Our Plan 2009-2010: Overview

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It’s been quite awhile since I posted our History plans for this coming year and I am realizing that I am just not going to have the time to post about each subject we will be studying this year. (I really like to be able to look back at those posts.) In addition, I need to continue spending all of my “extra” time figuring out a schedule for these plans and trying to get our home back in order (it has been really slow going since we have been gone so much on the weekends and I’ve needed hubby’s help)! So, here is a quick overview post of what we will be using when we begin again next month :

Religion ::

Celebrating the Liturgical Year ::

Math :: (This was extremely hard for me last year. My kids, on the other, LOVED the program and so I am giving it another year… Hopefully we can make much better progress.)

  • Right Start Math (level A with the girls)
  • Right Start Math (complete level B and move on to level C with the boys)

Language Arts ::

For my older boys –

  • Handwriting For Young Catholics 2 and 3
  • Spelling For Young Catholics 2 and 3
  • English For Young Catholics 2 and 3
  • MCP Phonics Level B and Level C
  • Wordly Wise Grade 3 Set (for Captain)

For my girls –

All together –

Science ::

History ::

Geography ::


  1. Melissa

    I love your plans, Jessica! May I ask what you disliked about Right Start Math? We have still not found a program that we really love, and at the moment I'm strongly considering either Right Start or Math Mammoth. Having never used either, I was just wondering if you had any specific comments regarding Right Start. Thanks!

  2. Jessica Gordon

    Melissa ~ I really believe that Right Start is an EXCELLENT program and a really good fit for my children. The problem I had was that Saxon had been the only program I had ever used (other than MCP workbooks for one year). It is what my mom used when I was growing up and I have used it as well, at least until last year. I was finding it very difficult to change from the Saxon way of thinking and teaching Math. My children HATED Saxon and they were not doing well at all. The Right Start way of teaching Math makes so much more sense to them and they ENJOY it now! I spoke with Joan Cotter (the author of Right Start) when I was at the conference this past May. In fact I started crying when telling her how frustrated I was! 😉 Speaking with her and having her explain a few things to me REALLY helped. (Along with the hug she gave me and telling me that I could do it! lol!) I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to talk to someone… I just kept skipping/putting off Math lessons last year. I am actually much more excited about it now and her methods are really starting to make sense to me too. I plan to just pick up where we left on and make it a priority this year instead of my "getting to it when I can" attitude.

    I don't know if that helps or not?? Good luck with your decision!

  3. Melissa

    Oh, thanks, Jessica! That helps so much! I can see how it would be difficult to switch from a program you were so used to. Luckily, we wouldn't have that problem! Looking at their website, I just really loved the way they presented problems. I think I'd probably start with a lower level since my son struggles with math, and that way I could include my daughter (who loves math!) at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! You're so lucky you had the opportunity to actually speak with the author–wow! Good luck to you all this year; I hope it works well for you!!!

  4. Barb


    Your plans sound great! Could you give us some information on your state by state scrapbook? We are going to study the states this year and that sounds fun for the kiddos.


  5. Jessica Gordon

    Barb ~ We are headed out the door right now, but I will try and share more on the Scrapbook soon! =)

  6. Molly

    Thank you for posting about your American History plans. I have been searching for something do-able for my young children and this is exactly what I've been looking for! I even said a prayer last night that I would find the perfect thing and here I am today on your blog with the answer! You were an answer to prayer today!

  7. glin

    I would love to know more about state scrapbooking, too, since I will be teaching a co-op class on this topic!

    Your blog is an inspiration, Jessica! I check in every day to see what great things you have to share! God bless you and your lovely family! 🙂

  8. Sweetness and Light

    I am so honored to be included in your Liturgical year plans sweetie, thank you, and what a great year ahead, remember to PACE yourself and use it as a framework so you don't wipe yourself out :)))) Much love and many blessings!

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you everyone!

    Molly ~ You are most welcome. Elizabeth Foss's plans are amazing and I am really looking forward to using them for American History this year!

    Glin ~ I have started working on a post and will try and share more in within the next day or so. How fun to have a co-op for History!!

    Meredith ~ I most certainly will, thank you for the reminder. I do have a tendency to want to "do it ALL!" 😉

  10. Gae

    Dear Jessica,
    It sounds like a very exciting year for you.
    It is alwasy hard not to get caught up in others excitement about plans. I think it gives us a great lift to see how others are implementing plans within their family.

    It would be an interesting post to hear about your own homeschooling experience, and how, if any this affects your own 'teaching' of your children. Just thinking out loud.
    God Bless

  11. Jessica Gordon

    Gae ~ Thank you!

    You know, I have thought about trying to write a post on that topic, especially since the way I was home schooled (and the fact that I was insistent growing up that "I will NEVER make my children stay home for school") has greatly influenced the way in which I try to teach my own children… I will think about it…

  12. Angela

    You have some lovely plans here!

    I am wondering what age(s) the Angel Food books are geared toward? I love the idea of using them with the catechism, but with Boyson being 11, I am wondering if they would be too young.


  13. Julie

    Hi, I just wanted to post and say thanks for the interesting curriculum plans you have posted. I am hoping to homeschool in the future. I have been looking at Catholic Heritage Homeschool program as possible use for future homestudy. I like the idea of the "Right Start Math". Do you know how early you can start this? Would age 5 be too soon? Anyway, I hope to use some of your ideas to incorporate into my own future homeschooling. Thanks.

  14. Jessica Gordon

    Julie ~ I think Dr. Cotter actually recommends starting Level A at age 5. I am currently using it with my 4 1/2 year old and my 6 year old, and they are both loving it. (Though my 6 year old is ready to go at a much quicker pace than my 4 1/2 year old…) Hope that helps!

  15. Maggie

    do you know of some simple Saint's crafts I can make for my boys to put in their basket?


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