All Saints’ Day Banner Tutorial {including Printable!}

by | Jan 30, 2013 | All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, Crafts, Printables | 17 comments

Since I just finished sharing the Alphabet Blocks that I made using the Saint Letters from Catholic Artworks, I thought now would be a good time to go back and share the tutorial for our All Saints’ Day Banner!

Last year, for our annual All Hallows’ Eve/All Saints’ Day Party, I created this banner using the images from the Catholic Artworks book An Alphabet of Catholic Saints.   The clip art I used was on a CD of mine that they no longer sell, but I’ve been told that all the images are all included (with much more) on their current Teach Me to Discover the Saints CD.   (Catholic Artworks is the publisher, but for those of you that are hesitant to purchase from them this CD is also available from Sacred Heart Books and Gifts.)

I did call George Nippert, the owner at Catholic Artworks, and was granted his permission to share my document with you all, which includes some of their (copyrighted) Saint Letters resized to the correct size needed for this banner!   (Thank you Catholic Artworks)

Note:  Since these images are copyrighted, the document I share can not be modified in any way and is to be used exclusively to create this particular banner.  It is also not to be used for profit.   Also, if you share this post, be sure to link directly to this blog post, and not to the document on Scribd.   Thank you!



1. Print the All Saints Letter Banner Pages on white paper.

2. Cut out each banner letter, using the line as a guide.

3. Glue the letters to the card stock. (As you can see in the picture, I was able to fit two on each piece of 8.5×11″ cardstock.

4. Leaving a border of card stock, trim around each banner letter using a paper cutter.

5. Using a small hole punch, punch a hole in the top two corners of each banner letter.

6. Tread ribbon (I used white) through the holes in the banner to hang.

Scroll through all All Saints’ Day posts in the archives for more ideas and printables!


  1. Julie

    You are so clever. Thank you for sharing this so I can do this awesome stuff with my kids!

  2. Karen

    I'd suggest people order the CD from Sacred Heart Books and Gifts if they're going to order it. Linda from Sacred Heart books is honest and ships what you pay for. George on the other hand will take your money and you may never see what you paid for. I'm still waiting on an order I placed with him last May.

  3. Jessica Gordon

    You are very welcome Julie! I always love it when I am able share what we make with all of my visitors here! 🙂

  4. Jessica Gordon

    Since I was allowed to share my document, ordering the CD isn't even necessary to create this banner. The link to the printable is included in the post.

  5. April

    I have to agree with Karen (above comment) since I also have paid for items that I NEVER received from George at Catholic Artworks. I ordered over a year ago and spent several months leaving repeat voicemail and sending emails asking about my order. I finally started asking for a refund in my messages…but he has never responded and never refunded me.

  6. Jessica Gordon

    I am not suggesting ordering the CD from Catholic Artworks and I have linked to everyone's concerns in the post in addition to offering an alternative place to purchase the CD – even though it is not needed to create this banner.

    In my post earlier this week I linked to Sacred Heart Books and Gifts, but since Catholic Artworks was generous in allowing me to share my document I am including a link to their website in this post. Ultimately the CD (if purchased) does come from them and it could just as easily be on backorder at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts. (Though I know Linda would be more than helpful in that case, and her customer service is excellent!)

    I am not, nor have been, compensated for including these links. I am also very sorry that you are missing part of your order. I completely agree that there is no excuse for treating customers in that way. All the payments on his website are made through Paypal, aren't they? In that case it seems that you would be able to file a claim with them. I too would love to order a copy of the second Faith Keepers CD, but haven't done so since I too don't want to wait indefinitely for my order.

    Personally I still like the images that we do have, and I do use them with my children. I am not going to stop blogging about the things that I have made with the clip art, due to problems with the publisher. And I am sure we will continue using the images since they are a core part of the Alphabet Path.

    It does make me sad that the comments here are turning towards criticizing the source of the artwork, especially when it is not necessary to purchase it to complete this craft. I was thankful that I was allowed to share it here, even though it is all copyrighted. I wish I could get the permission to share my document for the blocks too, but since it includes the whole alphabet I'm not sure they would grant that permission…

  7. Karen

    Jessica, I didn't mean my comment to come off as criticizing you. I actually really like their products, but I'm certainly not a satisfied customer given George's poor customer service. I think it's worth warning people that placing an order directly though them might mean you never see it. I think it's wonderful that they granted you permission to share this banner craft, but I wish they'd fulfill their orders.

    As for Catholic Artworks' check out system, I didn't pay with PayPal but rather my debit card, so I ended up having to file a claim through the Better Business Bureau which still hasn't been satisfied in the nearly three months that it has been open. It's frustrating especially since the item that I paid for and never received [More Faith Keepers] had many images that I would have liked to use with my children and my religious ed students.

    On a different note, I'm really happy that you mentioned that the Teach Me to Discover the Saints had the alphabet images. Since our religious ed department purchased all of the CDs in that series I have access to them. Maybe a set of those cute blocks inspired by you will find their way into our play room.

  8. April

    I'm sorry my comment came across as me taking the opportunity to critize Catholic Artworks. My only intention was to prevent others from having the situation I experienced. I was surprised to read Karen's comment with the same problem. Thank you for posting your tutorial, Jessica, and all your beautiful projects!

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for clarifying that April! I have a tendency to take things a little too personally. 🙂

    I do understand your's and Karen's frustration, and all the rest of my visitors here who have had this problem over the years with Catholic Artworks, which is why I made the extra effort to get the approval to share my document. (Which, by the way, took quite a long time to obtain.) And I do hope you are able to get the issue resolved soon!

  10. Jessica Gordon

    I completely understand and agree! And like I said to April, I probably didn't need to get so defensive, and had to remind myself (or rather have a friend remind me!) that it wasn't a personal attack. 🙂

    Also, since I don't have the Teach Me to Discover the Saints CD, if you do borrow it from your religious ed department I'd love to hear that they really are on that CD! 😉

  11. mel

    FWIW, I ordered a couple of things from them several months ago and didn't have any problems. I was hesitant after hearing about all the problems people have had, but I really wanted that particular book. 🙂 I hope they resolve these issues for people…their products are so sweet.

  12. Anonymous

    Awesome craft! I check your blog daily for inspiration. Thank you and I printed this and tucked it away for later use.

  13. Unknown

    Lovely! I will be making this for my classroom! thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Sarah

    I just discovered this and will be using it to decorate on Nov. 1 at home! I wondered if there was something that should tell me who each of the saints are featured on the banner? I know several of them just by looking (Francis, Therese, Patrick, Nicholas, etc) but some, I'm afraid, I couldn't quite tell!

  15. OlgaRNievesB

    Hola Jessica! Estoy feliz de celebrar por primera vez la fiesta de todos los santos con el bello material que amablemente has compartido (Bingo, frascos de adivinanzas) Quisiera preguntarte, ¿Podrías elaborar por favor las letras "D" Y "Z" para completar el banner en español? (FELIZ FIESTA DE TODOS LOS SANTOS) Quedaria inmensamente agradecida y seguramente otras familias de habla hispana también lo estarán 🙂


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