2021 Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers {Plus Another Sleighful of Giveaways}

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It’s time for this year’s list of “Christmas Gift Ideas” and another “Sleighful of Giveaways!”

I came very close to not putting this together this year… It takes a lot of time to coordinate all the prizes, and then gather all the links for each section of gift ideas but it’s fun too!  I decided to just go for it… but then regretted it almost immediately since it just takes way too much time! I really do love being able to bless over 20 families with gifts donated by all the generous sponsors though and also help with shopping ideas at the same time.  I hope it’s helpful for you all!
You can find the lists from the last six years hereherehereherehere, and here as well as even more Catholic gift ideas listed in my past Easter posts as well: 100+ Easter Basket Stuffers & Catholic Gift Ideas and Easter Symbols: Catholic Gift Ideas.  Some of the items below have been featured in the past but they are still favorites. I’ve tried to only include links to things that are currently available, or were available at the time of this post, but I think a few items might be out of stock…
Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of 22 PRIZES with a combined value of over $2,400! Please keep these Catholic businesses and authors in mind when shopping for gifts this Christmas season! 
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 
Links to St. Augustine Academy PressEtsyChewsLife, Saintly Heart and Socks Religoius are also affiliate links. 
.: New Finds For Advent & Christmas 2021 :.
  1. Beneditictus Subscription – At just $5.00 per month, this is an amazing value for such a wonderful resource.
  2. The Liturgical Year Calendar: Christmas Cycle – I’ve blogged more about this here.
  3. A Child’s Christmas Counting Book – We really loved the companion book which was published last year!
  4. Sancta Nox: Christmas Matins from Bavaria
  5. Morning Star – Not Christmas themed, but this brand new book is excellent! I’m reading it aloud to my children right now. It would make a great Christmas gift, especially for children ages 9-15!
  6. Christ the King at Ephesus – Brand new from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles!
  7. Christmas Blossoms – Brand new from Sophia Press! Other new releases for Christmas include Joseph’s Donkey and The Beggar and the Bluebird.
  8. Road to Bethlehem Board Game – Repeat from a couple years ago but actually adding it to our game collection this year. Looking forward to playing it with the family.
  9. Nativity Matches from Truck & Barter (Now Hohme Candle Co.) – I just purchased a bunch of Candles and Matches to give as Christmas gifts from this sweet local Catholic family! The candles are amazing and I included additional links below.
.: Feast of St. Nicholas :. 
  1. St. Nicholas Chocolate – Premium Chocolate from Germany. Also available here.
  2. The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
  3. St. Nicholas Block or December Saints from Almond Rod Toys
  4. St. Nicholas and the Nine Gold Coins – Review can be found her.
  5. St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins (Here is my FREE document for this new updated version! You can find my original St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins in the archives.) 
  6. Drinking with St. Nick: Christmas Cocktails for Sinners and Saints from the author of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour
  7. St Nicholas with Staff Springerle Cookie Mold by House on the Hill and Saint Nicholas Cookie Stamp from Rycraft
  8. The Baker’s DozenThe Baker’s Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale
  9. Kids St. Nicholas Socks and Adult St. Nicholas Socks from Sock Religious
.: Santa Lucia Day :.
  1. St. Lucia 8×10 Swedish Christmas God Jul Print
  2. Attendants Candle Plush
  3. Lucia Saint of Light picture book- and (hard to get!) Santa Lucia Doll from Marzipantz!
  4. Lucia, Lucia Crown, God Jul, and Christmas Candle Cookie Stamps
  5. Lucia Crown (5 Candle and Seven Candle) for Real Candles
  6. Lucia Mug – Had to do some searching, but found it on this website!
  7. Lucia Crown  – Gold with LED Lights
  8. Forest Lucia Notecards
  9. Santa Lucia Braided Bread or Lussekatter – Bake extra for a friend!
.: Christmas Puzzles :.
Our family loves putting together puzzles during Advent and Christmas. 
Here are some puzzles that are currently available to purchase: 
  1. Stained Glass Nativity (1000 Piece)
  2. Christkindlmarkt (1000 Piece)
  3. The Virgin of Guadalupe (1000 Piece)
  4. Midnight Mass (1000 Piece)
  5. Holy Family Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece)
  6. Evening Nativity (550 Piece)
  7. Neighborhood Nativity (1000 Piece)
  8. Good Will To All (500 Piece) – This 300 Piece Version is pretty too.
  9. Stained Glass Holy Night (1000 Piece)
.: Twelve Days of Christmas :.
.: Christmas Music :.
** Some of these have unlimited free streaming included with Prime on Amazon! **
  1. Sancta Nox – Christmas Masses from Bavaria
  2. Caroling at Ephesus
  3. Christmas at Ephesus
  4. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring: Christmas with The Dominican Sisters of Mary
  5. Catholic Christmas Classics
  6. In Nativitate Domini – Gregorian Chants for the Four Masses of Christmas
  7. Christmas in Harvard Square
  8. Catholic Songs for Children – includes: Gather Round the Crib at Christmas and The Best Christmas Present of All
  9. In Epiphania Domini – Gregorian Chants for the Four Sundays of Epiphany
*We also love the Christmas music from Celtic Thunder, Michael Buble, Bing Crosby and so many others! I’d love to hear your favorites!  Oh, and for Advent Music check out Legends of St. NicholasAdventus and Advent at Ephesus!

.: Favorite Nativity Sets :.

These are some of the nativity sets our family has collected over the years. 
We have Fisher Price, Playmobil and Shining Light Doll Nativities too, and the Nativity Fabric Advent Calendarbut I especially love our wooden versions! I also love our Schleich Nativity but it’s hard to find, same with A Child Is Bornfrom Naturally Catholic
  1. Kurt Adler Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Figures
  2. Joseph Walking and Mary on the Donkey
  3. Ostheimer Nativity Miniture Set
  4. Ostheimer Nativity Set Full Size – This was a gift a couple years ago and we’ve been adding to the collection. Additional pieces can be found here
  5. Holy Family – This statue is out year round on my kitchen windowsill. I love it!
  6. Nativity Stable Barn
  7. Fontanini Holy Family
  8. Nativity Tea Light Candle Lantern
  9. Childrens Nativity Blocks Starter Set and Deluxe Wooden Nativity Set from Almond Rod Toy


Once again our children helped again with this year’s “Christmas Gift Ideas” post. I had them each list nine gift ideas for me to share with you all. Most are things they own with some wishes thrown in too.
Here are their answers:

Please note: In addition to their stockings, our children usually unwrap three gifts from my husband and I on Christmas morning – something they need, something they want, and one other gift which is usually faith based. We draw names on the first Sunday of Advent for Christkindl and end with a family Christkindl gift exchange. It’s always the first thing they want to do after our morning prayers (or morning Mass if we didn’t make it to the Midnight Mass) on Christmas Day! They also receive a stack of books either on Epiphany. The gifts listed below have been received over a number of different years/occasions or even handed down from older siblings.


.: Captain’s Picks – Age 21 :.

Once again I asked my college “kids” to help with the gift guide again… 

Here is what James sent me when I asked for his list: 
  1. Motivational/Inspirational reading. Always nice knowing other people who’ve made it to the top didn’t do so by doing nothing. It requires work and determination. Also Bear is a legend <3
  2. Some Snazzy lookin Dudes 😉 They are super comfortable!!
  3. Spiritual reading book of some sort. Always got to be working to that higher good.
  4. Workout shoes/running shoes (mine are already kinda oldish but they have been going down hill real quick especially since going to the gym/field house a lot.)
  5. Fun sweatshirt of some sort (either sport oooor something patriotic/police). It’s cold up here in ND! haha
  6. Fun beanie or hat (trucker style hat) I’m turning into Dad with the whole hat thing… haha (Also the Coyotes hockey team absolutely stinks this year so all their apparel is getting cheap.)
  7. Snack food (but I mean that’s more towards the bottom of the list cuz I’ve got food available 24/7) hahah
  8. Can keep the AirPods on the list (they’re really nice for working out or studying)
  9. Gift card maybe to like an outdoor or sport store.
(Just realized all that I am missing is pants to complete an outfit hahaha)
Guess clothes is something people want before they go off on their own. ;D
– I did recently buy him a pair of pants that were “supposedly” for a costume. He LOVES them! – 
.: Ranger’s Picks – Age 19 :.
John never has any trouble coming up with a gift list… 
I asked for nine suggestions and he sent 15!
They aren’t all pictured, but I included his full list of suggestions for you all. 
Pretty sure “receiving gifts” is his love language! 😉 
  1. apple watch
  2. clothes – flannels, t shirts, sweatpants etc. cant go wrong with that
  3. flags
  4. sports apparel like soccer/hockey jerseys
  5. stuff for guns – like ammo or holster
  6. a nice classy jacket like a bomber jacket, topcoat, vest coats
  7. weights or exercise equipment
  8. that little basketball hoop you got us
  9. maybe cologne..?
  10. hey dudes
  11. coffee gift card
  12. beef jerky
  13. poker set
  14. beanie
  15. oh you could add the book “Atomic Habits” if you want to put a book on there
.: Twinkle Toes’ Picks – Age 18 :.
Here is what she sent me to include: 
(P.S. I love how she decorated her dorm room… So cute!) 
  1. Vera Bradley XL Campus Back Pack in Bedford Blooms print  – I love having this for putting my books in on campus because it is so spacious and comfortable to wear.
  2. Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris – This is such a great book because not only does it help you with your manners, ways for entertaining, and finding pleasure in the simple things, but it also give you advice on healthy ways to eat, exercise, dressing in a modest/stylish way, etc.
  3. LED Curtain String Lights (Warm White) – These make my dorm room look/feel so cozy and it makes it so fun to just hangout in my dorm and work on homework in a comfortable/cozy environment.
  4. Letter Board – This is great for decoration and to put quotes on!! Right now I have “Be what God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” and seeing that every day or while doing homework is very motivational.
  5. 16″x20″ Wood Frame Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar with Hexagon Cork Bulletin Board Tiles – Some friends gave me these for my graduation and I them so much! The hexagons are so nice to hang up pictures of friends/incoming events on and the chalkboard calendar makes it easy to see what I have going on in the next week/month.
  6. Pink 6-Can Mini Fridge – I’ve gotten so many complements on my little fridge since getting to college and it’s so nice to have cold sparkling water ready whenever I’m studying. It also is Pink!!
  7. Be Kind Anyway T-Shirt from The Little Rose Shop – St. Teresa of Calcutta’s “Anyway” poem is my absolute favorite poem because it shows how this earth is just temporary and that you should not become down because of something someone said or did. “Be Kind Anyway” is a part of that poem and it is so simple yet it means so much. If you haven’t read that poem before, you should! It’s such a beautiful one!
  8. Wish ListAirPods – One thing I wish I had here at college is AirPods because they would so helpful listening to videos while working out or in the Nest.
  9. Secret Hitler – Secret Hitler is such a fun game to find out who Secret Hitler is and to try to win either as fascists or liberals. It’s so fun and it tests your trust in friends!
.: Chiquita’s Picks – Age 16 :.
Here is what she sent me to include: 
  1. Academic Planner -This has been a life saver for school! Keeps everything nice and tidy!
  2. Charles Dickens Series – My Dad thinks I’m crazy, but I really love Charles Dickens’ works! He’s just an amazing author! (wish I could say the same about Emily Bronte… blech!)
  3. Jean Skirt – ummmm…. yep, it’s another repeat! (Note: She has this one, this one and this one. She also loves her Rocketdog boots!)
  4. JessaKae dresses – yet again! I realize that none of my favorites really change over the years…
  5. Bow – Always got to have this one on the list! It’s just that great! Though, I haven’t been able to get out and shoot it much, it’s always a favorite pastime for me and the younger sibs with their bows.
  6. Green Ember Mug, St. Clare of Assisi Mug, and Latte with Lewis Mug – Time to crank out the Chai Tea! I love all of these mugs and use them all the time! Anything to keep the morale up for school!
  7. Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope t-shirt(or Our Lady of Guadalupe t-shirt) – I love all of my Catholic t-shirts, but this one is definitely a favorite! They match with so much and last sooo long! I wore them with nearly every outfit last summer!
  8. The Shadow of His Wings – A pretty awesome book, all true, and great for someone who’s into the world wars! Full of Nazi’s, imprisonment, adventure, and the importance of the Eucharist!
  9. The New Roman Catholic Missal by Father Lasance – It was very handy on the Nun Run and so easy to use! And it’s big enough so it’s hard to forget about! I haven’t been able to read the rest of my Easter books, but they all look REALLY good!
.: Scout’s Picks – Age 14 :.
  1. Trekking The National Parks Board Game
  2. St. Michael Socks and St. Joseph Socks from Socks Religious
  3. Genesis Bow Kit (Red)
  4. Traxxas Rustler with Battery/Charger (Such a FUN gift from Grandpa & Grandma last summer!) 
  5. Ranger’s Apprentice Series 1-12 
  6. Biodegradable Airsoft BBS  (this Airsoft gun is on his wishlist after seeing a friends)
  7. Snowboard Foam Sled (I bought a couple from Costco last year for the boys.) 
  8. WISH LIST: Holy Bible, Leather Bound (Would love one like his older brothers.) 
  9. LEGO Creator Sets and City Sets have always been favorites, but lately LEGO Ideas has been coming up with some “really cool” sets. His personal favorites are the Ship in a Bottle and the Medieval Blacksmith.
.: Rose’s Picks – Age 11 :.
  1. Twirled Paper Craft Kit
  2. (Her sisters) ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens
  3. Country House Garden Doll House Sticker Book
  4. Awesomely Austen Books – She only has Emma so far, but would love to read the rest of the series including Pride & Prejudice, PersuasionSense & Sensibility, Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park!
  5. LEGO Winter Village sets  – Last year she was given the Elf Club House!
  6. Mini Bennett Satchel from Coach – She received the light pink version last Christmas after admiring her older sister’s white version for years! I purchased both of the girls purses on eBay at a fraction of the MSRP.
  7. Jolly Holiday Gown and other dress up from Trish Scully
  8. Magnificat Nail Polish from Lisieux
  9. Posie Handwarmers – Such a sweet gift from Grandma last Christmas! 
.: Bud’s Picks – Age 9 :.
In addition to our collection of Lincoln Logs, Playmobil, Thomas Wooden Railway, and LEGO, here are some more specific favorites that Bud loves… 
  1. Traxxas Rustler with Battery/Charger (Such a FUN gift from Grandpa & Grandma last summer!) 
  2. Fontanini Nativity Set Pieces – His Godparents have been sending him a new addition to his nativity set each Christmas! He really loves the LED light up Campfire he received last Christmas.
  3. Monster Burger Truck – All the LEGO Creator Sets are great! He also loves the LEGO Great Vehicles including the Snow Groomer(Our kids love any sets that they can turn into jobs/businesses when they are playing together with their LEGO Town.)
  4. Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales
  5. Sting Sword to go along with his favorite copy of The Hobbit
  6. The Picture Bible
  7. Rollerblade Fury Boy’s Adjustable Inline Skate
  8. Clue: The Classic Edition
  9. Polar Bear – Another loved gift from his Godparents along with his Arctic FoxRed Fox and River Otter Plush. All of the Wild Republic stuffed animals are great.
.: Grace’s Picks – Age 4 :.
  1. PlanToys Alphabet A-Z –  I’m excited to find this Saint Version too! This will be one of her Christmas gifts this year.
  2. Lola Dutch “Costume” – White Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Polo, Red Cardigan, and Bubblegum Pink Tutu with black flats to go along with her Lola Dutch book collection.
  3. Balance Bike – Her’s is the RoyalBaby Knight Balance Bike from Costco awhile back.  I’ve had my eyes on one like this with a basket or this one for her little sister. So cute!
  4. Franciscan Friends Lacing Set from Saintly Heart
  5. Dragon Rescue Kit – This tiny little “kit” would make a cute stocking stuffer for little hands to discover. My parents also gave the girls the Hug a Llama Kit too when they visited last summer.
  6. 24 Brillant Bee Crayons and her new Blueberry Math
  7. Snowmen at Night and Snowmen at Work
  8. Bible Stories for Baby Hands from St. Augustine Academy Press
  9. Mouse Pencil Holder with Mercurius Stockmar Color Giants Pencils
.: Joy’s Picks – Age 2 :.

  1. Musical Lili Llama (Target seems to have it right now.)- They also make a ChickenPony, Zebra, and this cute Forest Trio Set.
  2. Putty the Bunny – Definitely her favorite stuffed animal right now.
  3. Pride and Prejudice – And many of the other BabyLit Storybooks and Board Books!
  4. Taco Belle Bib – Bella Tunno makes great bibs! We also have the Dogs Out BibFeed Me & Can’t Even, and I Put the Lit in Little.
  5. Zara the Unicorn from Cuddle + Kind
  6. Jellycat Stuffed Animals always make great gifts! She calls her Dancing Elephant “my baby!”
  7. Rosaries from Chews Life
  8. Cute Dresses like this one from Hanna Andersson with Black Ankle Boots
  9. NEW: Traditional Latin Mass: A Missal for Children – This new book looks like a great addition to our Mass bag!
.: Favorite Wooden Toys :.
Adding this bonus category of our favorite wooden toys from over the years!
  1. Fagus Wooden Trucks and Vehicles  – German crafted and made of solid Beechwood. We have been collecting for awhile and have the Limited Edition Red Fire Engine, Jeep, Snow Plow add on, Container Tipper Truck, Front End Loader, Conveyor Belt, and the Excavator.  I have a couple more stashed away for future gets. Look for them in the US at The Wooden Wagon, Nova Natural and Bella Luna Toys.
  2. Interlocking Blocks – I keep a basket of these (2 or 3 sets of 92) in a basket in our living room and they are played with daily!
  3. Ostheimer Toys – Collectible hand carved figures made in Germany and finished with non-toxic stains and finished with natural oils. Collections include: Family Figures, Fairy Tale Characters, Farm Animals, Woodland Animals, Zoo Animals, and landscape pieces, such as Trees, Fences, Ponds, Grass and much more!  We have been collecting these for years now. They have gotten hard to come by the past couple years (frequently out of stock everywhere in the US) and have really increased in price, but we still love them.  You can find them in the US at the same stores as the Fagus Vehicles above.
  4. Melissa & Doug Medieval Folding Castle – We bought this over ten years ago and it’s still a favorite. We have (and LOVE the Princess Castle too- it was the first one I purchased of the two) but unfortunately it’s not currently available. Also, wood toys have at least doubled in price… Back then I paid around $50 for each! They have been played with by all of our children and are still getting played with frequently! We also have the Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse.
  5. Saint Blocks from Almond Rod Toys – SAVE 10% with Coupon Code: ROSES (valid until Dec 12, 2021)
  6. Grimms Spiel und Holz Wooden Toys – We love the Stacking Rainbows, Elements Sets and Flower.
  7. An Alphabet of Painted Saints
  8. Fairy Tale Cottage Dollhouse – Rose received this for her birthday Snow White & Rose Red Birthday. Even it gets decorated for Christmas around here! Occasionally the Advent Wreath even gets hung.
  9. Seri’s Dollhouse – The older girls received this back in 2012 and have loved using it as a home for their Calico Critters over the years.
.: Gift Ideas for Women :.
  1. Crown Maple® Bourbon Barrel Aged organic maple syrup – I try to avoid sugar, but I sure love maple syrup!  This is my favorite and I always stock up when it’s in stock at Costco for adding to my morning coffee with a little cream. It’s like liquid gold!
  2. Discovery Set of Candles from Truck & Barter
  3. The Summa Domestica: 3 Volume Set by Leila Lawler – These can also be purchased individually: Volume 1: Home CultureVolume 2: Education and Volume 3: Housekeeping.  A couple other favorites from back when I was a young mother include We and Our Children: How to Make a Catholic Home and Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family from past list.
  4. Seven Sorrows of Mary Chaplet – My mom gave me this gorgeous chaplet for my birthday last year that was made by Et Corde LLC.  Other favorite shops include Come Holy Spirit RosariesThe Rose Picker, and VivamusOrantes.
  5. Heirloom Seed Collections from St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
  6. Staub Cast Iron 9-qt Round Cocotte – Cherry  – I have had this for years and it’s my favorite! A 13.25-qt Le Creuset Enameled Dutch Oven is also on my “someday” wishlist, but it’s such an investment…
  7. Necklaces from Telos Art Shop
  8. St. Escriva Mug from Annunciation Designs
Don’t forget the Catholic Aprons over at Catholic Cuisine too! 
.: Gift Ideas for Men :.
Here is what Sean sent me when I asked him for nine suggestions:
  1. Coat of Arms/Family Crest Coasters – Made in the USA, every member family must show pride in their family name and honor their heritage. The family crest reminds us of our forefathers, the honor they brought to the family, and the hopes of meeting them again in the afterlife. Coffee drinkers, guests, etc. will appreciate seeing these in your home:
  2. Celtic Cross Warriors Shield – Get your Irishman something to bring out his fighting spirit and to remind him of his role as family protector. This celtic cross shield is perfect for his office, above the fireplace or to adorn the mancave.
  3. The Imitation of Christ – Want to see your father or husband spiritually improve each day? Get him to read one chapter a day out of The Imitation of Christ. Lauded by St. Therese of Lisieux as the only other book she needed besides the Sacred Scriptures, the short 1-2 page chapters in this masterpiece will surely bring a conversion of heart and a spiritual renewal so much needed in today’s world. The illustrations alone within the book are worthy of their own meditations.
  4. Saint Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks – This story and the others in the series (Published by TAN Books; December 31,1942) are excellent books for dads to read to the children at dinner time – while they eat and before dad takes his first bite. It is a time honored tradition in monastic communities for a member to read aloud at dinner time. It also serves as an opportunity for the head of the household to perform a good service for his family and demonstrate the importance of the material he is reading by waiting for his dinner:
  5. Adjustable Weight Bench
  6. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
  7. My Catholic Faith Classic 1954 Edition – My Catholic Faith is a tastefully illustrated and perfectly concise traditional catechism for all ages. It summarizes all the main points of our faith using only two pages for each instruction. This comprehensive catechism will be a family heirloom in the home
  8. Shooter’s Bible – Every man in the home needs familiarity with firearms. Yes, he needs to first have his own copy of The Bible, but next he needs… the Shooter’s Bible. “Shooter’s Bible, for generations the most trusted source of detailed information on firearms, offers gun enthusiasts expert knowledge and advice on gun care.”
  9. Gift Card – Finally, every guy needs an opportunity to pick out his favorite thing at Cabela’s.
.: Gifts In Honor of St. Joseph :. 
.: 2022 Catholic Calendars and Planners :.
  1. 2022 Traditional Latin Mass Calendar from FSSP (Extraordinary Form) 
  2. 2022 Saints Calendar and 16 Month Daily Planner from TAN (Ordinary Form + Extraordinary Form -My husband and I both use this every year!)
  3. 2022 Catholic Calendar from Saints Galore (Ordinary Form + Extraordinary Form) 
  4. 2022 Catholic Planner and 2022 Traditional Catholic Planner – I haven’t seen this in person, but it looks nice from the previews! 
  5. 2022 Mary and the Saints Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form + Extraordinary Form)
  6. 2022 Theology of the Home Planner from TAN (Liturgical Calendar Highlights) 
  7. 2022 The Angels Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form + Extraordinary Form)
  8. The Illustrated Liturgical Year Calendar Subscription – Receive four 18×24 fully colored and illustrated liturgical calendar posters each quarter!
  9. 2022 The Life of Our Lord Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form + Extraordinary Form)
.: A Sleighful of Giveaways :.
There will be one winner for each of the following 22 PRIZES with a COMBINED VALUE OF OVER $2,400!!! 
+ + +

Prize #01 – An original painting – a hand-calligraphed and illustrated Beer Blessing in Latin. It is a petite 5″x7″ – nice for the kitchen. Sumi inks and gouache on paper. Sponsored by Pelican Printery House (value $250.00)

Congratulations, Rosie T! 
+ + +

Prize #02 – Three Saints Around the World prints, a signed Saints Around the World book and 6 saint blocks sponsored by Almond Rod Toys (value $170.00)

BONUS: SAVE 10% with Coupon Code: ROSES (valid until Dec 12, 2021)
Congratulations, Sarah F! 
+ + +

Prize #03 – Special SaintCards Bundle! Includes: SaintCards: Base Game, Deluxe Blue Game Mat,SaintCards: Duel Expansion, and the Brand new Mendicant Orders Expansion w/Purple Game Mat from the new 2020 Collection! Total of: 212 SaintCards, 2 Deluxe Game Mats, 2 Jesus Cards, and 100 Treasures! Sponsored by SaintCards(value $155.00)

Enter Promo Code SHOWEROFROSES at beginning of checkout to SAVE 10%
Congratulations, Jen G! 
+ + +

Prize #04 – A set of posters, the Christmas cycle from Sophia Institute Press and a year free membership to Liturgy of the Home Digital which includes Digital access to black & white and Color calendars, Coloring pages for the whole year, Digital access to black & white and color Monthly Dedication Images and One saint story per week with audio reading of the story (Stories are abridged from Butler’s Lives of the Saints by Kateri Lawless) sponsored by Liturgy of the Home (value $150.00)


Congratulations, Nikki! 

+ + +

Prize #05 – One 2022 Quarterly Subscription Box sponsored by Telos Art Shop (value $148.00)

Congratulations, Rachael U! 
+ + +

Prize #06 – Marian Prize including Lapis Lazuli and Swarovski crystal Rosary, Marian Planner (this is a blank bullet journal style planner, I also have a printable version available with more page layouts), Scapular necklace (Embroidered woolen panels with mini vintage scapular medals & miraculous medal. The chain has Swarovski crystal beads wire wrapped into it), Miraculous Medal drop earrings, Stood the Mournful Mother(prints of this book are also available as PDF) sponsored by Life, Love & Sacred Art (value $144.98)

Congratulations, Giselle! 
+ + +

Prize #07 Mary Pacifier Doll, Chews Life RosaryDivine Mercy Teether, Gianna Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet and Emmaus Crib Shoes sponsored by Chews Life(value $140.00)

Congratulations, Colleen! 
+ + +

Prize #08 – 4 Prayer Pillowcases and a $50 Prayer Pillowcases Gift Card to shop with or gift away! The gift bundle of 100% cotton Prayer Pillowcases includes the Holy Family with St. Bede’s beautiful prayer for Advent, Our Lady of Good Counsel with the Salve Regina, encouragement from Padre Pio and the essential Prayer to St. Michael. (value $130.00)

Pssst! Prayer Pillowcases is sharing a shopping code for 15% off
Shop prayerpillowcases.com with code WinterRoses for grace-filled gifts and stocking stuffers you can personalize! (Coupon expires Dec. 5th.)
Congratulations, Alena Therese! 
+ + +

Prize #09 – Advent Prize including O Antiphon Ornament Kit (also offers PDF version), St. Andrew Christmas Novena Print (PDF found here), Wire wrapped copper & Swarovski crystal St. Andrew Christmas Novena Chaplet sponsored by Life, Love & Sacred Art(value $110.00)

Congratulations, Frannie Ruth! 
+ + +

Prize #10 – 12 Nail Polishes and 3 Lip Balms sponsored by Lisieux Nail Polishes(value $110.00)

Congratulations, Tracy S! 
+ + +

Prize #11 – Set of 8 Cookie Stamps with Recipe Booklet (Includes: #416 – Snow Star, #463 – Christmas Ornament, #020 – Frosty, #355 – Trumpeting Angel, #023 – Holly Sprig (1), #030 – Christmas Tree, # 368 – Nativity and #271 – Jolly Santa) sponsored by Rycraft Cookie Stamps (value $103.92)

Congratulations, Kristy! 
+ + +

Prize #12 Advent Crate which includes a Catholic Jesse Tree complete with 28 cards (and Mother Mary!) for the longest of Advent seasons, not just the 24 days of December, 10 gorgeous Advent Liturgical Art Prints, 10 Advent Calendar Stickers, Advent Music Playlist, “O’Antiphons” Ornaments, 8×10 print of the St. Andrew Christmas Novena to guide your family in the meditative prayer that lasts from November 30 – Christmas Day and increases our awareness of the real focus of Christmas, Thank You Cards featuring Baby Jesus, Advent Prayer Table Topper, and a Christmas Music Playlist sponsored by Catholic Family Crate (value $100.00)

Congratulations, Shannon! 
+ + +

Prize #13 – St. Therese Rosary from The Rose Picker (value $98.00)

Congratulations, Leslie! 
+ + +

Prize #14 – My Picture Book of First CommunionMy Picture Book of First Confession, and Bible Stories for Baby Hands sponsored by St. Augustine Academy Press(value $79.65)

Congratulations, Sandra F! 
+ + +
Prize #15 – 2 signed copies of Morning Star and a signed limited edition Morning Star poster (poster frame not included) sponsored by Celestine Publications(value $75.00)
Congratulations, Jamie S! 
+ + +

Prize #16 – Gift package including her brand new release Waykeepers of Valdeor, Champion of Valdeor and a New Zealand mohair lambswool scarf set in purple multi sponsored by author Sandralena Hanley(value $75.00)

Congratulations, Kristina N! 
+ + +

Prize #17 – Patron Saint Rosary with Our Lady of Czestochowa (winner can select a custom saint for the back side of the center medal), Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Rosary hanger, Traditional Rosary Guide (not yet in print I will be binding this myself, but a PDF will be available in the shop), and PDF sets of my newest printables: Jesus & Marian Holy Cards sponsored by My Little Patron(value $72.00)

Congratulations, Andrea C! 
+ + +

Prize #18 – Gift Pack from author Leslea Wahl. This bundle includes signed copies of my books The Perfect Blindside and eXtreme Blindside. Copies of CatholicTeenBooks anthologies – Gifts: Visible & Invisible and Treasures: Visible & Invisible. And a metal bookmark, a bible verse magnet, a set of sticky notes, and a Saint Sebastian card and medal.(value $65.00)

Congratulations, Jennifer F! 
+ + +

Prize #19 – Luxurious Double Wick Candle and Sacred Heart Decorative Matches sponsored by Truck + Barter(value $60.25)

Congratulations, Katie L! 
+ + +

Prize #20 – Special St. Francis of Assisi box which focuses on that first “Nativity” sponsored by Saints Around the World(value $58.00)

Use coupon code GIVEROSES2021 for a 7% DISCOUNT off
from all subscription boxes. Expires December 24, 2021.
Congratulations, Janelle W! 
+ + +

Prize #21 – Pray and Play ABC Puzzle and St. Joseph’s Workshop Chunk Puzzle sponsored by Saintly Heart(value $57.98)

Coupon Code: Roses10 for 10% OFF (non sale items)
Congratulations, Natalie K! 
+ + +

Prize #22 – Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Pocket Rosary in African Opal and Solid Bronze sponsored by Come Holy Spirit Rosaries(value $50.00)

Congratulations, Kristen F! 
+ + +
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Looking for more ideas?
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    Carol A.

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  157. Jessica Gordon

    Our older boys are adults now and they don't look at firearms as toys.  As my husband mentions further down in the post, proper knowledge and understanding of firearm maintenance is an important part of using them whether that is for sport or home protection  Also, just because my son listed something in his list of suggestions, doesn't mean it's something we will be purchasing for him. Our children generally receive three gifts, stocking stuffers and some books, usually with at least one religious gift in the mix. 

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  161. Unknown

    I’d most like to win the Rycraft cookie stamps as I’m just trying stamps and molds for the first time this Christmas. I’ve so loved your Christmas lists, Jessica. They’ve helped me decide on gifts for my own children for the past nine years. Thank you and blessings this advent and Christmas season.

  162. Apettis in Oregon

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  163. Sarah

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  164. Jessica Gordon

    Oh that's great! My mom is one of 13 children and her oldest brother happens to live up in the mountains here in North Idaho about 45 minutes from our home. Our children have loved getting to know him since moving up here from Oregon and our college boys are really hoping to eventually be here for a hunting season so he can teach them!

  165. thewalshfam

    Thanks so much for another amazing round-up. I always look forward to this post on your blog to find some new fun Catholic companies. My favorite prize packages are 2, 7, 13, 16, or 21. God bless you and your family this Advent season.

  166. Sarah Fink

    Not sure if my first comment went through, so I'll try again. This is such a great list, thank you! My choices would be 2, 21, 5, 13, 4, 22, 20! God bless!

  167. Kristina N.

    Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  168. ~~Melissa~~

    Awesome giveaways!! Many will be blessed!💙

  169. Erin

    Not sure if my first comment went thru. But again. Thank you for always the best ideas and links and for all the time you put into it all. It’s amazing!!!!!

  170. Bernadette K

    Number 7 is definitely my favorite! I love Chews Life’s products! Also it’s so nice to be able to support a business owned and run by Catholic mothers.

  171. Matt

    You have truly outdone yourself! Thank you for your hard work I’m putting together these lists and prizes! May God bless you always!!! My favorite prizes are 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, & 22.

  172. Celeste

    There are so many wonderful prizes, but I am particularly excited about the Liturgy of the Home posters (I bought my Christmas set but would love to continue through the year!), the beautiful jewelry from Telos, and the St. Augustine Academy Press bundle.

  173. Molly B

    Wonderful giveaway as always!

  174. Veronica Cummings

    I would love to win prize #6. This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  175. Tania Torres

    It’s hard to choose!! These are amazing gifts, but I would love to get the pillow cases or the cookie stamps also the rosary!! Thank you and God bless you and all the sponsors.

  176. Kathleen L.

    Over whelmed with all these lovely ideas for Christmas! Thank you so much!!

  177. Abby

    Thank you for all these fantastic ideas!

  178. Tori

    Wow, what an incredible resource! Thank you for taking the time to put this together 🙂

  179. Panda

    Would love any but my eyes are big on Chews Life and Catholic family crate giveaways

  180. Heather Wilson

    I look forward to this list yearly. God Bless you for all the time it takes you to create this beautiful list.

  181. Donna Marie

    I would love the prints in Prize#4. I love decorating our spaces with art like that as we live the liturgical year in the home. So beautiful..as are you, dear lady! I hope you have a very blessed Advent!

  182. Brigid Mary

    I look forward to this post every year! Always such lovely, unique ideas!

  183. Anna G

    Thank you so much for hosting this very generous giveaway!! My favorite prizes are numbers 10, 4, 14, and 19. God bless you!!

  184. hamjenny

    #8 LOVE (Pillow Cases)
    #5 Pretty
    #13 Beautiful
    #19 Nice
    #22 Sweet
    Really nice prizes..

  185. Carmelina

    Thank you for all of the great ideas and for this amazing giveaway!! 🙂 I'd love to win prize 10, 4, 14, or 19 in that order. God bless you and thanks again!! 🙂

  186. starzine

    I would like to win prizes #10 and #15.


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