My Daybook :: July 15, 2012

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Outside my window…
we headed down to the river Friday afternoon and finally walked the “new” river trail/greenway that we have been meaning to check out for the past 5 years!  I can’t believe it has taken us so long… The big kids all rode their scooters, while Hubby pushed the little ones in the stroller and I snapped a few pictures along the way.  It had been an emotional week for me and it was just the type of outing I needed to cheer me up!

I am thinking…        
about blood tests and doctors appointments.  The week before last I went in to see my doctor since I just haven’t been feeling well (on top of the panic attacks I was starting to have I also have been extremely tired – more than I should be even with 7 little ones – among other problems) so we decided to do some blood work.  On Monday I found out that my liver counts were really high and I was called back in to the doctors for more blood work and an exam on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday I was called with the various results from the second set of tests… Thankfully I do not have hepatitis, but the other test came back even higher than it did the first week and I will be going in for an ultrasound of my liver on Tuesday morning.   Please keep me in your prayers!  

I am thankful… 
that For Greater Glory is finally playing at our theatre!  My Aunt Bridget (who I am so very thankful for too!) came over, bringing along her delicious French Toast Bake for the kids to have for breakfast,  and watched all the kids so Hubby and I could go watch the matinee showing.   What an inspiring, and incredibly moving, epic film about the Cristero War and Mexico’s struggle for religious freedom!   If you haven’t seen it yet, you must!

Learning all the time… 
Swimming lessons (and doctors appointments) pretty much took over our life for the past two weeks.  We would leave the house just after nine in the morning and not get back home until after two or three in the afternoon.   Then it would be time to do chores, make dinner, and get ready for the next day!  It was worth it though and all the kids have really improved with their swimming! The big kids all did excellent working on the various strokes, while Snuggles and Rose worked on the life saving skills of learning what to do (roll over onto their back, and getting the wall) after jumping/falling into the water.

Snuggles jumping from the diving board, rolling over and floating on his back! 
Lifesaving Day 2012
Graduation Day

Celebrating the liturgical year… 
the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is coming up on Monday!   I am hoping that we will be able to make it to Mass in the morning, and then perhaps I will be able to make another Scapular Cake for the kids.  Can I do it without being tempted to eat any of it?

From the kitchen… 
lots of organic leafy greens, fruits, whole grains, green teas, and all the other foods that help cleanse the liver naturally.    

I am creating… 
our summer unit study based on the Olympics, still.  Our copy of G is for Gold Medal: An Olympic Alphabet arrived and I can’t wait to share it with the kids.  It is such a great book!   I’ve been working on coming up with a lapbook mini-book or worksheet for each page of the Alphabet book, as well as additional books to read, activities, and even some snacks.  It is going to be fun!

I am working on… 
creating a clear copyright statement for my blog.  This past week I happened to run across pictures of my children and family re-posted on a few out of country Facebook pages and blogs.  Despite the good intentions of the blogger(s), it was upsetting and had me questioning whether I want to even continue blogging or not.    This has happened quite a few times before, mainly with craft and food pictures, which doesn’t bother me as much, but all pictures are copyrighted and out of respect for me and my family I ask that you kindly ask for permission before using a picture, and wait for me to respond granting permission.  Thank you!

I am going… 
to postpone this year’s Online Curriculum Sale Blog Hop.  I had hoped to have the linky up tomorrow, but I just won’t have the time to host it this week…  I  think I will just keep the dates the same as they were last year – that should give me enough time to prepare:

I am hoping… 
for some good news following my ultrasound on Tuesday, if it is God’s will.  

I am reading… 
Why Children Matter by Johann Christoph Arnold, which just arrived in the mail!  Thank you so much, JenniferAnne!

I am praying… 
for God’s grace and guidance.

Pondering these words…
from St. Rome of Lime, which I happened to read in my lovely daily planner as I was writing in my ultrasound appointment for next week:

“Without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace. The gift of grace increases as the struggles increase.”

I am listening…  
to my kids yell at Ferdinand to “let go of that poor little bird!!!!!”

Around the house… 
new Summer Bingo cards for this coming week.   You can find my documents here.

One of my favorite things…  
planning our curriculum for each new school year.  I am dying to have a chance to get back to finalizing our plans for this coming year… Hopefully I will have a chance soon!

A few plans for this week…

  • Celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
  • Watch my little niece Tuesday-Thursday (just during the day)
  • Ultrasound early Tuesday morning (please say a prayer for me!)
  • Playdate with friends Tuesday afternoon
  • Well-child check-ups for Captain, Chiquita & Bud
  • Celebrate Captain’s 12th Birthday

A little peek at my day…


  1. Anonymous

    Of course I will pray for you, Jessica. Waiting is so difficult. This is a beautiful post!

  2. Bonnie

    Our prayers are with you. I'm sending a message to our priest relative in Rome to offers special prayers for you. I was diagnosed many years ago (30 years) with Gilberts Syndrome. I was missing an enzyme. My liver stats were high, I was very tired, I had some jaundice and a low BP. Stress and diet makes this syndrome worse. You might google Gilberts Syndrome.

  3. Anonymous

    Keeping you in my prayers, Jessica;
    good health to you and your family.
    Love from Valerie [NZ]

  4. Mom2Seven

    Heartfelt prayers! May I add your name to our homeschool prayervine? I coordinate the chain, and the women are all lovely, devout Catholics, who are happy to pray for anyone. Peace, Annita +JMJ+

  5. penelope

    Oh, Jessica, keeping you in my prayers of course! And I'm so sorry you've had trouble with folks taking your content! I really wish there was a way to to better protect images posted on line. Seems so easy just to snick them 🙁

  6. Lazywife

    I just knew something was wrong, I've been praying for you all week! Continued Prayers for you!


  7. Kelly

    We'll be praying for you! I know some photo editing programs have a watermark option where you could just put the copyright symbol then the blog name across the bottom or what ever of the picture. People may still take the pic, but then you would have credit.

    The French Toast bake sounds yummy, I don't suppose you have a recipe?? 🙂

  8. Barbara

    Praying for you. You need to slow down, Missy. I pray nothing serious is wrong but maybe this is a message to rest more. You are in my every rosary until you report back.

  9. Casey

    I'd wondered what had been happening since you'd been so quiet. Take care of yourself – you will be in our prayers!

    Thank you for the new bingo cards; I'm going in for surgery Thursday and am going to get them lined up for my kids while Grandma is babysitting them!

  10. Kimberly Lottman

    My liver count was high once and it was because I had/have a sluggish gall bladder, which I'm told is common for women with multiple pregnancies. I controlled my gallbladder problems with diet (they wouldn't remove it because there were no stones, just sluggish). But for the past four years all the symptoms just suddenly disappeared and I never had another problem with my liver count being high again. I don't have any explanation for why it got better, just God's grace. Every now and then I will feel it kind of twinge, don't know how else to explain it, but that is how it feels. I have noticed, and also researched, that stress greatly affects your gallbladder/liver, and I realized that any time I feel that twinge is usually when I'm under a lot of stress. Maybe try to slow down a little (I know that seems impossible), and/or try to take more time for yourself. One thing I ate to help with my gallbladder/liver was green apples. I will keep you in my prayers.

  11. Pamela

    Prayers for you Jessica!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Jessica
    So sorry to hear about your liver. Raw dandelion root infusion is one of the best things for your liver. An infusion is when you steep the herbs for longer time so it is more powerful than a tea. I am giving you the Web address of a wonderful site. I bought their book on cleansing amd I have had great results. I cleansed my liver and got rid of 400 gallstones the book is called Cleansing or Surgery. This is the website You are in my prayers.

  13. Amber

    Dear Jessica, I have been praying for you throughout the day and will continue to do so. I don't comment much, but I wanted to also let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I smile every time I see it come up on my feed reader. I love seeing your pictures and I am frequently inspired by what you share. Thank you so much for taking the time to post like you do!

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Jessica, Prayers for your health and well-being!
    God bless,

  15. Poussy Stitches My Love

    Hello Jessica, I am pleased to read a new article! see all the smiles on the faces of children, what happiness! It's been a week since your package is gone I hope it will happen very quickly with you, I am sad to read news about your health, but it will get better, you're a good person, and God bless those who love him! Here in France I will light a candle to Bless your exams at the moment or I stop writing this mail, I turn to you and taken to your health, you are going through an excellent mother your blog you give me hope to be like you, then I pray for yourself so far away! t God bless your family, friendships, FRANCE

  16. mel

    Praying, Jessica, that this is something that isn't serious and you are feeling well quickly.

  17. Jennifer Elia

    You were on my mind all weekend and I was actually going to email you today because I just had a feeling that something was wrong. I will be praying. Glad that you are enjoying the book. If I lived closer I would offer to help more, but I suppose prayer is the best medicine. Feel better and God bless you.

  18. Maria

    Praying for you! Love the pictures and especially appreciate your childrens' modest swimwear!!! Did you get private swim lessons for them? I would love to send mine to classes but the immodesty of the pool holds me back. private would be awesome! Thanks for posting- I missed you!

  19. Anonymous

    Will pray for you. I don't know how you do all you do with 7 kids. I just had the 6th this week and the oldest is 8 and I am overwhelmed. Even when I get a cold it is hard to function so will pray for your medical issues! My friend gave me this recipe which I am so in love with that curbs my chocolate craving while being super good for you: couple handfuls of Spinach, 1 spoonful peanut butter, couple spoonfuls of cocoa powder, 1-2 frozen bananas – all in blender with milk til smooth. I thought I wouldn't like it and now I make it every day! Blessings! Beth

  20. Cindy in NH

    Missed reading your blog last week. Be assured of my prayers!

  21. Anonymous

    Offering prayers for you, dear Jessica.

  22. Lucy

    Holding you in prayer, Jessica.

  23. fadfd


  24. Anonymous

    Jessica, you are in my prayers. I am a "veteran" mom of 8 with oldest 24 and youngest 9 and had some of the same issues after my last pregnancy. I had the ultrasound as well and nothing was found and all resolved after a time. "Sluggish gallbladder" was mentioned at one time as well. If I could say anything, I would say relax, relax and relax and try and let a few things go. It's not worth it to be stressed out because the physical consequences over time will take a toll. Take some time to have fun and laugh with your kids. I will be praying for you. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us! L. B.

  25. Jessica Gordon

    I use iPhoto for my pictures and hardly edit… I am pretty sure that it doesn't have a watermark option. I need to look into software options. 🙂

    Oh, and to clarify for those that have asked, I don't mind my pictures being pinned at Pinterest, or people sharing links on Facebook and blogs, etc, and it isn't the getting credit I am concerned about, I just don't like running across pictures of my family anywhere other than here on my own blog(s). Does that make sense? I will almost always grant permission for certain pictures to be shared with a link and credit, just as long as they do not include my children in the picture.

    I will see if I can get my hands on that recipe! My kids are still talking about it!! 🙂

  26. Jessica Gordon

    I will remember you in my prayers too, Casey! God bless you!

  27. Jessica Gordon

    Interesting! I am now wondering if that pain/twinge I feel might be the same thing! I think they will be looking at my gallbladder in the morning too… I guess we will see! Thank you for sharing that with me!

  28. Jessica Gordon

    I actually picked up some Dandelion Root Tea yesterday on my way home from Mass. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

  29. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for all the prayers! I will look that up. It's encouraging to here that there are plenty of things this could be that aren't too serious. My grandmother died fairly young (age 61) from liver cancer, and I think that had something to do with how upset I was at first. I'm sure there is some other explanation other than cancer, please God! 🙂

  30. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you! God bless you and your family too, Valerie!

  31. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, that is the thing with the internet… Once you put it out there, it is there for good. I love sharing, but I too wish it was easier to put limits on what happens with content once it is published… And I am just so lazy when it comes to adding watermarks etc to pictures… I have such limited time as it is! lol

  32. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for the prayers, Meagan! God bless you!!

  33. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, I do, don't I! And Hubby is making sure that I do, by canceling some of my pre-scheduled plans for me… Thank you so very much for the prayers!

  34. Stephanie

    Jessica, I will be praying for you throughout this night and tomorrow. Blessings to you and your family!

  35. Jackie C

    Dear Jessica,
    You are in my utmost prayers on this special feast day. God bless the beautiful and caring moms above that also read your blog and "love" you for who you are here on this blog. I have been going through some difficulties in life as well and with my 5 little ones it has been hard to do all the things that come with being a mom and also taking care of oneself. I pray that God heals you and graces you with patience and strength at this time. Last year I was waiting for some breast cancer results for 2 weeks. They turned out to be negative, but I felt like it was an eternity. Reflecting back, I realized that I needed to slow down a tad bit and understand that I am not a supermom if I don't recharge every now and then.
    As Nancy also stated above I will pray that your favorite patron saint, The little flower, intercede on your behalf. You are a beautiful soul to many moms online. God bless you always Jessica! <3

  36. Janel

    I just finished praying for you!!! I haven't been on line reading blogs lately otherwise I would have sent you this prayer earlier…

    Heavenly Father, I call on you right now
    in a special way. It is through your power
    that I was created. Every breath I take,
    every morning I wake, and every moment
    of every hour, I live under your power.

    Father, I ask you now to touch me with
    that same power. For if you created me
    from nothing, you can certainly recreate
    me. Fill me with the healing power of
    your spirit.

    Cast out anything that should not be in
    me. Mend what is broken. Root out any
    unproductive cells. Open any blocked
    arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged
    areas. Remove all inflammation and
    cleanse any infection.

    Let the warmth of your healing love pass
    through my body to make new any
    unhealthy areas so that my body will
    function the way you created it to

    And Father, restore me to full health in
    mind and body so that I may serve You
    the rest of my life. I ask this through
    Christ our Lord. Amen

    God Bless You today and always…Janel in NJ

  37. Lena

    may family will keep your intentions in our prayers. may His grace be showered upon you.

    St. Therese ~ ora pro nobis

  38. Emma

    We are keeping you in our prayers, sweet dear Jessica.
    May God bless you, and your loved ones.
    ~Love, Emma~

  39. Emma

    We are keeping you in our prayers, sweet dear Jessica.
    May God bless you, and your loved ones.
    ~Love, Emma~


    Dear Jessica, Prayers for your health and well-being…

  41. Unknown

    Praying and praying and praying, sweet Jessica. Please keep us posted. You are loved!

  42. Christine

    Jessica, I am praying for you.

  43. Anonymous

    I have Gilberts too…praying for you!

  44. Joene

    Praying for you Jessica!! Love, Joene

  45. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! I am going to have to try that… Yum!!!

  46. Megan

    I too will say a prayer for you on this wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I read your blog last night and it brought lots of memories back when my husband deployed for a year.I started to have panic attacks (1st time)and was always really tired.
    I need to pray first about this, but perhaps I'll type a blog post about my personal experiences in regards to stress, panic attacks, sinus infections, and truly asking Mother Mary to help me on my blog.


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