Urgent Prayer Request

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Prayer Request | 68 comments

A dear friend of mine and her husband just found their two year old face down in a bucket of water, not breathing.  Her lips and fingers blue. Please pray that they can revive her. The little one is being air lifted to the hospital.

Please Pray. Thank you!

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Update: Thank you all for the prayers. The precious little one did not make it… I am so heartbroken for their family. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Update #2: We have set up a GoFundMe page here to help with the extraordinary medical and funeral expenses.

O Tender Heart of Jesus, please have mercy on my dear friend’s grieving heart! She has lost her child, and her soul is flooded with tears. And yet she knows that Thou hast not abandoned her. Thou art with her always. Thou hast triumphed over death, so that through Sanctifying Grace, death is not the end of life, but only the beginning of a life of eternal joy and peace. Help her, O Lord, in this time of sorrow, to find consolation in knowing her child is now a saint and enjoys the perfect happiness of living with Thee in Heaven.

O Mary, my Sorrowful Mother, who gazed in sorrow at the sight of thy Son dying on the Cross, please pray for my dear friend and her family in their time of grief. Help them to find peace and comfort in trusting in our merciful Father’s love. May this trial serve to strengthen the bond between their sorrowing hearts, to unite them even more closely to each other, and to deepen their faith and trust in God our Father. Though their sweet child is lost to them in this life, may they know the unutterable joy of meeting their child again in Heaven.

Blessed Zelie Martin, mother of St. Therese the Little Flower, you experienced profound grief when you held four of your children in your arms as they breathed their last breath. Assist my dear friend in her grief, for she too has lost a child. You knew deep sorrow, yet you never grew bitter or angry against God, but always trusted in His infinite mercy and love. Help her to trust Him too. Your faith assured you that your little ones were happy in Heaven, and you found consolation in knowing they were watching over your family and praying for you. Help her, too, to be strengthened by her Catholic Faith, and to find joy in knowing that her precious child is now enjoying the peace and joy of Heaven.

All ye heavenly Angels and Saints, pray for them! Pray for their grieving family! May they never forget to pray to the little member of their family who is watching over them from Heaven. Amen.

Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live: And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die for ever.
John 11:25-26


  1. Heidi Tuberoso

    Praying! Please let us know when you hear news!

    2014-07-14 01:10:40

  2. monica

    Lord have mercy!!! St Rita pray for this child!

    2014-07-14 01:14:44

  3. Jen


    2014-07-14 01:17:34

  4. bcarpay


    2014-07-14 01:17:37

  5. Ellie


    2014-07-14 01:22:24

  6. Debra Hogue


    2014-07-14 01:23:25

  7. Geowne


    2014-07-14 01:23:55

  8. Ilaria

    Praying right away

    2014-07-14 01:24:04

  9. Theresa

    Lifted to the Lord, who breathes the Life of His Holy Spirit into all things…restore this life, dear Jesus

    2014-07-14 01:24:31

  10. Lisa

    Praying! Please let them revive her!

    2014-07-14 01:24:34

  11. jbc2789

    Praying now.

    2014-07-14 01:25:36

  12. plantaseed12

    prayers coming your way…..keep us posted!!!!!

    2014-07-14 01:26:18

  13. annemarieclaire

    May all the angels and saints pray for this precious child. Lord be her health. Amen

    2014-07-14 01:26:19

  14. Elise


    2014-07-14 01:26:54

  15. Lynette

    Dear Lord Jesus…restore this child to her family…we beg of you, have mercy on her and her parents…Blessed Mother have mercy!

    2014-07-14 01:31:17

  16. Jennifer

    Prayers for this family. Many prayers.

    2014-07-14 01:34:56

  17. Jamie


    2014-07-14 01:36:47

  18. Jamie


    2014-07-14 01:38:06

  19. missy


    2014-07-14 01:39:04

  20. Lynette Charlie

    Holy Mother wrap your loving arms around this child. Heavenly Father restore her.

    2014-07-14 01:40:52

  21. Tamie

    Oh that gave me goosebumps – praying from California!

    2014-07-14 01:41:46

  22. Caroline


    2014-07-14 01:42:17

  23. Mary


    2014-07-14 01:44:35

  24. tammy cordery

    may God and Mary mother of God please pray for them.

    2014-07-14 01:46:08

  25. Liz Hansen

    Praying for this little child of God that their parents may once again hold laugh and play with their little one. Give the parents strength to release this challenge and fully rely on Gods grace. Praying from Michigan

    2014-07-14 01:51:19

  26. Bonnie


    2014-07-14 02:02:46

  27. diana

    Someone posted on FB in the comment section that the baby didn’t make it….has anyone else confirmed this? I can’t even imagine the awfulness this poor family has been through….God be with them all.

    2014-07-14 02:03:45

  28. Annie


    2014-07-14 02:06:36

  29. Jennifer

    Lord have mercy! Praying.

    2014-07-14 02:09:08

  30. Elizabeth


    2014-07-14 02:13:50

  31. melody berris

    Pls pray for my husband, Ericson Berris. He is using and selling drugs tog with his live in mistress, into pornography, gambling and is jobless. Pls pray also for his mother Edna Joya, who tolerates his evil ways. St Therese, Pls grant my petition.

    2014-07-14 02:16:08

  32. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for the prayers. I just added the update to this post. Please continue to pray for their family. Such a heavy, heavy cross. . .

    2014-07-14 02:19:53

  33. Amy

    I'm so sorry for your loss and we will continue to pray !

    2014-07-14 02:23:20

  34. jmora4

    so sorry for you friends loss as well as yours. Prayers with you all

    2014-07-14 02:38:06

  35. Jamie Jo

    Oh, no, just seeing this now…praying for this family. My heart is aching for them. So sad. Tears streaming.

    2014-07-14 03:04:51

  36. kimberlee

    Praying here, Jessica. May God in His mercy help them to bear this heavy cross.

    2014-07-14 03:11:36

  37. Michelle

    Just saw this with the update. So heartbreaking. The prayer you posted was beautiful. Many prayers going their way. May peace surround them all.

    2014-07-14 03:13:40

  38. Sylvia

    My heart aches for this family, so sorry to hear that they lost their precious daughter. Prayers will continue!

    2014-07-14 03:15:06

  39. Monica

    We are praying and asking the Sisters to pray for their family as well. Unimaginable and yet it could be any of us. We are with them close in prayer. Ad Jesum per Mariam!

    2014-07-14 03:19:28

  40. val


    2014-07-14 03:28:11

  41. lra

    Heartbroken for this stranger and praying for Jesus to console their hearts. This little one is held in the arms of Jesus and Mary now.

    2014-07-14 03:39:38

  42. Amanda

    Prayers for this family. Heartbreaking.

    2014-07-14 04:05:34

  43. Lena

    I, too, am heartbroken by this news. My family will continue to keep your friends in our prayers. Please keep us posted if there are material needs.

    2014-07-14 04:40:28

  44. chris

    Lord watch over this family in this moment of despair. Nothing but prayers can even help at this time . God bless and may the Lord and angels wrap their arms around this family in their grief.

    2014-07-14 05:23:17

  45. Sharyn

    So sorry to hear this news! Praying for this family!

    2014-07-14 05:29:43

  46. Karina

    This is a beautiful prayer Jessica. Thank you for asking us for prayers, and May Our Mother Mary console this family in their grief.

    2014-07-14 05:56:56

  47. Karen

    Praying for the family.

    2014-07-14 10:38:11

  48. Christine M.


    2014-07-14 13:23:26

  49. ourlittledays

    Such sad news. We too will pray for the family. I cannot imagine how they are feeling at this moment, my heart breaks for them.

    2014-07-14 14:19:03

  50. jbc2789

    So very sad. Praying for the family.

    2014-07-14 15:06:02

  51. Eliana

    Praying for God to comfort them in this unimaginable loss.

    2014-07-14 16:04:22

  52. Christine

    Oh Jessica, I will be praying for this family.

    2014-07-14 16:27:51

  53. Alphy


    2014-07-14 16:55:44

  54. Debra

    Prayers from Louisiana:(

    2014-07-14 18:53:37

  55. Meagan

    Jessica, I'm guessing this is the same family Karen Standley was asking prayers for. Praying for them. May the Sorrowful Heart of Mary comfort them. 🙁

    2014-07-14 19:05:37

  56. Saiorse

    Prayers for this poor family. What a terrible thing. Praying they can find peace.

    2014-07-14 20:56:57

  57. Jessica Gordon

    Yes, it is the same family. They are parishioners at our parish and also belong to our homeschool group.

    2014-07-14 21:00:35

  58. Rachel

    So sorry to read this and praying for this dear family and their little one. It struck a chord with me as my six year old son had a near drowning when he was 18 months, in the pond in my parent's garden. It happens so easily, even with everyone's vigilance. I hope they can find some comfort through our prayers and care.

    2014-07-14 22:14:11

  59. melanie

    Im so very sorry to hear this. I have a two year old little girl. This just breaks my heart. Praying for this family.

    2014-07-14 22:26:20

  60. Erica S.

    We also had a near-drowning experience with our just-turned-four-year old last summer. He was pulled out of the water not breathing and life-flighted to our children's hospital. It can happen so fast. He is totally fine now. My heart breaks for this family. What a great sorrow. A great cross to bear. I have anxiety now when I think about our experience and I can't even imagine the pain this family is in. We will pray!

    2014-07-15 00:41:31

  61. Eric Yang, Ottawa

    Hello, My name is Eric Yang and l am married to Norma Jarbouh for three years now. My prayer request is for the healing of my kidneys and the healing of my marriage to Norma Jarbouh. I speak to reconciliation of my marriage. I want to have peace, unity, love and faith in my marriage. I have always been persecuted in my marriage as l am now on my third. I was in an unexplained coma for one week. I suddenly was diagnosed with kidney disease and hypertension. My marriage is now falling apart as my wife is looking to request for a Divorce. Please help me as l am desperate to maintain my marriage. Thanks for everything in the name of Jesus. Eric Yang

    2014-12-18 10:59:17

  62. Rebecca Ann Chaudoin

    Please pray for Marshall Glover and I . God knows our situation we are in need of prayers urgent . Thank you ,
    Rebecca Ann Chaudoin

    2015-10-01 19:09:30

  63. lisa

    I need prayer please my husband is very hateful to my kids cause he was never a father to his children and he doesn't know how to be a father to mine, hes self centered, after 7 yrs my children are wanting to move to their fathers in nc and I am in ga, cause my husband doesn't show no love he wont let go of his past so whatever happen to him in his past, he punishes us for. I know God doesn't wont me to gived up on my marriage but something has to change I am not going to lose my kids cause my husband Tony has anger issues I know God can heal, please pray for my family. Thank You. God Bless

    2016-01-10 21:56:06

  64. Robin

    Father God, I am your loyal subject and I need your help. My son has assaulted me on numerous occasions and I can't take it any more. He is cruel at his best towards me, bring an immediate, lasting change regarding this matter. I want peace and I want to be emotionally distant from him. No longer will I allow him to break me down. I praise the Lord for he is going to handle this matter swiftly. (Ryan) is being very difficult for me. Please bless the Oil of Miracles to remind him/her of your commandment to obey me as I obey You. I've teach my children to follow your will but he has refused it and continues to violate me and my household. In Jesus name I pray you'll help me Lord. Amen

    2016-05-23 16:57:08

  65. Lola

    Please pray for my son who is an addict, homeless, jobless and very angry with himself and others for not enabling his actions in not getting better. I am at my wits end and my heart is heavy and my mind races with what is going to happen next. I don't sleep at night and I've started to gain weight again cause of the stress and I feel so helpless and a bad parent even though he is 30 yrs old, you always want what's best for your child. I don't have anyone to talk to about this and I am sickened about it. The other prayer I need is my own life, the man that I am with and praying tor to show me if this man is truly dedicated and loves like he says he does. I just started school and pray that FASFA and Student Loans cover it, and I excel in school for bettering my life and circumstances. I find a good decent family or roommates to rent my house or rooms in my house for income, my bankruptcy goes thru with no issues, my son find solace and help, that the man I am with either really wants me or lets me go for good. God will bring Christian friends into my life and I will find someone to talk to about my son and what is happening with his life and someone will help him and God will protect him and God will bring someone in his life that will help him better himself and he will see more than what he is living right now and what he hs losing in life.

    2016-08-12 14:42:07

  66. mark

    son and I were evicted from our apartment because of landlord has someone else he wanted there…just not enough time to find a place. My son Zac who is 16 is now with my gay sister and her friend..she drinks too much..i am living in my car..I have a job but am literally broke till Friday…i am so depressed and stressed right now…not even gas money…please Father help us. I am all my son has. We need a miracle..i have to get him out of there..please pray for our miracle..My other sister practices or whtvr in witchcraft and only wants our harm She is extremely hateful..we need a miracle. My son and I are the ONLY Christians in the family, so we really have no family..please pray for us..Amen

    2016-09-20 17:01:53

  67. Arabindow Baskaran

    Please pray for my daughter Madonna.B to get a suitable job. She is without job since she finished her engineering degree in April 2015. Please also pray for my house to be sold for a good price and all my debts and loan to be cleared. I am unable to sell the house since 3 years.

    2017-03-06 08:46:58

  68. eliane mccaffrey

    I am a Gold Star Mother, my only child Patrick was shot 8 times, and killed in the Iraq war, June 22, 2004. Since 2006, I have worked with homeless OIF-OEF Veterans, giving them a home, food and new purpose, so they had a chance to reclaim their lives, because of lack of funds, I lost my house. Now I am 73 years, with a heart condition (my doctors have told me, that, they can't help me anymore) again, I am about to lose my retirement benefits and housing, I am facing the streets at my age, I am losing my strength and hope. All I like is a peaceful end. Please pray for me and my family. With love and gratefulness to all.

    2018-09-22 21:52:14


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