My Daybook :: May 31, 2014

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Outside my window… 
We have had contractors working outside again this week.  Our garage is on hold while we work on getting permits, but we have made progress on the patio outside of the dining room addition! We have been putting this project off for the past 3-4 years and it’s so nice to finally have it started.  Part of this project includes building a permanent shed and enclosing our water pumps, pressure tank, etc, to hopefully help prevent them from freezing again this next winter.


I am thankful… 
that we were able to overcome the “Concrete Emergency” that happened sometime between 12-1pm on Friday… It was “Pour Day” and the contractors had arrived at 6am to prepare for the concrete arriving at 7am.  Everything was going beautifully until the concrete started to dry. It was time to start hosing off the top to finish the “Exposed Aggregate” patio.  The contractor turned on the hose and nothing came out. I found the key to the lid on the holding tank and sure enough it was empty. I had no water in the house and the deep well wasn’t pumping any water into the holding tank.   The contractor yelled “I need THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER. NOW!”

I pretty much had a panic attack right then and there, and I am still trying to recover from the stress! It never occurred to us that he was going to need so much water and that we were going to have a problem. He knew we had a holding tank. Anyways, I ran back behind the house and flipped the breaker to the well which got the well pumping again, then I tricked the restricter float into thinking the tank had more water left than it did so the hoses would work again, but that only lasted 5 minutes, at best.  I got on the phone with our the pump guys to try and figure out why the deep well wasn’t producing water (they headed out immediately), called every water delivery service in the area (not one could bring us emergency water), and ultimately was able to contact my neighbors for permission to run hoses from their well! (We live on a few acres, but were able to make it work with five long hoses. Thank you Don & Bev!) Catastrophe avoided.  Barely.

I am thinking… 
If yesterday was any indication, we are really going to need to work on conserving water this summer.  Our well is a low producing well, which is why we have a holding tank, but the reason the water kept stopping was that it wasn’t producing enough for even a steady stream to flow into the holding tank.  We usually have problems with running out of water towards the end of summer, but never in May. Everything is so dry already this year.

Learning all the time…
In addition to learning all about concrete this week, the children all started swimming lessons on Tuesday!  All seven are taking classes and we’ve been at the pool from 3-7pm each day.  This is actually the first year that I have not had to get in the pool with the little ones for the “Mom & Baby” classes!  Ranger has been learning how to teach Bud to swim, and Twinkle Toes has been working with Rose.


Just before the first class  – Bud wasn’t too sure what to think! 

Celebrating the liturgical year…
This week we celebrated Ascension Thursday (which has been transferred to Sunday/tomorrow in our diocese), the feast of St. Joan of Arc, and the traditional feast of the Queenship of Mary.  I had big plans, but ended up having to keep our celebrations extra simple this year.  We decided to save our Ascension Picnic for Sunday so that Sean would be able to join us.  He has been working long days and lots of extra hours due to an upcoming deadline he has at work.

From the kitchen… 
The big boys took over the kitchen recently while working on an optional Chemistry experiment from the lesson about “Mixtures” — Baking a Chocolate Cake!  I’m still avoiding all dairy so I didn’t get to taste it, but they got an A+ for cleaning the kitchen and washing all the dishes.

I am working on… 
finding ways to control the nauseousness. I’ve been so sick!  I keep reminding myself that this is a good sign, and trying my best to offer it up.

I am creating…
a Chemistry Study Folder with Snuggles as we review all of the lessons we’ve completed so far this year in Focus on Elementary Chemistry.  He has really been enjoying this unit study and it’s the first thing he wants to work on when he wakes up in the morning!

I am going…
to sleep so early each night…  I can’t seem to stay awake much past 9pm, which is crazy! I’m falling behind on all the things I usually get done late at night, after the children are asleep, like blogging and answering emails.  I know I need the extra sleep. Snuggles keeps reminding me that I’m “Growing a Baby!”

I am hoping…
to have a chance to post Chiquita’s birthday pictures. She keeps asking when they will be on the blog.  Soon!

I am praying…
that baby is healthy and growing, and that all will look good at my ultrasound next Friday.

I am reading…
The time at the pool has finally given me a chance to start reading some of the books that have been piling up on my nightstand beginning with Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler! Next up is The Little Oratory and Teaching From a State of Rest (or Kindle version here).

I’ve also been reading Hittite Warrior aloud after lunch while the children work on various projects.

Pondering these words…
from today’s Quiet Moment in Catholic Digest:

One of the most beautiful moments in history was that when pregnancy met pregnancy when child bearers became the first heralds of the King of Kings. Ven. Fulton Sheen

I am listening… 
to the Andy Griffith Show.  The children are watching an episode with their Dad.

Around the house…
I keep finding little Bible Story illustrations that Chiquita has been creating inspired by her Great Adventure Kids Bible Story Coloring Book. We will have to add these to her timeline.

One of my favorite things…  
watching Rose with her big brothers.  She sure has them wrapped around that little finger of hers.

This week’s plans…

  • Sunday: Mass for the Feast of Ascension 
  • Monday-Thursday: Swimming Lessons
  • Tuesday: Final Lessons with Tutor before Summer Break
  • Friday: Dating Ultrasound!

A little peek at my day…
My husband had to work again today so I took the children to the annual Young Hunters Day.  They had a blast shooting arrows, throwing tomahawks, and so much more!


  1. Cassandra

    I love your reading list, I am right there with you. Fulwiler's SOTG was so good, I think I finished it in three days, and I'm not even going to admit how late I stayed up those couple of nights. Husband and I started 33 Days to Morning Glory, with an aim to consecration to Mary on June 28, and since there really isn't as much reading as I thought there would be, Little Oratory is in my amazon cart. I have had it on my wishlist for so long now, and since it's what all the cool kids are doing these days, I think it's time to get with the program. And thanks for the Teaching from Rest recommendation, added it to my list for next on my summer list! We have just a few loose ends to tie up for school, but mostly it already feels like summer, and like it's time to pick and order curriculum for next year. I'll keep your family and new baby's health in my prayers, and hope that your energy makes a return soon!

    2014-06-01 06:01:22

  2. dena

    That chocolate cake your sons baked looks so good, I almost licked my computer screen!

    2014-06-01 10:29:32

  3. Karen

    Try vitamin B6 for the nausea. It helped me with the nausea during the 1st trimester. The midwife wanted me to take something called Diclegis or something like that which wasn't on the market two years before that with my previous pregnancy. It was a combination of unisom and B6 but I wasn't interested in taking unisom after looking at the side effects so I opted to just try B6 and it did help. It didn't eliminate the nausea but it was certainly reduced.

    2014-06-01 12:07:12

  4. nancycarabiobelanger

    So happy to hear about your new blessing, Jessica. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy. God bless xoxo

    2014-06-01 14:24:26

  5. Patty

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! How wonderful! The stress of an addition and the nausea, you are a strong woman. When and if you have a chance, could you send me the link on Amazon or the link to the post regarding your leather purse? When I first saw it, it was something that I had been looking for. Since then, I cannot remember the name of the brand. I know you are busy, so when you have a chance, I'd greatly appreciate it. No worries. No rush. (It's on my Christmas wish list 😉

    2014-06-01 15:11:45

  6. Patty

    *addition as in house addition 😉 M

    2014-06-01 15:12:20

  7. Krista

    ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW ROCKS!!!!! 🙂 LOVE IT!!!!! Ginger can hep settle a sour stomach – it might be worth a try. I know it can help chemo patients. I hope you get the water situation with the pump/well worked out so that won't happen again! This is now reason why I will NEVER go on a well/septic system again – too many problems growing up with one, I remember, so now it's municipal water and sewage for us! Prayers for baby and your pregnancy! Hopefully with summer coming, your workload may be a bit lessened on the school front anyways. Blessings!

    2014-06-01 15:22:44

  8. Jennifer W.

    Try coconut milk in place of milk in recipes. It does give it a mild coconut flavor, but not too much. My baby has dairy allergies, so I've been eating coconut milk ice cream and using coconut milk in recipes. I miss cheese though. : / Blessings, Jennifer

    2014-06-01 20:00:25

  9. Dixie

    So glad you found something that helped, Karen! I took Diclegis with this pregnancy; do keep it in mind if it gets to where you're really having trouble functioning. It worked better for me than taking the Unisom/B6 combo (which I did last time). Like Karen says about her experience with B6, Diclegis didn't eliminate the nausea, but it improved things (mostly, it kept me from vomiting), and made it so I didn't have to take anything less well-studied. Diclegis is actually a category A (the safest) drug for pregnancy, which almost nothing else is. Of course, it's still a medicine, but it's in the same safety category as prenatal vitamins. It's been used for 30+ years in Canada under the name Diclectin, so they have a lot of info on it. Hope you find some relief soon one way or another, and have a great report from the ultrasound!

    2014-06-02 00:50:50

  10. kari

    I love their modest swimsuits! So refreshing to see. That cake looks delicious! I'm so sorry about the stress in dealing with the concrete. I hope you get to feeling better soon. That's always so hard for me too.

    2014-06-02 00:55:40

  11. Eliana

    Praying for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy!

    2014-06-02 04:51:35

  12. Rosalie

    So happy to hear of your new blessing, Jessica~~I will pray to St. Gerard as you enter this beautiful Journey and thanks for sharing all with us…Congratulations! Rosalie

    2014-06-02 12:41:12

  13. Jessica Gordon

    I'm really enjoying reading it but no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to stay awake long enough to finish it quickly and our days have been so full! I'm getting closer to finishing it though and can't wait to move on to the next books. 🙂 Thank you for the prayers!

    2014-06-02 18:07:11

  14. Jessica Gordon

    I think it might have looked better than it tasted! The first question my husband asked the boys after taking a bite was "Is this a "diet" cake?" lol I guess the recipe in their Chemistry book didn't turn out as moist as the "pudding in the mix" type of chocolate cakes! 🙂

    2014-06-02 18:09:43

  15. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks for the suggestions, Karen & Dixie! Other than vitamins I haven't ever taken prescription medications for nauseousness (the copay was way too high with past pregnancies)… I will have to pick up some B6 (I have a BStress Complex that I take sometimes, I wonder if that would help?). Some days I start to think I have it figured out (between eating the right types of foods – lots of protein seems to help the most) but then I have a morning like today where I am just now finally making it out of the bathroom and it's nearly noon… bleh… I'm trying to take my prenatals each day, but they definitely make me much worse.

    2014-06-02 18:15:38

  16. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Patty! I haven't been feeling very strong lately. . . You'd think after so many pregnancies it would get a little easier! Anyways, my purse is The Sak Kendra Tote and I posted about it here: The Big Purse Dump

    2014-06-02 18:18:29

  17. Jessica Gordon

    I love coconut milk, especially the ice cream! I sure wish there was a yummy alternative for cheese. That is really the hardest part of giving up dairy!

    2014-06-02 18:20:09

  18. Jessica Gordon

    I've had some ginger chews stashed in my purse since the week I found out I was pregnant. It really does seem to help sometimes. Thank you so much for the prayers! I am looking forward to summer, though we will be continuing some subjects (particularly Math) to get a jump start on the new school year. With swimming lessons this week and last it feels like summer has already started! Next up will be golf camp, and then a couple other summer camps for all the big kids… Not to mention birthdays in June, July, and August! I think the summer is going to end up flying by!

    2014-06-02 18:24:12

  19. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Kari! 🙂

    2014-06-02 18:24:47

  20. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Rosalie! The extra prayers are such a blessing!

    2014-06-02 18:25:47

  21. Krista

    Oh, it sounds like the kids are having a really great time with all that they will be doing this summer! We just got out on our motor boat yesterday and will go again today, too! We've had two NICE days here – sunny and upper 70's/low 80's! I'll have to send you pictures! You probably already know this, but eating small meals/snacks throughout the day – and probably night – can help the "blehhh" feeling – keeps your blood sugar level more. I think part of the sick feelings ARE due not only to hormones, but blood sugar. Have you tried doing that? Especially if it hits more in the morning, try and eat before going to bed and maybe even getting up in the night for a snack? Maybe this will help you and also saltine crackers – I think no salt – can help – the bland stuff to just keep some food in there. Prayers to get you feeling better and OUT OF THE BATHROOM, GIRL!!!!! 🙂

    2014-06-02 18:32:54

  22. Krista

    PS – we also school year round, with a lighter summer schedule – mostly math, phonics/reading and some science projects and sometimes a history project. It makes the "regular" year a bit easier!

    2014-06-02 18:34:24

  23. Olivia

    Congratulations! I must have missed the baby announcement post while we were moving. How wonderful. And the nausea, oh, it's the worst part! Blech. I hope it passes soon.

    2014-06-02 18:46:03

  24. Debbie

    Hi Jessica, As a mother of a dear son and beautiful twin baby girls so many years ago…I learned that a simple cold wash cloth placed behind your neck can help with nausea…and ginger ale (if you don't mind the calories) to help settle your stomach.~ Each day you and your precious little one are in my prayers. I believe that our Dear Lord and His Beautiful Blessed Mother will help you through this early part of your pregnancy. Sincerely, Debbie

    2014-06-02 21:58:18

  25. snowbabies

    Wonderful news you snuck in there Jessica! I'll keep you in my prayers as we plug along here with. Our US is next week. Your children are all growing up! Blessings everywhere. Emily

    2014-06-03 02:51:41

  26. Jessica Gordon

    Congratulations to you too, Emily! That is so exciting!

    2014-06-03 13:20:20

  27. Jessica Gordon

    I was at a health food store the other day and stocked up on Ginger Ale! I will have to try the cold wash cloth. Thanks for the tip, and I really appreciate the prayers! Thankfully today is off to a better start than yesterday! 🙂

    2014-06-03 13:22:40

  28. Debbie

    oops Jessica I forgot to mention yesterday that a cold wet washcloth under your arm pits also helps for nausea. It may sound strange but a nurse did this for me when I was in the hospital after surgery and my nausea was severe from the pain medications… and it worked so well for me. I have used this method for our children and now our grandchildren and it has helped them as well. I am happy to hear that your are feeling better this morning. Have a wonderful day with your beautiful family. ~Debbie

    2014-06-03 16:34:50

  29. Guest

    Most prenatal vitamins have folic acid which as it turns out is a synthetic version of the very important folate found in nature. The synthetic folic acid is not metabolized the same in all people. In fact about half of the population has a mutation called MTHFR that specifically effects their ability to metabolize folic acid. It's worth being checked for this very common mutation especially if a woman has ever had a miscarriage. Changing my own prenatal to an organic all natural zero synthetic stuff made a huge difference in the way of morning sickness. I don't know that this would help you personally but I wanted to share just in case it is valuable information to someone. Best wishes on your pregnancy and please tell Chiquita her pictures are absolutely wonderful. She should make a kids book!!!

    2014-06-03 17:48:44

  30. Jennifer

    Great post! My nausea got worse with each pregnancy. I was so grateful to have a 12 year old around last time because I believe I stayed in bed or the bathroom for about 14 weeks. I had horrible migraines as well from caffeine withdrawal. But, that sweetie is downstairs with her siblings and it seems like she's ago (13 months exactly ;). I wouldn't hesitate to get nausea medication if need be. It's hard to run a household when you are so sick. And your kids seem like wonderful helpers so they can pitch in. Hang in the dear! We are praying for you all.

    2014-06-04 11:02:22

  31. Krista

    Debbie, I have passed on this info to a friend of mine who has a blog about breast cancer (she had Stage 3 and is a 2 year survivor now) and helps others with breast cancer or family members, etc. This could be a GREAT tip for chemo patients! I hope it helps some of those women! Thank you!

    2014-06-04 13:49:39

  32. Jessica Gordon

    Oh thank you! Have it marked now. As for getting use to it…let me know the secret. It never got easier…pregnancy or c-sections. People would say, "you have had them before; you should know what to expect." Sorry. Surgeries never are exciting or calming 😉

    2014-06-06 21:49:48


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