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As much as the boys love their favorite LEGO collections, coming up with their own creations and building their town is their absolute favorite way to play with LEGO. I haven’t been the best at taking pictures of their MOCs (My Own Creation), and I’m even worse at posting the pictures on the blog, but in honor of today’s traditional feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary I have pictures of the boys’ latest LEGO MOC to share with you all!

Construction began on July 31st, the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and the Dedication Mass of the new Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary took place today. The solemn dedication ceremony was undertaken by the pastor, with episcopal delegation, since the bishop was not available.

This was such a challenge for them to build, using random pieces from their other LEGO sets. I love how creative the boys are with their legos!

.: Preparing for Mass :. 

.: Dedication Mass :. 

LEGO NPU (Nice Part Use):

If you’d like to know where any other parts came from let me know and I’ll ask the boys! 
Serving for Father Carmelo at the Second Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary
In spite of our sins, let us look up to our Blessed Mother and let us have confidence in her motherly heart. Then, even if we are sad or upset, we will feel peaceful and happy again. 
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ora Pro Nobis!


  1. Kim Loney

    Introíbo ad altáre Dei… Well Done!! 🙂

    2014-08-22 22:52:49

  2. jbc2789

    Wonderful detail-your sons are very talented!

    2014-08-22 23:17:19

  3. Genevieve

    Fabulous!! Great detail! Legos are so great. We're just getting into them.

    2014-08-22 23:36:15

  4. Jamie

    Benjamin, my 6.5yr old wanted to say that your lego creation is really nice! He wants them to mail him the pieces so he can rebuild it 😉 It really is awesome!! Great work!

    2014-08-22 23:42:17

  5. Melanie

    amazing! So much detail. I love the pipe organ, clever.

    2014-08-22 23:54:00

  6. Christine

    Wow! As my little boy says, you are all "awesome"! Happy Feast day! Immaculate Heart of Mary, ora pro nobis!

    2014-08-23 02:05:49

  7. TheresaEH

    WOW!!! This made my morning and I can hear all of heaven smiling down as your children were playing.

    2014-08-23 12:54:00

  8. Sarah Damm

    Awesome and creative! My 6yo thought this was very cool, too!!

    2014-08-23 15:40:42

  9. Krista

    WE LOVE IT! They did an incredible job on their MOC and how great to have so many particular pieces to use for it! Especially like the details with the main altar and tabernacle – the cruets are really great!. I thought the paten originally may have been a candy piece that can be found in one of the Winter Village sets (and I think I've seen it in other sets around, too). There are swirls on one side of it and blank on the other, so I thought they may have just turned it upside down. And the candle pieces – would never have thought to use those from the Lighthouse set (we have that)! What a great idea! Will have to remember that! Nice to see it's a TLM, too, with altar rail!!!

    Tell the boys that they did a brilliant job on this MOC!!! WE are looking forward to adding to our Winter Village MOC soon – I have the pick-a-brick pieces waiting to get used when the time draws near! We'll send pictures when we're done with it for this year later during Advent! 🙂 I'm contemplating using the Medieval Market set from '09 that I got for our history middle ages studies for the Winter Village and making it a winter scene, since it can fit it with the Village sets/MOC that we're doing. Haven't told my daughter about it yet, though – it would be a surprise if I decide on it!

    Happy Lego! 🙂

    2014-08-23 16:13:36

  10. guest

    Lego means play well… job well done!!!! Just when I can't imagine my heart being more touched by your thoughtful precious kids it happens again. My legos enthusiast son was so excited to look through the pictures. The details were not wasted on our admiring eyes. Keep up the great work!!! Have lots of fun. Keep letting the light of Christ shine through your efforts!!!!!! God bless.

    2014-08-23 17:53:00

  11. These Boy's Mom

    Your children did such an excellent job! One our boys made use of his Legos in a similar way a couple of years ago–same, but different. 😉

    2014-08-24 01:34:08

  12. deirdre

    Please share how your boys store their lego pieces as well as if they have 'kragled' (kra-z-glued) any of their creations. We have 3 boys here that are now into lego (9, 7, and 5) and the pieces are hard to keep in any sort of order. How your boys even remember what sets the pieces came from blows my mind. Any sorting, storage, or gluing tips would be so appreciated!!! keeping them away from little hands and mouths is key!! As always, love your blog – God bless your beautiful family!!

    2014-08-24 02:15:08

  13. Momma Young

    Oh Jessica, they did a fabulous job!!! Can't wait to show my boys! 🙂

    2014-08-24 05:00:24

  14. Amy Caroline

    This is so clever!!

    2014-08-26 01:47:18


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