Our Annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

by | May 28, 2014 | Easter | 10 comments

While it is still the Easter season, I’m hoping to finally post some of our pictures from Easter Sunday (and Chiquita’s birthday) this year, beginning with our annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

Now that our oldest son is a teenager he enjoyed hiding the eggs this year with his Dad, Grandpa, and Uncles, instead of hunting for the eggs with all of his younger siblings and cousin. He had so much fun! 

.: Hiding Eggs :. 
That silver egg hiding behind Uncle Kevin’s tire rim was nearly impossible for the kids to find even with hints!

Secret Garden Inspired hiding spot by Uncle Brian
How many men does it take to hide a Golden Egg? 
Too obvious.  A couple colored eggs ended up there instead of the golden egg…
The Golden Egg was ultimately hidden/buried at the bottom of a bucket of leaves, and placed under the statue of Mary.  They put additional eggs on the top along with a shovel.
.: Hunting for Eggs :. 
“Where are the eggs?  I don’t see them!” 

“I’m pretty sure the big kids already found all the eggs that were up there with Mary…”   All but one!
And the birthday girl found the Golden Egg! 


  1. Melanie

    too cute. Those men take that egg hiding very seriously!

    2014-05-28 20:24:46

  2. Christine

    I sometimes wonder who has more fun: the hiders or the hunters! In your house, it looks like a definite toss up. 🙂 Happy belated Birthday to the birthday girl! One of niece's celebrated her birthday on Good Friday this year and another celebrated her birthday on Easter Sunday like Chiquita. I am continuing to pray for you and your baby.

    2014-05-29 15:21:43

  3. Krista

    How is that cute, smiling niece of yours doing?????? Is she walking yet? Had she turned 3 now? And I think your brother and SIL are expecting another around Thanksgiving – is that right?

    2014-05-30 01:56:29

  4. Eliana

    Thanks for sharing all of your lovely Easter photos! You are very creative about finding places to hide those eggs!!

    2014-05-30 06:47:19

  5. Jessica Gordon

    My niece will actually turned 4 this month! She walks occasionally, but not very much. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their new baby girl next month! (I think, I can never remember if her due date is in June or July) Everything has been going wonderfully and they haven't had any cause for concern with this pregnancy! Please keep praying for them! 🙂

    2014-06-01 04:31:52

  6. Krista

    Oh, I remember now – she ANNOUNCED her pregnancy at Thanksgiving, I think it was! 🙂 God love them for being such wonderful parents for her with all her needs! I hope that your SIL has a safe and healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! How exciting for them! It will be wonderful for your niece to have a sibling, too! I hope it won't be too hard for them with the extra "work" with the baby. They will have many demands, huh? I hope your niece will be able to walk more and more as she gets stronger and older! Do the docs expect her to? She is a doll!

    2014-06-01 15:27:35

  7. Jessica Gordon

    I'm a little late responding, but you have a great memory! It was at Thanksgiving that they announced the pregnancy! 🙂 We went over to there home yesterday afternoon for the 4th of July and Meagan is 37 weeks along now. It won't be much longer now! And yes, they will have so many demands, and I'm trying to convince my SIL to let me organize meals for them for awhile as they adjust to a new baby in the house. So exciting! 🙂

    2014-07-05 23:23:37

  8. Krista

    Oh, wow – getting close now! I had my daughter at 37 weeks via emergency c-section and she was only 3lbs, 6oz. & 15 " long…! You could hardly tell I was pregnant! I think it would be great if she does accept your help for meals – it will be good for you both, ya know?!? It will help the healing. Sounds like you guys had a nice 4th! We headed out to our boat today and watched the boat parade that they have each year at the lake! The boats get all decked out with flags, banners and such and stroll around the lake and hope to win prizes for certain categories! It was a lovely day here, too, after we had a TERRIBLE hail/t-storm on Thursday that caused a lot of local damage and power outs! This weekend it's sunny, upper 70's and dry!!! 🙂

    2014-07-05 23:34:16

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Good idea! I'll have to tell her she needs to let me do it for my sake! 😉 She has never wanted a baby shower either, so coordinating meals is the least we can do to help. I'll keep working on her. 🙂 Weather can be so crazy. . . We broke records here last week with a high of 109! The boat and parade sounds like a blast!

    2014-07-05 23:43:36

  10. Krista

    109?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????? GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!!!!!!!! I've been in Vegas in July and that was 106 and THAT was enough!!! Whew!!! Yes, keep working on your SIL!!! 🙂 I didn't want a baby shower, either, so it ended up that people gave to us when baby was born, so they all "got us good" in the end! 🙂 Yes, the boat parade is a lot of fun! Heading to the lake tomorrow, too! We've been boating now for 10 summers and LOVE it!!!! We've got our boat moored at the lake and there are lots of camps/homes over there and state parks, too! So, if you guys ever come RVing out east there are all sorts of state parks in these here parts and we'll take you all for a cruse on the lake! 🙂

    2014-07-06 01:09:58


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