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The Jesus Tree is a wonderful way to do a Lenten Bible Study with children.  Every day during lent our children look forward to reading the bible story for the day.  I usually will read the selections from the bible, and for the younger children I have made a list of coordinating readings from our New Catholic Picture Bible (NCPB).

This year I think we will also listen to the various selections using the Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible New Testament.

Back in 2008, I created a Jesus Tree for our family using a kit from Scripture Trees (they are now only available through Leaflet Missal).    The kit does save a little bit of time and planning, but you do not need it to create a beautiful Jesus Tree.   Anne at Under Her Starry Mantle has made a gorgeous Jesus Tree for Lent using the pictures I posted of the ornaments we made as a guide.

Also, I have had a number of emails asking about printable versions of the Jesus Tree.   It looks like this year Melissa at St. Bridgid’s Academy has come up with a lovely wall version with printable ornaments. I particularly like her Black & White Ornaments which can be colored!    Another option would be the Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life that Monica at Equipping Catholic Families created for her family.

The past few years I have printed out coloring pages for my children.  This year, in an attempt to simplify, I planned on skipping the coloring pages.   Apparently my children really love this little addition though, so I guess we will simplify elsewhere!   😉

Since there are so many options now for coloring pages, I selected quite a few new pages this year.   I’ve included our complete list for this year below.   If you’d like other options, in addition to other activities including crosswords and word searches, you can take a look at the old posts:  Jesus Tree Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, and Week Seven.  I have noticed that many of the links no longer work (even though I thought I had them all fixed), but such is often the case on the even changing internet.

Day 1 ~ The Presentation
Symbol: Two Doves  –  Readings: Lk 2:22-38
NCPB: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple Page 103
Coloring Page: The Presentation (source: sjtbre)

Day 2 ~ Jesus in the Temple/Hidden Life
Symbol: Saw  –  Readings: Lk 2:41-52
NCPB: Jesus is Found in the Temple; The Hidden Life of Jesus Pages 108-111
Coloring Page: Finding Jesus in the Temple (source: sjtbre)

Day 3 ~ The Baptism of Jesus
Symbol: Dove on Water  – Readings: Mt 3:11-17, Mk 1:6-11, Lk 3:21-22
NCPB: The Baptism of Jesus 112-113
Coloring Page: Baptism of Our Lord (source: sjtbre)

Day 4 ~ Jesus Tempted in the Desert
Symbol: Tan Stones  –  Readings: Mt 4:1-11, Mk 1:12-13, Lk 4:1-13
NCPB: The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert 114-115
Coloring Page: Jesus is Tempted (source: sdrasia)

Day 5 ~ Jesus’ Miracle at Cana
Symbol: Wine Jar  –  Readings: Jn 2:1-11
NCPB: The Marriage at Cana 116-117
Coloring Page: Wedding at Cana (source:sjtbre)

Day 6 ~ Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Symbol: Whip  –  Readings: Jn 2:13-17, Mt 21:12-13
NCPB: The Sellers in the Temple Pages 118-119
Coloring: Jesus in the Temple (source: sermons4kids)

Day 7 ~ Sermon on the Mount
Symbol: Mountain  –  Readings: Mt 5:1-16, 43-48, LK 6:20-26
NCPB: The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches Charity Pages 130-133
Coloring: Sermon on the Mount  (source: sermons4kids)

Day 8 ~ Martha and Mary
Symbol: Footstool  –  Readings: Lk 10:38-42
NCPB: Jesus with Martha and Mary Pages 172-173
Coloring: Mary and Martha with our LordMary and Martha (Source: Curmudgeonry)

Day 9 ~ Great Catch of Fish/Disciples
Symbol: Fish  –  Readings: Lk 5:1-11, Mt 4:18-22, Mk 1:16-20
NCPB: The Great Catch of Fish Pages 124-125;
The Mission of the Apostles Pages 168-169
Coloring: Jesus Tells Apostles to Fish (source: ourpreciouslambs)

Day 10 ~ Jesus Blesses the Children
Symbol: Child’s Face  –  Readings: Mt 19:13-15, Mk 10:13-16; Lk 18:15-17
NCPB: Jesus and Little Children Pages 164-165;
Coloring: Jesus Blessing the Children (source: freechristimages)

Day 11 ~ The Transfiguration
Symbol: Radiant Face  –  Readings: Mt 17:1-8, Mk 9:2-8; Lk 9:28-36
NCPB: The Transfiguration Pages 160-161;
Coloring: The Transfiguration (Source: sjtbre)

Day 12 ~ Curing of Ten Lepers
Symbol: Spotted Hand  –  Readings: Lk 17:12-19
NCPB: The Ten Lepers Pages 126-127;
Coloring: The Ten Lepers (Source: stnicholasauburn)

Day 13 ~ Jesus Quiets a Storm
Symbol: Cloud with Lightning  –  Readings: Mt 8:23-27, Mk 4:35-40, Lk 8:22-25
NCPB: Jesus Calms the Storm Pages 146-147
Coloring: Jesus Calms the Storm (source: sermons4kids)

Day 14 ~ The Good Samaritan

Symbol: Horse  –  Readings: Lk 10:25-37
NCPB: The Good Samaritan Pages 170-171
Coloring: The Good Samaritan (source: freechristimages)

Day 15 ~ Jesus Walks on Water

Symbol: Footprints on Water  –  Readings: Mt 14:22-33, Mk 6:45-52, Jn6:16-21
NCPB: Jesus Walks on the Water Page 154
Coloring: Christ Walking on Water (source: freechristimages)

Day 16 ~ Promise of the Eucharist
Symbol: Chalice with Host  –  Readings: Jn 6:22-59
NCPB: Promise of the Holy Eucharist Pages 156-157
Coloring: I am the Bread of Life Coloring Page (source: sermons4kids)
Excellent Resource: Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book

Day 17 ~ The Lost Sheep and The Good Shepherd
Symbol: Sheep  –  Readings: Lk 15:1-7
NCPB: The Good Shepherd Page 183
Coloring: The Good Shepherd (source: sermons4kids)

Day 18 ~ Jesus Feeds 5000
Symbol: Loaf of Bread and Fish  –  Readings: Mt 14:13-21, Mk 6:31-44, Jn 6:1-15
NCPB: The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes Pages 152-153
Coloring: Loaves and Fishes (source: bible-stories)

Day 19 ~ Samaritan Woman at the Well
Symbol: Well  –  Readings: Jn 4:4-42
NCPB: The Samaritan Woman Pages 122-123
Coloring: The Samaritan Woman (source: stnicholasauburn)

Day 20 ~ The Cripple at the Pool
Symbol: Mat  –  Readings: Jn 5:1-15
NCPB: The Cripple at the Pool Pages 128-129
Coloring: Jesus Heals the Paralytic  (source: stnicholasauburn)

Day 21 ~ Nicodemus Comes to Jesus
Symbol: Dove on Water Drop  –  Readings: Jn 3:1-15
NCPB: Nicodemus Comes to Jesus Pages 120-121
Coloring: Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler (source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 22 ~ Return of the Prodigal Son
Symbol: Ring  –  Readings: Lk 15:11-32
NCPB: The Prodigal Son Page 177
Coloring: The Prodigal Son Returns (source: coloring)

Day 23 ~ The Rich Man and Lazarus
Symbol: Angel  –  Readings: Lk 16:19-31
NCPB: The Rich Man and Lazarus Pages 138-139
Coloring: Rich Man and Lazarus or this option (source: sermons4kids)

Day 24 ~ The Call of Matthew
Symbol: Money Bag  –  Readings: Mt 9:9-13, Mk 2:13-17; Lk 5:27-32
NCPB:  The Call of Matthew Pages 136-137
Coloring:  Jesus and his disciples (source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 25 ~ The Blind Man
Symbol: Eye  –  Readings: Jn 9:1-41; Mt 20:29-34; Lk 18:35-43
NCPB: The Blind Man Page 181
Coloring: Jesus Heals the Blind Man (source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 26 ~ The Man with the Withered Hand
Symbol: Hand  –  Readings: Mt 12:9-13; Mk 3:1-5; Lk 6:6-10
NCPB: The Man with the Withered Hand Pages 144-145
Coloring: Jesus Heals the Sick (source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 27 ~ The Centurion’s Servant
Symbol: Roman Helmet  –  Readings: Mt 8:5-13
NCPB: The Centurion’s Servant Page 134-135
Coloring: Roman Soldier (source: coloring-pictures)

Day 28 ~ Zacchaeus the Publican
Symbol: Tree  –  Readings: Lk 19:1-10
NCPB: Zacchaeus the Publican Page 186-187
Coloring: Zacchaeus Climbs a Tree (source: bible-printables)

Day 29 ~ Peter Receives the Keys to Heaven
Symbol: Two Keys  –  Readings: Mt 16:13-20; Mk 8:27-30; Lk 9:18-21
NCPB: Peter, The Head of the Church Pages 158-159
Coloring: Jesus Gives Peter the Keys  (Source: Catholic Mom’s Helper)

Day 30 ~ Widows’ Son Back to Life
Symbol: Face with Tears
Readings: Lk 7:11-17
NCPB: The Widow’s Son Page 142
Coloring: Jesus raises Young Man (source: sermons4kids)

Day 31 ~ A Coin for Caesar
Symbol: Caesar Coin  –  Readings: Mt 22:15-22; Mk 12:13-17; Lk 21:1-4
NCPB: The Temple Dues Pages 162-163
Coloring: Render to Caesar  (source: sermons4kids)

Day 32 ~ Lazarus Raised from the Dead
Symbol: Mummy Head  –  Readings: Jn 11:1-44
NCPB: Page 179
Coloring: Jesus Raises Lazarus  (source: bible-printables)

Day 33 ~ The Adulteress
Symbol: Gray Stones  –  Readings: Jn 8:1-11
NCPB: The Adulteress Pages 174-175
Coloring: Let he who is without sin Cast the First Stone (source: applesaucekids)

Day 34 ~ The Widow’s Mite
Symbol: Two Small Coins  –  Readings: Mk 12:41-44, Lk 21:1-4
NCPB: (Not included in the NCPB… we will read page 130 from this one.)
Coloring: The Widow’s Mite (source: sermons4kids)

Day 35 ~ Woman Anoints Jesus’ Feet
Symbol: Foot  –  Readings: Lk 7:36-50
NCPB: The Penitent Woman Pages 140-141
Coloring: Jesus Forgives a Woman (source: sermons4kids)

Day 36 ~ The Rich Young Man
Symbol: Gate to Heaven  –  Readings: Mt 19:16-26, Mk 10:17-27, Lk 18:18-27
NCPB: The Rich Young Man Page 182
Coloring: Rich Young Man  (source: sermons4kids)

Day 37 ~ The Mother of James and John
Symbol: Throne  –  Readings: Mt 20:20-28, Mk 10:35-45
NCPB: The Mother of James and John Pages 184-185
Coloring: James and John with Jesus ((source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 38 ~ Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem
Symbol: Palm  –  Readings: Mt 21:1-16, Mk 11:1-11, Lk 19:29-44
NCPB: Entry into Jerusalem Pages 188-189
Coloring: Palm Sunday (source: sjtbre)

Day 39 ~ Judas Takes 30 Silver Pieces
Symbol: Bag with 30 Coins  –  Readings: Mt 26:14-16, Mk 14:10-11, Lk 22:1-6
NCPB: Judas Betrays Jesus Page 197
Coloring: Judas’ Coins (source: lapbook lessons)

Day 40 ~ Jesus Washes Disciples’ Feet
Symbol: Washbasin with Pitcher  –  Readings: Jn 13:1-20
NCPB: Washing of the Feet at the Last Supper Pages 190-191
Coloring: Jesus Washes the Apostles Feet (source: bible-printables)

Day 41 ~ The Last Supper/ Eucharist
Symbol: Chalice w/Bread  –  Readings: Mt 26:19-29, Mk 14:17-25, Lk 22:14-16
NCPB: The Institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper Pages 192-193 and The High-Priestly Prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper Pages 194-195
Coloring: The Last Supper  (source: sjtbre)

Day 42 ~ Agony in the Garden / Betrayal
Symbol: Praying Hands  –  Readings: Mt 26:30-56, Mk 14:32-52, Jn 18:1-12
NCPB: The Agony in the Garden Page 196; Judas Betrays Jesus Page 197; and Jesus Before Caiaphas Page 198
Coloring: Agony in the Garden  (source: sjtbre)

Day 43 ~ Peter Denies Jesus
Symbol: Rooster Head  –  Readings: Mt 26:69-75, Mk 14:66-72, Jn 18:14-27
NCPB: Peter Denies Jesus Page 199
Coloring: Peter’s Denial (source: bible-printables)

Day 44 ~ Pilate Presents Jesus to the People
Symbol: Red Robe w/Crown  –  Readings: Mt 27:24-25, Jn 19:4-15
NCPB: Jesus Before Pilate Pages 200-201; Jesus is Scourged Page 202; and Behold the Man Page 203
Coloring: Jesus is Condemned to Death or Suffered Under Pontius Pilate (source: sjtbre)

Day 45 ~ Jesus is Crucified
Symbol: Crucifix  –  Readings: Mt 27:33-56, Mk 15:22-41, Jn 19:17-30
NCPB: On the Road to Calvary Pages 204-207; Jesus Dies on the Cross Pages 208-209
Coloring: The Crucifixion;  Jesus Dies on the Cross; or Was Crucified, Died (source: sjtbre)

Day 46 ~ The Burial of Jesus
Symbol: Draped Cross  –  Readings: Mt 27:57-66, Mk 23:50-56, Jn 19:38-42
NCPB: The Burial Pages 210-211
Coloring:  Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross; And Was Buried; or Jesus is laid in the Sepulcher (source: sjtbre)

Day 47 ~ The Resurrection / Tomb
Symbol: Tomb w/Stone
NCPB: The Resurrection of Jesus Pages 212-213
Coloring: The Third Day he arose from the Dead (source: sjtbre)


  1. Jackie C

    We are working on our Lenten Tree as well. I didn't realize how much cutting and planning was needed for the project, but it's still fun to piece together. I think we will enjoy this entirely made next year.

    Question, how did you hand your on the wall? We are planning to use tacks. I hope this doesn't rip through the felt.

  2. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, it is really, really, nice to be able to just take it out of the box each year after all that hard work the first year. 🙂

    I just use tacks to hang ours as well, and I have never had any problem with it damaging the felt.

  3. Aimee Landreneau

    Another option for hanging: I sewed a pocket at the top of my big piece of blue flannel and inserted a wooden dowel. Then I tied a rope to each end and it hangs in the middle. I have a painting in my living room that I take down, so the rope hangs on that same nail.

    My children LOVE this devotion! It IS super nice to be able to pull it out all done these last couple of years.

  4. imcatholic

    I did my Jesus Tree with shrinky dinks

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Great idea to use shrinky dinks! I had never used them before, but we made recipe card buttons at our last Little Flowers meeting, and it was so much fun!

    Aimee ~ That is how I hang my Jesse Tree, but I always end up putting the dowel away at Christmas – forgetting that I could re-use it in Lent. 🙂 I really should just get another one.

  6. Elizabeth

    I just love our Jesus Tree–just posted about ours as well.
    What a wonderful post you have here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

  7. Anonymous

    praise God for you!

  8. Anonymous

    Thank so much Jessica! We had a wonderful time with the Jesse Tree this past Advent and I have been looking forward to starting the tradition as well. I love that my children are exposed to both the New Testament and Old Testament each year through these wonderful traditions. Thank you for taking all that time to put these together for us!


  9. Anonymous

    Speaking of the Jesse Tree…Do you think it would be possible for you to post close-ups of your Jesse Tree ornaments once we start approaching Advent? I am making the Jesus Tree from the kit right now, and considering buying the Jesse Tree kit as well, but I like your ornaments better! Thanks for all you do!


  10. Collette

    Hi, Jessica!

    Thank you so much for all of your work in putting posts like these together!! I didn't have time to make a Jesse Tree kit this year & so the readings and info you posted a few days ago were very helpful in putting together a *very quick* paper version. LOL – I should've just waited one more day! The printables at St. Bridgid are so beautiful! (Haven't looked at the others yet:)

    Thanks again for all you do to help families like mine learn how to celebrate the liturgical seasons! 🙂


  11. Anonymous

    I visit your blog, both here and at Catholic Cuisine, daily! You are such an inspirational, energetic, and beautiful mother! Because of how you inspire me, my life as a Catholic homeschool mother of four has changed. You are a HUGE inspiration to me, as I was not raised as a Catholic homeschool student and sometimes struggle to find ways to enrich our Faith Lives. Thank you for all your hard work and for generously sharing it with us! May God Bless you and your family!
    Jessie M.

  12. Aimee Landreneau

    Jess, I started using the Jesus Tree back ground for both…so the dowel stays in year round. Lots of the Jesse Trees I'd see had ornaments hanging on a branch from the yard, so I liked the branch look anyway.

  13. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks for all the comments! I always enjoy hearing from those of you that visit. 🙂 I will have to do some clicking around and check out the Jesus Tree's that some of you mentioned.

    Aimee ~ Great idea! With the "jingle bells" all over my Jesse Tree, I don't think I could get away with using it for Lent – but I could see how the Jesus Tree (branches) would work just fine for Advent.

    Katie ~ I will keep that in mind. A few of my ornaments are in need of a bit of repair (after 8 years of use) and this last year I noticed I was missing a couple (we have plenty of extras, since the number of days in Advent changes every year, so we still had plenty) – but I thought I would do a bit of fixing up this coming year. At that time I will try and remember to take individual pictures to post.

  14. Anonymous

    Okay, thanks!


  15. Danielle M.

    Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information! My children aren't homeschooled, but we do love to do special devotions during special times of the year. They all (ages 2, 4, 8, 10) love the Jesus Tree! They also really enjoy the coloring pages. I use both links, the simpler for the littles and the more detailed for the odler children. I didn't plan early enough for a kit, so I thought I would share what we are doing. I drew a bare tree on a big piece of oak tag and cut smallish pieces of different coloer construction paper into squares, octagons, circles, etc. I read the story from the Children's Bible, suggest the regular ornament, but let the kids decide what to draw as their ornament for the day. Then we tape them up to the tree. For instance, instead of rocks my DS, age 8 decided to make the angels bringing bread for yesterday's story. Way less prep work for me, and I think a great way to engage the chldren. God Bless you for sharing these resources!

  16. Sarah

    I love you Jesus Tree! I've been working on our from your pictures, but the Tacky Glue doesn't seem to want to hold. Do you remember what kind of glue you used?

    Thank you for all of your inspiring posts!

  17. Lori

    Hi Jessica. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Holy Week!

    I have a quick question – do you have trouble with your symbols falling off? This is our third year to use it and it seems like everytime I look at it another symbol has fallen off????????

    Just wondering if you had any tips 🙂

    Peace and Blessings,

  18. Jessica Gordon

    Lori ~ I am having the same problem this year. When I first made our set, I sprayed the backs of the ornaments with a 3M adhesive spray. If you let it dry before attaching them to anything, the glue will become tacky and help the ornaments stick without being permanent. It's time for me to do this to my ornaments again.

  19. Lori

    Thanks! I'll give it a try 🙂

  20. mary

    Just found your blog through a friend and saw last night that you use the Jesus Tree. My mom made me one probably over 10 years ago and I've been using it every year with my kids. The older kids are teenagers now, but they all enjoyed putting the symbols on. This year my four younger ones 11, 9, 7 and 3 will be putting the symbols on. I have a 18 month old too, but he probably won't start until next lent. I'm due with number 9 in the fall. I like the additional coloring pages. We are going to try that this year. Thanks for the links. You have a beautiful family.

  21. mary

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Theresa

    Oh wow, thank you so much for sharing this here. I am excited to do these readings through out Lenten Journey. God bless you.

  23. Anonymous

    Some of your links seem to be broken. I clicked the link for the coloring page called "The Third Day he arose from the Dead" (under the Resurrection) and got a page not found error. A few of the other links also look like they are broken.

  24. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, this post is from nearly two years ago and it hasn't been updated. Coloring Page links often change.

  25. jaqueline

    Love you blog, thanks for all the effort to share all this and congrats on the beautiful family.

    What is the material for the tree?

    God bless

  26. jaqueline

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the inf e link! Could you tell me if you used glue to stick the figures or if something else was used?

    Thank you!

  27. Ania

    Hi Jessica, I would like to say a big thank you for posting your ideas. I made the tree this year for my children and they enjoy it a lot! Thank you and God bless you! Ania


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