February Daybook

by | Feb 28, 2015 | Daybook, Pro-Life | 12 comments

Outside my window
We always seem to have at least one gorgeous week in February, so we made sure to soak up the sunshine before the rain clouds came back.

“Come on, Mom! SLIDE!!!”
I am thinking…
It hasn’t all been fun and sunshine this week… I’ve also been spending lots of time at doctors offices. Tuesday afternoon I had yet another appointment with my doctor (for more blood work and a biopsy – ouch!) and on Wednesday (in addition to barely being able to use my left arm) I took our seven year old to see the pediatrician since he’s had a lingering cough for the past four weeks. Thankfully it hasn’t dropped into his chest, but he does have an ear infection. Poor little guy! It was actually the first time I’ve had to take any of the kids to see our wonderful pediatrician in over a year and he kindly handed me the box of Kleenex as I gave him a little update on our family which included my last pregnancy and miscarriage. 

continued from Instagram… “Then, as we pulled back in the driveway, the van died… At least we made it back home before that happened. I’ll be calling the mechanic in the morning and trying to figure out how to get the girls to piano. sigh… I’m trying to offer up these extra little crosses without complaining but failing miserably. Lent has barely started and I’m so ready for Easter!”
I am thankful… 
We’ve been blessed with such an excellent pediatrician. He reminded me that it’s been nearly 15 years since he arrived in our area and our oldest son became one of his first patients! We’ll be seeing him a lot the next couple months since all the children are (over)due for well-child checkups.

I am also thankful that we have a great mechanic and it only cost $29.90 to fix the van, not $2990 like my sister thought when she looked at the receipt! Even though he needed the van all day, and no one else was available to take the girls to piano for me, my mom and sister dropped off my parents Jeep for us to use and it all ended up working out in the end. Whew!

Learning all the time
I’m so excited about the brand new Life Is Precious Culture of Life Unit Study for Elementary Students from American Life League! I was sent a review copy, along with a set that I’ll be giving away here at Shower of Roses, but you can currently purchase this Unit Study at an awesome discount for a limited time!

The program, which will help parents and teachers instill a solid pro-life foundation in their students, uses some of our favorite picture books (including Angel in the Waters and Horton Hears A Who!) to explore age-appropraite culture of life themes such as life as a preborn child, being uniquely created by God, the need to protect the innocent, and defending firmly held beliefs in the face of adversity.” I’ll be starting Lesson 1 with my children soon!

Celebrating the liturgical year…
The children brought home Rice Bowls from our parish on Ash Wednesday and have been adding coins each day.

Bud loves to count the items for each day and place the corresponding number of pennies in his Rice Bowl! (Update: After reading the recent reports on CRS, we will be sending our “pennies” to a different charity this year.)

From the kitchen… 
Grilled Cheese & Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches for lunch and Fish Tacos for dinner.

I am working on… 
finding ways to improve my health and making time to exercise at least a few days each week.

I am creating…
plans for Easter, along with two huge giveaways for all my dear online friends and visitors here at Shower of Roses.

I am going…
to my friend Ann-Marie’s baby shower tomorrow! Have you seen the new additions to her saint doll collection yet? She just added St. Joseph! He’s definitely going on my “wish list” for my little boys along with St. Gerard. Rose received St. Therese from her Christkindl for Christmas and she is so soft and sweet!

I am hoping…
to have a chance to reply to emails sometime this weekend. Once again I am so behind!

I am praying…
for many special intentions and for all those who have asked for prayers.

I am reading…
Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Written for Children by Mother Mary Loyola.

Chiquita loves to draw while I read-aloud. This week she was inspired by the front cover of our book!  

Pondering these words…
from Matthew Kelly’s The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose which my sister JoAnn shared on Facebook last week:

“Our spiritual needs have a tendency to change as the seasons of our lives change. Each of us has a unique spiritual journey. In different stages of the journey, we have different needs. And yet, there are some needs that are unchanging and necessary in all seasons of our lives- silence, solitude, and simplicity.”

I am listening…
Eric Carle: Around the Farm Play-A-Sound. Bud’s Godparents sent him this for his Barnyard Birthday last December and it is still one of his favorites. He has all the sounds memorized and loves flipping through the pages and testing himself. I’m pretty sure everyone else has in this house has all the sounds memorized too! 😉

Around the house…
I had to take a picture when I walked out to the family room and found Captain organizing Student Writing Intensive Writing Assignments!

Oh! That reminds me… IEW just released their new 2015 edition of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. If you purchased a new copy of the 2000 edition sometime within the past 15 years they are offering an upgrade for only $30. I sent in the upgrade for mine this past week! 
One of my favorite things…  
I love watching Bud play with his older brother’s Perplexus Ball… He’s so good! I’m going to have to try and upload a video sometime to share. I also love that it keeps him entertained for hours! 😉

This weekend’s plans
Hockey Games, Baby Shower, and a Latin Mass… We were able to find a priest to travel and offer Mass this Sunday night, on a one-time trial basis!

A little peek at my day…

I know we really need the rain, but it’d sure be nice if it’d stay outside.  Yep, another leak.
When it rains it pours. 🙂


    1. Bethany

      Offering prayers for good health and strength for you.

      2015-02-28 10:54:46

    2. Celeste

      My girls live in long-sleeved dresses and leggings all winter. Do you get yours at Land's End? We have gotten most of ours there, but I was wondering if I have been missing another good source. 🙂

      2015-02-28 19:19:25

    3. Jenny

      I think when it rains it pours may be a fitting reminder during Lent huh? Prayers of petition and gratitude ($29??) for you all.

      2015-02-28 20:00:37

    4. Jessica Gordon

      Thank you! And yes, it is perfect for Lent. 🙂

      The mechanic is a friend of my parents and I think he is always so very generous when it comes to charging us for repairs on our vehicles. This time he only charged us the $29 (1/2 hour of work) and I know he spent much longer on it than that for sure.

      2015-02-28 20:57:41

    5. Jessica Gordon

      Thank you, Jacinta! It's always so nice to hear from you! We all miss having you in the area… You know, I think I actually have t-tapp here somewhere. I will have to dig it out and give it another try!

      2015-02-28 20:59:10

    6. Jessica Gordon

      Thank you, Bethany! God bless you and your family!

      2015-02-28 20:59:23

    7. Jessica Gordon

      Yes, some of my girls dresses are from Land's End. I also loved buying them the long-sleeved dresses from L.L. Bean, but they only go up to size 10. I haven't been buying as much from Gymboree either, as the styles are so much shorter than they were in the past. My oldest daughter is starting to outgrow the size 12 clothing. I took her shopping a couple weeks ago, looking for Easter dresses, and didn't have any luck… I need to go and see what Land's End has available this spring. 🙂

      2015-02-28 21:06:26

    8. Kimberlee

      I'm so happy for you having a TLM on Sunday! Deo Gratias! Hope the 'trial' goes well. All of Mother Mary Loyola's books are so good. Tell Chiquita her drawing is lovely!

      2015-02-28 22:10:06

    9. saiorse

      Randomly enough – Target had a few very cute maxi dresses for girls – would need a sweater as they are mostly sleeveless, but they were quite cute. My friend got a lovely one for her very tall 9 year old for Easter – and she always complains that when the girls are little the dresses are long and as they get older (and honestly are in more need of modest attire) the hemlines border on the obscene! She was surprised to find something appropriate and well priced there.

      2015-03-01 10:55:06

    10. Guest

      First a shower of joyfulness at each and every picture and all the wisdom and love. Secondly, please please know how very careful you must be with the large supermarket candles like the Guadalupe image in the picture. Last year at Christmas time someone brought one in to the church and left it with all the others. The church caught on fire. In an amazing turn of events the custodian felt a tug like he just needed to get to the church early Saturday morning (he never goes then but listened!!) sure enough he was needed at church! It had just caught fire and he was able to call before the whole place burned down. There is an incredible statue of Mary that stands as a reminder half burned. Obedience! Listen! God's will be done! Angels watch over your sweet family. Blessings!

      2015-03-01 21:19:53

    11. Jennifer

      Check out Mary's Meals for your pennies. It is an amazing charity, named for the Blessed Mother, although not officially Catholic. We are collecting coins for them this Lent. God bless you!

      2015-03-04 05:59:32

    12. Jacinta

      Jessica – truly feel for you and praying for strength and well-being. I highly recommend looking into this workout! You will not be disappointed with any of them. I would start with her get started program. Most workouts are 15-30 minutes. You will be amazed at how less is more with the correct technique!

      Wishing you and your family a quiet Lenten Journey and a very blessed Easter! Your blog is a blessing!

      2015-02-28 18:03:09


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