Our New Kitchen

by | Oct 10, 2010 | Home Improvement, Home Sweet Home | 31 comments

I’ve been dying to post a few more pictures of our new kitchen, ever since the cabinet maker installed the cabinet doors on Sep 24th!  You’ve seen little glimpses here and there, but I was waiting for a few last things to be finished before posting.  We’re still waiting for the lights over the island, the shelves on the end of the island, and Hubby and I have yet to pick out cabinet hardware, but I’m going to post pictures anyways…  ðŸ™‚

I took these pictures on September 25th, just before the baby shower, and I have been enjoying the kitchen each and every day since!   I had been so worried that I was going to mess it all up with our choices on cabinet colors and design, appliances, flooring, countertops, light fixtures (the list goes on and on), but it all came together so beautifully in the end!

For comparison, I took the following pictures in pretty much the same spots, both before and after the remodel/addition:
The kitchen grew both in length and in width…  The corner of the old kitchen had been just to the right of the far right corner of the new island! 

I still can’t believe we now have such a wonderful kitchen!  It is amazing how much easier it is to keep the kitchen clean with all the extra space, a separate dining area, not to mention the help of a DISHWASHER!!!   It is all SUCH a blessing, and well worth the 10+ years we have been waiting to remodel the kitchen!  
Deo Gratias!  


  1. Patty

    Jessica~YOu did such beautiful job putting it all together. Absolutely beautiful. You will just LOVE your pot and pan drawers. The more drawers, the better!

  2. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, the drawers for the pots and pans are wonderful! They make it so much easier to access the pots and keep them organized at the same time! What a difference! I also have a number of pull outs behind some of the cabinet doors and I love them too!

  3. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    Those last four pictures really put it in perspective. It looks beautiful! I want to come have a cup of coffee in your gorgeous new kitchen with you!!!!

  4. Jessica Gordon

    Oh, wouldn't that be so nice!! Someday we will have that cup of coffee… or maybe chai tea… and get to actually visit in person! 🙂

  5. Erin

    :):):) So very thrilled for you, a reward indeed for all your years of waiting, actually it reminds me alot of the kitchen I left behind in town.
    Drawers are wonderful! My nanna even had drawers for her plates and cups. I didn't go that far though.

    so very , very beautiful, certainly inspiring to create wonderful creations to nurture your family:)
    All that space fantastic!

    I bet you enjoy going in there late at night when all is clean and the lights on to just look and smile.{}

  6. Kelly

    WOW!!!!!! So many drawers! So much space. I'm blown away by the differences, thanks for posting the comparison shots. You did a fantastic job with your choices. I love the under cabinet lighting.

  7. Jessica Gordon

    Under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, lots of can lighting, etc… The benefits of having Electricians in the family (aka: my Dad and brother) 🙂

  8. Kelly

    Hooray! I'm so very happy for you, Jessica! A large kitchen IS such a blessing. Especially when you have a large family. And you did a fantastic job with the design and colors. It's beautiful!

  9. Megan

    That looks amazing! I hope I am blessed enough to have a kitchen like that someday! 🙂

  10. Robina

    gorgeous, classy and elegant, but still comfortable and casual. love it. you did a great job. I'd travel across 3 time zones to join you and Charlotte for the cup of coffee or tea.

  11. April

    Absolutely beautiful…you did great on your selections. The kitchen is said to be the heart of a home. Your family will certainly enjoy it and make wonderful memories in this new space. God Bless You!

  12. Cay Gibson

    Wow! Stunningly beautiful. I am SO HAPPY for you, Jessica.

  13. Anonymous

    you deserve it. I love it, the colors are just lovely!!

  14. Gloria

    It turned out great Jessica! You truely are blessed 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    Congrats to you and your hubby on all of your choices. It is so beautiful and does not look like the same house at all! You have a Brand new home there……It must be heavenly to work in.

  16. Barbara

    It's beautiful, Jessica. You both did a great job.

  17. Sara

    Gorgeous! I've been dying to see the finished pictures, and now I'm so jealous. Enjoy it!

  18. Tiffany

    Gorgeous! Loved the before and after photos to put everything in perspective. What came to mind was "Good things come to those who wait.." And you have been so patient in your perseverance! I am motivated to clear off all my counters after seeing such clean surfaces. Funny how "stuff" just builds after awhile! ugh. Enjoy God's amazing grace and blessings in your life <3

  19. JenniferM

    Wow, beautiful! You did a great job!

    How many sq feet is your house now?

    We'll need to add on to ours some day — specifically the dining area. But, I think our first goal is to save enough money for a garage / office for work-at-home dh. We have a lot of stuff in our home that would be better placed in a seperate building.

    I had to go back and look at the plans you posted a long time ago. Exactly how your house was changing never made sense to me until you posted these before/after photos. It looks like hiring the engineer to draw the plans was a good idea, yes?

  20. Cathy

    Jessica, The transformation is amazing. It looks like its right out of a magazine. Congratulations!!

  21. Anonymous

    Gorgeous! It really is beautiful. You did a great job picking out everything!

  22. Karla in MN

    Jessica. it all turned out SOOO lovely! What a fantastic space to cook for your family and bake with all the little ones! I am very impressed with your planning, and drool is dripping down my chin as I contemplate our kitchen remodel…someday. Haha
    God bless and thanks for sharing the great pix!

  23. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you everyone!!!

    Jennifer ~ Yes, I do think it was a super good idea to hire the engineer/architect. We didn't when we added on the first time and I wish we would have. I am sure he would have caught a few little things that drive me crazy that the contractor overlooked…

    As for the size of our home. It has grown with our family! lol! When we purchased it, it was only 1,008 sq feet. Our first addition added on another 1,032 sq feet and this last addition added 590 (though about 300sq ft of existing was torn out and remodeled as well).

    Our home is now 2,630 sq feet.

  24. Gardenia

    beautiful. anbd you did this on your own without a kitchen designer?? you've got talent!

  25. Sarah

    Hi Jessica! We are getting ready to remodel our kitchen and I happened to notice your beautiful kitchen. What type of wood and color are your cabinets? If you remember…I know it was awhile ago! Thanks.

  26. Jessica Gordon

    You know, when I was trying to explain the color I wanted to our Cabinet Maker, he said "I think I know exactly what you mean, that's the color I custom mixed for my kitchen." He brought me one of his cabinet doors, and it was EXACTLY what I wanted!! If I remember correctly he named the color "Barney Brown" but I do not know what mix of colors he used to come up with it. Our cabinets also have a Black Walnut (i think) glaze over them. I'll look and see if I can find any of our paperwork, but I'm not sure it will help you much, unless you were to call our cabinet maker…

  27. Leeanne Dyson

    Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing! Installing that island really made a huge difference. Also, the lighting really compliments all of the tones of brown, especially the ones on the floor tiles. I don’t blame you for showing it off! It’s really very beautiful. How’s the kitchen doing now, by the way?

  28. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Leeanne. I still love the new kitchen! Everything has been such a blessing. It's hard to believe that we lived as long as we did with the old kitchen! 🙂


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