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A few weeks ago I had a phone call from a friend asking me about the Little Saints Pre-School Program.   She was looking for something to use with one of her younger daughters, that wouldn’t take too much extra time and planning…  While explaining the program to her, I actually talked her out of using the program (when she heard how much preparation it took), while at the same time asking myself why wasn’t I already using it for Snuggles since it is perfect for him, and I have all the supplies (flannel board pieces and learning games) ready and waiting from when I used it with our four older children.

Snuggles just turned four this past summer, so I had decided to wait and start the Alphabet Path with him next year, and work on Pre-Reading Skills this year using All About Reading (which he is loving so far) and various workbooks.   Still he had been needing and wanting something more.

I dug out all of our Little Saints supplies and we got started!   The lesson plans actually start with weekly themes beginning in August, so we started out “behind,” but I am not going to worry about that, or even about completing everything in the book.   (I’ve learned to modify things to work best for our family since I first used this book when my oldest was only 3 years old – nearly burning out with homeschooling that very first year! lol!)  We started with the first theme, are currently finishing up the second, and then we will be skipping ahead to the theme for “Colors” which includes a day for “Angels” which will tie in perfectly for the upcoming feasts of Michaelmas and the Holy Guardian Angels.  From there I will just pick and choose which themes we would like to do, adding our own fun crafts and snacks along the way.  I am also not going to worry about completing a complete theme in a one week period… We will add it in the afternoons, when we can, and see how it goes! Now that I have started using this program once again, it doesn’t seem nearly as overwhelming as it did in the past!

In addition to the Lesson Emphasis, Bible Passages, Poems, Nursery Rhyme & Finger Play, and Songs and Circle Games (which we pick and choose from depending on how much time we have) here are a few highlights from our first theme:

.: Storytime :.

.: Learning Games :.

Child of God Matching Cards
I made these matching cards years ago from various Catholic images that I found online, printed onto cardstock, and then laminated.

Parts of the Body Flannel Board Pieces

Who Does Jesus Love? Keepsake Card

*I blurred out all his actual info from the picture…

.: Art Projects :.

My Handprints
Can you tell that he is loving all the Little Saints Art Projects?

Rose wanted to join in, but then wasn’t that sure about all that stuff on her hands… Yuck!

They were both very happy with the finished results, and couldn’t wait for their Daddy to get home to show him there work.  

My Body

.: Snacks for my “Little Saints” :. 
Of course I had to try and come up with a snack that tied into the theme!  ðŸ™‚ 

Decorating a Handprint and Boy Shaped Cookie… 

… and Footprint Cookies for all 7 children in our Family!
Made with some leftover Sugar Cookie Dough and various Cookie Cutters, including this cute little Feet Cookie Cutter Set.
.: Other Fun Additions:.

*We checked this out from the library to go along with the song for the week, and my little ones enjoyed it so much I will probably order a copy for our home.
You can see pictures from when the girls completed this theme here: 


  1. Kelly

    Our first year homeschooling sounds like yours 😉 This program almost burnt me out, in fact we didn't even finish it. I've since combined aspects of Little Saints with parts of Hearts of Dakota and some workbooks that we have on hand for our current youngest (3 1/2). We did the Alphabet Path as Kindergarten with our second (I used a ton of your ideas and I can't thank you enough!!!!) and it was perfect for Kindergarten, I added phonics and handwriting and we were set!

    It must be a lot easier to use Little Saints once everything is made. And the older kids can be a help here too 🙂

  2. Jamie Jo

    I've done this program twice now, but never past Christmas!! It seems we get so busy with Christmas stuff and then put it aside never to be picked up again…I think last year, we did pick it up for Easter stuff but that was it.

    Instead of the flannel board pieces, I did paper dolls using that pattern and the girls decorated their clothes, we made skirts and dresses!! This brings back so many memories!

    I love your cookie theme snack….I'll be doing this again probably next year for Bridget…she'll be 3…we'll see.

    I like how Tracy (Pinewood Castle) had everything pre-made this summer and split it up with other moms, they each took a few themes I think…nice way to work it. I think I need to do that before starting this again. Maybe we will make it all year then!! haha!

    I also always love that Card with Jesus on the front and their picture in the inside, the kids always love to do that one!

    Fun fun post!

  3. Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano

    Can you share with me here (or in a future post??) some details about All About Reading?? I have a 3.5 year old that I planned to start Little Saints with twice now and just couldn't because LIFE. We have a new baby due in January (the 3.5 year old is our oldest) and so I figured I would just wait until Fall again, but the more I have looked at and heard about All About learning the more i feel like perhaps by next Fall that would be a better fit for him. But I have never homeschooled and so really have no idea what a good fit is.

    Just a little background: he knows all of his letters and letter sounds and can sound out easy words.

    Thanks for any info!

  4. Jennifer

    I love that he is so happy to have you take his picture when it's HIS work being showcased!

  5. Jessica Gordon

    I KNOW!!! Isn't it cute! He is starting to seem so much older to me all of a sudden. :'(

    Kelly ~ It DOES make a huge difference to have the older kids help, and since they loved this program when they were little, they are all more than willing!

    Jamie Jo ~ I've been so bad about reading any blogs lately, and hadn't seen Tracy's post.. What a great idea!! I didn't want to start this year, since I was worried that I wouldn't make it much past December with the new baby coming… Hopefully, by then, my older kids could at least take an afternoon or two each week to do some of it with him.

    Jamie ~ I will try and post something about the All About Reading soon… Your son might be too advanced for the Pre-Reading Program. We are still working on letter recognition and sounds with my little guy, so it has been perfect for him.

  6. Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano


    the problem I run into with my son is that in terms of the knowledge he is very smart, but in terms of the ability to follow directions, execute a given task, color, or attempt to write is miserable. I don't think it is lack of ability for him but fear to try and fail and I am a bit at a loss on how to get over that. Even simple worksheets where he is told to circle something he won't even try to draw a circle around something.

    So my thought was to start with something that is academically a little easy for me so we can work on alllll the other areas where he seems to be falling behind.

    I would love any info if you have time to post about it!!

    God Bless


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