The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever . . .

by | May 22, 2014 | {phfr}, Pregnancy | 107 comments

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“Motherhood involves a special communion with the mystery of life, as it develops in the mother’s womb. The mother is filled with wonder at this mystery of life, and ‘understands’ with unique intuition what is happening inside her. In the light of the ‘beginning’, the mother accepts and loves as a person the child she is carrying in her womb. This unique contact with the new human being developing within her gives rise to an attitude towards human beings – not only towards her own child, but every human being – which profoundly marks the woman’s personality.”

~ Saint John Paul II

After an extra long cycle and a couple weeks of negative tests (starting with the day we spent driving to the DMV) I had quite the surprise on the morning of May 11th, which happened to be Mother’s Day this year!

I had really started to think that our last baby was going to be our last. My paternal grandmother delivered her last biological child in her early 30’s, before adopting a few more children, and I started thinking perhaps it would be the same for me.

A couple months ago, following some more blood tests, and discovering that my Vitamin D levels were extremely low, my doctor put me on a weekly mega dose (50,000 iu) of Vitamin D for 8 weeks. I just took the final dose last week.  Did you know that Vitamin D may dramatically improve fertility? I didn’t!


I think my husband was a little suspicious when I arrived home on May 10th with ten large chocolate bars. #happymothersdaytome 😉 I had been craving chocolate like crazy and stopped at the store on a mission to find some dairy-free chocolate.

Coconut Cream Filled Dark Chocolate. Almond Butter Creme Filled Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds. Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Almonds. They were all Buy-1-Get-1-Free and I stocked up!

Of course Chocolate (and Coffee) are now making me extra nauseous, so all but two of those chocolate bars are still sitting right here next to the computer… We stopped at the store this morning to pick up some more eggs, meat, lettuce and avocados. Now all I want to eat is protein and veggies!


There is some confusion on the baby’s due date. According to the first day of my cycle, I should be due on January 5th, which would put baby at around 7 1/2 weeks. (My first tear-filled reaction to that date was “Are you kidding?! I average 10 days early! I could actually deliver on Christmas this time… THREE Christmas time babies in a row?! I should have never joked about having a baby every Christmas!”) I know God always sends us the graces we need, but I have still been feeling overwhelmed.

My husband and I went in for a dating ultrasound early this morning and I’m definitely not that far along yet. It’s still too early for the doctor to give me an accurate due date, but according to the baby’s current development she said I’m probably due around January 25th and currently only 4-5 weeks pregnant. That means Mother’s Day (day 42 of my cycle) was actually only about one week after conception and I was only 3 weeks pregnant when the test came back positive! After I came home this morning and looked at my entries in my iPeriod App, my due date couldn’t be any later than January 18th-21st. Either way this would have been the longest cycle I’ve had in many, many years, and I’ve had quite a few long cycles in the past. God has a plan and He is definitely in control. We are so grateful for this new blessing!

This morning, before my ultrasound, I thought I would come home and share a picture of our newest little family member. Afterwards I was torn since it is still so very early, but I have such a hard time keeping this type of news secret and I’d really appreciate any prayers you can spare for the health of our tiny little baby. Having miscarried in the past I’ve been nervous lately, not to mention sick and oh SO tired! Will you please keep me and baby in your prayers?

God’s plans are all in place, 
and I’m really growing fast.
Mommy may not be feeling well
but you know this will not last. 
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  1. melanie

    yayayay! spread some this way, huh? 😉 Im in a similarish situation, my baby is going to be two this month, and I will be 40 this year…starting to feel paranoid that I wont conceive again! Maybe need to find me some vitamin D! 😉

    2014-05-22 02:37:58

  2. Heather

    Congratulations on your new blessing! We will definitely keep your family in our prayers!

    2014-05-22 02:40:16

  3. Ashley

    Congratulations! I will be praying for you!

    2014-05-22 02:41:15

  4. Celeste

    Congratulations!! You and baby will be in my prayers. What wonderful news!!

    2014-05-22 02:43:14

  5. katie

    what wonderful news! keeping you and baby in our prayers. 🙂

    2014-05-22 02:43:18

  6. Amanda

    So exciting! Prayers for a blessed pregnancy with this sweet child!

    2014-05-22 02:45:07

  7. Mary

    Congratulations! Oh, SO happy for you!!!!!

    2014-05-22 02:46:57

  8. Erin

    such EXCITING news!!! praying{{}}

    2014-05-22 02:47:21

  9. mary

    congratulations! 🙂

    2014-05-22 02:49:15

  10. Cassie

    Congratulations and prayers!

    2014-05-22 02:49:27

  11. Cecilia Therese

    Hurray! What wonderful news. Congratulations.

    2014-05-22 02:50:18

  12. Saiorse

    Congratulations!! Prayers for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby. Hmmmm – vitamin D and fertility LOL maybe it was treating my deficiency that helped us be blessed with our little girl last year – 4.5 years after our last son.

    2014-05-22 02:52:59

  13. Joene merlo

    I'm so happy for you! Lots of prayers coming your way! Joene

    2014-05-22 02:56:51

  14. Kathleen L

    Congrats, prayers and hugs for you and your family!

    2014-05-22 02:58:24

  15. @Jenpanic0

    WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! I love hearing news of pregnancy!! Especially when I am with child also. Its so much fun when there are other Moms that are in the same time!! I will defiantly keep you, baby and family in my prayers!!! 😀 😀 I'm so excited for yoU!! May you be showered with Grace and comfort in your nausea!!!

    2014-05-22 03:00:04

  16. thegirlwhopaintedtrees

    Congratulations! I was hoping to have that same good news, but it didn't happen for us this month. I will be praying for your pregnancy.

    2014-05-22 03:02:58

  17. Marie

    Congratulations Jessica!!! Grow, baby, grow!!!!

    2014-05-22 03:16:35

  18. Lindy

    Congratulations and lots of prayers.

    2014-05-22 03:23:26

  19. trippingtoheaven

    congratulations, we are due around the same time Jan 18 over here 🙂 My Vit D levels were also low, and now I wonder if that contributed to my miscarriage in Feb. I've been on the mega dose of Vit D (round 2 right now) and didn't know it increased fertility, great information to know!

    2014-05-22 03:30:01

  20. Christine

    Oh congratulations, Jessica! I know the fears that you are feeling. Each time that I felt them, I would pray a Memorare. Our Blessed Mother helped me relax and trust. Drink lots of water and get some rest. You and baby will be in my prayers

    2014-05-22 03:32:26

  21. Cjbruner

    I love your family and am so glad to hear of the new addition! How awesome! My one and only is too far from home and too much out of touch…. Your sharing of yours and letting us all be a part of your journey brings me joy and makes me feel part of your family… Thank you so much! And many blessings on all of you! +++

    2014-05-22 03:39:14

  22. Eileen

    Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing.

    2014-05-22 03:47:59

  23. Pulchra Doctrina

    So happy for you all!!! What a beautiful gift 🙂 May your pregnancy be truly blessed!

    2014-05-22 03:55:11

  24. cay


    2014-05-22 03:56:05

  25. Michele Y

    I had super low vit D between babies this time too!!! Also on the megadose for quite some time. Longest between pregnancies in several years here too 🙂 Baby #10 in 9 weeks! Prayers for you and your little one! I am thrilled for you!

    2014-05-22 03:56:56

  26. Sonja

    Congrats! What a perfect Mother's Day gift!!!

    2014-05-22 04:00:26

  27. myhearthasfeet

    Oh Happiness!!!! Congratulations!!! I bet your children are just giddy!

    2014-05-22 04:00:57

  28. Karla in MN

    SOOOOOO happy for you! What a huge blessing, congratulations! May God bless and keep you, shine His face upon you, and give you Grace and Peace.

    2014-05-22 04:12:13

  29. Micaela

    What a wonderful surprise! Many many prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I'm due in November and my "baby" is 3.

    2014-05-22 04:29:59

  30. AnneMarie

    Oh, Jessica, congratulations! You all must be so excited! I don't know if you have your progesterone levels checked, but I always get natural progesterone shots from a Creighton doctor to avoid miscarriage. And I'm also on Vitamin D. A lot of us are low b/c we stay inside most of the time, unlike our ancestors who milked cows and had huge vegetable gardens and no AC. I'm due on Jan 6th, and I am hoping to go early, but we'll see what God has in store. Your intentions will be remembered in our family rosary. God bless you!

    2014-05-22 04:41:15

  31. Kerry Wolf

    That's wonderful Jess! I am happy for you. I am sad that, at this time in my life (age 48) and with my beloved dying last year, my baby days are behind me. Trying to go through the death of a husband, the teen years of a child with aspergers syndrome alone, and menopause, all at once, is rough. But God will get me through it. Anyhow, I love reading about your beautiful family–you are an inspiration to young moms everywhere! Kerry

    2014-05-22 04:43:48

  32. Lindsay

    I'm so happy for you! Co grays, and I will keep you in my prayers!

    2014-05-22 04:50:47

  33. Jamie F.

    Oh Jess!! I am so happy for you and Sean!! Please be assured of my continued prayers!! Jamie

    2014-05-22 05:27:12

  34. Genevieve

    What exciting news! I'm sure it seems like forever between babies, but to some of us it seems like yesterday! I'm so happy for you! Look into eating foods that are high in Magnesium to alleviate some morning sickness. Almonds and sunflower seeds are full of magnesium. Be assured of my prayers for you, baby, and the whole family! Congratulations!

    2014-05-22 06:08:38

  35. sandra

    Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and will pray for a safe pregnancy for you.

    2014-05-22 07:15:23

  36. Bernadette

    Congratulations, wonderful news for you and your family, praying for safe arrival of a beautiful healthy baby.

    2014-05-22 08:25:57

  37. Marisa

    Congratulations! Rest assured of our prayers! St. Catherine (patron saint of miscarriages) protected our newest baby, so we'll ask for her intercession! Blessings, Marisa M.

    2014-05-22 10:56:18

  38. Marisa

    Congratulations! Rest assured of our prayers! St. Catherine (patron saint of miscarriages) protected our newest baby, so we'll ask for her intercession! Blessings, Marisa M.

    2014-05-22 10:57:41

  39. Joanne B.

    Congratulations and many blessings! I offer prayers for you and your baby's health. I have a ten month old and thought that I was going from postpartum to pre-menopause but alas I'm also expecting my seventh sometime after Christmas. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will turn 47 before then!

    2014-05-22 11:11:02

  40. Krista

    Yes, have your progesterone level checked. Making sure it is normal can help to avoid miscarriage. Congrats about Baby!!!!!!!!!!!! You will share a birthday close to Baby!!!!! Make sure you don't lift anything too heavy, especially when grocery shopping or doing whatever around the house – get Sean or the older boys to help with that. VERY EXCITED FOR YOU AND SEAN AND THE KIDS!!!! A NEW BABY!!!!!!

    2014-05-22 11:35:13

  41. delaneyfam

    Congratulations! I will be offering up my own nervousness and anxiety with my current pregnancy for you too!

    2014-05-22 11:57:43

  42. scmom4

    Congratulations, Jessica! Such glorious news. Take care of yourself (do I sound like a broken record?). Take time every day to rest, rest, rest. And have that Vitamin D checked repeatedly. My doctors put me on 50,000 ius a week as well, and it came up but was temporary. Even taking 2000 every day it came right back down and I'm back on 50,000. Especially since you are off dairy, you should stay on top of it. Low D causes a lot of problems. Of course, to those readers who are trying to get pregnant — don't take more than 2000 ius without having your levels checked. Jessica, do you take fish oil supplements? Omega 3s are good for baby and you — so eat fish or take supplements. I'm all finished lecturing. Just don't make me come and tuck you into bed. 😉 Though I'd really love to.

    2014-05-22 12:01:05

  43. Sunshine

    Congratulations! <3 Prayers!

    2014-05-22 12:06:52

  44. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Melanie! Saying a little prayer for you! 🙂

    2014-05-23 13:42:43

  45. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Heather! I am so grateful for all the prayers!

    2014-05-23 13:43:05

  46. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Ashley! 🙂

    2014-05-23 13:43:22

  47. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Celeste! I so appreciate the prayers!

    2014-05-23 13:44:07

  48. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Amanda! ♥

    2014-05-23 13:44:50

  49. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Saiorse! That is so interesting! Congratulations on your new little girl! ♥

    2014-05-23 13:46:55

  50. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Joene! We are so grateful for all the prayers! 🙂

    2014-05-23 13:47:21

  51. Jessica Gordon

    lol We are all pretty excited here! 🙂 Congratulations to you and your family too, and thank you for the prayers!

    2014-05-23 13:48:18

  52. Jessica Gordon

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Praying God will send you a new little one soon. God bless you and your family, and thank you for the prayers!

    2014-05-23 13:48:58

  53. Jessica Gordon

    Oh! Wow! We are due at pretty much the same time! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage, and will say a prayer for you and this baby! God bless you!

    2014-05-23 13:50:10

  54. Katie

    Congratulations to all of you – babies are the best news!

    2014-05-22 12:08:57

  55. amandamarkel

    Congratulations…wonderful news, and wonderful timing!

    2014-05-22 12:28:33

  56. TheresaEH

    congratulations from Canada eh!

    2014-05-22 12:29:59

  57. katie

    Congratulations Jessica!!! How exciting! Definitely count on our prayers! Thanks for sharing the interesting detail about Vitamin D. Just this week I srarted taking my capsule regularly, since the doctor told me I had a deficiency. Would be wonderful if it has effects! 😉

    2014-05-22 12:32:44

  58. Shannon


    2014-05-22 12:58:36

  59. Jennifer in TX

    Congratulations, Jessica! Holding you and your precious baby close in prayer!

    2014-05-22 13:07:07

  60. Liesa Gonzalez

    Congratulations! Sick and tired are annoying, but definitely good signs of a healthy pregnancy. Adding you to my St. gerard prayer list.

    2014-05-22 13:16:02

  61. Beth

    Congrats and prayers!

    2014-05-22 13:16:13

  62. Ellie

    Oh Jessica i am so happy for you. So lovely to hear you all have been blessed with a new baby. I will be keeping you in my daily prayers for sure. And yes, as others have mentioned, having your progesterone levels monitored (blood test) is a good idea in these early weeks: I've had multiple miscarriages, and then the low progesterone was discovered and taking suppliments helped me carry my Calli and then Joshua. So it's just a thought! Much love and prayers for you!

    2014-05-22 13:24:51

  63. Kris

    Sometimes, it is news like this that can just make a persons day. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

    2014-05-22 13:26:31

  64. Celine

    What wonderful news! You and your family are in my daily prayers. So exciting to think of another birth : ) I'm very happy for you and your whole family!!! Do the kids know?

    2014-05-22 13:32:16

  65. Kathy@9peas

    This is just the happiest news! Congratulations!!!

    2014-05-22 13:34:19

  66. Lindsay K

    Congratulations! Will be praying for you! 🙂

    2014-05-22 14:10:52

  67. gardenia

    Congratulations, Jessica and family. I'll be praying for you and baby! Gardenia

    2014-05-22 14:24:21

  68. Bonnie

    Congratulations ! Such wonderful news for your family. We will keep you in our prayers.

    2014-05-22 11:47:00

  69. heathermama3

    Many, many congratulations!!! We will pray for you.

    2014-05-22 14:27:44

  70. Hildegard

    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you! Briana @justamousehouse

    2014-05-22 14:35:53

  71. Randee Lynn

    Praise be to God! I will be praying for you and your little one. God gave us our last child when when I was 40 and he has been such a blessing to us as my husband and I get older. All of our children are blessings from God but the ones that we have in our old age are special. May God richly bless your family.

    2014-05-22 14:42:27

  72. Eliana

    Congratulations on the exciting news! Praying God will bless you with a safe and healthy pregnancy!

    2014-05-22 15:09:44

  73. jbc2789

    Congratulations!! Keeping you and baby in my prayers!

    2014-05-22 16:56:25

  74. Sarah

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family 🙂 I will definitely keep you and baby in my prayers!!!

    2014-05-22 17:12:20

  75. Beth

    Congratulations! What a wonderful way to start a new year.

    2014-05-22 17:23:21

  76. Christine M.

    Congratulations! Such wonderful news of God's blessings. You and your family will be in my prayers. God bless!

    2014-05-22 19:03:27

  77. realmom4life


    2014-05-22 19:21:55

  78. Kristina

    Congratulations!!! What an amazing blessing for you and your beautiful family! ((hugs)) 🙂 Kristina

    2014-05-22 19:36:26

  79. kari

    Such wonderful news!! I'm sure everyone is so excited! In less than four weeks we should be welcoming our fifth baby 🙂

    2014-05-22 19:52:16

  80. jmjtotustuus

    A perfect Mother's day "gift" INDEED! God bless!

    2014-05-22 19:57:22

  81. fancyrock

    I will add to the long, long list of ~~CONGRATULATIONS~~ messages you have received! :o) You know well the blessings of Christmas babies. :o) I do, too: the year my Mariposa was born (on 12/27) was the BEST Christmas ever. I agree that it helps you get organized!! My two January babies helped me get "in gear" as well. Such a joy-filled season. I'm looking forward to my late October baby this year…I'm hoping to have Christmas work wrapped up by then so I can really enjoy the holy, joyous season with my new baby and 5 older kids….we'll see if I meet that goal…. :o) Becky near PDX OR

    2014-05-22 20:44:50

  82. Pamela

    I just read this and had the biggest smile on my face!! My husband was wondering why I was so excited I just shared the news and we will be keeping you and your little one in our prayers.

    2014-05-22 22:20:13

  83. Tiffany

    Prayers and biggest congratulations from this Mama's heart to yours! God bless and Mama Mary protect you and that precious new baby:)

    2014-05-22 23:21:43

  84. Sarah

    Congratulations, Jessica! How exciting! God bless you and baby!

    2014-05-23 04:03:16

  85. Crystal

    Yay! Jessica! I am so happy for you and Sean! And the kids 🙂 what a blessing! We will pray for you and your little one.

    2014-05-23 04:51:04

  86. Valerie

    Precious new life! Prayers for you and thoughts from NZ.

    2014-05-23 08:46:10

  87. DeirdreLMLD

    What an amazing Mother's Day surprise!! Congratulations!

    2014-05-23 12:24:48

  88. michele

    I am so happy for you, Jessica!! I'll definitely be praying for you and your newest little one!

    2014-05-23 14:16:44

  89. Jennifer I.

    Congratulations, Jessica!!!!! I've been reading since you were pregnant with Rose and literally started to jump for joy when I saw your news! Many, many blessings! You and your family are in my prayers.

    2014-05-23 19:26:54

  90. Bernadette

    Exciting news! Congratulations to you and your family, Jessica! Know that you will continue to be in my prayers! 🙂

    2014-05-23 21:16:48

  91. Rachel

    That is such wonderful news! Try not to be too nervous, all is in God's hands. Blessings.

    2014-05-23 22:24:24

  92. Raissa

    Congratulations!! I'm a reader from Brazil and follow your blog since 2012, you and your family are such an inspiration. I'll be praying for your baby and family. God bless!

    2014-05-25 00:17:46

  93. Mom2Seven

    Warmest congratulations and heartfelt prayers! May God bless you all! +JMJ+

    2014-05-25 18:40:27

  94. Amy

    Ahh!! Just made my day, I love hearing happy news. It took me years, but I figured out the vit d thing too. I take a mega dose and feel much better. God bless you and the new addition! I will keep you both in my prayers.

    2014-05-25 23:56:48

  95. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you all so much for the prayers and comments! I'm hoping to respond to each of you, but it might take a little time! 🙂 God bless you all!!!

    2014-05-26 15:44:20

  96. Jamie Jo

    I am so late reading this!! I am so very happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers Jessica!! Love you!

    2014-05-27 02:24:43

  97. Amanda

    Congratulations Jessica! I got married this year and I hope to be so good mather how you are. God bless you all!

    2014-05-27 20:53:01

  98. Amy

    Congratulations! We will be praying for you and your family.

    2014-05-30 17:20:55


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