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We will be celebrating a 10th birthday tomorrow!  I haven’t had much time to prepare, other than placing a couple online orders for gifts for the birthday girl, but after rounding up a few things yesterday afternoon and a quick trip to the store I am hopeful that the “Caroline” party will come together.  Now to start baking and decorating a cake… 

After trying quite a few samples, including some salmon/terra cotta-ish reds and a couple tans, I finally settled on the Cleveland Green.  I didn’t like it at first (with just a sample size spot on the wall), but ended up deciding it was the best of all the options.  Once I got the full wall painted I LOVED it!  It looks a little darker than the picture at some times of day, but even then it is beautiful. (The picture really doesn’t do the color justice.) I still have to touch up the edges and paint along the ceiling, once I can borrow a taller ladder from my dad, but that will have to wait for now… 

Pizza, anyone?!  I had to use up that last gift certificate that Sean won at Vegas in the Valley by the end of the month.  Between the gift certificate and our Papa John’s App Rewards/coupon code our total was only $4.05 for 3 large pizzas, 2 boxes of garlic parmesan breadsticks, a box of chicken poppers and a 2-liter of soda.  The older boys were very excited – and all that pizza didn’t last very long!


From Instagram/Facebook last Sunday:  I couldn’t help but smile during Mass this evening (after nearly missing due to one more little cross- aka trouble walking/pinched nerve in my back) when I looked up and realized I was kneeling right next to the fifth station. I immediately recalled the encouragement from a dear friend this past week who said “Look ’em in the eyes (my crosses-we all have them!) and carry them even more resolutely now! Or Jesus will soon send you a Simon of Cyrene for a while;)” I think I’m about ready for Simon to show up… or at least another Advil! 🙂

I’m feeling much better this week.  Well, I can walk at least, and I haven’t been moving any more furniture.  I don’t know what I was thinking last Friday/Saturday when I decided, after a way too busy and emotional week, that I might as well give the schoolroom to Snuggles and Bud now, before our new school year begins.    It started with moving the crib out of the girls new room, and taking the toddler bed to Rose’s new room, which meant I needed to take down down one of the big girls old beds to make room for the toddler bed.  Then my desk (from the school room) was moved to my room.  The single bed in the boys room was taken apart to set up in the schoolroom (until we can purchase a bunk for the little boys, after Bud is a little safer around ladders). The two white desks from the schoolroom went to the older boys room, under the window where the single bed was before. The changing table/dresser (from Rose & Bud’s old room) went to the school room.  Then I reset up the twin bed and crib (as a toddler bed) in the school room for Snuggles and Bud.  Oh, I forgot the bookcases! A small wooden bookcase went from the big boys room to the little boys new room, and two of the white bookcases from the school room went to the big girls bedroom.   The stacking shelves went out to the dining area (our official new “school room”).  Yep, I was a little busy and pushed myself (with the help of our oldest boys) a little too hard.  I somehow managed to pinch a nerve and could barely walk by Saturday night.  I am still trying to find homes for some of the stuff that had been stored in the schoolroom, which is stacked and lining my hallway at the moment.   It is going to be a huge adjustment for me, not having that room anymore (it had started to function as more of an office/storage room for me), but we will make it work. 

The little boys are loving their new room and sharing it with each other.  The first night they slept in their new bedroom we walked by to see Snuggles standing over Bud.  Sean asked him what he was doing out of bed and he replied, “I just wanted to make sure “Bud” was covered up!” So sweet!
I’ll be back in a bit with our curriculum plans for this coming school year!

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  1. Aimee Landreneau

    I'm sure glad I'm not the only one to tackle such big home projects at in opportune times! Can't wait to see it all!

  2. elm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the green. It is a warmer shade of green so it goes soooo nicely!! 🙂 AND – wow on all the rearranging!! WOW… and I look forward to seeing it – maybe next week!!!!! 😉 It is looking yes-ish. Not certain on timing, though… Sunday we have a grandma party – but not sure what the rest of the week looks like… a trip to Southern Oregon, though!!! 🙂 Trying to figure out what to do with dog and cat… for that long!!

  3. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    Still love the paint color! It looks great. The picture of your son and pizza boxes is cracking me up. The look on his face is awesome. I'm pretty sure my boys would be just as happy with that pile of food on their lap.

  4. Patty

    I LOVE the wall color, and the Papa Johns…we love that, too!

  5. mel

    Wow, the wall color picks up the stone so nicely! Just reading all that furniture moving makes my back hurt 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I didn't see this post on Facebook! Oh my goodness! Are you ok? Facebook is annoying me. Geesh.

    I am thinking about room rearranging here too, and not sure how to go about it. I think it will be a BIG one.

    Miss chatting with you, but now I know why we haven't! Be careful with yourself!

  7. Jennifer Elia

    Jessica, no wonder you couldn't move. That is a lot of moving. But, I have been guilty of similar projects. Drew always gets upset that I push myself until I "break" myself.

    I'm sure that not having a school room will be a big adjustment. I am hoping to build a schoolroom/library/playroom in our backyard soon to alleviate some of the clutter in the house and allow us to squeeze another kid in the kids' bedroom. But, right now it is just a someday dream for me.


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