My Daybook :: June 20, 2012

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Outside my window…
the weather has been gorgeous!  It’s been a perfect week for the kids to be spending at the golf course for this year’s golf camp.  The camp is from 9-12 each morning, then they are welcome to golf 9 holes with a chaperone.

I am thankful…        
Hubby is using some of his annual leave and has all week off work!   He has been heading to the golf course each afternoon to chaperone the kids.  Today he actually golfed with them!   It has been so nice for them to spend some extra time with their Dad.

I am thinking… 
about my last two posts.  Even though I completely agree with my Hubby (and our children will stick to wearing these shirts at home, or around friends, if at all) I didn’t mean to offend anyone.  You must understand that where we live tie-dye is a political and pagan spiritual statement.  My second “jab at hippies” was just an attempt to lighten the mood…  Who knew that sharing Hubby’s little joke/tease would result in so many comments and opinions!

Oh, and yes, we did intend to add the Catholic Symbolism of a cross and a crown of thorns for the Sacred Heart (and/or roses for the Immaculate Heart) to the shirts…  We just ran out of time.  Maybe we will get back to them, maybe not.

Learning all the time… 
We are headed outside for lots of learning/activities this summer.  First the kids have two full weeks of golf camp, followed immediately by two weeks of swimming lessons!   They are also continuing Math and Spelling lessons each day, in addition (hopefully) to finishing up our science course from this past year. I’ve been including squares for Math, Spelling, and Science on their Summer Bingo cards which is the best way to make sure they get checked off the list each week.

Living the Liturgical Year at Home… 
Despite a serious lack of sleep, our Catholic Family Camp was just wonderful as usual.  In addition to all the fun that goes along with camping – cabins, swimming in the creek, bonfires, etc – we were blessed with Daily Mass, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Conferences, Benediction, Confession, and so much more!

From the kitchen… 
A delicious chocolate cake just waiting to be decorated for Snuggles 5th birthday tomorrow!  He requested a “Cars/Race” theme.  I sure hope it turns out… Wish me luck!

I am creating… 
a few fun foods for the birthday boy.

I am working on… 
laundry… lots and lots of laundry.

I am going… 
to try and keep it simple tomorrow.  I’m not good at simple!  ðŸ˜‰

I am hoping… 
that Snuggles passes the hearing test next month.   He didn’t pass it yesterday at his well-child check-up and we are going to re-test when I take the baby in again next month.   The doctor did see a little fluid behind his ears, and he has been fighting a little cold.

I am reading… 
I haven’t been reading much lately, but we have been watching a few movies.  Last night Hubby and I watched Love’s Everlasting Courage, tonight it’s going to be Act of Valor.  If you have any suggestions/new favorites, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

I am praying… 
for patience, perseverance, and peace.  The baby still isn’t sleeping much (I’m pretty sure he is teething)  but thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement!

Pondering these words…
from St. Teresa of Avila:

“Let nothing disturb thee; Let nothing dismay thee; All thing pass; God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing: God alone suffices.”

I am listening…  
to a couple CD’s I was given at camp: To Hell and Back: Divine Love and the Cross and My Brother, The Pope.

Around the house… 
empty suitcases, sleeping bags, and piles of laundry.  Traveling, even for just a few days, is tons of work with a family this size!

One of my favorite things…  
family pictures, even if it is impossible, with this many kids, to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time!  This one was taken on Father’s Day, following Sunday Mass at camp.

A few plans for the week…

  • Unpack and tackle the mountain of laundry
  • Golf Camp everyday for the four oldest
  • Sign up for Summer Reading at the Library
  • Well-chid check up for Snuggles
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Bake and Decorate a Birthday Cake
  • Celebrate Snuggles 5th Birthday
  • Golf Tournament on Friday

A little peek at my (yester)day…

and not quite sure what to think of his first ride in a shopping cart!


  1. Marie

    I always love reading your daybook posts. Happy birthday to Snuggles! I can't wait to see the cake. You are such a good mommy! And your pictures are beautiful, as always. Bud looks like a little doll in that last picture. Too cute!

  2. Roxaline

    Victoria is not a good sleeper either. In fact, none of the girls slept all night till I quit nursing!! Prayers for you to get some sleep. I know how hard it is to function when you are just so darn tired!

  3. Nadja

    You are a pretty Mama! I love the Mama-and-baby closeup.
    That's a nice shot you took of Fr. Joseph, too…

  4. Anonymous

    Back-handed apologies are worse than just being ignored. I can't read this blog anymore. I am a convert and sometimes I miss the warmth of my old protestant community. They were very accepting of different types of people. It seems the people in the RCC that I have come across are only open and accepting of all while you are converting. After that….. Sad.

  5. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    I think people would be more sympathetic to your husband's opinion of "hippies" if they knew that where you live, these people who embrace tie-dye as a psuedo-religion are also the same ones who accuse you of polluting the world with every carbon-dioxide breath your children exhale. They would rather save a tree than a child.

  6. Hope

    I just want to say that the whole tye-dye thing reminded me of a time when I was in college and there was a "wear jeans on Thursday to support the GLBT group…" and we all just laughed. Seriously, 99% of college students are wearing jeans on a cool day in October. What gives them the right to claim jeans as theirs? Nothing. Now, if you aren't in favor of tye-dye because of trends in your community then, you don't need to be apologetic for that. But, I do think that a sacred heart tye-dye circumspects all of that and even fights back against the "hippie" thought. Whew–I'm not sure if I am articulating that right!

    Your pictures from family camp are beautiful! Enjoy Snuggles birthday tomorrow! Blessings!

  7. Jennifer Elia

    Wow, Jessica! I am sorry that people are taking such offense to this. I think we are all entitled to our own opinions. I don't think that you in anyway degraded anyone. If your husband doesn't want the children wearing the tie-dye out, that is his right as head of your household. I think as Christians we need to be more unified and stop all this finger pointing and name calling. We are all God's children and maybe if the Church militant stopped pointing our guns at each other and started fighting God's Holy War against evil, there would be more peace, love and open acceptance of all. I do not believe that the Good LORD judges us solely on what is on the outside, however I believe that we much present ourselves as lovers of Christ and set ourselves apart in a way that reflects our reverence within our hearts. For everyone that is different. However, if you live in a place where a certain dress or color represents a mind-set that is against God and His Church, then you are called not to wear that. Would you wear gang colors to church and be offended if people were taken back?
    In the end, God hold the ultimate judgement and blessed are the unoffended. It is true that we as a community must embrace everyone as Jesus would. But, getting closer to Jesus convicts your heart to do things that are often offensive to others just because they are not mainstream (like wear skirts, modestly dress, say Grace in public, keep the LORD's day, homeschool, have large families, use NFP…the list goes on and on). If we want to be accepted than we must first accept. As St Francis pointed out it is in putting others first and wanting for them while accepting hardship for ourselves that we find peace.
    God bless you, Jessica. I think that anyone who has followed your blog for any length of time knows your heart is pure and holy. We are called to forgive our brothers 7 times 70 times, I pray that as Catholics anyone offended will peacefully forgive you.

  8. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    Do you realize that you are using the same kind of "rash judgment" against Jessica and the rest of your fellow Catholics that you accused her and others of using against you? Maybe this blog isn't the place for you. That's fine. But you should take note that it was a tiny little joke of a comment that Jessica made that started a conversation that other people on both sides of the argument participated in. No one is judging you or the things you like. As Amy said, there is lots of variety here among Jessica's friends. Your interpretation is what's causing the problem.

  9. The Towers Family

    Who knew t-shirts could start such controversy? 🙂 The devil certainly likes to have fun pitting us against one another.

    I love your blog! I love the t-shirts! And my opinion for what it is worth is that the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart are two of the most beautiful images in our faith. I love that ability to share those images in an unconventional way. Your large family is a testament to God's love and your large family wearing the Sacred Heart and Immaculate heart is a testament of God's love with an exclamation point. Certain groups have claimed certain images. The rainbow is a good example of this. Our God created everything and we can take back those images for His Glory.

    I admire your example of honoring your husband, even on a little thing like this. It reminds me to do the same. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to be a part of the discussion.

  10. Jessica's Husband

    Let's keep things in perspective. Jessica quoted my personal opinion about the tye-dye look. A mere opinion that some seem to blowing out of proportion, making a mountain out of a molehill. A print on a t-shirt. A piece of clothing. A t-shirt with a small "t" not a capital "T". Jessica is not attempting to quote the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church Magisterium speaking ex cathedra that all Catholics are bound to believe. Or that we believe all Catholics are bound to believe. This is a mom blog – one of millions with a look into a myriad of decisions families all across the globe are making today. This isn't a Vatican sponsored blog and unless the words on here are put in quotations with a reference to a Magisterial Church Authority or have a link to an official Vatican official, her words are to be interpreted as mere opinion or commentary. Nothing more. This was my decision for my children. Don't like it? Tough.

    Hope's comment above articulates Jessica and my thoughts accurately. Where we live, the tye-dye look is indeed a subtle statement. A statement, however subtle, that I don't like my children to participate in making along with dozens of others we make for ourselves and our children each and everyday. Some days we put flip flops on our kids – others something else. Some days we may decide to wear green rather than brown. Some days we choose decaf over caffeine. This is our opinion and our decision. One of many decisions we make for our ourselves and our children. We also don't let our daughters wear bikinis and have an age criteria for earrings. Don't like that? Tough. There are numerous decisions we make that Jessica states on this blog that not everybody would make, but it is our decision. This is our decision and it should not be subject to people's attacks. Like Hope pointed out, the Sacred Heart image was a beautiful refinement to the tye-dye look. It just wasn't finished on these t-shirts – so until those were done, they weren't going to wear them. Period. That's our choice and we have our reasons. If we see others wearing them, we are not going to condemn what they chose to put on that morning. To suggest that we are doing so is just silly and ridiculous.

    I certainly hope that RCIA programs today are teaching about acceptance to the father and his role as authority and head of his household. Fathers should be tolerated throughout the world and as Pope John Paul II pointed out the family is the nucleus of society. Jessica posted a statement I made that she happened to chuckle to. But some have decided to put more words into our mouths than what was stated. We don't believe that every tye-dye wearing person out there is a pot smoking, stoned out of his mind, hippy with a radical environmentalist agenda. If those words are what is being put in our mouths, then we should ask who is doing the judging? I have an Ecosystem Science degree and have seen the extremes. We recycle, garden, and believe we are stewards of the land God has entrusted to us. But I don't need to justify myself to anyone, but God. If readers here believe they are being judged by us – that is a pity and it is just silly. God alone judges the hearts of man. That statement goes both directions.

  11. Anonymous

    Jessica, we are very different but yours is my favorite in the Catholic blogosphere and I have never been at all offended by anything you have written. To the contrary, you are absolutely inspiring! Please know that and please keep writing. As an aside, I love the Divine Mercy chaplet, I like to listen to it on EWTN, that is wonderful you had it at camp.

    Blessings, Julie (not the anonymous who posted above)

  12. Anonymous

    I thought your comment was funny and nowhere did Jessica say she judged anyone else wearing tie-dye. There are shirts I won't let my kids wear and it wouldn't occur to me to judge others wearing them. Jessica, I just hope this doesn't cause you to censor yourself — you are offering something special and important on this blog and it is a blessing to many readers, including me.


  13. Anonymous

    To Jessica's Husband: AMEN!!! Everything you said is, of course, right on and very true.

    I did notice that there was only ONE person who somehow got upset about this super, super hilarious joke. One person. So I don't even think all of these other comments are even necessary. If this one person is now re-thinking her conversion to the one true faith because some family thinks hippies wear tie-dyes, then we better all drop to our knees and offer up some prayers for her soul.

    And wait a minute… didn't the hippies start tie-dyed stuff anyway?!!!!!

    My husband and I (Tridentine-attending-homeschooling parents of 8) have incredibly strict rules for what our children (ages 15-2) can and cannot wear. If someone wants to use our clothing rules to leave the Church, well… how can I possibly act like I'm dealing with a rational person?!!!

    And one more time: I honestly have thought of your hubbies joke NUMEROUS TIMES since you first posted it, and I am STILL laughing hysterically at it. That is funny right there. 🙂

    Seriously, readers of Jessica's blog, let's all say a Rosary for the "Anonymous" up above, who obviously is coming into contact with some less-than-charitable Catholics. (Not here, of course!!!)

    White Oak, PA

  14. Robina

    wow, didn't read comment boxes and missed the drama. could never think you held a negative thought against anyone. glad you are enjoying summer.

  15. Anonymous

    AMEN, Jennifer!

    My hubby and I are still laughing about Jessica's Husband's comment. We know him personally so I could even picture his face while he was saying it!

    We have strict rules about dress too. Our kids can only wear tie dye. 🙂 Seriously, we do have rules and that is our decision. I can't help, however, to think this anonymous person may not really be a serious "person." And maybe anonymous is just someone just trying to cause stress for Jessica. In either case this person needs our prayers.

    Family camp looked so lovely, Jessica, wish we could have gone.

    And a very happy birthday to Snuggles!!!

  16. Kelly

    OH, good grief!! People need to lighten up. It was a joke. Laugher is a good thing.
    Jessica, don't ever stop being you. Don't feel like you need to censor your life. You're an authentic, beautiful person. I only and always leave your blog inspired and encouraged.

    I'm so glad your camping trip was a success. I LOVED the photo of your Corpus Christi procession. This was the first year that my three oldest boys served in our parish's procession. 🙂

  17. Anonymous

    Maybe you should rethink why your catholic-for Christ in the Eucharist? If so-hold your head high and don't perceive others comments about nothing as a reflection on you-unless you are not comfortable with yourself.

  18. Nadja

    I am flabbergasted at the controversy! We are devoutly Catholic and love Catholic tradition–prayers in Latin, daily Rosary, the liturgical year and saints' feasts celebrated, etc–but I have a love of color and crafting and I think tie-dye is wonderful! I do realize that Jessica is right and some people view it as making a political or philosophical statement. Personally, I think that by putting the Sacred Heart in the middle of it, you've reclaimed it. It is like the G & L groups claiming the rainbow as a symbol. Well, it belonged to God and Noah first!

    I lived in Tucson, and I remember gang members with crucifix and O.L. of Guadalupe tatoos…what are we to make of it?

    My boys have longish hair and that might be misconstrued as making a statement, but the only statement it makes to me is that I stink at cutting hair and we haven't had the time to get them to the barber.

    Anyway, we love you and your beautiful family. You are a wonderful role model. Don't let the sour-pusses out there get on your nerves.

    There; that's my five cents worth!

  19. Kathy

    Love You, Jessica and I absolutely enjoy your wonderful blog. I don't know You personally but the love,devotion and passion You have for your husband,children and faith come through loud and clear, that's why I like reading here!!

  20. enjoying life one moment at a time

    i have been a follower of your blog for a few years and love reading about your family happenings. i am always saying how small the world is and this post proved it once again. i am personal friends with the priest you have pictured here!!! when he comes home to visit his family, he will sometimes come to my parish and help out by saying mass and hearing confessions. he is an awesome priest.

  21. Erin

    Exactly! My kids wear tie-dye and we are very natural overall, but we live in the South. If I thought people were identifying us with the secular liberal perception of "hippies," then I'd be bothered and may not dress my kids in tie dye any more! I do like to be able to show people that you can be very natural and still be very devoutly Catholic, conservative, etc. And I laughed at the hippie comment when I read it, personally. I took no offense, because even if I might jokingly call myself a hippie, I know that people can tell the difference between a natural lifestyle and a liberal political statement! While I do feel somewhat judged by others who embrace natural living but are atheists or relativists (they sometimes seem to wonder how somebody who uses cloth diapers can be conservative, ha!), I feel nothing but a genuine connection with other devoutly Catholic mothers!


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    Hey dennis!! This is br Adrian, I found your cookingwebsite-it is awesome! This is my email if you wish to contact me:


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