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by | Apr 18, 2012 | Home Improvement | 24 comments

I mentioned yesterday that we are finally finishing our fireplace!  The contractors spent most of the day working on it yesterday and they are almost finished.   We now have to wait for the Hearthstones to arrive, which should be sometime this week, and then they will be back to finish it up.  After that we will just need to have the stove insert placed back inside the fireplace and hooked back up to the pipes going up the chimney.   It is turning out so pretty and I am so excited (!!!!) that it is almost finished after all this time! 

Here is how it looks at the moment.   (Please excuse the steam mop… I think I am going to be cleaning up dust for quite some time! And I also have some touch up painting from the mantel being moved higher.) So, what do you think?  Honestly?   I actually like it even more than I thought I would – the stone color was Hubby’s choice, not mine.  It did turn out pretty, and really looks better in person than it does in the pictures.  I’m just not sure how well it matches the wall color.  

Originally we planned to paint the three walls that stick out, surrounding the fireplace, a color (perhaps a reddish burgundy, sage, etc) of some sort.   But, at the time, we were so overwhelmed by all the other decisions we were making that we ended up just using some of the leftover Wilmington Tan paint from the new dining/living room areas in the back.   All the other walls in our entry are the same Philadelphia Cream (light yellow) that is in the kitchen, and the ceilings and hallway are all Stowe White.   (We also plan to replace the white ceiling fan with a dark brown fan, closer to the ceiling, finish painting the trim, and are still looking for light fixtures/wall sconces to replace the old track light that was above the fireplace.)

The ceilings in the original part of our home are all wood (and are now the only remaining part of the original house which hasn’t been remodeled/replaced in the 12 years we have lived here!) which makes it a little more challenging to choose a paint color to coordinate.   Now we are thinking that maybe just the Philadelphia Cream from the kitchen, or perhaps even the Stowe White, might be the best option for these three walls.   I’d love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have for us!


  1. Aimee Landreneau

    I think it looks fabulous! If you repaint the area around the fireplace the burgundy you spoke of, the stone color will "pop", but it definitely looks awesome on the tan.

    Way to be patient!!!

  2. Jessica Gordon

    That is what I was thinking, and our front door is a really pretty burgundy, which might look nice, but I wonder how that color would look next to the wood ceiling? I think it will all come together and look a little better on the tan, once we have the black stove and surround back in, and the Tan Hearthstones are placed.

  3. Lena

    lovely fireplace and home. hubby did a great job picking the stone. i think the wall color looks perfect. it flows nicely and seems to expand the depth of the room. i think a dark color would make the fireplace seem closer to the entrance. that's just my thought. i'm sure anything you pick will look perfect.
    happy decorating!

  4. Jessica Gordon

    We were worried about that too, with a dark color, since it is such a small room. That's why we were thinking maybe the lighter yellow/cream might look better. But it would sure be the easiest to just leave the tan, and touch it up where it needs it! 🙂

    And, yes, he did do a great job choosing the stone. The one I had picked was a little darker and had more greys. This one has more brown (which really goes better with our house) and is called "Caramel" – made us think of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who is our self-chosen patron of our homeschool. Our Granite in the kitchen is called Santa Cecilia, which sort of influenced our decision there too! 🙂

  5. Erika

    Oh my, that looks way better than my fireplace, LOL!! I think it looks great with the wall color as it is. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Meagan

    I honestly like the wall color around the fireplace the way it is. That would be my choice anyway.

  7. Karen

    I like the color you already have. Bear in mind that if you paint it a dark color the space will seem smaller. Also, it's not the easiest thing to cover up a dark color if you change your mind after it's been done.

    The fireplace looks great. I'm sure it was well worth the wait.

  8. Anonymous

    This turned out beautiful. Your house is so different from when we came up there last. I can't believe it has almost been 12 years. What ever you decided to do will be prefect. A contrast wall is always fun. I can remember sitting on your couch in front of the fireplace and holding you’re first born. Tiny little guy, and fun seeing you as a new mom. Beautiful addition to your growing home.

    Amy Gallegos

  9. Anonymous

    Burgundy would be amazing! Very beautiful!

  10. Anonymous

    How about an earthy green color? Something with soft undertones? Green and yellow are cheerfully colors! Good for any season.

  11. Karla in MN

    Hi Jessica…we have the Saint Cecilia Granite on our Kitchen Island…I LOVE it!

    I really like the warm tan color that you have on the fireplace wall not too light and not too dark. I agree that the Burgundy would look great with the stones…but would make the room look smaller/narrower.

    It looks wonderful…so happy for you!

  12. Robina

    love the stone color. so glad you posted. selfishly as we are doing a big patio project with firepit and grill. not sure which stone color to pick so this was helpful. color looks great. my only recommendation before you pick or change a paint color would be to hang the stuff and put up the decorations, pictures, statues or whatever and look at it with that stuff up. you may find that once you put that stuff up a new or accent color will be too busy or maybe help lean in one direction or another. sorry if this is a repeat suggestion. i didn;t have time to read your previous comments.

  13. elm

    Just a thought… Go here: then, click "try it now" and use the url from one of your images above and see the lovely color selections that they recommend! I looked at the second picture on this post and chose "more colors" – I would go with "Spicy Hue" LOVE that color! When I chose the last photo, "Chip It" gave me different color options (the lighting in the photos is different in just about all these pics!!) and I like Rookwood Dark Red or Pier but not Kumquat or Pool Blue!! Needless to say, that little link is a TON of fun and I think that taking pictures in rooms that are needing a paint update – but not changing the whole color scheme – AWESOME! hope you have fun deciding…

  14. Sara

    I like the colors the way they are, but you can try living with it for now, as I'm sure you're ready for a little construction break (or I would be) and then see if it grows on you before rushing into a new color. The new stone is so pretty!

  15. Sarah

    It looks beautiful!!! Someday we'll get to "renovate" our house. It's a 1930 Spanish Mission Style and is going downhill on opposite sides, but it's our first home and we love it.

    Because it's there, I have to ask, do you LOVE your steam mop??? or just "like" it? I've been pondering getting one for a while, but am nervous to fork over the money. We have mostly wood floors, but some tile in the back of the house (and our dog is always in the tiled area). We're expecting our 4th baby (our oldest will be 5 next month) in June, and I'm just too tired out and sore to get on my hands and knees anymore.

  16. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks Erica!!! I am going to take a look at that site. How fun!

  17. Jessica Gordon

    YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my steam mop – this is the one that I have. I haven't used it on my wood floors, but it really works wonderfully on our tile, I just have to make sure and sweep really well first. It does such a great job, and just uses water from the sink. Our tile floors are now the easiest in the house to keep clean and looking great, and I am sure it is thanks to this mop!! 🙂

  18. Jessica Gordon

    Also, I've been using this mop at least once a week since August of 2010 and it is still in perfect condition.

  19. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, I am definitely ready for a little break! 🙂

  20. Jessica Gordon

    How exciting! What type of stone are you going to use? You'll have to post pictures of your project. We are hoping to someday add a new patio area outside of the dining room since we lost most of our old patio to the addition.

  21. elm

    I spent FAR too much time figuring out colors for your fireplace last night… sheesh! I must need a house to "play" in!

  22. Karla in MN

    We love our steam mop too! And if you want to spread a fresh scent while using it, just put a few drops of your favorite scented oil on the cleaning pad before you mop! It smells SOOOO good! ( don't put it in the water as you might damage the steam mop)

  23. Bonnie

    Like many others, I think the color you have on the wall now is quite nice. We have an open floor plan and find the flow of the room looks better with only one or two colors.


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