My Little Cupcake :: A Baby Shower for Charlotte!

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Baby Showers, Giveaway | 46 comments

I sure wish I lived in Texas and could host a baby shower for Charlotte and her precious new “Cupcake.” Especially since this little one will be the very first baby they bring home in over 7 years!   As fun as it would be, I just don’t think it is possible for all of us to meet in Texas, so I decided to host a “Virtual Baby Shower” here instead..  Won’t you please join us?!? 

I thought this would be such a nice way to show Charlotte how much she means to all of us and how much we all appreciate the endless inspiration, coloring pages, and just everything she shares so freely through her blogging!

So, go bake a batch of your favorite cupcakes (or maybe make a quick 5 minute chocolate mug cup cake), grab your favorite drink, and then come and join the fun below, including a group gift, games, and even door prizes! 

Whether you contribute to the group gift, or just offer a quick little prayer for Charlotte to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby, you are all welcome to join the fun and help celebrate the life of this sweet little one!

I know that Charlotte and her family have been given some hand-me-downs from friends and they are planning on purchasing/making whatever else they need.  However, when I heard that they were going to order a new crib (to replace the 30-year old crib they had been loaned for their older children and had since given back)  I asked if I could please organize it’s purchase as a group gift from all her friends here online.   Those of you that know me personally, know just how much I love coordinating group gifts for friends and family!

If you are interested in contributing to the crib for Cupcake, you can do so by clicking on the Paypal “Donate” button pictured below.  I know that these are not great financial times for many people, so please don’t feel like you need to contribute much to participate in this group gift.   Any amount is welcome and more than appreciated.

For those of you that do not use Paypal, yet would still like to go in on the crib, please send me an email at jessica(dot)showerofroses(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be in touch with my mailing information so you can send a check.

I will be sending Charlotte a card to go along with the crib, signed with the names of everyone that contributed.   If by chance we all contribute more than enough for the crib, I will pass on the extra funds to Charlotte and her family to put towards crib bedding and other nursery decorations!  It sounds like the baby’s room is going to be darling!!

Now for those games I mentioned!!  

I sent out a few emails this past week and was so thrilled at the positive response and support I received for this Baby Shower!  My wonderful contributors at Catholic Cuisine were all more than willing to help.  I even had some amazing prizes donated by a few of the wonderful Catholic businesses online. Thank you all!


I’ve been having so much fun collecting baby pictures from most of my contributors over at Catholic Cuisine!

So, do you think you can identify who is who?!?  🙂

The first person to correctly identify each of the bloggers pictured above will win a beautiful St. Therese apron donated by Catholic Embroidery!  Mary just created this new design inspired by this Baby Shower!!  I think it is perfect!   If anyone would like to order one, it is also available for purchase at Catholic Cuisine.  Thank you Mary! 

If we end up having more than one correct answer, the apron will be given to the first contestant to answer correctly, and the remaining correct guesses will be entered into a drawing for a second place prize, a set of Measuring Cup Matroyshkas, which I will send to the winner!

I posted larger images in a separate post which you can find here:

Name that Baby :: Catholic Cuisine Bloggers Edition

Please leave your guesses in the comment box of that post.

Did you bake that batch of cupcakes yet?   If so, we want to see them!!
Post a picture on your blog, along with the recipe if you’d like, and add your post to the linky:

(Please be sure to link back to this post!)

I’m going to leave it up to Charlotte’s girls, Sunshine and Shortcake, to choose their favorite at the end of the Shower, and I will send a copy of What’s New, Cupcake?: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion to the winner!

Now click on over to ExpectNet to guess Cupcake’s gender (here’s a hint), birth weight, length, and actual birth date and time.

Yes, there is going to be a little bit of a wait to see who will win this game!

However, it will be so worth the wait, and the winner will receive an original St. Therese Doll, handmade by Knit Together Designs!   Thank you Amy!

For a chance to win one of the door prizes pictured below, just let us know you “attended” this Baby Shower by leaving a comment on this post, including some loving advice (if you’d like) for the expectant mother!   

1.  A gorgeous Mary, Flower of Flowers Tenner donated by Anne at Under Her Starry Mantle and All Beautiful Catholic Beads. Thank you Anne! 

“Mary, flower of flowers all, Hath born a child in an ox stall, That Lord and Prince is over us all; Puer natus est nobis.”

2.  A beautiful bracelet and earrings set, handmade and donated by Barbara at Praying for Grace and Prayerful Beads. Thank you Barbara!

Miraculous Medal Bangle and Bobbles

3.  This lovely Our Lady of Mount Carmel Doll donated by St. Luke’s Brush! Thank you Garry and Amy!

With the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel coming up on July 16th, now would be the perfect time to add her to your collection!

4. A variety of adorable Hair Bows donated by Cecilia at Hair Bows 4 Life.  Thank you Cecilia!

5. A  cute little Fleur Di Lis Finders Key Purse Key Hook from me 🙂

Comments will close at midnight on June 23rd, and on June 24th, Charlotte’s birthday, I will announce the winners of all the games and door prizes!  

Thank you all for attending this Virtual Baby Shower hosted here at Shower of Roses!!  

Father in heaven, grant us the grace to appreciate the dignity which you have conferred on us. Let us realize that not even the Angels have been blessed with such a privilege—to share in your creative miracle and bring new Saints to heaven. Make us good mothers to all our children after the example of Mary, the Mother of your Son. Through the intercession of Jesus and Mary we ask your continued blessings on our families. Let us all be dedicated to your service on earth and attain the eternal happiness of your kingdom in heaven. Amen.


  1. Lucy

    This is a darling idea! I do wish Charlotte all the best and have commended her and her babe to the Blessed Mother. I don't really feel qualified to offer advice but what helps me most as a mama is to try and remember how short this season of mothering young children is and that we none of us know if we will see tomorrow so I try to live each day consciously and thankfully. But I am sure Charlotte already does A better job of that than I do! I will be praying for you Charlotte.

  2. Kelly

    What an awesome baby shower! So, fun!! 😀

    I must admit that I don't have any advice for Charlotte, as I would most likely be turning to her for advice myself. I will only offer my continued daily prayers for her and wee little one and the rest of the family as they get ready to welcome this blessing from above.

    God bless you, Charlotte!
    …and may God bless you, Jessica, for being such a generous and loving friend.

  3. Jamie Jo

    Oh, Jessica, this is so wonderful!! You did a super job organizing this whole thing!

    You've got me thinking about those cupcakes……

    I'm praying for you Charlotte and know you need no advice from me, just love and prayers!!

  4. Unknown

    This is fantastic, Jessica!

    Charlotte- wishing you joyful, beautiful days with baby. I'm so excited to watch as your family welcomes in a new bundle of grace.


  5. Isabel Caroline

    This is so wonderful Jessica!! So well done and so precious!
    As for Charlotte, I don't think I could give her ay advice because I know she is a great mother and friend! I will just tell her to take good care of herself and to remember that we are all praying for her and her baby!
    Now to see if I can make those cupcakes I have pictured in my head a reality, lol. Jessica, want to come over and help? Or would that be cheating? lol

  6. Sue A

    This is so cute! You all are so creative!

    Charlotte, my advice for you is to remember to accept help! I always think I can do it all after I have a baby and, well, I CANT! Take the time to soak in that newborn smell, sounds and complete and utter deliciousness. Hubby can do the dishes : ) friends can bring dinner, kids can take care of laundry! Many blessings to you and your expanding family ; )

  7. fadfd

    Very well done 🙂

    All of the ideas are amazingly fun and cute.

    Charlotte I can only offer the advice I you already know.

    Enjoy every cry, coo, babble, crawl, walk, and smile. Breathe her smell in and hold her every moment you get a chance.

    Our family is praying for you all.

    God bless!

  8. Jenny

    Just amazing Jessica, how fun.

    Enjoy every moment Charlotte, they are so precious!!

  9. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    Thank you all so much for the sweet words of advice and wonderful reminders you have offered!!! I am truly speechless and overwhelmed at the care and concern expressed here. Jessica is amazing!!! When she said she wanted to host an online baby shower, I had no idea what she meant. Only her incredibly talented soul and inspiration from above could have produced this!

    For those of you who think I need no advice, I offer a chuckle. Thank you for your confidence, but in a way, because it has been so long since we've had a baby in our arms, Sean and I are feeling a bit like first timers again although, thankfully, not as anxious this time around as we were with our first. I hope we will be able to relax and enjoy this baby more than I ever did with my big kids. I can't wait to let them experience the wonders of a newborn, infant and eventually, toddler. I am a little concerned that this little girl's feet will never touch the ground and that she will grow up expecting to be waited on hand and foot! LOL!

    Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!

  10. Anonymous

    I second the advice as to accepting help in the form of meals, cleaning, or running errands for you. Above all enjoy your babymoon (as I am doing right now) I just became a fan of your blog and wish to thank you (and Jessica) for all the lovely and truly inventive catholic ideas.

    with much prayers,

  11. Nicole

    This is so sweet! The power of Internet. I ditto the comments on accepting help. Enjoy this time. 🙂

  12. Lorie

    Your baby rattle cupcakes are so cute!

    For Charlotte,
    I am sure you already know my advice. Pray when it is hard, pray when it is easy, pray,pray, and pray!
    And of course we will pray for you and your special delivery!

    Lorie P. a blog follower in AZ

  13. Roxaline

    Congratulations Charlotte! With four years between my babies I too felt like a newbie! Advice- sleep as much as you can! & don't try to get back to your normal routine too soon! You have to find a new normal! So happy for you!

  14. Robina

    This shower is amazing. What a lovely gathering and idea. Many blessings to your family Charlotte as you look forward to meeting your sweet little baby. Enjoy every little minute and take as many naps with your baby on your chest when she is a newborn. I can't wait to "meet" her. Much love and prayers for you.

  15. Damaris R.

    Jessica, you do not cease to amaze me!!! I wish you lived in Florida, you would be my very bestest friend 🙂 God Bless you & your family!!

    Many blessings to you & your family!! We will pray a novena to St. Gerard for his intercession for you and your baby.

  16. Karla in MN

    What a wonderful idea…I have never "attended" a virtual baby shower before! I think Charlotte is a great mama and I have no advice, only prayers. God bless…

  17. Anonymous

    Jessica! Jessica! Jessica! You are so creative! What a wonderful idea – and congratulations again Charlotte!

  18. Jessica

    What a blessing to everyone who has you as a friend Jessica!!! This is so beautiful, I'm a new/young mom and look to both Jessica and Charoltte's websites for advise and ideas for my little ones so I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Blessings!

    p.s. Jessica I think you could put together a few really great books including all your wonderful ideas for garden parties, births, lent, advent oh the list goes on you are an inspiration!! Thank you!! 🙂

  19. nicole

    What a beautiful idea and gift for Charlotte! I happily contributed to the gift, but will not have time for the rest. I love to see people doing this kind of thing online though. Many prayers for good health.

  20. bobbi

    I love this idea! Congratulations and prayers for you both. 🙂

  21. Jodi

    Dear Charlotte,
    I have been reading your blog for a couple years now and I already know that you are a very caring and loving mother. So I don't feel that you need any "advice". 😉 But, I will continue to pray for you and "Cupcake" every day!
    Thank you for hosting such a great baby shower! I had fun "attending". A Virtual Baby Shower is such a great idea. God you bless you both!
    In Christ through Mary,

  22. Megan

    My advice is to gets lots of sleep with baby. Let the bigger kids run errands with Dad and get pizza or some treat while you stay home and rest.
    A messy house just shows you are devoting your time to your wee one/family. Routine will get established, but not those first couple month. May God Bless your family! So happy for you all and this creative loving virtual baby shower 🙂

  23. Mama Bear, JD

    This is so sweet and creative! And fun to let her readers participate! No advice here, I know Cupcake is in excellent hands! So glad I came to the shower!

  24. Megan

    This is so much fun! I don't have much advice to give, but I would recommend to Charlotte to enjoy every moment and allow others to help whenever they offer.

  25. Renee

    Oh my goodness! I've almost whithered up without internet at home for a while now (cell towers are overloaded – so they say!), and am finally catching up on all my google reader blog posts. Jessica, I'm loving all your creativity, and Charlotte, thinking of you as you feather your nest to welcome another beautiful blessing into your fold. God bless you both! This post is so touching, and like you, I believe great friendships are found online too. <3

  26. Suzanne

    What a beautiful idea. I am new to homeschooling and blogging. You both make me proud to be a Catholic mom who homeschools and has a large family. Thanks for all the great ideas. I pray for an easy delivery and the baby God has planned for your family to be better than you every imagined.

  27. Maria

    What a wonderful idea! I will be praying for Charlotte and her baby. Always stay close to the Blessed Mother and her rosary!

    May God Bless you!

    Maria In Mass 🙂

  28. Tech Queen

    This virtual shower is a wonderful idea. I pray that Charlotte has an easy delivery and that Cupcake will be a beautiful healthy baby. I know that Cupcake will light up the world…real and virtual.

  29. Erin

    Congrats to Charlotte and thanks to Jessica for hosting this fun "event!" I guess my advice would echo what others say about trying to enjoy every moment and find acceptance for the difficulties (like lack of sleep!), knowing they will pass quickly – once you look back on a child's babyhood, the first couple of years really don't seem to last long! I am always trying to remind myself of that, anyway! Prayers for a happy delivery and for your family as you all prepare to welcome this new little one!

    And thanks, Jessica, for providing a good reason to make cupcakes! 🙂

  30. Tiffany

    What an honor to participate in this wonderful celebration. Your friendship is a beautiful witness for us all:) We have you, Charlotte, and the many bloggy pregnant Mamas in our prayers…so many have popped up lately! I have no advice to offer, just hugs:)

  31. Hélène

    I am so happy for you Charlotte! My this new baby be a blessing and a joy for your whole family. As for advice, the only thing I can think of is, if you are having trouble nursing at first get a nipple shield. I had horrible trouble and pain with my second and it cut down on both. After about two weeks she was fine and I could get rid of it.

  32. Jamie Jo

    I finally entered!!! My husband let me use his laptop to do this….so it took me twice as long!! haha!

    I actually did 2 cupcakes….couldn't decide which to do! Had to do them in the same post though, as I have limited time before Tom leaves for Cananda for his annual fishing trip with his dad!!!

    Our computer is down, so, if it doesn't get fixed on Tuesday, I won't be able to check the winner til who knows when!!!

    This was so fun, thanks for all you did Jessica, you are wonderful!

  33. MimiP

    Our family has been so blessed by Charlotte's blog, (your's too Jessica). Please know that we have been praying for your pregnancy and will continue until your little bambina arrives! Many, many blessings to you!

  34. Katy

    What a neat thing to do!! I love looking at all the cupcake entries!

  35. Jessica

    Just found your blog and Charlotte's. Love finding fellow UDers on the web.
    Advice: I just had my 5th, next youngest is 8. It is so much easier with 4 helpers. Let them help and hold as much as possible. They love, I love it and she is ok with it most of the time. 😉

  36. Karen

    It's so sweet of you to do this for Charlotte! I don't have any advice for Charlotte other than to take it easy and keep those creative juices flowing! She's already inspired me to decorate our new baby's nursery with something I never would have thought of on my own.

  37. Olga

    I think this is a great idea!! Many blessing and congratulations for Charlotte and her little cupcake 🙂

  38. Christina

    What a great idea! Congratulations Charlotte and family and may Our Lady keep you close to her heart!

  39. Celeste

    So happy to be able to "attend" this little shower! Many prayers for you and baby, Charlotte. Be sure to enjoy those newborn days–so hard for me to remember in my postpartum fog, but I always regret not just resting with baby once those sleepy days are past. And I'll be taking my own advice in just a couple months, God willing. 🙂

  40. Nicole Stallworth

    It's been obvious to me for a while what a special lady Charlotte is, though IRL I don't have the pleasure of your acquaintance, Charlotte. We are so happy for your family and you are definitely in our prayers. Now my girls and I have to go make some cupcakes!

    Splendid job, Jessica!

  41. Amy

    Dearest Charlotte,
    Your blog is so inspiring and has helped and encouraged me in so many ways.
    God bless you as you await the arrival of your little "cupcake."
    Please know that prayers are coming your way from northwest Washington for the exciting months ahead.
    Advice: Love on that baby and love watching those big kids love on her as well. And, one of my favorite bits of newborn advice from my mom was to measure new baby's feet with your index finger. It was fun (and amazing) to watch how fast their little feet grow and sweet to look back at how tiny they were:)

    God bless you!

  42. Cindy

    What a fun shower!

    My advice is to let the kids help and don't criticize how they do it if they're doing it with love. We get too picky and protective over the wee one sometimes!

  43. Jo Murphy

    Congratulations, Charlotte! We are so happy for you and your family!

  44. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you all so much for participating! Comments are now closed and I will be back soon to announce the winners of the games and door prizes. 🙂


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