An Eastertide Daybook: Christus Resurrexit!

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Daybook, Easter | 27 comments

Happy Easter!

Outside my window… 
After a sunny and gorgeous week the thunderclouds and rain arrived on Saturday night… I was so glad it cleared up long enough to hide eggs outside for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday!  Of course I made them all put on rain boots before letting them off the porch.  It was/is muddy out there!

I am thinking…        
as much as I loved (and needed) our little vacation to the coast, it really threw me off for Easter, not having last weekend to prepare.  Of course at the last minute the dress I had bought was too short (I had  returned it and ordered another online for less – same dress, but apparently quite a bit shorter) and I had to scramble to figure out something else to wear, and I could not find that adorable bow tie I had bought for Bud… Where did it go?!   Oh well… Also, spending all that time baking bread, followed by Captain’s allergic reaction left me fairly unmotivated for Saturday.  I did get to the store, make a butter lamb, Pascha for with the Paska, bake a couple simple oval cakes for the girls to decorate Sunday after Mass, fill the baskets, set the table, and the girls made the birds’ nest cookies, but that was it (though still plenty, right?).  We did not dye eggs, make resurrection cookies or rolls, bake a lamb cake, or anything else for Easter.  Thankfully Easter is a season and we still have time to do those things sometime soon!

And just when I was thinking that I’d try and talk someone else into hosting Easter Dinner next year I looked up the date… Chiquita will be celebrating her 9th birthday on Easter in 2014 (and then her golden birthday – her 20th – on April 20, 2025!) so I guess it will be another party at our place!  That should be interesting… I wonder how hard it will be to convince her to opt for an Easter party theme?! 😉 
  A quick family picture taken at the end of the day, following Mass, dinner, and the Easter Egg Hunt… As I said on Facebook: “Probably should have taken a family picture at the beginning of the day, instead of at the end!” but there you go…  Don’t you just love the expression on Snuggles’ face and his little tie! 

I am thankful… 
that Captain is doing much better!  Thank you all for your prayers… He is still on Benadryl, for the allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin, but his hives and swelling have gone down and he is feeling a little better each day.  I’m also thankful that he did get enough of the antibiotics to clear up the staph infection and won’t be needing anymore.  As for me, I too, had another allergic reaction last night that nearly put me in the ER.  So thankful for Zyrtec!  I have got to find a way to get these allergies under control…

Learning all the time 
As much as I would love to take this week off, we do have some school work that needs to be completed to wrap up our 3rd quarter this week.  I’m so proud of how hard my children are working to check off those boxes!

Celebrating the liturgical year 
I love that Easter is a season!  We still have lots of time to celebrate and do all those things we weren’t able to fit in over the weekend (i.e. dying eggs, etc).  We did take a break from the Lenten Teas this year and we are also going to be taking a break from our Garden of the Good Shepherd Garden Parties.    The children are actually excited to try a few new things (starting with the Paska) this year!   You can only add so many new things, before having to that a break from some of the old traditions… at least for a year or two to switch things up a bit, right?

From the kitchen… 
toasted Paska (Sweet Bread) with Pascha (Sweet Cheese Spread) and coffee.  I’m very much enjoying Easter and this little break from trying to lose weight.   Mmmmmmmmm…. so yummy!

I am working on… 
getting our chores and school work completed early today so we can watch the Installation Mass of our New Archbishop!  I sure wish we could be there, but it just wasn’t possible.  I love that we will be able to watch it online.

I am creating… 
a calm and peaceful home, or at least trying my best to do so.  This always seems, at least for me, to require “clean and cozy.”  Yesterday morning I mopped the floors and finished cleaning up from our Easter company and it was so nice to start the week with a clean home!  I sure miss that cleaning lady I had helping a couple hours every two weeks last year…  It wasn’t much, but it sure helped me stay caught up with the cleaning.

I am going… 
to print out some of the recent blog posts referecing the boys’ Habemus Papam! Lego Creation including the following from the Wall Street Journal blog:

“At Easter, for instance, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke tweeted a photo of a Lego version of the new pontiff, Pope Francis, standing on the balcony of St. Peter’s in Rome the day he was elected (the event is typically known as Habemus Papam). The photo originated on the Shower of Roses blog in the U.S.

Mr. Burke’s tweet, sent on March 29, read “Habemus Lego” followed by a link to where the photo could be found.”

I am hoping… 
that we can get back to finishing up our Papal Lap Books soon!

I am praying… 

:: the Divine Mercy Novena.

:: for Jennifer.

:: for Kerry, who lost her husband this past week.

I am reading… 
lots of new books with the children!  Thank you to all those who have been clicking and purchasing though my Amazon links!! Wow!  I hope you all enjoy the books, and I am very appreciative of the 7-8% commission I usually receive from Amazon on your orders!  It’s just one more way in which God has been providing for our family and I am so very thankful.

I did have to substitute a different book for Rascal since Bank Robbery! is temporarily out of stock, but at Linda’s suggestion I ordered Shadow in the Dark, the first in the Chronicles of Xan series.  It was the first book Rascal decided to read and he has been enjoying it immensely.  I’ve already ordered the remaining two books in the series, The Haunted Cathedral and The Fire of Eden, to slip in his Christmas stocking.

Pondering these words…
from the Cure of Ars’ Easter Sunday sermon, Pascal Joys:

We have heard that we have every reason to rejoice from the bottom of our hearts on this memorable day, and to approach our Risen Redeemer with joyous Alleluias. But this is not all, we must be active also, and make a practical use of to-day’s celebration. Christ died for us, and He has given us an example that we should tread in His footsteps. As Christ is risen, so shall we arise and enter upon a new life. I call upon you, therefor, Christian parents, in the words of the Apostle: “Arise, and walk in the way in which thou shouldst go.” You promised one another before God’s holy altar mutual fidelity and help, that you would bear one another’s burdens in peace, and that you would bring up your children in the fear of the Lord. How have you kept this promise? Is the throne of harmony erected in your home, and dispensing blessings upon you? Are you a good father and mother to your children, do you feed the flock confided to you in green pastures, and do you lead them, as a good shepherd should, to the source of living waters? Or are you, fathers, bad examples to your sons and you, mothers, unnatural mothers to your daughters? Arise and from your spiritual death, fortify anew the throne of peace, approach the Altar of God and renew your conjugal vows. Bring up your children as good Catholic parents should do, assist the teachers and those who have charge of their spiritual welfare in this difficult task, then, and then only, will you have a happy Easter; then Easter joys and Easter blessings will gladden you and your family.

I am listening…  
to the Glorious Mysteries Reflections on my Women in Chant: Recordare CD.

Around the house… 
signs and symbols of Easter, everywhere!

One of my favorite things…  
Golden Eggs!  Does your family have a tradition of hiding a golden egg?  This is one of my favorite childhood Easter memories, linked to my Grandma (Dad’s mom)… I remember how much she loved building up our excitement before we all ran off to search for eggs and that highly sought after “Golden Egg!”   It was always filled with money, coins, candy, and a few religious items (sometimes medals, holy cards, rosary, etc).   My grandmother passed away 23 years ago (very quickly due to cancer, shortly after being sentenced to 3 months of jail time, on Good Friday by a “Catholic” judge, for sitting in front of an abortion clinic, before serving that time) when she was only 61 and I was 12, but her and I were very close during my childhood.  Of course, I’ve always included a golden egg in our egg hunts, but couldn’t wait for the kids to discover the new one I found last year and have been saving!   When I showed it to my Aunt Bridget yesterday before the hunt, she said “Grandma would freak out over that egg!”  Which I already knew, of course, and put a huge smile on my face!  Isn’t it perfect?!

This week’s plans…

Monday :: Belated Birthday Date/Dinner Out

Tuesday :: Tutor for Snuggles and Chiquita from 9-11
Wednesday :: Orthodontic Appointments
Thursday :: Tutor from 12-5
Friday :: Mass and Grocery Shopping
Saturday :: 3rd Birthday Party for my sweet little niece
Sunday :: Mass

I kept telling myself that “life will calm down after Easter!”  I filled in my calendar yesterday and April fools on me… This week is our final week of quarter three (work samples due), next Saturday is my niece’s birthday party, the following weekend is our Mother/Daughter Tea Party, and the weekend after that is Chiquita’s 8th birthday (Saturday) and we are also hosting the Latin Mass (Sunday – which was rescheduled from the following weekend) – in the meantime I still need to finish entering last year’s receipts and finish/file our tax return, sign papers on our home refinance, take the kids to a couple ortho and doctor appts, and who knows what else I’m forgetting… I think I need a nap…

A little peek at my day…
Playing with the little ones on Easter Sunday.  I’ll try and post more pictures from Easter soon! 

Note:  I went from having “only” 100 emails waiting in my inbox for responses, to well over 200 now… I’m once again very behind.  If you asked me something urgent, please send me a reminder, otherwise I will work on responding as time allows. 


  1. Lovey Dove

    I love reading your updates. Your Easter sounds like it was enjoyable. Happy Season!

    PS I think you may have slipped and used a real name (last paragraph before note) when talking bdays.

  2. mel

    Clothing issues must have been in the air this year,,, we had several too, including a missing vest and a child for whom every dress shirt seemed too short or too big! Your to do list makes me tired,lol.

  3. Collette

    Looks like a beautiful ~ and fun ~ Easter celebration for your family! What a special story behind your Golden Egg tradition…I've never heard about that one before, but it sounds like a neat addition to an egg-hunt. We will be doing a few Easter activities this week, too, including dying our eggs, lol 🙂 Wishing you a peace-filled & productive week!!

  4. Sleen

    Have you tried local raw honey for your allergies? If your allergies are seasonal, this is an easy thing to try if you haven't already. Many people (me included) swear by it. One tablespoon–hold at the back of your throat for as long as possible before swallowing. Repeat up to 4x daily until symptoms subside. Do not heat the honey as that will destroy the naturally occurring enzymes.

  5. Kerry

    Thank you so much Jess for your kind prayers. The funeral Mass for my husband was today, and he was buried at a beautiful Catholic cemetery filled with wildflowers, roses, and bluebonnets, windchimes, paths, ponds, etc. In fact two of the attendees said they wanted to be buried there themselves. It was lovely, but my heart aches for him, and right now, the sky is even weeping for my dear Robert.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing the prayer intentions, we are already praying for Jennifer but will add Kerry.
    Life is crazy busy here as well, I keep hoping I can get a little window of breather and it keeps not happening, soon though I know it will soon. We are also currently working on a refinance and it is a bit of a headache, but will be worth it.
    Congratulations on the notoriety for the Habemus Lego – I love it!

  7. Anonymous

    One last thing, I ordered several finger puppets after you showing a basket full in your classroom. I knew my kids would love them -and they do! They've been playing with them constantly since Easter morning – great idea, thank you for sharing!

  8. Anonymous

    How awesome that the "Habemus Papam" Lego creativity of your boys has spread!

    Also, I just sent you an email. No response needed, just read the subject line. 😉 –Danielle

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Growing up I always thought every Easter Egg hunt included a Golden Egg, and was so surprised to discover that wasn't the case. 🙂

  10. Jessica Gordon

    My allergies/angioedema are generally caused by medications, stress, or other random factors, and thankfully not seasonal… (I have used raw honey to help with my allergy to poison oak though!) I was on antibiotics awhile back for a bad sinus infection and had been fighting a yeast infection since. It got really bad over Easter (probably due to the extra sugar/bread that had been out of my diet) and I finally asked for something to help with it – I usually opt for natural remedies since I am allergic to so many meds already – and wish I would have continued with that… My whole body broke out in a red rash/hives and my face throat started swelling after taking the one pill. (severe reaction according to the paperwork)… I won't be taking that ever again!

  11. Jessica Gordon

    What a blessing to be buried in a beautiful Catholic cemetery, but I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers!

  12. Jessica Gordon

    I'm so glad that you like them! I always get a little nervous suggesting gift ideas. 🙂

  13. Robina

    love love that you didn't get all your Easter plans done either. We will be doing some of these in the next couple weeks. too. I love your end of the day pic and the happy smiles on all the faces. Your Easter bread looked amazing.

  14. Jessica Gordon

    It's hard to figure out clothing for lots of kiddos, isn't it… Especially when you need to keep the cost down. And, yet, in the end was the new clothes that caused the most trouble… lol

    And I forgot to add our garden to that to do list… which I pretty much stink at, but am going to give it another shot this year! 😉

  15. Erin

    That's incredible to realise how 'viral' your lego post went!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Have you tried probiotics to help with the yeast infection – we have had great luck with Culturelle – which Costco started carrying. (Thank God – cause it is expensive!

  17. Anonymous

    Congratulations on getting an Easter photo. We didn't get one and I could kick myself for that! Oh well, better luck next year! Oh, and my only claim to fame is that Greg Burke is my second cousin. Please join me in praying for him as he has one tough job!! St. Michael, defend us in battle.

    Have a Happy and Blessed Easter season and thanks so much for your joyful posts on this blog. We really enjoy them.

    God bless you and yours!

  18. Kimberlee

    Eastertide blessings to all of you! Hope you are all feeling well soon! You all look beautiful in your Easter finery.

  19. Beth

    I love the "pondering" quote. It was exactly the message I needed this week– convicting (Arise and from your spiritual death, fortify anew the throne of peace, approach the Altar of God and renew your conjugal vows) and yet inspiring (then, and then only, will you have a happy Easter; then Easter joys and Easter blessings will gladden you and your family). I love the connection between daily/earthly joy and heavenly joy.

    Thanks! Happy Easter!

  20. Jessica Gordon

    I was eating a lot of probiotics – 2 servings a day – with my diet, but stopped when I got sick, which was just before I developed the infections… It's been years since I have taken supplements of them though, thanks for the reminder! I'm adding that to my Costco list – hopefully I can get back there soon! Thanks!!

  21. Kerry

    Thank you for your prayers! They are sorely needed.

  22. Kerry

    Thank you Jess. It is a comfort to have your prayers, believe me. Now, I must turn my heart towards being a widowed mom, and taking care of my one remaining young one, who is 13. I just don't have any idea HOW to be a widowed mom. How do you celebrate the liturgical seasons with just the two of us? How do I help him with his math homework, or fix the computers when they break? And when he grows up and leaves, what then? Who am I then? I wish I could become a nun, but I am too old (48 now) and have too much medical debt, so that's out. I am very afraid of living the rest of my life bereft of husbandly love. I miss my darling so much. Yesterday I stood at his grave and cried, and called our house phone to hear his voice on voicemail, and begged him to intercede for us with Jesus.

  23. Jessica Gordon

    I picked up the Culturelle and it has helped so much! Thank you!

  24. Sarah

    Hi Jessica! Any suggestions on where I could find a big golden egg like that?? I just LOVE it!!


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