A Lego Themed Birthday Party

by | Feb 9, 2011 | Birthday Parties, Happy Birthday | 27 comments

This year Rascal choose a “Lego-Theme” for his 9th Birthday.  I am not sure if he or I enjoyed it more…  It was so much fun!   It was just our family since we only have birthday parties with friends every 3-4 years, but we all had a great time and Rascal just loved his party.  
In addition to the Lego Mini-Figures we made, I also created a “Happy Birthday” banner using a Lego font.  I printed out the letters (here is my document) and then outlined them with yellow marker before cutting them out and gluing them onto 6×6 squares of red cardstock, which I then mounted onto a piece of 6.5×6.5″ white cardstock.   I punched a small hole into each corner and ran some red yarn through each card.    It’s the first time that I have made a “Happy Birthday Banner” and I loved how it turned out.  ðŸ™‚   
I also printed out each of the children’s names (and Daddy & Momma, since they insisted!) to make little treat bags.  Originally I wasn’t planning on making these, but after seeing these cute bags on a whole bunch of different blogs I decided I had to try them out!  I happened to have a package of multicolored bags from Michael’s already in my craft closet, as well as matching ribbon, and I used my Cricut to quickly cut out 6 – 2″ circles for each bag from matching cardstock.  (A 2″circle punch would work great too.)   
Captain really wanted to help, so he glued each circle to a piece of foam before gluing them to the bags so they would stick out a little bit.   They turned out so cute!  
While Captain was making the bags, I printed out the Lego logo (here’s my document) to make “napkin rings” and made another document with a variety of lego faces to cut out and attach to the straws.  My children all loved choosing which face they would have on their straw! 

Sticking with a red, yellow, blue and green theme, I set the table with a blue table cloth, red cups, green square plates, white napkins, and yellow silverware.

.: Marshmallow Lego Pops :. 
I had a whole bunch of food ideas that I wanted to make, but since we spent most of the day at the bowling alley, we only had time to make chocolate covered marshmallow lego pops.  These actually tasted surprisingly good!
.: Games :.

While I started dinner, I gave each of the four older kids a Lego Race Car kit to put together for a race.  This was the first time that the girls had ever put together lego with their brothers and they enjoyed it just as much as the boys!

Snuggles and Rose had fun playing with blocks too!
The next game was Lego Creationary. It is a Lego game where the kids take turns trying to get the other players to guess what they are building out of Lego’s. For prizes I had made a few “Lego Candy Bars.” I had planned to attach paper circles to the Hershey Bars, like we did with the bags, but when I found a half bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups leftover from Christmas I decided to use them instead.   

The last game we played was a guessing game.   I filled a jar full of Candy Blox and had everyone write their name on a slip of paper and guess how many LEGO were in the jar.   The answer was 97 and Twinkle Toes was by far the closest with her guess of 99. 

.: Birthday Cake :.
The next time I even consider making a “Building Blocks Cake” topped with “24 Marshmallow Halves” (I stopped at 20)  frosted with buttercream icing, somebody please stop me!  This had to have been one of the hardest, most annoying, cakes I have decorated.  ðŸ™‚   I ended up with frosting everywhere and it was impossible for me to make it look smooth.   Betty Crocker must be incredibly fast at frosting cakes, if this was only suppose to take “35 Min” of Prep time. (???)   I gave up after finishing the 3rd of the 4 blocks and went to bed.  
Rascal loved the cake though, despite my lack of talent, and that made it worth all the frustration!  
.: Birthday Gifts :.
I wrapped all of Rascal’s gifts in red and yellow paper.   He was also given a couple other gifts from a friend and his Godparents earlier in the day and I thought it was so perfect that they were wrapped in blue and green! 😉 
Thank you all for your suggestions on LEGO!  I ended up not being able to find the City Corner set that I originally considered, and ended up choosing the LEGO® Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue and the LEGO® Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue (which I knew he would love), in addition to the LEGO Creator Log Cabin (which is so neat!). 
I’m thinking that in the future I probably need to simplify birthdays a little bit.   I was laying in bed the other night doing the math and figured that if each of my children had a “themed” birthday each year until they were 12, that would be a total of 72 BIRTHDAY PARTIES!  And that is only if God doesn’t bless us with any more children. . . Yikes!   I think I will save the banner and other extra’s from this party to do again when Snuggles is older. . . He’ll just have to decorate his own cake! 😉 


  1. Anonymous

    Perfect! How fun!

  2. Aimee Landreneau

    I am stealing all of this for Jacob's birthday! Well…just some things since you're right…simplify!

    The first thing that comes to mind about the cake…what if you dipped marshmallow halves into the candy melts and stuck them on iced cakes of the same color?

  3. Jessica Gordon

    Aimee ~ That was exactly what I was thinking the next day when we were making the Marshmallow Lego Pops. SO so so much easier! You'd probably want to make the marshmallows first and then the frosting to match.

  4. Aimee Landreneau

    Great minds think alike!

    I leave for EWTN tomorrow…any special prayer requests? You can email them to me.

  5. Jessica Gordon

    You know… I actually even thought of just pouring melted chocolate over the whole cake. I wonder if that would work! 😉 lol!

  6. Anonymous

    Your themed parties blow me away! There's nothing wrong with recycling a theme, either. 🙂

  7. St. Luke's Brush

    How fun! My 9 year old Lego boy is hoping for "this exact party Mom!!" for his 10th next fall. He received the Lego Book for Christmas and has spent HOURS pouring over it. It is the complete history of legos and minifigures….VERY fun!

    God Bless,

  8. Monica

    Great idea for a birthday party! I would do this next week if I weren't already on the hook for a medieval party, back by popular demand. =)
    I have been thinking about posting a bunch of our birthday party ideas…ours are a little elaborate and could use some simplification too, but very fun.
    I included the URL from my post about our medieval party craft…thought you might like it…for a future, not so simplified birthday party. =)
    Thanks for sharing the lego party!

  9. Robina

    oohh melted chocolate on the cake like a ganache would be delic. Jessica you did a great job, everythign looks so wonderful. and rascal looked so happy opening his presents. I think I like the candy bars the best. so cute. I started having teh same panic thoughts when I was thinking as I feel asleep completely exhausted a few weeks ago after our last birthday party. I may have to make a rule for just certain birthdays years or something. But at teh same time it's so fun, just exhausting.

  10. Kelly

    I made those same Lego cakes for The Professor's last birthday. They are a pain! I love all your ideas though.

  11. Lisa

    I love this idea so much that I can't wait for my son's birthday to use it. I am thinking fondant would be easier for the cake, although I have never used it. I may even "cheat" and get Sara Lee pound cake.

  12. Jennifer G.

    That is AWESOME!!! My son would love this and I'm totally going to borrow some of your ideas!!

  13. Lego Party Supplies

    Wow, you're the most amazing mom ever! Everything was done so perfectly and beautifully. My sister's family LOVES legos (especially her hubby) so I'm definitely showing this to her. Way to go!
    Lego Party Supplies

  14. Heather

    My LEGO fanatic would love this – he turns 10 in October! I did something on a smaller scale one year. I made a LEGO-looking cake; I used cupcakes cut in half on a larger base. We frosted ours brown because we stay away from artificial colors. I realize it takes away from the LEGO look a bit, but he liked it. I love your banner and the mini-fig straws. Thanks for the documents. How did you do the mini-figs on the wall? Thanks!

  15. Eddel29

    thanks for posting this. i haven't seen a unique birthday celebration as that. i love this post. perfect! the cake, the decors. so lovable.

  16. Anonymous

    The documents will be very useful, since I am having a hard time finding the font. Great ideas!!

  17. Anonymous

    I love all your ideas! I was curious how you did the lego mini figures on the wall. I figure each child made one that looked like them? What a cute idea. Did you have a template for the hair, shirt, hands and pants? Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  18. Kate

    Love your ideas! Thanks v much for all your time and effort!

  19. Anonymous

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE IDEAS AND THE DOWLOADED LEGO STUFF! you have no idea how much you helped me. My daughter wants a lego batman birthday and i can hardly find anything like that. so i am doing a mix of lego and batman thank you

  20. Anonymous

    I realize this reply is a long time after your response, but I just was reading this post and wanted to mention that there are natural food colors out there! If you have a Whole Foods or other natural foods store in your area you can look for natural Earthgrown Food Colours from Dancing Deer Baking Co. India Tree http://www.amazon.com/India-Tree-Natural-Decorating-Colours/dp/B000FNM5PU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1357534399&sr=8-4&keywords=natural+food+coloring also makes natural food colors. The natural colors are more pale than artificial colors.

  21. Anonymous

    love your ideas,my son is having a lego party this year but i cant find a lego font anywhere that is like yours could you tell me where you found it please

  22. Jessica Gordon

    It seems like the website that was offering the lego font is no longer available and I had to remove the link. I'm not sure where to suggest for you to look… I found it through a google search.

  23. Sarah

    I just love this Lego party! So cute! I am planning one for my boys this weekend. I'm just wondering how you attached the Lego heads to the straws on the back?

    Thanks so much!

  24. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Sarah! It has been a few years and I'm not remembering what I used, though it was probably just scotch tape…

  25. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for all these free documents, especially the HB banner! Got two of my monkeys that both want the same lego theme so I can use all these for both! Thanks again 😀


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