Our 2012 Used Book Sale

by | Aug 1, 2012 | Book Sale | 39 comments

It’s time for another Online Curriculum Sale Blog Hop!   You can find all the details, browse books for sale on other blogs, or add a link to your own post here.

I wasn’t sure that I would have much to sell this year, but sure enough, once I finally got started decluttering my book shelves, I ended up with quite a pile! If you are interested in purchasing any of the books listed, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address, and I will send you your total, with shipping, along with my PayPal info. (If you’d rather not leave your email address, you can email me directly at jessica(dot)showerofroses(at)gmail(dot)com.)

I will be out of the house each afternoon this week, at swimming lessons, but will respond to requests in the order that they are received.  Shipping will be $3.50 for 1-2 items and $5.00 for 3 or more, to cover the cost of packaging and media rate in the continental U.S. If you end up ordering a lot of books, or you would like the books mailed elsewhere, I will get back to you with the actual shipping costs.

Writing With Ease…

Writing With Ease Level 1, 2, 3 and 4  – These are all used, and missing the student worksheets.  The first part of the books (pictured above) contain the instructor’s section for each level including all the lessons, passages, and assignments.  These could still be used with plain paper (instead of the worksheets) for all the assignments (Narration, Dictation, and Copywork).

  • Levels 1-3 Level 2 available Asking $5.00
  • For level 4 I also have the student pages for all but the first two weeks (not pictured), asking $10.00. (Sold)

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Levels 1 and 2:
First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Levels 3 and 4, Instructor’s Guide:
    Additional Grammar/Language Lessons.   I didn’t want to let a couple of these go, but since I haven’t been using them, it’s time to pass them along to someone that will… 

    Wordly Wise Teacher’s Keys and Workbook, all in new condition.

    • Wordly Wise Teacher’s Key Book 1, asking $2.00 (Sold)
    • Wordly Wise Teacher’s Key Book 2, asking $2.00 
    • Wordly Wise Book 2 Quiz Booklet, asking $1.00 (Sold)
    • Wordly Wise C and Answer Key, asking $5.00 (Sold)
    • Wordly Wise B Answer Key, free for shipping (Sold)
    Keeping it Catholic Books published by Neumann Press.

    These Father Lovasik Picture Books are all duplicates of ones on our shelves, and all in brand new condition.  (I sold some last year, and am finally passing on the rest.)  These are currently sold at Amazon in packs of 10 for $15.00 per package.   I am asking $1.50 per book
    Coloring Books, all in new condition:  

    I purchased these first two Music Book & CD combo’s from Nova Natural. “Mary Schunemann’s lilting voice can get toddlers active with the most important instrument of all — their voices.” The last song book is from Our Lady of Victory.

    Usborne Craft and Cooking Books for Kids!  The Christmas books are in excellent, almost new condition, but the Easter Book has some scribbling on two of the pages.  

    • Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do, like new, Asking $4.00 (Sold)
    • Christmas Cooking, like new, Asking $3.00 (Sold)
    • Easter Cooking, some scribbling on a couple pages, free with purchase of either of the above Christmas books (Sold)

    Our Lady of Victory Science Books and More…

    This set of Science books/materials is used by Kolbe Academy in the 1st-4th Grades.

    Science and Art Books:

      More Art and Coloring Books! All in new condition, with some cover/shelf wear…

      Various Workbooks, all in new condition:

        Miscellaneous Books – all in like new condition:

            Various old college/high school textbooks…

            Books for Mom!

            Various books, all in very good to like new condition:

            Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. Thanks for taking a look!


            1. Pamela

              Here is my order, thanks so much:)


              My First Catechism 1
              Following Jesus 1
              Prayers for Everyday 1
              Celebrating Lent 1
              The Apostles of Jesus 1
              The Parables of Jesus 1
              • Stations of the Cross Coloring Book, 7
              • The Sacraments Coloring Book, 7
              • Coloring Book about Angels 7
              • Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do, like new, Asking $4.00
              • Christmas Cooking, like new, Asking $3.00
              • Easter Cooking, some scribbling on a couple pages, free with purchase of either of the above Christmas books
              • Art 4 for Young Catholics, Asking $7.00
              • Art 6 for Young Catholics, Asking $7.00
              The Life of Christ
              • Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality , like new, Asking $3.00
              • Please Don't Drink the Holy Water, like new, Asking $5.00
              • Bless Me Father For I Have Kids, like new, Asking $8.00
              • The Creative Family, new, Asking $6.00
              • Little Daily Wisdom: 365 Inspiring Bible Verses to Change Your Life , like new, Asking $3.00
              • My Cup of Tea: Musings of a Catholic Mom, like new, Asking $4.00
              • Head of the Family: Christian Fatherhood in the Modern World , new, Asking $5.00
              • A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About The Passion of The Christ , like new, free
              • The Book of Genesis: Question by Question , like new, Asking $3.00

            2. Pamela

              Oh, I sent you a email also with what we wanted so you should have my email addy. Let me know if you get it:) I hope to have a few things to list today will see how the day goes:)

            3. Pamela

              Okay just 1 more book Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul,
              We are still new to the Catholic faith so I try to read as much as I can.

              Thanks again:)

            4. Nope

              Ok, my order
              Keeping it catholic
              seasise wayside
              anumal life


            5. Nope

              Fatherhood and family:)

            6. Karina

              Coloring Books:
              Sacraments – 4
              Angels – 3
              Right Start Lessons, level D

              That's it. Thanks again Jessica! I think you have my email, but I'll send you a message just in case.

            7. Aimee Landreneau

              I definitely want:

              Wordly Wise book 1 key,
              quiz book for WW book 2
              500 cupcakes
              29 minutes til dinner

            8. Jodi

              Hi Jessica!
              Wow, a couple books I wanted have already been asked for! I would like to purchase the following:

              Lingua Mater intermediate Language Lessons
              Stations of the Cross Coloring book (2)
              Rosary Coloring Book (2)
              Burgess Bird book
              By Day and By Night

              If for some reason the first person who asked for the following books decides she doesn't want them, I will take them! 🙂
              Seaside and Wayside Book One
              Animal Life Book Two

              My e-mail address is shaffer834(at)netzero(dot)com
              Thank you!

            9. Anonymous

              Hi I would like to purchase the following:
              The works of mercy-1
              The Immaculate Conception-1
              Celebrating Lent-1
              Great Women of the Bible-1
              The Apostles of Jesus-1
              Saint Patrick-1
              Saint Paul the Apostle-1
              St. Martin de Porres-1
              Mary My Mother-1
              THe Christmas Star
              Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly
              Symbols of the USA
              The Loss of Virtue
              Thank you. God Reward You

            10. Jessica Gordon

              Thank you Pamela! I just sent you an email with your total, and updated the items to Sale Pending!

            11. Jessica Gordon

              Thanks, Dessi! I just sent you an email with the total on Facebook, and updated the post with the Sales Pending! God bless!!

            12. Jessica Gordon

              Thank you Karina! I have your books pulled aside, marked them Sale Pending, and sent you an email! 🙂

            13. Jessica Gordon

              Okay, I have them pulled aside for you! Thanks!!

            14. Jessica Gordon

              Hello Jodi! The Bird Book had already been claimed through email, but I have the rest for you! I'll send you an email now. Thank you!

            15. Jessica Gordon

              Thank you! I have your books all pulled aside and will email you a total soon.

            16. Lady in Blue Shop

              If these are still available, Id love to have them!

              My first catechism
              the gifts of the holy spirit
              following Jesus
              Sacramentals of the church
              Immaculate Conception
              Great Women of the Bible
              Great men of the new testament
              St. Paul
              Stations of the Cross Coloring Book
              Usborne book of science experiments
              how to draw wild animals

              Thanks so much! You can email me at: rhondascottlynch@hotmail.com

            17. schoolfun

              Hi! I would like to get the following Father Lovasik books:
              The Gifts of the Holy Spirit-1
              Following Jesus-1
              The Immaculate Conception-1
              Prayers for Everyday-1
              Celebrating Lent-1
              Great Women of the Bible-1
              Great Men of the Bible-1
              The Apostles of Jesus-1
              The Parables of Jesus-1
              St Francis-1
              My First Prayers-1
              Saint Paul the Apostle-1
              St. Martin de Porres-1
              Blesses Kateri-1
              Mary My Mother-1

              Thank you. Karina @ mkcajay1@comcast.net

            18. Maggie

              I am interested in the what ever St Joseph books you have left other than the Lent one, we have it…

              PLease don't drink the holy water, if it falls through

              and I can finger paint…


            19. Jessica Gordon

              I have all of them, except Prayers for Everyday, Celebrating Lent, and Great Men of the Bible for you. I'll send you an email with your total and my paypal address in a minute. Thank you!

            20. Anonymous

              Hi Jessica, I would like the Pampered Chef recipe binder if it is still available. My email is jayandjay22 at hotmail dot com.

              Thanks! PS Did you watch the Olympics last night? I remember you said you were doing an Olympic study. Anyway, the mom of Jordyn Wieber (US Women's gymnastics) held her rosary beads the entire time of the competition while she was in the stands!


            21. Jessica Gordon

              I have all except for Great Women of the Bible, Great men of the new testament, and St. Paul pulled aside for you. I'll email you a total in a few minutes. Thank you!

            22. Jessica Gordon

              I have 13 of the St. Joseph books for you, and the I Can Finger Paint book! I'll send you an email with the total. Thank you!

            23. Jessica Gordon

              It's yours! I'll email you my paypal info.

              And how awesome about the Olympics! We have been doing a Unit Study, but have been very frustrated with how little we have been able to watch online. We don't have cable, or even any local channels, so rely on the internet completely for the Olympics. NBC has made it incredibly hard for people like us. 🙂 I'll have to see if I can find a clip to show the kids.

            24. Jessica Gordon

              Thank you everyone!! I woke up to quite a few comments and emails this morning, and have been BUSY trying to get back to you all! 🙂 I should have everything updated with the correct "Sale Pendings" and emailed totals to you all. Let me know if you haven't heard from me yet.

            25. Pamela

              We don't have cable either which we are happy to say:) Where have you been able to watch clips? I have not found any yet:(

            26. fadfd

              Hi Jessica,

              If Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer by Karen Andreola, is still available I'd like to purchase it. Let me know when you can… no hurry.

              God bless,

            27. Jessica Gordon

              Thank you, Elizabeth! I pulled it aside for you and just sent you an email. God bless!

            28. Pamela

              Jessica, do you want me to send a check so you don't loose $3.00 to payapl?

              I rather your family have it, paypal supports planned parenthood so I try not to deal with them to much.

              Just let me know either way is fine:)


            29. Jessica Gordon

              If you have money in your Paypal account, and don't pay with a credit card, you can actually transfer money without part of it being taken to pay for the fees!

              To do so you just select the Transfer tab and select the appropriate option. By default, the ‘Buy’ tab is active. You need to change that to avoid PayPal fees. Doing this ensures that neither you nor the person for whom the payment is intended is charged any fees.

              However, if it is easier for you, a check is perfectly fine too. Just let me know which you'd like to do. I have your books all boxed up for you! 🙂

            30. Lenetta

              Hi, Jessica! I'm interested in the following:
              -Fr. Lovasik: My First Catechism, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Sacramentals of the Church, The Apostles of Jesus
              -One each of the coloring books – Rosary and Stations of the Cross

              Let me know a total and remind me of your paypal address and I'll get it sent to you – thanks!

            31. Jacqui

              I'd like the Writing with Ease level 1,2 and 4 workbooks. and the "instruction" books that comes with the workbooks. Let me know =)

            32. Jessica Gordon

              Great! I think I pulled aside the correct books for you (it was the used Level 1 that you wanted and not the new copy, right?) but I just sent you an email to make sure. Thanks!

            33. Jessica Gordon

              I just pulled them aside for you, and will send you an email in just a minute. Thanks!

            34. Jessica Gordon

              Okay, I pulled the new one aside for you instead! 🙂 I'm not sure why the email didn't go through… After I make/serve dinner I will try and re-send it again. Thank you!!!

            35. Lena

              Hi Jessica,

              Please let me know if the following items are available.
              • First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind: Level 2, some shelf wear to cover, asking $7.00
              • First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind: Level 3 Instructor Guide, some shelf wear to cover, asking $15.00 Reduced to $12.00
              • Lingua Mater Primary Language Lessons, new, Asking $14.00
              • Songs for God and Country, some shelf wear, Asking $5.00
              • Poverty & Wealth: Why Socialism Doesn't Work, some highlighting and notes, Asking $1.00
              • The Founding of Christendom, like new, Asking $14.00

              Pax, Lena

            36. Anonymous

              Jessica, we received the recipe binder today, thank you! May God bless you too and thank you for the prayer. Julie


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