Graduation Party Candy Buffet {Free Printables}

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Graduation, Printables | 49 comments

When I ran across the idea for a Graduation Candy Buffet I knew we had to include one for our boys’ high school graduation party!  Here are some of the types of candies I used:

I was going to use “You’re No Dum Dum” for the suckers, but one of my daughters insisted on “So long Suckers” instead. It cracked the boys up and they know we are all going to miss them dearly. 

There are lots of additional options you can use as well:

  • “Class Ring” – Ring Pops
  • “Smart Cookie” – Mini chocolate chip cookies
  • “Nerds” – Small boxes of Nerds Candy
  • “oFISHally Graduating” – Swedish Fish
  • “Thank you Kisses” or “Goodbye Kisses” – Hershey Kisses

If you’d like to use my signs, you can download them here

I also made a little sign to go along with our Diploma Cookies made with Pirouettes and some of the leftover Cherry Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel Candy from our Graduation Cap Cupcakes!


  1. Patricia

    Where did you get the containers? Love these ideas!

    2019-07-26 03:16:42

  2. Jessica Gordon

    I used two sets of the Better Homes and Gardens Galvanized 4 Piece Serve Caddy: I bought them at Walmart for around $8 each.

    2019-07-26 03:26:54

    • Kathy Wise

      if you make these signs based on this request, would. you be so kind to send to me as well?

  3. Guest


    2019-07-27 00:33:17

  4. Missy G

    How do I print the signs? What kind of paper should I use? I've never done this before…It should be easy but I make things harder than they are. LOL. Anyway, any help/tips would be appreciated. What kind of paper should I purchase at the craft store? After I download it, then what? thank you so much for posting this and helping me out. Missy 🙂

    2020-05-29 16:49:38

  5. Jessica Gordon

    I just printed them onto white card stock 🙂 Some of them are attached to skewers the others are folded in half like a card so they stand on their own.

    2020-05-29 18:01:06

  6. Amie

    These are great!! What fonts did you use?

    2020-07-20 17:38:10

  7. Tamara

    How can I get the nerds and class ring printables?

    2020-08-14 02:44:45

  8. Jessica Gordon

    I'm sorry, I didn't make printable for those.

    2020-09-01 05:08:49

  9. annie sifferlen

    hi there – how can I print goodbye kisses in the same font that your other ones are? These are adorable!

    2021-05-01 22:16:44

  10. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you! I think I used picmonkey to create the printables. I'm sorry I don't have an editable file to share!

    2021-05-01 22:40:19

  11. Jessica Gordon

    So I just looked up my old files and I actually did make one for goodbye kisses! Is the email address you used for this comment a good one to send it over to?

    2021-05-01 22:43:50

    • Vaidehi Patel

      I love all this signs, would you be able to send me the additional signs as well, I appreciate all the work you put into these signs!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi can you please tell me the font that you used?

  13. Anonymous

    What size of stock paper did you use

  14. Anonymous

    What size was your stock paper

  15. Jessica Gordon

    I'm sorry, I can't remember :/ I'll do a little digging and see if I can find it. I believe it was one of the options in PicMonkey.

  16. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for sharing your signs!!! You are making our graduation so much more enjoyable!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Hi, do you think you can make a CLASS RINGS sign!!?? PLEASSSSEEE!! Im doing a Grad party this weekend and after seeing your post I bought Class Rings and now i'm seeing you didn't make one! I'll pay you for it!

  18. Jessica Gordon

    Hello, I don't seem to have my original files but was able to make one for you. I sent you an email.

  19. Jessica Gordon

    You're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    • Erica Horton

      Hey, I was hoping you could send me the sign for class rings. I am doing a few of the other ones but I know you don’t have signs for those so I’ll try it myself. Awesome idea and I hope all is well

  20. Anonymous

    Hello, I am getting ready for my daughter’s graduation party. May you please provide size of the candy signs. Thank you.

  21. Anonymous

    Can you send to me as well, the Class rings?

  22. Anonymous

    These are amazing! Any chance you have a sign that says "class rings?"

  23. Anonymous

    Hello! Do you have a sign for "goodbye kisses?"

  24. Anonymous

    Hi! Do you have signs for :
    Class Ring”
    “Smart Cookie”
    "oFISHally Graduating"
    "Thank you Kisses" or "Goodbye Kisses" –

  25. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you had the signs for Class Ring”
    “Smart Cookie”
    "oFISHally Graduating"
    "Thank you Kisses" or "Goodbye Kisses"

  26. Anonymous

    Can you please tell me the font that you used? I have printed these adorable signs for my sons graduation party… one from college, one from Kolbe Academy HS, and one from 8th grade HS. I would like to make a few more and don't want to bother you so I was just wondering if you knew the font you used? Any help is appreciated! You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these!! God bless you and praying you are enjoying your summer.

  27. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing these adorable signs. I am planning to use them for my 3 son's graduation party… one from college, one from Kolbe Academy HS, and one from 8th grade HS! I was wondering if you could please let me know the font you used? I plan to make a few more as I don't want to bother you as I know you are busy and enjoying your summer! Any help is appreciated! You are amazing and I am so thankful for your ideas. Enjoy your summer. God bless you.

  28. Jessica Gordon

    So sorry I missed responding a few months ago… Congratulations on all the graduations! That was right around the time we were prepping for my son's hand surgery. I hope you had a great summer!

  29. Cortney Stewart

    Would you be willing to send a template for the nerds and class ring?

    • Jessica

      Did you still need this? I can try and get it to you this afternoon.

  30. lyz

    Would you be willing to sent a template for “stars”, “honor rolls”, “book worms”, and “smarties” Thanx

    • Jessica

      Sorry for the delay in responding! We were traveling for a funeral in May. Those can be downloaded directly from the link in this post.

      Just click where it says “download them here” 🙂

  31. Carly Ross


    Thank you so much for sharing your adorable signs. I am using all of them. I printed them, glued them to card stock and folded as tents. I’m just finishing them. We have our daughter’s graduation a week from now. I was hoping I might be able to get the Class Rings sign as well. I purchased Ring Pops and was hoping there might be a template so I could make it, but saw in comments here that there isn’t I don’t believe. I also purchased animal cookies and was hoping to make “Class Pet” sign as well. LOL Any chance I could get directions to make, a template or the class ring sign?

    Thank you so much again!

    • Jessica

      I am sorry I wasn’t able to help you out in the time frame you needed! Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation!

  32. Lisa

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your signs! They are great! Would you happen to still have a sign for the Class Rings? I thought that was cute to add to the rest of the candy. If you still have it, I will send you my email address. Thanks so much!

    • Jessica

      I do! I’ll email it over to you.


    Hello, can you share the other signs not in your original download? Thanks so much!!

    • Jessica

      I sent it over to you! I really need to get it uploaded to dropbox 🙂

  34. Kim

    Hello-I absolutely love your signs and have already purchased most of these candies. The only one I purchased that I do not see a sign for in your original download is “oFISHally Graduating.” Do you happen to have a template or have since made one for that candy?
    Thanks for your time. I appreciate your help.

  35. megan smith

    is there any way i can get the free print out of the nerds and ring pops please

  36. Marie Eckman

    Good morning! Do you have signs for:
    “Class Ring”
    “Smart Cookie”
    “oFISHally Graduating”
    “Thank you Kisses” or “Goodbye Kisses”

  37. Cathrese Jackson

    I have been trying to recreate these cute candy bar signs. I’m close, but NOTHING tops the original! Can you please email me the following: “Class Ring” – Ring Pops
    “Nerds” – Small boxes of Nerds Candy
    “oFISHally Graduating” – Swedish Fish
    “Thank you Kisses” or “Goodbye Kisses” – Hershey Kisses


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