My Daybook ~ July 27th “Swimming Days”

by | Jul 27, 2009 | Daybook, Swimming | 8 comments

FOR TODAY: July 27th, 2009

Outside my Window… it’s sunny and HOT!!  The high was predicted to be 106 degrees out there today and 109 tomorrow!!  Yikes!!!  I am so glad we are home from swimming and can relax in our nice and cool home.  

I am thinking… about how different Snuggles swimming lesson went today (his first of this year), compared to last year (his first ever)!   Last year he had a private lesson and absolutely LOVED being in the pool… Today, I was in the water with him and he screamed the whole time.  

I am thankful… for Myrna, my children’s AMAZING swimming teacher.  She has been teaching swimming for well over 50 years and is THE BEST!!! 

From the kitchen… a cold pitcher of lemonade right now and then Taco’s for dinner.  

From the school room… a new MAC!!!  Which I have not had near enough time to play with…  Some of you have mentioned that you love using iCal and I would love to hear more since it wasn’t on my old Mac (years ago) and I have never used it before.  I almost have my schedule finalized and I am going to try and figure out how to add it to iCal. 

Living the Liturgical year at Home… I don’t have many plans for this coming week since we will be swimming most of each day…  I do plan to do something on Friday, the feast of St. Ignatius and Captain’s baptismal anniversary, and we will attend Summer with the Saints, but that’s it for now.

I am creating… a beautiful home for my family.  Marci came over on Friday and we painted the boys old room for the girls and then moved them over.  IT TURNED OUT ADORABLE!!!! I can’t wait to share pictures with you all, but I am sure they won’t do it justice.  

I am going… to swimming lessons.  We will be at the pool for 4 different level classes (which are not back to back) which means we will be gone from 9:15 till nearly 2pm each day.  

I am wearing… flip-flops and sunglasses and will be most of the week! Now if my swim shorts and top will just fit for another couple weeks… :S

I am readinghum… I haven’t really been reading much of anything since I have just not had the time, though I did pick up It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff last night to skim read and help inspire me to get rid of more stuff.  I am sure that I will be reading  quite a bit more very soon since we will be starting school in a few weeks.  

I am hoping… to have my home put all back together by Friday since we will be having company on Saturday.  After having Marci’s help last week I am finally beginning to think that it just might be possible!  

I am praying… for Emily and Matthew.   
I am hearing… Liberty’s Kids playing in the living room.  My children are really enjoying being able to watch the whole series! 

Around the house… I picked up curtains for the girls room and a few tension rods to hang some curtains in the little “loft” in my new school room so I can hide everything I need to put up there use it for storage.  I also still have a ridiculous amount of “stuff” on the floor of my room which still needs to be given a home or given away.  It sure has been hard fitting my school room into a much smaller space than the old room.

One of my favorite things… iChat!! It was so fun to be able to TALK to and SEE Regina the other night — almost felt like she was in the same room and not so very far away…  Today is her adorable daughter Sarah’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!! 

A Few Plans For This Week

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Summer with the Saints
  • Visiting family from Out of State

A picture thought I am sharing:

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  1. Regina

    at least you have air conditioning! it is 84 degrees IN OUR HOUSE (94 outside).

    and arent you just the sweetest. thanks for the bday wishes. we miss you guys

  2. Anonymous

    HUMPF, I try and help and you always tell me no! 🙁


    Have a great time at swimming lessons, I am sure it will grow on Snuggles…. the last day…

  3. Jessica Gordon

    Regina ~ I just checked and it is 80 degrees inside with the air going full blast! Can't imagine what it must be like next door — our neighbors do not have air…

    Amy ~ Marci recently asked how much I would charge her to paint her some saints and I told her I would if she'd paint the girls room for me. =) Plus, you have been super busy yourself!!

    As for Snuggles — the children are using happy after just a couple days with Myrna. =) I have hope!

  4. Erin

    I like the title of the book you're reading… sounds like a good one!

    I remember taking my daughter into the pool the second year, and she hated it after loving it the first year. She's finally getting more comfortable w/ it at age 4.

    Where did you get your kids' swimshirts/bottoms?? I love that they cover a lot of skin – a plus for using less sunscreen! Also for avoiding the horridly skimpy selection in girls' swimsuits, a concern as mine grow older especially!

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Erin ~ It IS a great book. Last year I posted about it here:
    It's all TOO MUCH

    I also love that the swim shorts and rash guards cover lots of skin =) Lots of benefits, as you pointed out. It use to be harder to find reasonably priced rash guards, but more recently they are available at lots of places. The ones that my kiddos are wearing in the photo of this post all came from Target. (Chiquita is wearing TT's suit from last year.) I have also purchased them from Gymboree and Lands End. I do purchase a one piece for under the shorts and tops for my girls.

  6. Anonymous

    sure, sure…. whatever 😉

  7. Margaret

    I love these simple daybook posts. They are fun. I have read parts of "It's All Too Much" I like his philosophy.

  8. Fe

    Have fun with iCal:-) I got all inspired after reading Jen Mack's post about it—I've had iCal as long as it's been around, but I'd never really explored it. Now though, I have my 'whole life' plugged in—I particularly like tying it together with iTunes🙂


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