Hi-Yo Silver! A Lone Ranger Birthday Party

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Birthday Parties, Happy Birthday, Lone Ranger, Precious Moments: 05 | 14 comments

Last Friday our little Snuggles turned 6 years old and we celebrated with a Lone Ranger themed birthday party.  The birthday boy loved every moment of his special day!  (Birthday Picture here.)

His answer to “How old are you today?”

.: Decorations :.

The day before his birthday Snuggles asked how I was going to decorate…  I told him that since I wasn’t feeling well there might not be very many decorations this year, but that we would have cake, ice cream, pizza and presents after golf camp!  I did ask if he had anything specific in mind and he said, “You could just cover up all those married pictures with the LONE RANGER!”  Ooh! Great idea!  That I could do, and you should have seen his smile when he discovered them in the morning.

On the counter next to his cake, he also found some Lone Ranger themed accessories when he woke up in the morning!  I found the Kids Black Hand Tooled Leather Double Holster, Big Tex PistolBlack Hero Mask and Solid Red Bandanna online.   As for the White Cowboy Hat, I searched everywhere the night before his birthday, while out purchasing a few supplies for the cake, without any luck.  In the end I went with a light pink foam hat from Michaels and a can of white spray paint.  ðŸ˜‰

.: Games :.

The birthday boy also discovered a new-to-us vintage board game on the coffee/train table: 
 (Note: It doesn’t seem to be available for a reasonable price from Amazon any longer but Ebay might be an option.) 
After getting back home from the golf tournament we enjoyed playing the game together.

I had filled a basket with candy bars that I thought tied in nicely to our theme to use as prizes including Rocky Road, CupoGold, PayDay, 100GRAND, and SKOR bars!

.: Party Favors :.

“Around a campfire four men were sitting.  
Beside the men lay the stolen bags of gold!” 

I had also picked up some Hershey’s (Gold) Nuggets to bag up as party favors for each of the children.

.: Birthday Gifts :.

The leftover wrapping paper from our Josefina Birthday earlier this year was perfect to wrap up the new “Lone Ranger” Legos including:  Lone Ranger Calvary Builder SetStagecoach Escape, Comanche Camp, and Colby City Showdown.   I also placed copies of B is for Buckaroo and The Lone Ranger (Little Golden Book) along with some Chocolate Gold Coins on the table as simple decorations. 


Snuggles had no idea that there were new “Lone Ranger” Legos! 
Our older children had been saving up their Summer Bingo tickets to use to purchase gifts for their little brother including the New Adventures of the Lone Ranger DVD, a Lego Minifigure, and Tonto’s Campfire.  He also loved his new Archangel from Sean and I!
Playing “Peek-a-Boo” with Daddy while his brother opened gifts
.: Cake :.
The Campfire Cake tied in nicely to our Lone Ranger party… 

… served with campfire S’MORES Ice Cream of course… 

… following some of our Vegas in the Valley Winnings a perfect pizza dinner for our picky eater! 

Happy 6th Birthday!  

Even though it is blurry, this picture is one of my favorites, perfectly portraying the joy and happiness of the day.
I just love celebrating our children’s birthdays!


  1. Anonymous

    We too had a Lone Ranger Lover in our family about 2 years ago. I got a Lone Ranger ornament from ebay and used it to decorate a 'canyon' cake. I was also able to find a pattern from the 80's on ebay for a Lone Ranger costume which his grandma made. (I can see if it is still usable if you are interested) but had to track down the white hat. I finally got one on the internet but more expensive than I like to pay (great job on painting one!) The black boots were also tough but managed to find them at Payless Shoes. He wore that outfit for over 2 years and won a costume contest at a Lone Ranger festival in southern Indiana. We all love the Lone Ranger because the good guys always win!

  2. Anonymous

    So fun, Jessica! You really have a skill for creating super fun! I'll be borrowing some of these ideas! Thank you! Genevieve

  3. Katie V.

    What a happy day! What great ideas….im thinking i might like to do this for my little guy who turns 6 next year! My boys are big Lego fans too- i was surprised to see there is Lego Lone Ranger. The books look sweet and love your wrapping! And mmm, s'mores ice cream – so sad they dont sell it here in Colombia…although i have been able to track down the ingredients to make s'mores at least! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Jessica so sweet. Love the Zelie doll. We have the same one. We are good friends of the Mc Donalds. God Bless you all. We will be heading to St. Therese shrine and will put your special intentions there. Maureen

  5. Kim

    Hi Jessica!
    Great job on the birthday!! The cake is so awesome! That last picture is the best — all that joy!! But Snuggles face in all the pictures just radiates happiness! Is it because he is so happy about his cool birthday or does he really, really love cake and ice cream? 🙂 So sweet!

    Since your boys liked the Tales of the RAF so much I thought I would go out on a limb and recommend the Lone Ranger cartoons that we let our kids watch. Maybe your kids may like it too?


    We censor what our kids read and watch and have found that these are fun cartoons.

    My soon-to-be 6year old thinks Snuggle's party is **so neat** So I may be making a Lone Ranger birthday in a couple of months! He had wanted a castle AND a dragon cake(like the one you made several years ago). I have to admit I am intimidated by the dragon cake — I am so happy with the idea of a Lone Ranger birthday!!

    Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  6. Jill

    I loved this post! I have a soon to be 8 year old who has always loved the Wild West and has discovered the Lone Ranger. Your post got me motivated and excited to try to do a themed bday. While I came home last night with different stuff, I am excited about what I found and what he will think. Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Krista

    What a wonderful party! My son is also turning 6 in a few weeks and is very excited to have a Lone Ranger party- can you tell me how where you found the images to print to cover up all of your "married pictures"? (I love that, by the way!) Thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  8. Jessica Gordon

    They were from all over and I didn't save the links, I'm sorry. If you send me an email I can send you the images to save you a little time. I happened to save them all in a folder. Along with the "Happy 6th Birthday" Document/Sign.

  9. Krista

    That would be wonderful! Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    WOW! so happy to see kids loving The Lone Ranger! I too loved him as a kid! It was in syndication but loved it just as if it was brand new! Awesome Party and it inspires me!

  11. mrsarchieleach

    I wonder what Snuggles will pick for his birthday theme THIS year (2014)!?!?!???!!?!?!?!! My daughter LOVES the Lone Ranger and especially Silver, his horse! We were watching the original pilot episode from 1949 on YouTube. It all reminded me that Snuggles had a Lone Ranger themed birthday last year, so I came to check it out again! I can't wait to open up those Lego sets from the Lone Ranger that I got for her last year (I've been saving them to use for our American history studies with the wild west and pioneer units but it won't be until NEXT summer by the time we get to them!)!!!! I ale got the Little Golden Book that you linked, too – I could get that one out, though! Maybe I'll have to try that campfire cake THIS year for her birthday! I LOVE THAT CAKE!!!!! I always LOVE your themed birthdays that you put together for the kids! THIS ONE ROCKED!

    Do you guys watch the original Lone Ranger TV shows online? They are something special!


  12. Brks

    Where did the Archangel doll come from? My 4 year old would love one.

  13. Jessica Gordon

    It is one of the Zelie Dolls from Family Cloister Learning Center, but it looks like their website is no longer online. 🙁


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