Golf Birthday Cake

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Birthday Parties, Cake Decorating, Golf | 19 comments

After a week of Golf Camp the birthday boy asked for a “Golf” birthday this year! It’s been hard to keep up lately, and I probably should have just ordered a cake from a local bakery this year, but I was determined to make one myself.  Halfway through I was worried that it was a total flop and emailed a friend for encouagement (I pretty much have a panic attack every time I attempt to decorate a cake!) but in the end you really can’t mess up a golf cake – all the imperfections just add character, right?! 😉

Golf Cake


3 – 8″ Round Cakes (I made Vanilla with Chocolate CHIP)
2 – 16-oz can Vanilla Frosting mixed with Leaf Green Icing Gel for desired shade of green

Bamboo Skewer with Flag created out of colored and white card stock

Prepare and bake cakes according to directions. Cool.

While the cake is baking melt some of the white candy melts and place in the 3D Golf Ball Chocolate Candy Mold.  I made four so that hopefully at least one would turn out well. 😉  Gently tap the mold on the counter to remove any air bubbles. Place in the refrigerator to harden. 
After the candy has hardened, remove first halves of the golf balls from the candy mold and refill the holes with additional melted candy.
Place the completed golf ball halves on top of the melted candy in the mold and gently press down to connect the two halves.  The melted candy will harden and connect the two to create halves to create the round golf ball. 

Layer the cakes, with frosting in between each layer, on a cake platter. Spread a very thin layer of frosting on the top and sides of the cake to seal crumbs. Place in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. (This make spreading the final coat of frosting so much easier.)

Fill the decorating bag with about 1 cup of frosting.  Spread the remaining frosting evenly over the sides and top of the cake. Using the decorating bag with the grass tip, add “grass” to the cake leaving an opening for the green.  
Insert flag and place a chocolate candy golf ball on top.  All done! 
I’ll be back later with pictures from the birthday par-tee! In the meantime you can find all of our past birthdays and cakes here


  1. Christine

    You've done it again! What a great cake! Happy Birthday to your son!

    2014-06-23 23:56:30

  2. Jennifer

    What always amazes me is that you have so much of the cake decorating things on hand. I would never be able to pull it off, I guess I should stock my baking pantry better. Very cute cake!

    2014-06-24 01:47:22

  3. Guest

    You sure have a way of blessing your children with delightful memories that are so creative, thoughtful, and full of love.

    2014-06-24 01:55:31

  4. Krista

    Girl, you ARE the local bakery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 LOVE your cakes!!! Look forward to seeing the PAR-TEE pictures to come! Hope you are continuing to heal and taking things slowly in these early days. You and your family are in our continued prayers, as well as Anthony and Gabriel (what is your first miscarried baby's name?). Blessings always!

    2014-06-24 02:04:01

  5. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Christine!

    2014-06-24 03:32:43

  6. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Jennifer! I do keep a few plastic containers filled with sprinkles and other decorating supplies, and I have another container where I keep an assortment of candy melts (picking them up when they go on sale). I did order the golf candy mold and a few other decorations a few days before his birthday (thank you Amazon Prime!) and went to the store the night before for groceries (I can't wait to share all the fun "golf" foods we made). And thank you so much for the precious little gift! I stopped at the mailbox on our way to the cemetery last Thursday afternoon and it was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise to find it there – what perfect timing. God bless you!

    2014-06-24 03:37:39

  7. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you Krista! 🙂 The pictures will be coming soon, but first I have another Catholic Digest submission due (today) and I'm having such a difficult time pulling it together. I just can't seem to focus. I really do appreciate the continued prayers! You can find my post about my little saint, Christopher Michael, here. God bless!

    2014-06-24 03:45:06

  8. Krista

    PS – How is Captain's health going these days? Is he making improvement? Prayers!

    2014-06-24 02:35:42

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Yes! He is doing much better! He is still on medications but we were able to postpone the endoscopy that he was going to have in May for the time being, since he hasn't gotten sick in 4 months. We are still working on some things that might be causes or triggers, and don't have a diagnosis, but we are thankful for improvement!

    2014-06-24 03:49:14

  10. Krista

    Oh, what WONDERFUL news about Captain's health! I remember he was sick around the end of January I think, not too long after the holidays, but I don't recall you mentioning anything since – I don't think. Sounds like the meds are helping him a lot! He is such a great kid – it's so awesome to know he's hopefully heading towards healing! Blessings1

    2014-06-24 04:11:41

  11. Jessica Gordon

    Keep him (and Ranger) in your prayers this week! They both left early this morning for the diocesan vocations camp and will be gone all week. I miss them already!!

    2014-06-24 04:14:08

  12. Krista

    Thank you for this link – Ha! I even left a comment to it! 🙂 I remember reading it now and again, I am so amazed at the hospital policy – to think, ONE DAY AWAY! Dear Christopher (a favorite name for ME, of course!)… I lost my first two and then almost lost my now almost 9 yr old – a high-risk pregnancy with her, too. IT's hard when it's your very first pregnancy and baby – it shapes your entire future experiences and it shakes your world and turns that "ignorant bliss" into something not always so blissful in future pregnancies. We will keep Anthony, Gabriel and Christopher in our prayers and of course you and your family! Blessings!

    2014-06-24 04:20:57

  13. Krista

    Sure will! Vocations camp?!?!?!? That's too cool! 🙂

    2014-06-24 04:23:53

  14. Theresa

    Wow, the cake looks great! I am getting inspired to bake my own cakes now…they get so expensive, and the Costco cakes are just too big sometimes. But, where do you store all this stuff? Do you have an organizing trick? Perhaps you can have a post on how to organize all these items and be prepared for the kids birthdays so they don't sneak up on us! We live in a 1761 sq ft home and I am always trying to figure out how to maximize space with the six kids. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    2014-06-24 05:20:06

  15. Bernadette

    You scored a hole-in-one with that cake! 😉 Hope all is well!

    2014-06-24 15:38:38

  16. melanie

    wow! I thought that was a real golf ball on top,lol! it turned out great

    2014-06-25 04:17:57

  17. Collette B.

    Hi, Jessica! Your cake turned out so cute! (as always!!) My 6 yo son was looking over my shoulder as I read the post yesterday & LOVED seeing this! I think he really wants to have a golf-themed birthday for his 7th, now, too, lol! 🙂 I've been reading along on my iPhone and although I haven't been able to comment, my family has been keeping you & your family in our prayers. I hope you are feeling well & wish you & your sweet family a peace- & joy-filled week! God bless, Collette B.

    2014-06-25 11:29:57

  18. sd6g6

    & your sweet family a peace- & joy-filled week! God bless, Collette B.

    2018-05-10 13:05:39


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