Hobbit and Lord of the Rings LEGO Minifigures :: The Boys’ Storage and Display Case

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Favorite Toys, Hobbit, Lego, Lord of the Rings, Organization | 18 comments

When it comes to LEGO our boys’ favorite themes are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings collections. (The Architecture and Creator sets are at the top of the list too.)

I’ve already shared how we store most of their LEGO in their bedroom, and you can see some of their sets assembled and displayed on wall shelves above their dresser, but at that point we hadn’t found a way to store or display their LEGO Minifigures.

The boys have a couple small storage cases like this one which really don’t work very well with only three sections inside… I love these Large Black Minifigure Cases, which can stack on top of each other, but they are just so expensive especially if you need multiple cases. Our solution was to use a Wood Shadow Box purchased with a 50% off coupon from a local craft store for $8!  (I had originally purchased this for storing our Alphabet of Saints Dolls before deciding on the black display instead.) It is working out great and the boys love their new display case! Now I need to see if I can find another one for the rest of their Minifigures…


  1. Helen

    That looks so cool! As an avid LOTR and Hobbit lover myself, I would love to have a collection like that. I love seeing your boys LEGO creations.

    2014-08-21 18:10:01

  2. anneneulieb

    Cool! And I kept meaning to comment and say thanks for pointing out the other blog post with the lego storage idea!!

    2014-08-21 18:56:46

  3. Sunshine

    That is so awesome!

    2014-08-21 23:14:00

  4. Pat

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I plan to hunt some shadow boxes down. My boys will love them!!

    2014-08-22 00:55:58

  5. Christine

    Thanks for sharing, Jessica! My boys' favorite Legos are also Hobbit and LOTR. I am trying to figure out what kind of shelves I can put in their room to display their models. Any ideas? You continue to be in my prayers.

    2014-08-22 03:44:30

  6. Christine

    Thanks for sharing, Jessica! My boys' favorite Legos are also Hobbit and LOTR. I am trying to figure out what kind of shelves I can put in their room to display their models. Any ideas?

    Update: I just followed your link to how your boys display their models and noticed the shelves. I missed them when you originally shared that post.

    2014-08-22 03:48:13

  7. Krista

    Looks awesome!!! Just to let you know – and any others out there that are fans of Lego Hobbit – there will be a total of 4 Lego Hobbit sets coming out this October (yes, just in time for Christmas/St. Nickolaus Day delivery! One features the long awaited SMAUG dragon and all sets are based on the upcoming third movie installment, "Battle of the Five Armies" coming out December 17th.

    Official trailer teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSzeFFsKEt4 Here's a link to the Smaug Lonely Mountain Lego set: http://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-the-hobbit-the-lo

    2014-08-22 17:37:48

  8. Sarah D

    Which craft store did you find that shadow box?? I would LOVE to find one for my sons' room to spray paint red! He has just become a huge Lego fan, and I'm trying to encourage keeping pieces "together" for awhile before letting his little siblings get to them!

    2014-08-24 20:29:23

  9. Jessica Gordon

    The boys say, "Thank you!" 🙂

    2014-08-26 01:36:53

  10. Jessica Gordon

    You're welcome! I'm glad it was helpful.

    2014-08-26 01:37:13

  11. Jessica Gordon

    Yay! You found it! I hope you are able to come up with something that works well for your boys.

    2014-08-26 01:37:47

  12. Jessica Gordon

    I know!! SO excited about the new sets. I haven't showed the boys. They know there will be new ones, and that they will most likely get them for Christmas, so I'm really hoping I can keep the specifics from them until then! (I was able to pull it off last year… I just had to make sure to pull the fall Lego catalogs out of the mail!) We'll see 🙂

    2014-08-26 01:40:02

  13. Jessica Gordon

    I found it at Craft Warehouse, a chain of stores in the Pacific Northwest. I actually purchased it about 4 years ago, but I ran back in this weekend and sure enough they still carry it! It retails for $19.99 but was on sale for $11.99. I picked up another one and the boys have already filled it up! My receipt says it is Item #305773 "WOOD ORG GT 4TRAYS DBL LAYER". The UPC sticker on the back says it is made by http://www.SPC.us ISBN #432004002269 I hope that helps!

    2014-08-26 01:47:11

  14. Krista

    Yes, with them being older now, it must be hard to always keep things "hushed" until Christmas/feast days/birthdays…. At least mine is still young enough to not QUITE catch on…! 🙂 I'm waiting on the new seasonal Christmas/Winter Lego sets to be coming out soon and to be revealed soon, too (some of the limited edition free sets when spending a certain $$$ amount at the Shop@Home Lego store. Advent calendar and Winter Village sets, and there are also usually a few polybag sets for Christmas that are in there, too! I"m also checking out the Alpine sets at Playmobil, too – it will tie in nicely with our Germany study and von Trapp study later on! It's a new sub-series in their "Country" series, if you're interested. There are other sets in the series, too – but here's a link to the Alpine House – just like the von Trapp lodge in Vermont!!!!!!!!! http://www.playmobil.us/on/demandware.store/Sites

    2014-08-26 04:14:11

  15. Dawn Brizek

    This is a great idea! I just cannot find one like this for under $50 though!!!! I think your craft stores are better on the west coast! I did find this alternative on Etsy and thought I would share it wilt you since you have given me so many ideas – I thought it was time I showed you something! It is pricy but I thought would work as the glass on a shadow box would not last with my boys!!

    Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MissIrisCreations?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav

    Thank you so much for the idea. God bless you. Yours in Christ, through our lady, Dawn in NJ

    2014-09-10 20:57:23

  16. Jessica Gordon

    Very neat! Thanks for sharing the link!

    2014-09-12 22:08:40

  17. i love hobbit

    They are so cutee… i Love them. thanks for sharing

    2014-10-10 17:56:50

  18. Storage relocation

    I absolutely love this idea I plan to hunt some shadow boxes down My boys will love them

    2014-10-26 23:10:54


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