My Daybook :: December 12, 2011

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Outside my window… it is cold and icy!  I need to make sure that everyone dresses warm before we head out today.

I am thinking… about Rose’s 2nd birthday. We do have a few gifts for her, but haven’t made any other plans or decided on a cake. Birthdays during Advent are hard, especially when you full term with another baby!

I am thankful… for the sacrament of Confession, holy priests, and all the graces that go along with the sacrament. I am also thankful for all my wonderful friends that are always looking out for me… Thank you, Aimee, for the lovely candles and holy water blessed in the name of St. Raymond Nonnatus.

From the kitchen… jars of Starlight Cookies for Christmas Eve!   The girls had so much fun making these during Little Flowers this past Friday.   We made a few modifications to the recipe at Catholic Cuisine.   I will try and post our changes, along with the printable tags that I made soon!

Learning all the time… This will be our last “official” week of school for the year, though I do plan to have the kids continue until whenever this little guy arrives. Today we are headed out on another field trip which should be lots of fun!

Living the Liturgical Year at Home… Yesterday we lit the rose candle for Gaudete Sunday! Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, tomorrow Santa Lucia Day, and later this week we will begin praying the O Antiphons! This year we won’t be doing quite as much as we have in the past (you can find all of my old posts in my Advent & Christmas Planning Post) but we do have a special book for today, along with Mexican Fiesta Potluck at Church (we need to bring a dessert, so I am thinking a Rose Cake or Cupcakes will be perfect). Tomorrow the girls get up early to wake everyone else with a yummy breakfast. (You can find tons of other Ideas for Celebrating Santa Lucia Day here. As for the O Antiphons, unlike last year when I focused on all food treats for each of the seven days, this year I have little gifts wrapped in gold for each day, topped with the corresponding O Antiphon Ornament. I will try and post this years list of gifts, but in the meantime you can find lots of our past ideas in the archives.

I am creating… Christmas gifts! I stayed home with the two youngest on Saturday, while my husband took the boys to their Hockey game and then the four oldest to a birthday party, also at the Ice Rink. It was the perfect opportunity to assemble and wrap most of the kids Christmas gifts – we have always given them three gifts each (plus new pajamas on Christmas Eve), which is now starting to add up to quite a few presents to wrap!  I still have a few more to do, but I am starting to feel so much more prepared.

I am wearing… black yoga pants, a purple long-sleeve maternity top, grey sweater/vest, and black boots.  Everything else is either too tight, too uncomfortable, or too hard to get on! 🙂

I am reading… Advent and Christmas With Fulton J. Sheen.  I am also reading Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids, which was a surprise “baby” gift from a dear friend (Twinkle Toes’ Godmother) that just arrived in the mail!

Pondering these words… ‎from the “Conversations with God Daily Dose” for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

“When many people do what falls within the scope of their capabilities, entire countries can be converted, as happened in the earliest centuries. Let us ask the Blessed Virgin for an ever-growing desire to be courageous and daring in sowing the good seed of Christ’s doctrine.”

Noticing that… I made it to 37 weeks. Officially full-term!

Towards personal care… still need to pack that bag for the hospital, but I am getting closer! I picked up some travel size toiletries at the store and have a little pile building on the bathroom counter, along with a list of the other items I’d like to remember to bring. I also need to remember to pick up some more Arnica, which is always so helpful after delivery!

I am listening… to the sound of the washing machine. Just one more load to finish and I will be completely caught up! I’m hoping that this afternoon can be dedicated to washing all the baby blankets and clothes. I’ve put it off long enough.

Around the house… The floors need to be mopped and the bathrooms need to be cleaned.   Thankfully the wash is *almost* caught up, we will have a cleaning lady coming again on Wednesday afternoon!

I am hoping… that Isabella is okay, and perhaps found a new home. She has been missing for a week now and the kids are heartbroken. They LOVED her!  Ferdinand also seems so lonely without her. Some of our neighbors have had their outdoor cats for years, and others have had their cats go missing. We have quite the wildlife in the woods around our home (cougars, bears, raccoons, bobcats, foxes, etc) and she was such a daring cat, and quite the hunter, that I worry that she might have picked a fight with the wrong animal. 🙁

I am praying… the Christmas Rose Novena for a Healthy Baby and Safe Delivery. It starts today!

One of my favorite things… annual leave! Hubby has enough “use it or lose it leave” to take the rest of the year off!!! (He actually had more than enough, and ended up donating hours to a fellow forester who has a son with cancer and not enough leave.) He may have to go in a few days here and there, but I am so thankful that he will be able to be home most of these next few weeks.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • Monday :: American History Themed Field Trip; Fiesta for Our Lady of Guadalupe at Church
  • Tuesday :: Celebrate Santa Lucia Day; 37 Week OB Appointment
  • Wednesday :: Tutor from 9-1; Piano from 2-4 for the four oldest
  • Thursday :: Celebrate Rose’s 2nd Birthday; Hockey Practice
  • Friday :: Have a Baby?  *I did say the 16th would be the most convenient! 😉
  • Saturday :: Last Hockey Game before Christmas Break; Begin praying the O Antiphons

A Picture thought I am sharing:

I had meant to share this picture with you all last week, but never did have a chance.  Some of you asked (here and on Facebook) if our little Rose is as sweet as she looks…  Yes, she is a sweetie – probably the most affectionate toddler we have ever had – but she is also a stinker and smart as a whip!   She has been getting into EVERY.THING! lately and we’ve had to start assigning shifts, making sure that she is being watched constantly.   These pictures were taken last week, after she had just dumped out the girls’ bathroom drawers and re-did her own hair.   She later went on to changing her clothes and coloring her legs… And that was just one day last week.  It’s hard to believe that she is going to already be two years old this week, and yet I just can’t imagine our life without her! 

P.S. There is still time to add a guess on when you think this little one will arrive, if you haven’t already!  I will probably close the game to new guesses tonight.


  1. Christina

    Could you tell me more information on Arnica? I always have trouble with excessive bleeding after delivery (each time is worse and requires more intervention…last time it was pitocin drip, shot and other drugs). How much do you take and when do you take it? Thanks! I'm due with baby number 4 in Feb.

    I love your blog by the way!

  2. Kelly

    Oh, I love that pic of Rose!! lol, too cute!

    I'm also interested in how Arnica helps you. I have never heard of it before.

    Thanks for sharing your daybook, Jessica!

  3. Nicole

    I've never heard of arnica either. But I do drink red raspberry leaf tea from 34 weeks on (start with a cup and be up to 3 cups by end). It's supposed to help with easier labors, keeping the uterus toned, and helping post-partum with bleeding, among other things. I tend to bleed a lot as well though thankfully it has not caused too many problems other than having to have extra pitocin.

    Nice picture of Rose! I'm so glad mine can dress herself since she changes at least 5 times a day!

  4. Erin

    we have the same dress as Rose has in that picture, probably about the same size! my then 2 yr old wore it last year, and my then 5 yr old had a shirt in the same pattern. i found them both at a consignment sale and loved that they matched… they wore them to Mellow Mushroom (pizza restaurant) and call them their "Mellow Mushroom outfits." Gymboree stuff holds up so well through multiple kids!

  5. Shantelle

    I have been following your blog for a while now and you are such an inspiration as a mother, wife and follower of Christ. I am a homeschooling Catholic mama of 4 and praying there will be more. I feel prompted to send you a message regarding Arnica cream or tablets. It is a homeopathic and homeopathy is not compatible with Christianity (It falls under the same category as yoga, acupuncture/pressure, reiki, reflexology). Please do some reading on homeopathy since the healing power is not from our Lord Jesus Christ. I can promise it won't take much reading on the principles of how it works to see it is full of energy and powers of satan. I have used homeopathics in the past without realizing what I was taking. I do have freedom since going to reconciliation and renouncing anything that may have been attached to it. May the Holy Spirit continue to work in your lives as you share with all of us your journey. Thank you.

  6. Shantelle

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Mom2Seven

    I think her hair looks fabulous! 🙂 Still praying for you and that precious baby boy! Peace, Annita

  8. Lenetta

    I've had more than my share of kitties that never came home, but I also have had a few that come and go and come and go – including a sweet one-eyed barn cat named Phoebes that for the past three summers has disappeared for MONTHS and then comes back for the winter. Chances aren't great, but you never know!

  9. Jessica Gordon

    In the past I have always used Arnica (found in the health food section) for bruising, swelling, inflammation, etc. It also helps with prevent shock (due to excessive blood loss) after delivery. I've given it to my children when they fall, to prevent bruising and swelling since they were toddlers, and my mom gave it to us as children. I've also used other homeopathic remedies, including teething tablets, etc…

    I've never heard anything along the lines of it not being compatible with Christianity! Thank you for your concern and advice… I will be sure to research it further.

    Nicole ~ I've been meaning to pick up Red Raspberry Leaf tea and keep forgetting! I have been drinking pregnancy tea tough.

    Erin ~ Yes, Gymboree clothes last forever! That particular dress was purchased new when Twinkle Toes was a toddler, so nearly 7-8 years ago. I hang dry most of my Gymboree clothes/dresses as well, which keeps the colors from fading. Nearly all of Rose's clothing was her older sisters.

    Lenetta ~Thank you! Our children will be so happy to hear that!

  10. Unknown

    Oooh. That Mamarazzi book is on my Christmas wish list!

    Praying that baby your way on Friday, my dear. 🙂 Hang in there!

  11. Anonymous

    Aw I don't believe you. Every time I hold Rose just just goes right to sleep, lol.

  12. Shantelle

    Here is the best resource I could give you.

    If you scroll down to 2.2.3. Health: Golden living it gives a good list of alternative medicine that are not for us. I highly recommend reading the whole thing to have a fully better understanding.

    (I didn't want to leave you with out a resource since as soon as you type in Christianity and homeopathy all you get is a list of sites saying yes its compatible)

    God Bless.

  13. Robina

    thinking of you.

  14. Katie V.

    Thank you for sharing Jessica so many of the events, particularly celebrating the liturgical year of your family's life! Your blog reminds me of how we are a universal Church and it is inspiring to see sweet, wholesome children! As my oldest is five, I'm still learning the ropes of homeschooling. I've blogged a little on and off, but you've inspired me to do it more. Its also nice having a written diary, and a think one day it will be so nice to share with my children. God bless! With prayers for new baby coming.

  15. Katie V.

    Thank you for sharing Jessica so many of the events, particularly celebrating the liturgical year of your family's life! Your blog reminds me of how we are a universal Church and it is inspiring to see sweet, wholesome children! As my oldest is five, I'm still learning the ropes of homeschooling. I've blogged a little on and off, but you've inspired me to do it more. Its also nice having a written diary, and a think one day it will be so nice to share with my children. God bless! With prayers for new baby coming.


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