An Alphabet of Mary

by | May 25, 2012 | Marian, Picture Books | 22 comments

Have you seen the latest book written and illustrated by George & Brenda Nippert at Catholic Artworks?  Created in the same style as An Alphabet of Saints, which we used Along the Alphabet Path and inspired my Painted Alphabet Saints, An Alphabet of Mary is another beautiful and inspiring book for children.

I am looking forward to sharing it with my children!   It has been a busy month, so I’ve been saving it for the upcoming (traditional) feast of the Queenship of Mary on May 31st. (Which is also the new feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth.)   My hope is that I can bake a crown cake, prepare a Marian Tea, and then share this book with my children to honor Our Blessed Mother one more time, during her month of May.

NOTE: Over the past year I have had many, many, emails asking for information on Catholic Artworks, and why they were taking so long to deliver orders. Last week I finally spoke with George Nippert, the owner at Catholic Artworks, and he shared a little bit about the many struggles their family has suffered and that the last of the overdue orders were finally shipping. Mr. Nippert said that all new orders will ship promptly and that he is offering the following sale through May 31st.  I really hope that they will be able to start shipping promptly, since they really do have some nice products to offer.

All products ordered will be 30% off with the code “Let_it_be” –  Plus, if you order a copy of An Alphabet of Mary they will also include a free poster if you mention Shower of Roses.


  1. Cheryl

    Unfortunately, I am one of the people who is waiting for an order from him. I ordered some things last month for our Mary and the 50 States study which I planned to do during May. Sadly, May is almost over and we haven't received the items. I've sent him notes about it but he doesn't respond. I can understand family problems, but I wish he would just respond and give me a status update.

  2. Jessica Gordon

    Sigh… That is really too bad! I was under the impression that he was caught up with orders, but that doesn't sound like the case.

    And I completely agree. If the order is delayed, it shouldn't be charged until it ships, and the customers should be updated on when they can expect their orders. In my opinion, for what it's worth, it seems that they need to outsource their order processing, and stick with just producing the products.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, that book looks beautiful! I wish it was available from Amazon or Sacred Heart Books and Gifts. Do you know of any other suppliers that are carrying it? I, too, am really hesitant to order from Catholic Artworks again.

  4. mel

    I will bite. 🙂 I have a baby due any day now, and the feast of the visitation will be her name day. It is our tradition to buy a book for the new baby, and I still don't have one for this little girl…this looks perfect. I can't resist.

  5. Jessica Gordon

    It sounds like the perfect book for your little one! Congratulations, Mel! Offering a prayer for you right now, for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Very exciting!!

  6. Maggie

    I was just told about the Mary and the 50 States book for our 50 State study we are starting…I am risking placing the order…I did pay through paypal, so will give him the benefit of the doubt and see what happens…

  7. Playmobil Wedding

    Where can I find this book,It is nice to read each alphabet meaning to embrace God's word and to spread the messages to others.

  8. Maggie

    this morning I realized I should have ordered both the ABC books too and saved on shipping…wonder if I email him if he can add them?

  9. Unknown

    Please do not order from this company. He has a long history of taking months to fill orders or not filling them at all. It was only after I told him that I would report him to Paypal did he finally send my order, months later! And this was in 2010! Yes good things are worth the wait but not this company's products.

  10. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. It makes me sad to hear that it has taken threats for orders to be shipped. My hope is that this new book will end up available on Amazon. It is a sweet book, and I am happy to have it in our collection.

  11. Jessica Gordon

    All of the negative comments and emails had me concerned, so I emailed Catholic Artworks. Here is an excerpt from the response I received: " I received 6 orders on Friday and they all shipped on Saturday morning. I have received several more over the weekend and they are all shipping on Tuesday. There is no need to worry, we are fully back up and running." Hopefully over time they will be able to rebuild the trust of past customers!

  12. Maggie

    I got an email saying mine shipped the next day…will let you know when I get it…

  13. Maggie

    I ordered the book and poster Mary and the 50 States Fri night…I got the book and the Mary Alphabet poster…not sure if he accidently packed the wrong on or if it was because of the special…but I did email him, waiting to hear back…turn around was quick other than not getting one of my items…hopefully I will hear from him soon…I also asked to add the two ABC books to my poster order 🙂

  14. Maggie

    the poster comes seperatley and was sent the same day, so will hopefully show up tomorrow 🙂

  15. Cheryl

    The good news is that my order finally arrived (almost a month later). The bad news is that he sent the wrong thing, and that the CD case on another item was broken. Fortunately, it looks like the CD itself is okay.

    I wonder if Hillside or Adoremus or some of the other Catholic online bookstores would be willing to purchase some copies to have on hand and sell? I know Hillside carries the Mary and the 50 States book.

    I didn't mean to sound uncharitable, but it is a bit frustrating. However, I am praying for them! They have wonderful products and could go far with them, so I pray that they can overcome some of their difficulties.

  16. mel

    FWIW, our book arrived yesterday…the day we came home from the hospital. 🙂 Hoping things work out for everyone!

  17. Cheryl

    Thought it would be good to update everyone–George at Nippert correctly my order, sent me another CD with an unbroken case and the right CD/book without asking for additional payment. And it was quick, too! I am very happy now and will keep praying that any problems they might be experiencing will be overcome. They really have a great product and I hope they can make a successful business from it. There are so many uses for their clipart!

  18. Jessica Gordon

    I'm so very happy to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to come back and let us know that it all worked out, and that you are pleased with the outcome. God bless, and enjoy your order! 🙂

  19. Jessica Gordon

    Congratulations on your new little one, Mel! Saying a prayer for a quick recovery for you. God bless you and your family!

  20. Robin

    I have also had trouble getting my full order. I ordered several things back in May and as of today I am still short 2 books that I paid for. I have emailed George twice and called 3 times with no response.

  21. Jessica Gordon

    I would feel the same way Karen! Thanks for sharing your post! I hope he gets back to you (and Robin!) soon.


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