My Daybook ~ January 4th (and 5th!)

by | Jan 5, 2010 | Daybook | 12 comments

Outside my window… the boys are playing hockey on the back patio with their Dad and their new hockey sticks! It is nice to have the sun out for a change, even if it is cold.

I am hearing… the hockey puck bouncing off the walls of the house. Nice!

I am thankful for… the little postcard that arrived in the mail, from a Chiropractor I saw a couple years ago, offering a free “Birthday Adjustment!” YAY!!! What perfect timing! I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

I am praying… that Rose’s little heart really is all better and that an appointment with the echo-cardiologist opens up locally on January 19th so that we don’t have to drive so very far on February 2nd.

From the kitchen… 1/2 caff coffee and almond biscotti… I really need to eat something substantial and healthy.

From the learning rooms… I thought about starting back to school today, but when I woke up this morning (Monday), at 10am after a very sleepless night, I came to the realization that I am just not ready yet. Maybe next week.

Living the Liturgical Year at Home… we will celebrate the 12th day of Christmas, the traditional feast of the Epiphany and also known as “Little Christmas” on the 6th. I’m sure I will need to keep it much simpler than last year, but I do have a neat new Pampered Chef pan I’d love to try out and this would be the perfect opportunity!

I am creating… a Netflix Queue since we recently signed back up for their 1 DVD at a time plan. Do any of you have any great movies to suggest? I am also very curious about the Roku SD Player. Do any of you have it, and if so, is it worth it?

I am wearing… ugh! NOTHING fits! Maternity clothes are NO WHERE NEAR as cute without that nice firm round baby tummy to fill them out, and I am a LONG WAY from fitting back into my regular clothing once again… I have my work cut out for me, that’s for sure!

I am going… to need to be the tooth fairy again tonight (Monday night)! Twinkle Toes just lost that other top tooth!! I have a little klutz book that I ordered awhile back so we can make “Petal People” during P Week (which is coming up in a couple weeks) which should slide nicely under her pillow.

I am reading… very few blog posts lately, and wondering how I ever found the time?!? I sure miss it though, but it overwhelms me when I log into Google Reader to find 500+ unread posts each time. I’m thinking I need to cut back. Which makes me curious… How many blogs do you follow and how much time to you spend reading each day? I know I’m going to have to (drastically) cut back, if I hope to (attempt to) keep up with school with a new baby.

Pondering these words… from the beautiful Novena for Homeschooling Mothers which Angela has been posting:

“Most gracious God, You have charged me with the sobering task of educating these children with which You have blessed our family. In Baptism, You have made them Your own, and now You have entrusted them to me, that I may rear them in supernatural love toward You and educate and train them in all of the knowledge required to form them into the Godly adults that you created them to become. This task so far exceeds the abilities of Your humble servant but in confidence I turn to You, O God, trusting in your almighty power and the inexhaustible graces that you make available to me. Help me to form these children to each one’s greatest potential in both intellect and virtue. Give me a greater portion of each of the fruits and gifts of Your Holy Spirit that I may perfectly execute my duties as their teacher. Grant that these children may ever look upon their divine sonship as the highest good that they possess on earth and may they at last die in full possession of it. Amen.”

I am hoping… that I have a chance to sort through, and post, some of our Christmas Day pictures soon. My sister has been asking to see them for awhile… Here’s one JoAnn:

Aunt JoAnn and her newest niece on Christmas Day

Noticing that… I have a zillion emails to answer. I am so sorry to all of you that are waiting to hear from me… With Hubby home these past few weeks, and the kids watching some movies on Netflix, I’ve had to share the computer. Plus, I haven’t been “multi-tasking” while nursing this time around, so most all my old “computer time” is now spent nursing. I’ll start working on catching up once I have all the Christmas Cards out! 😉

Around the house… it still looks like Christmas and I love it!

One of my favorite things… my family!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • Meet with an architect about drawing plans for a dining room & living room addition/kitchen remodel! Yay!!!
  • Have my back adjusted at the Chiropractor.
  • Celebrate Epiphany
  • Finish mailing Christmas and Thank you Cards
  • Enjoy these last few days of having Hubby off work
  • Snuggle with the baby and try to sleep when she sleeps — which hasn’t been happening very often!

A Picture thought I am sharing:

First time in the Cradle Swing ~ January 4, 2010

* I did start this Daybook yesterday, but it took me until today to “finish!” 🙂


  1. Erin


    A remodel! Wonderful:) We have started out building, trusses are on, roof goes on today, dh is exhausted and pushing himself. (I've been posting pics but obviously you haven't caught up;) 🙂

    RE google reader, I keep to a max of 40, which means generally I can read those posts in 15 min. I'm the sort of person who feel if they are in my reader I have to read them. So ask yourself a question "Does this person enhance you in your motherhood/wife vocation in some manner?"

    I try to keep my 'net time to an hour (don't always succeed, sometimes I have to do more) anyhow its my resolution to stick to an hour again. I've just cut my google back to 40 and am thinking of going to 30. Hard.

  2. Roxaline

    I too was planning on starting schooling this week but decided to wait till next week. But I don't have as good of an excuse as you do!

  3. missy

    I would so be overwhelmed with 500 blog posts to read…I really only follow less than 10 maybe…and I don't read them everyday…I do check yours and a few others everyday but some just a couple times a week…sometimes when I get to a blog and the post is too long, I don't read it..I really only have time for short posts… Oh and give yourself a break with the homeschooling, your children are learning plenty right now!!

  4. Anonymous

    Little Rose is the picture of little Chiquita…..what a beautiful baby. I hope you take time to rest up now rather than having it come back to haunt you later. God Bless your New Year Jessica and family.

  5. Anonymous

    I know, have been looking at my google reader and thinking the same thing. I read all my posts in there this morning and there is already 21 more to read (in a few hours!!!!).

    And the remodel!! You have been talking about that or some time, that is wonderful!! I am so excited for you guys!

    As for the player, I have been wondering about them too. There is a plug in the back of our TV to hook up a computer. We just need to find where to get the cord. That would be great!

    And how can you not say that Rose looks like Chiquita!? That first picture on the bottom of her looking at the camera is the spitting image!

    Hugs to you all!!!

  6. mel

    I have 27 on my reader..several are people that are friends of mine that don't post very often though. I used to have more, but I did a purge recently, lol. I'm sure it'll build back up again though. Sometimes I get really backed up, but eventually I manage to catch up again.

  7. Angela

    HI Jesscia,

    Little "Rose" is changing so much so fast! How cute she is . . . I love seeing the pictures of her.

    I guess I read about 20 blogs and am spending too much time online. Sometimes I just have to delete whole batches of posts because it's all just too much.

    I am glad you are liking the novena. I am liking it too. I like some of the prayers just for regular daily prayers too.

    Praying for Little Rose's heart!

    God Bless,

  8. Kelly

    WOW! I can't believe you're going to add a remodel onto your already-too-long list of tasks. Good luck though and my prayers are definitely with you.

    Like you, I'm also thinking about cutting back on my blogging time. I follow 17 blogs, though some of them aren't heavy on posting. I'm trying to limit my computer time to about an hour per day. Let's see if that's possible 🙂 Like Erin, I try to ask myself if the content/person enhances my vocation, my faith walk, or homeschool. Your blog is *definitely* staying on my list though!

    Rose is soooo cute! Take some time from school (depending on your state's laws of course.). You've put in so much work already this school year, I'm sure you can afford to take *some* time.

    Try hubby's closet for clothes. Especially good for sweat pants. Some of your old shirts should fit??

  9. Kimberly Lottman

    I follow about 40 blogs, I would say. I don't use Google Reader, I only read the blogs that I follow through blogger, and not all of them. I like that blogger gives me the title/theme of the post, it helps me to quickly determine if it's a post I might want to read.

    I spend quite a bit of time on the computer, though very little of is actually dedicated to blogging. I use a lot of free resources on the internet to homeschool my daughter, which sometimes includes blogs, so a lot of my computer time is taken up with that. I would say for personal blogging, composing posts and reading others, I spend about an hour a day.

    Funny that everyone insists that Rose looks like Chiquita, because in that hat I thought she was the spitting image of Twinkle Toes! :0)

    Hugs to you and yours!

  10. Robina

    Doctor's orders (aka veterinarian friend's orders):
    1- sleep
    2- snuggle with baby (this snuggly time goes by too fast)
    3 – put off school for AT LEAST a couple weeks and do NOT feel guilty about it
    4- send the rest of the christmas cards as a scanned in .jpg of your card
    5- read blogs only if it relaxes you. I barely have time for 10-15 and many of those I skim.
    6- don't worry about emails either

  11. Jessica Gordon

    I just got back from town and CAN WALK AGAIN!!! WAHOO!!! Thank Heaven for Chiropractors!!

    Erin ~ It may still be a long while before we are actually ABLE to add on, but plans are a definite start and for that I am SO THANKFUL!!

    I just checked Google Reader and I am up to about 150 blogs — I need to cut way WAY back! Lots of those are close friends and family who rarely post, but STILL! You all have motivated me to cut back in this area… Now I just need to actually DO IT!! 😉

    Amy ~ Okay… I am really going to go and find those baby pictures of our other babies to compare…

    Kelly ~ If ONLY Hubby's clothes WOULD fit me! We are the same height and I now outweigh him buy a good 20 pounds… SO DEPRESSING!!!! =) I can fit into a couple of his sweatshirts, but thats about it… As for all my old shirts — they are almost all size M which is way too tight right now. I just gained SO much with this pregnancy…

    Kim ~ I am SO glad to hear that SOMEONE out there other than Hubby and I sees the resemblance to Twinkle Toes! lol!

    Robina ~ Thanks! Won't be long till you'll be following all this advice. RIght?! =)

  12. Kristyn Hall

    Sunuggles' face when looking at the baby is just too cute. He is in love with her already!
    We have had Netflix on the "one at a time" plan for about a year or so. I use homeschool/Catholic/Christian catalogs to help pick out movies for our queue. Do you get Vision Video's catalog? I think I use it the most. The kids will go through and tell me what grabs their attention. We usually have over 20 movies on the list, so it works quite well. 😉
    They have the new Fatima movie, "The 13th Day," which is up next for us! I can't wait to watch it this weekend. 🙂
    BTW, I can never wear Tim's clothes after I have a baby, just the flannel shirts kept unbuttoned over a Tshirt. I find that more depressing than maternity clothes!


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