Easter Dresses

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Easter, Modesty | 13 comments

I’ve had some emails asking about the girls’ Easter dresses since posting our family Easter photo. Instead of responding to each individually, I thought I would just share the links here on the blog.

Last year I bought a couple Alfani Lace Fit & Flare Dresses from Macy’s (watch for coupon codes and sales – I paid around $50) online for our 14 year old. They come in small enough sizes that the women’s size 2 or 4 currently fit her and still fall nicely below her knees. We ended up going with the size 4s giving her plenty of room to grow. She wore the white dress with this Red 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Cardigan for her Confirmation and then again for Christmas. For Easter we ended up ordering the same cardigan in Peach. It is such a great cardigan and she also has it in white for with her other Alfani Lace Fit & Flare Dress (light bluish green “tear drop” color which I’m not seeing available any longer).

For our soon-to-be 13 year old (her birthday is this week!) I ended up ordering a couple dresses made by Trish Scully over at Zulily. The size 14 Bella Estrella Dress & Belt Set in Silver Grey Sky was just $32.99 over at Zulily! I also ordered her the Callie Dress & Belt Set in Mustard (which no longer seems to be available at Zulily) and she loves both of the dresses so much!

Our eight year old was also wearing one of her new Trish Scully dresses.

To go along with their dresses the girls were also wearing their new Easter polishes (Paschal pictured above, CaritasPalm and Guardian Angel) from Lisieux.

I know how hard it can be to find beautiful and modest clothing for teens. If you have any new favorites I would love to here about them in the comments! 


  1. Norma Garcia

    Eshakti has modest dresses for my 15 & 17 yo. We just received a white dress ordered for my daughter's confirmation. We are happy with it, and most if the dresses come with pockets. For a little more you can give them your measurements and they will custom make your dress. Also Apostolic clothing has good choices too.

    2018-04-19 18:32:02

  2. Michele Simpson

    They look so grown up and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    2018-04-19 19:17:30

  3. Marion

    The dresses are beautiful. The girls are so pretty. Marion

    2018-04-19 19:36:28

  4. Joan

    Thank You for sharing the dresses. Very pretty . Your daughters wear them well. Joan

    2018-04-19 19:38:19

  5. Jessica Gordon

    I've browsed through Eshatki a few times but have never ordered anything. We'll have to give it a try! We did find her a dress with pockets on Amazon (this one: https://amzn.to/2J9pcis) and she loves it.

    2018-04-19 20:33:24

  6. Andrea M.

    Thank you for sharing this dress info! I appreciate it so much. I have two daughters being confirmed soon and these are great leads for dresses.

    2018-04-19 22:35:07

  7. Kathy

    Beautiful dresses for beautiful girls. We have found some modest dresses at NeeSee's and Sweet Salt clothing online. Kathy P.S I love reading your blog it gives me inspiration that I am doing the right thing homeschooling my kids.

    2018-04-19 23:31:57

  8. Marilyn

    What gorgeous dresses. Your daughters are beautiful young ladies. God Bless you and yours. Marilyn

    2018-04-20 00:04:34

  9. Beth Long

    I don't have a teenager, but I like this too! I have also found several dresses on Modcloth and Lands End and J Crew.

    2018-04-20 01:35:30

  10. Barbara

    Your girls are so beautiful (and growing up so fast – as is mine!). They look lovely in their dresses. Faith has, since she got so tall, been shying away from anything overtly pretty – that has lace or beads or anything really feminine. She very self-conscious of being tall and tends to want to look like a wallflower. I got her in a dress for Easter (and a short heel) but it was a simple jersey knit dress. And since her legs are sooo long, everything runs short on her! Oh the challenges of shopping for girls.

    2018-04-20 12:06:12

  11. Debbie

    Your daughters are growing up into such lovely young ladies. Their Easter dresses are exquisite. Lace and lady just seem to go together. I do love their dresses. I also enjoy wearing lace tops in every color. Their is such a femininity to lace and your daughters are just so sweet in their lace Easter dresses. The cardigan is a perfect accessory for Twinkle Toes dress. And I just must say both of your daughters have such beautiful long hair!!! It looks so thick and healthy…just like their Momma!

    2018-04-30 19:50:18

  12. Erin

    Barbara I do sympathise, our second daughter is 16 and just hit 6ft!! fortunately she has always embraced being tall and i squite happy and confident, we've put much effort into 'be proud', she is thrilled to be nearly as tall as her brothers her goal. It's a huge challenge to find clothes for her too. Do check out the dress lily link I posted above, they do have maxi dresses. and a number of their dresses have been long enough for our girl, and much of her height is in her legs!. plenty of the dresses don't include lace,Our biggest challenge is finding jeans and jumpers long enough as she is still very slim. We've taken to sewing on 'cuffs' to her jumpers and that's solved that issue. All the best

    2018-05-02 12:04:25


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