My Daybook :: May 20, 2010

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Outside my window… it is sunny at the moment, even though the forecast is predicting rain all the way through next Wednesday.  I’m hoping the sun will stick around for a little while.

I am thinking… about my little “tall, lanky” brother  Kevin!  He was Confirmed on Saturday, turned 16 on Sunday, and then won 2nd place (out of well over 100 other students) in the High School State Championships at the Golf Tournament, which was on Monday and Tuesday, after winning 1st place at Districts,  where he had “a 3-under-par 68 to register the low score by 11 strokes!”  Congratulations Kevin!

In the first picture my mom was saying “Make a Wish.”  I then added, “Just think about your upcoming Golf Tournaments!” which triggered him to look up with that nice big grin. 😉   I can’t believe he is 16 already! 

I am thankful for… my parents openness to life.  My youngest brother, who was born the day before my 18th birthday, is just 4 years older than Captain.  My children all LOVE playing with Uncle David!

I am hoping and praying… that we will be able to hire a contractor soon.  It has been very challenging to come up with a plan/bid that falls into our budget.  We are making progress though, and will be meeting with a contractor (to hopefully sign a contract) next Monday.

From the kitchen… I just finished putting a Spaghetti Sauce in the crockpot for tonight.  I love it when I have dinner planned and started in the morning, it makes the evenings go so much smoother.

From the learning rooms… The boys finished a few of their workbooks for the year and are still plugging away with their other subjects.  The girls are working on “W” Week and Water-colored Whales while I watched and read The Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the Whale after a lunch of Whale-Witches and Whale Crackers.  I’ll post more pictures from “W” week eventually!

Living the Liturgical Year at Home… this is the last week of the Easter season, and we will be celebrating Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, next Sunday!   Sometime this week we will have our last Good Shepherd’s Garden Party and then celebrate the feast of Pentecost on Sunday.

I am creating… a Windsock for Pentecost with the girls and the boys just started making some Marian  Artist Trading Cards for Kimberlee’s swap!  I also need to paint a few more saints, hopefully this week.

I am wearing… a soft, blush pink (this color is no longer pictured) Twist Neck Pullover, layered over a cami, which I purchased at the suggestion of my cousin.  I love it!

I am reading… lots of reviews on flooring, cabinets, and countertops.  It is looking like our initial plan of “Granite Countertops and Hardwood Floors” for our remodel/addition is out of our budget (unless I can find an amazing deal!) so I am starting to look at all of the other options.

Other than that, and reading history and picture books to my children, I’ve had little time for much else.   Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids is still sitting on my nightstand, and I am hoping to get back to it soon so I can move onto the next couple books on my list:  Small Steps for Catholic Moms and The Gift of an Ordinary Day: A Mother’s Memoir.

On my iTouch… Sleep Machine at the suggestion of my pediatrician!  It is much more energy efficient than leaving the bathroom fan, hairdryer, or vacuum on when I need to set the baby down for a few minutes.  She has been really extra fussy lately and the noise from those things puts her right to sleep.

Our little Rose… LOVES her Grandpa!  She reaches for him every time she sees him and has already figured out how to wrap him right around her little finger.  He loves that baby!

Noticing that… I have a new blog reader!!  My MOM left a COMMENT on my post about our Trip to the Coast!!!!!  This was exciting, especially considering that, over the past few years, she has only seen my blog a couple times (when I would show her something) and, as of a couple weeks ago, she had no idea how to even get on the computer and find my blog!   I guess I had better start being careful about what I say about her now… Just kidding Mom! 😉

Towards personal care…  I am noticing that it is SO. MUCH. HARDER. to lose weight (instead I started gaining!) after this last pregnancy than in the past.  I am much more “homebound” than I use to be, and I am sure that being over 30 this time isn’t helping things either.  I now have a lot of weight to lose, so I started a “diet” on the 10th.  Basically I am just trying to reduce the amount of carbs and sweets that I have been eating, and adding much more protein and vegetables to my diet.  As of this morning I am down 7 pounds.  I have also been looking into Light Weigh, and have been considering starting a group if I can find a couple friends in the area interested.

On keeping home… I’m taking notes from Sarah!  Have you read her Homemaking Post?  I found it so very inspiring!  Ooh!  I just popped over to her blog to find the link and noticed Sarah’s Homemaking Q&A.  I’ll be heading back over to read that soon!

One of my favorite things… seeing the smiles on my children’s faces when they are spending time with my Dad.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

The boys had Hockey last night and then Blue Knights tonight.  We will also have our last Good Shepherd’s Garden Party and then celebrate Pentecost on Sunday.   I am so thankful that this week isn’t as crazy as last week!

A Picture thought I am sharing:


  1. Lenetta

    Tee hee – I signed my mom up to get e-mail updates on my blog. Once in a while she clicks through and comments and I love it! Good for your mom!!

  2. Jessica Gordon

    Oh that is funny! That wouldn't have worked for my mom though, since she has never used computers at all until just recently. I just set her up an email account and need to teach her how to log into it and send and receive emails. Then perhaps I can convince her to start blogging!!! I would LOVE it if she posted pictures from my brothers Golf Tournaments and all the other things my younger siblings are up to. 🙂

  3. Jana Jae

    do yall school year round? i know some people do, others try to keep up with their surrounding schools.

  4. Jessica Gordon

    No, we do not usually school year round. We should be finishing up by the first week of June, but I do plan on continuing through the summer with Reading Lessons for Twinkle Toes, and Spelling for my boys. It's been a hard year, with having a new baby arrive right in the middle of it, but looking back we were still able to get quite a bit accomplished, even if it wasn't everything I initially planned.

    Not only am I really ready for a summer break, it will be nice to not have to worry about school while we are remodeling this summer. 🙂

  5. Kelly

    I'll be looking forward to your "Ww" post, Jessica!

    That Twist Neck Pullover is super cute! And I'm downloading the Sleep Machine right now! I'm hoping it will help Little Man to sleep a little more soundly at his nap times. Thanks so much for mentioning it.

    And I'm right there with you on the weight. I think I've kept on 5lbs for each baby. yikes!

  6. Ginger

    I might go buy that top–how cute! But I agree, a cami is definitely in order.

    You don't know me from Adam. I found you following the alphabet path. I'm glad you are continuing it through another year. I'll have to look at your posts to see how you've done it this time.

    I'm a grandma now without children to homeschool. So i go around and read all sorts of homeschool blogs like yours to sort of relive it all vicariously. Treasure every moment–it goes so fast—them you're forced into retirement whether you like it or not.

    Cherish your Cheribs

  7. Anonymous

    I was almost 18 when my baby brothter was born too. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    The challenge in the lightweigh thing is finding enough of us not all pregnant! We have to work on being more in sync. 😉

  9. gretchen

    My oldest son will turn 18 just around the time our baby is due! This will be our 10th baby. The stories of the family you grew up in inspire me with mine. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas on your blog and for being such a beautiful witness for the Lord. Many blessings,

  10. Robina

    I wish i could get myself together to do dayboook posts, but my MIL would be on my case too much for putting too much about me on the internet. I think it's ok personally. Anyhow, that top is cute but I am trying to just buy cute clothes that are also nursing compatible. I'm guessing it isn't??? I don't know about pricing but check into cork floors. They have a beautiful look and are very soft so are so good on your legs and back when you stand so much in akitchen cooking and serving etc. Bart and I want to put them in our next home. oh and I am not all that in love with granite. they are porous and require long term work with yearly polishing etc. i ahve heard engineered quartz countertops are much better, not sure the price difference though. maybe since you are up in orgeon with lots of hardwood trees, you could find a great piece of wood to be refinished for an island countertop. sorry for the long comment. Love the pictures of your sweet baby. mine is such a sweet cooer and I ma so in love with her belly laughs and smiles. don't you love this stage? well i love them all.
    kudos to your mom for being so open to life and making prgress on being more computer savy. my mom barely reads my blog. i have to email her posts that I think she'll like.

  11. Kimberlee

    Lovely daybook! My mother doesn't have a computer so she only sees my blog occasionally – she doesn't understand how you buy things online (she asked me if it was a store) and has never heard of Amazon. But it just makes me wonder what sorts of technology my grandchildren will use while I remain clueless, lol. So glad you're joining the swap and I hope you find time to squeeze some in too (maybe when you have your paints out). 🙂 Blessings!

  12. Jessica Gordon

    Kelly ~ You will have to let me know if it works for you too! I really hope so!! I've just been amazed at how much better she sleeps when she is napping when I have the "sleep machine" playing!

    Ginger ~ Thank you for visiting, and for taking a second to say hello! Actually, even though we intended to start the Alphabet Path back in 2008, I only got as far as coming up with the Painted Saints and then everything was put on hold till this year. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, very sick, and then I miscarried. . . So 2008 was a very rough year for me. This year has gone much better and we are almost finished with the Alphabet Path! It has been so much fun!

    Amy ~ Isn't it though! 🙂

    Gretchen ~ That is just wonderful! Your children are so very blessed!

    Robina ~ The top actually works great for nursing, since it is low enough. I just layer a nursing cami underneath and then pull one side over. 🙂 Love it!!
    ~ I've never even heard of cork boards. Those sound cool and interesting!! Humm! Charlotte also just shared the same concerns about granite and also recommended quartz! I haven't had a chance to go and check the prices on it yet, but from what I've seen online it looks awesome!
    ~ Yes, I LOVE this stage. When the baby laughs EVERYONE comes and starts giggling and smiling with her. Oh I love it! 🙂

    Kimberlee ~I don't know about me painting cards for the swap! I'd feel really bad for whoever received them!! My children are much better at that sort of thing than I am! They are very excited to participate!


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