in town on her way through and then called me just after Julianna left saying, “If you leave *right now* you might catch her.” I jumped in the car, said a quick prayer to St. Anthony, and I got to town just after she did… However, Julianna didn’t hear my many honks (I’m sure the rest of town did!) or see my lights flashing, and our 1 stoplight didn’t cooperate with me, so I wasn’t able to catch her till we were on the interstate. I wasn’t sure how she would notice me in the dark, so I had to roll my windows down and turn the inside lights on. She *finally* looked over and saw her “psychotic sister” and got off at the next exit to say goodbye. Whew!)

I am thankful… that my mom offered to have Bunco at her house tomorrow night! (It’s my month to host.) Now I just need to show up at her beautiful home with the food and prizes, and I won’t need to kick my family out of our house for the night! 😉 Hubby is also very thankful!

From the kitchen… I am trying to stay out of the kitchen… There are still too many sweets in there, and I really shouldn’t have any of them.

From the school room… the boys are asking to create a Ziggurat (the instructions are in Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide), and I am hoping to make a 10 Commandments Lapbook with Rascal using the guide found in The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook. Rascal has been struggling to memorize them, and I am hoping that the Lapbook will help.

I am creating… weight loss goals for myself, once again.

I am going… to turn 31 on Friday, whether I want to or not.

I am wearing… a jean skirt, white tee, a brown Eddie Bauer cable-kit sweater, and my boots.

I am readingBoys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons. Even though I don’t have much time to read, I can hardly put this book down, it is GREAT!

I am hoping… that I have a good loss to report on Wednesday. Today will be my 6th day (in a row) of the 30 Day Shred workout, which seems to really be helping! It is a tough workout, but it is only 20 minutes and *very* effective. I thought I was going to die on the 2nd and 3rd days, but it is starting to get a little easier less torturous.

I am hearing… Snuggles saying “All done… All done…” over and over. He hears the girls say that all the time and just figured out how to say it for himself.

Around the house… the Christmas decorations are just about put away till next year. sniff…sniff… We still need to take down the lights. I wonder if that will happen this year! 😉

One of my favorite things… my Finders-Key-Purse. I LOVE it!! It is so nice not to have to dig around in my purse for my keys when I am trying to corral 5 children in parking lots. Since I am a rep for them, I have quite the stash in my closet, so I will give away another one this Friday like I did last year. I’ll have to see what designs I have… Be sure to check back!

A Few Plans For This Week

It’s going to be a busy week… I am months behind with my Aunts bookkeeping, and so with it being tax season and all, it has GOT to get done… SO, if I am not online much, you will all know what I am up to! I also have a few doctors appointments this week, and Bunco to host tomorrow night. Friday will be fun!! We will probably go to Mass in the morning, and my Aunt has offered to spend the night so hubby and I can go out! What a treat!!! I can’t wait!

A picture thought I am sharing:

Since we were looking through old Baptismal pictures yesterday, here is a picture from Twinkle Toes’ baptism! My hubby’s oldest brother was a Deacon at the time, and this was his very FIRST baptism!! Trina (who’s birthday is today!) and her husband are TT’s Godparents. My (super tall) little brother was serving.


  1. Anonymous

    What a cute key chain! And look! One of my favorite priests!

  2. Trina

    You are so sweet! Thank you for the birthday greetings…although I am wondering if I can decide to not turn another year older this time….hmmm…thirty-five is getting over the hill!

  3. Christy

    Well…..I don’t think you are psychotic at all. =) And why do people “anonymously” say creepy things? Love you!

  4. Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks Christy!! I just hit delete… The nice thing about that little trash button under comments. =) I don’t know why people do that either. Oh well.

  6. Regina

    your sister didnt think it was sweet for you to chase her down just to say bye? 20 year olds!
    have fun at bunco

  7. Jamie Jo

    That story about your sister is great!!! I’m so glad she looked up!! Your angels were working double time!!

  8. Margaret

    Where is Juliana off to? I can’t believe you drove to meet her. That is super sweet.

  9. Mimi

    Happy Birthday to Trina!

    What a lovely snapshot, and you have a great birthday too

    Don’t you love Eddie Bauer?

  10. Aubrey

    I love the chase-your-sister-down story! She’ll remember that forever!

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook. My 31st Bday doesn’t come until March, so you’ll be older than me until then. 😉


  11. Jessica Gordon

    Regina ~ Julianna was in tears. Poor girl!! She was so sad to be moving!

    Mimi~ I DO love Eddie Bauer. Such great clothes! I just wish they had more skirts at our local store…


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