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This year I asked my friend Trina if she wanted to participate in my annual online curriculum sale link-up.  She is a Catholic home-educating mother of eight (baby to senior in high school!) and I first met her while her husband was the Youth Minister at our parish.  She has been such a blessing this year, coming out a few days a month (most Tuesday mornings) to help tutor all of our older children in Saxon Math and work with our first grader using Primary Arts of Language.  Last week was her last day for this school year and I miss her already!

If you are interested in purchasing any books from Trina, pictured in this post, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is now part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won’t be displayed publicly.)  I will forward the comment/email notifcation directly to Trina so she can get back to you with the total including shipping, along with her Paypal email address.  She will also be following the comments on this blog post.

Shipping will be a flat rate of $4.00 for 1-3 items (if they will fit in a padded envelope) and $7.00 for a box of any size, to help cover the cost of packaging and media rate postage in the United States.

Out of consideration for Trina and everyone else participating in the Curriculum Sale Blog Hop, please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly, preferably within 24 hours, unless other arrangements have been made. I’ve disabled comment moderation for a few days so that the comments/requests will show up immediately and will also update the post as quickly as possible with “sales pending.”

Thank you!

(Note:  I’ve started adding links to this post for your convenience. Most links are affiliate links.)

All TEACHING TEXTBOOKS. All spiral books are missing some pages.

Math 3 Spiral + Answer Booklet – $5 Reduced to $2.50

Math 4 Spiral + Answer Booklet – $5  (SOLD)

Math 4 CD’s + Spiral + Answer Booklet – $55 (SOLD)

Math 5 CD’s + Answer Booklet – $50 (SOLD)

Math 6 Spiral + Answer Booklet – $5 Reduced to $2.50

Saxon Math 5/4 Softcover Homeschool Student Edition, 3rd Edition – $10 (SOLD)

Saxon Math 5/4 Hardcover Student Edition @1990 – $3 Reduced $1.50

Saxon Math 6/5 Hardcover Student Edition, 3rd Edition – $10 Reduced $5.00 (Sale Pending)

Saxon Math 6/5 Hardcover 2nd Edition – $3 Reduced to $1.50

Saxon Algebra Hardcover Student Edition + Solutions Manual, 2nd Edition – $5 (SOLD)

Intermediate Algebra, Gustafson~Frisk, Hardcover, 8th Edition, Teacher Edition – $2 Reduced to $1

Horizons Math 2 Workbook, Book 2 (writing on first 5 pages, rest is unused) – $4 (SOLD)

FIRST FORM LATIN, Complete Set + set of unopened Flashcards
(In like new condition, except first 3 lessons in student workbook & quizzes/test book have been filled in. Remaining 31 lessons untouched.)
Teacher Manual
Workbook & Test Key
Student Workbook
Student Text
Quizzes & Tests Book
Unopened set of Flashcards
ALL $30  (SOLD)

The Evangelization of the New World: Hispanic Influence in American History – $5  (SOLD)

Before America (Sharkey, Margaret, Furlong) – $5  (SOLD)

The Old World & America + Answer Key (Rev. Philip J. Furlong) – $9  (SOLD)

Our Pioneers & Patriots + Answer Key (Rev. Philip J. Furlong) – $11  (SOLD)

The Usborne TIME TRAVELER (Hardcover) – $6 (SOLD)

Chester Comix (history), all brand new. $2.50 each. ALL 15 for $25. (SOLD)
Slavery’s Storm
Freedom Train
Heroic Folk
Revolutionary City
War for Independence
Exploring the Americas
Founding Fathers
Virginia Geography Tours
Moving & Grooving
Ancient Africa
Vital Virginians
Tar Heel Tales
Reconstruction Junction
The Jamestown Journey

Sound Beginnings, 4th Edition. Julia M. Fogassy. Published by Our Father’s House.
Spiral Teacher’s Manual
Composition Notebook
Extra composition sheets
ENTIRE SET $50 Reduced to $25.00 (SOLD)

BUILDING CHRISTIAN ENGLISH by Rod & Staff Publishers. All in great condition.
English 2 “Preparing to Build” Student Book + Teacher Manual – $13 Reduced to $6.50
English 3 “Beginning Wisely” Student Book + Teacher Manual + Worksheets – $15 (SOLD)
English 4 “Building with Diligence” Test Booklet + Worksheets – $3 Reduced to $1.50
English 5 “Following the Plan” Student book + Teacher Manual + Test Booklet – $15 (SOLD)

LITTLE HOUSE Series. Set of 9 books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Softcover. Like new. Entire set $15 (SOLD)
Little Town on the Farm
Farmer Boy
Little House on the Prairie
These Happy Golden Years
Little House in the Big Woods
The First Four Years
By the Shores of Silver Lake
On the Banks of Plum Creek
The Long Winter

365 Ways to a Smarter Pre-Schooler$2 Reduced to $1

The rest are large, oversized workbooks:

Pre-School – Grade 1: The Complete Book of Numbers & Counting (missing 100 of 326 pages) – $1 Reduced to 50¢

Scholastic Success with Kindergarten (like new) – $3 Reduced to $1.50

BIG First Grade Book + CD (4-5 pages have writing on them) – $3 Reduced to $1.50

Complete Book of Phonics, Ages 4-8. (missing 50 pages) – $1 Reduced to 50¢

Super Book of Phonics Skills, Grades 1 and 2 – $2 Reduced to $1

Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess by Richard Platt (softcover) – $2 Reduced to $1

The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (softcover)- $2 Reduced to $1

If all the Swords in England by Barbara Willard (softcover) – $3 (SOLD)

White Stallion of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry (softcover) – $3 Reduced to $1.50

Walk the World’s Rim by Betty Baker (softcover)- $2 Reduced to $1

The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy (softcover) – $1 (SOLD)

The Catholic Book of Character & Success by Edward E. Garesche (softcover) – $3 Reduced to $1.50

These are our Freedoms (Seton Reader 7-1) (softcover) – $4 (SOLD)

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius by Anthony Mottola (softcover) – $2 Reduced to $1

Lives of the Artists, Vol. 1, by Georgio Vasari (softcover) – $1 Reduced to 50¢

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary of Charity by Mary Kathleen Glavich (like new, softcover)- $3 (SOLD)

Leading the Little Ones to Mary by Sister Mary Lelia (new, softcover) – $2 (SOLD)

SCORING HIGH Test Booklets (Terra Nova CAT)

Level 1 Teacher Edition – $6 Reduced to $3

Level 2 Student Book (unused) + Teacher Edition – $10 Reduce to $5

Level 3 Teacher Edition – $6 Reduced to $3

Level 4 Student Book (unused) + Teacher Edition – $10 Reduce to $5

Level 4 Teacher Edition – $6 Reduced to $3

Level 5 Student Book (answer bubbles at bottom of pages have been cut out) + Teacher Edition – $8 Reduced to $4

Level 5 New Edition, Teacher Edition – $6 Reduced to $3

Level 7 Student Book (unused) – $5 Reduced to $2.50

Level 8 (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) Student Book (answer bubbles at bottom of pages have been cut out) + Teacher Edition – $8 Reduced to $4

(many of the following syllabi have pencil writing throughout the book)

Mother of Divine Grace Kindergarten Syllabus @2003 – $4 Reduced to $2 (Sale Pending)

Mother of Divine Grace 3rd Grade Syllabus @2003 – $4 Reduced to $2 (Sale Pending)

Mother of Divine Grace 4th Grade Syllabus @2003 – $4 (SOLD)

Mother of Divine Grace 5th Grade Syllabus @2003 – $4 (SOLD)

Mother of Divine Grace 6th Grade Syllabus @2003 – $4 (SOLD)

Composition Workshop (Sadlier-Oxford) – Level Blue Student Book + Teacher Guide – $3 Reduced to $1.50 

Composition Workshop (Sadlier-Oxford) – Level Green Student Book + Teacher Guide – $3 Reduced to $1.50 

Composition Workshop (Sadlier-Oxford) – Level Green Student Book (4 available) – $2 each Reduced to $1 each

Composition Workshop (Sadlier-Oxford) – Level Orange Student Book + Teacher Guide – $3 Reduced to $1.50 

The Writing Road to Reading (Bishop Spalding) – $2 (SOLD)

The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease Workbook Level 2 (like new) – $10 (SOLD)

Composition for Young Catholics (Seton) – $6 Reduced to $3

Spelling Power, 10th Anniversary Edition (Adams-Gordon) Book + Activity Task Cards – $15 (SOLD)

MCP Spelling Workout B Student Edition (pencil writing on first 7 pgs) + Teacher Edition – $10 (SOLD)

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 1 + Teacher Key – $3 Reduced to $1.50

Vocabulary Workshop Level D (Sadlier-Oxford) (2 available) – $2 each  Reduced to $1 each

Easy Grammar: Grades 5 & 6 – $4 Reduced to $2

Alpha-Phonics: A Primer For Beginning Readers (Blumenfeld) – $5 Reduced to $2.50

Voyages in English 6 + Teacher Manual & Key – $10 Reduced to $5

Horizons Level 1 Phonics & Reading: Reader 2, Workbook Book 2, Teacher’s Guide – $5 all Reduced to $2.50

Little Angel Reader Teacher Manual + Reader B + Reader D – $10 (SOLD)

Reading Street (Scott Foresman) Student Book 3.1 – $5 Reduced to $2.50

Reading Street (Scott Foresman) Student Book 5.1 – $5 Reduced to $2.50

The Abracadatlas (Addison-Wesley Reading Program) *some water damage – $1 Reduced to 50¢

Reading 7 for Young Catholics, “Thinking Skills” – $4 (SOLD)

Reading 8 for Young Catholics, “Comprehension” – $4 (SOLD)

Reading Comprehension: Stories of the Saints (Elaine Woodfield) – $2 (SOLD)

The Usborne Book of Knowledge: Five Books in One (hardcover) – $3 (SOLD)

Usborne “Starting Point Science” volume 1 (hardcover) – $2 Reduced to $1

The Usborne “Book of Science: An Introduction to Biology, Physics & Chemistry” (softcover) – $2  Reduced $1

“Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology” (hardcover, book slighty warped) – $13 (SOLD)

“Biology: God’s Living Creation” 2nd Edition (A Beka) (softcover) – $3 (SOLD)

“Science, level 2” (McGraw-Hill) (hardcover) – $3 Reduced to $1.50

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science & Math Using Stuff You Already Have (MacDonald) – $2 Reduced to $1

TOPS Learning Systems #10 “Analysis” Grades 5-10 – $3 (SOLD)

TOPS Learning Systems #13 “Cohesion/Adhesion” Grades 7-12 – $3 (SOLD)

The Older Beginner Piano Course (James Bastien) (Softcover) – $1 (SOLD)

Kids Classics Collection, Volume 1 (Softcover) – $1 Reduced to 50¢

The World Almanac for Kids 1998 (softcover) – .50 Reduced to 25¢

Standardized Test Lessons in Reading Book A – FREE with purchase

CBEST Preparation Guide – FREE with purchase

The BOXCAR CHILDREN SERIES. All softcover. $1.50 each or all 12 for $10. (Sale Pending)
(Blue Book) Mystery of the Hidden Painting
#51 Mystery on the Train
#52 Mystery of the Lost Mine
#53 Guide Dog Mystery
#55 Mystery of the Secret Message
#56 Firehouse Mystery
#57 Mystery in San Francisco
#58 Mystery at the Alamo
#59 Outer Space Mystery
#60 Soccer Mystery
#78 Mystery in the Computer Game
#88 Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse
#89 Mystery of the Star Ruby

Father Lovasik Books:
The Our Father & Hail Mary (6 3 available) – $1 each Reduced to 50¢ each
The Parables of Jesus (5 2 available) – $1 each Reduced to 50¢ each
The Works of Mercy (9  6 available) – $1 each Reduced to 50¢ each
Great Women of the Bible ( 4  1 available) – $1 each Reduced to 50¢ each
Our Lady of Guadalupe (2 available) – $1 each  (SOLD)
St. Paul the Apostle (6 3 available) – $1 each Reduced to 50¢ each
Prayers for Everyday (3 available) – $1 each  (SOLD)

Pauline Books Comics:
St. Elizabeth – $1 (SOLD)
St. Clare of Assisi – $1 (SOLD)
St. Bernadette –  $1  (SOLD)
St. Joan of Arc – $1 (SOLD)
St. Martin –  $1 (SOLD)
St. Vincent de Paul – $1  (SOLD)
St. Maximilian Kolbe –  $1 (SOLD)
St. Bernard of Clairvaux –  $1 (SOLD)
St. Therese of Lisieux –  $1 (SOLD)
James Alberione, Hero for the Gospel –  $1 (SOLD)

Please leave a comment or email Trina directly at millenheft7(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions.  Thank you! 


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