S is for Spring Cleaning!

by | Mar 23, 2010 | Home Sweet Home, Organization | 9 comments

We completed the letter “S” on our Alphabet Path last week, and I do plan to post some pictures soon.  This week we are taking another break and focusing on Spring Cleaning followed by a Spring Break next week for Holy Week!  I’m sure glad I got such a good jump start last year before the baby was born, allowing for all these “breaks.”  ðŸ™‚

I am still working on filling those 40 Bags… I have six left, since I’m trying not to count anything that couldn’t be donated (aka: trash).  I’m hoping that as we Spring Clean this week we’ll be able to fill them up and be finished.

Yesterday we started our Spring Cleaning in the Master Bedroom.  I figured it was the one room that had the best possibility of staying clean, so I thought it would be a good place to start.   

We all worked together and it didn’t take too long at all.  It is now the cleanest it has been since last year

I had lots of (much needed!) help and we were able to get quite a few things checked off our list:

  • Remove Cobwebs 
  • Dust light fixtures 
  • Dust Ceiling Fan 
  • Organize Bookshelf and Dust 
  • Organize Night Stands 
  • Put away any stray items 
  • Clean Under Bed 
  • Vacuum Under Nightstands & Bed 
  • Wash Mattress Pad, Sheets and Dust Ruffle 
  • Clean Windows (Inside) 
  • Clean Mirror 
  • Dust Statue & Crucifix 
  • Dust Clock & Phone 
  • Dust & Polish Furniture 
  • Clean Fingerprints off Door, Walls & Switch plates
  • Vacuum Room 

Still to do:

  • Replace light-bulbs in two of the ceiling can lights
  • Touch up paint scuffs in a couple spots
  • Clean Windows (Outside) 
  • Look for Window Coverings
  • Find Decorative Pot for the Ficus Tree (a birthday gift from my mom) 
  • Purchase new sheets (To replace the flannel, for Spring/Summer) 
  • Fix Rocking Chair (This was another gift from my mom, last year.  It was given to her by my Grandma (Dad’s Mom) when she was pregnant with me!  I need to try and figure out how to stop it from squeaking so badly… Any suggestions?)

Today we are moving on to the children’s bedrooms.  I’ve spent so much time in them this past year that I’m hoping we can get all three done today…  I guess we will see!


  1. Kelly

    You got a lot done! WD-40 might work to stop the squeak in the rocker. Use it sparingly and protect the carpet from drips. Good luck on the kids' rooms.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks great!!! Today I am tacking the worst of the kid's rooms! Heaven help me!

  3. Anonymous

    …tacking… tackling, it all works, lol.

  4. Sarah

    Wow! Looking good! What nice helpers you've got too.

    Can I just say that your bedroom is beautiful? It just looks so peaceful and inviting. A cozy place for rest. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    And, because I ask questions such as this sometimes, do you happen to know the name and brand of your paint color in your room? I love it! I've been noticing others wall colors as I prepare to hopefully paint a few rooms in my home in the coming months. Share the color if you can!!

    Happy Spring Cleaning!!

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks Kelly! I will have to try the WD-40. It had crossed my mind, but I wasn't sure how it would work on wood.

    Sarah ~ The paint in our room is from Full Spectrum Paints and is the color Adobe. Despite the fact that my Hubby was worried it would look like a "mud pit in Afghanistan"… It turned out really nice, and we both really like it. 😉

  6. Anonymous

    You are so inspiring. I seem to have a bunch of junk sitting around and I have gotten rid of 15 bags!! I'd love to hear how you declutter and how you make those difficult decisions about what to keep vs. give away.

    We have high ceilings too and I am wondering where you got that great duster that Captain is using. Did it come with the extension pole or did you already have that?

    Thanks for lighting a fire under my cleaning plans, I really needed it today!:)

    God bless,

  7. Jessica Gordon

    Pauline ~ I've always been one to hang onto things "Just in case" but as I realize just how much TIME those things steal from me as I constantly move them around and "organize" I am starting to realize it is just not worth it is really helping me simplify. It is such a great feeling when a room can be picked up in 10-15 minutes, instead of taking FOREVER! I still have a long ways to go, but I feel like I am finally making progress.

    Also, I purchased our ceiling duster a number of years ago from Walmart. I don't think it cost much at all. The extension is actually built into the handle so you can extend it to whatever length you need. Does that make sense? We have lots of vaulted ceilings, so it gets lots of use. 🙂

  8. Robina

    so tidy and clean. how nice. love your bedroom. what a peaceful sanctuary. oh and great minds think alike :), we have the eact same pack 'n play. good luck with your cleaners. jealous of your little helpers. want to fly them across the country to my house 😉

  9. Marie

    In my personal experience WD-40 hasn't been the best option when it comes to rockers because it eventually starts to turn gummy. (I think from the repetition, much more so than opening a door or drawer.) For our old (my great-grandfather made it) rocker I just rub a bar of soap on the creaky bits. I learned it from my mother who I'm sure learned it from hers. I hope you get the squeak to stop!


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