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Out for a beautiful fall walk on Sunday afternoon.

“Well, it sure looks like the devil spat on those blackberries!”

Still smiling 5 miles later! 
Photo Credit: Marc Salvatore – Used with permission
Tuesday night we attended our parish’s welcome Mass for our new Archbishop!   He has been visiting every parish in the diocese and ours was the last on the list, but also the first that he brought his mother to since he had to show her this incredibly beautiful part of his diocese!   It was such a joy to visit with His Excellency and his mother! 
Photo Credit: Marc Salvatore – Used with permission
He remembered Captain from summer camp and asked Rascal if he would be attending next year.  When Marc was about to take this picture the Archbishop said “A picture with two of my future priests!”   I laughed and responded, “Well, you might have to fight the FSSP for them!” He turned to me and said that perhaps we can have both! I shared briefly about our family’s connections to the FSSP and how we have prayed to have them in our diocese for many years. The Archbishop told me that he is a friend to the FSSP (he did their Diaconate Ordinations in 2012) and would love to have them in his diocese! I left with such great hope for the future and could hardly wait to call my husband, who has been applying for various jobs for the last 14 years trying to relocate to a more traditional diocese.  Every time a job would fall through I would say that perhaps God wants us here for some reason… And we would keep praying. Between our quarterly Latin Masses this past year and now our new Archbishop, we have been so incredibly blessed. 

Who needs creamer when there is Pumpkin Ice Cream in the freezer?
(And yes I was conveniently ignoring my dairy intolerance Monday morning!) Yum!

My new favorite dessert?  Salted. Caramel. Truffle. Brownies.  YUM! 

In addition to the brownies I also had everything needed to make some more Peach Sangria, using some frozen peaches this time.  After asking just about every local friend (or acquaintance!) I know on Facebook or through email I was able to round up a total of 12 for a Ladies’ Bunco Night at my house last night!  

I also baked an Apple Cake and had Apple Cider simmering on the stove.   Each person brought an appetizer or dessert to share, along with $5 to be used for prizes, and we had a blast!  Everyone arrived at 7:00 and we played Bunco until about 9:30 or so.  I wasn’t the only one who had been needing a fun night with friends… It was after midnight before everyone had headed home! 

I had just won the prize ($20!) for most buncos when the phone rang and it was Sean’s supervisor letting us know that he will report back to work on Monday, following the remainder of his previously scheduled (but canceled due to the furlough) vacation leave!  Deo Gratias!!!! 

Sean and the little ones all left his parents today, amidst lots of tears from the older girls and Snuggles who all loved getting to know their grandparents, and arrived safely at their first destination. They still have two more days of driving, but will arrive home on Saturday! The boys and I can hardly wait!!

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  1. Anonymous

    What an amazing walk! So beautiful. I love the picture of you and the boys. The joy just radiates off all your faces!

    And thank you for Bunco. The sangria was amazing. I think I only spilled two family secrets and my most embarrassing moment after just two glasses. Very good stuff!

  2. Eliana

    Those boys look so much like their Momma. 🙂 And that's exciting news about the FSSP maybe coming to your diocese! Our diocese has an FSSP parish which my friend attends and I think they do good work. Those brownies look sooo good! Praying for safe travels for your babies.

  3. Patty

    The picture of you and your sons is just beautiful, Jessica!

  4. 9peasMom

    I used to play Bunco regularly with a great group of ladies, I miss it but my husband working out of state makes it impossible to continue to go every month. Your Bunco night looks like it was a lot of fun!!! Your walk looks like it was gorgeous and 5 miles – good for you!
    Mater Dei has a facebook page, and I've enjoyed being a part of that. We are hoping to get there in November and we cannot wait!

  5. Christine

    What a beautiful area! I pray that your prayers for an FSSP parish near you are answered.

  6. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Amy! 🙂 And I was so glad it worked out for you to come over!

  7. Jessica Gordon

    It's probably still quite some time down the road, but it would sure be a dream come true, especially for my husband. In the meantime we will be hosting a meeting here in a couple weeks with our pastor, the priest from a neighboring diocese who travels over to offer Mass, and the rest of he committee to schedule any upcoming masses for this next year!

    Thank you for the prayers!

  8. Jessica Gordon

    A number of years ago I coordinated a monthly group too, but it got too hard to continue, especially with new babies, so I dropped out a few years ago when Rose was born. I still don't think I could do it monthly, but I'm so glad it worked out this week. It has got to be so hard to have your husband working out of state for such long periods of time…

    I will have to look for Mater Dei's Facebook page. Sean actually just got to see his brother who was recently transferred to Mater Dei at his parents home, for the first time since 2008! He still hadn't met our two youngest. We hope that someday we will be able to travel back to AZ for another visit and then head over to TX too, while he is still there! I look forward to hearing how you like it next month!

  9. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Patty! We were sure enjoying the fresh air! 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Great post to celebrate the Fraternity of St. Peter's Silver Jubilee. 25 Years of Service! Thanks be to God and may the Fraternity be granted many more holy vocations. Pray for priests!

  11. Lena

    Praise God for precious moments spent with loved ones, beautiful memories made, and answered prayers.

  12. mel

    Well, we have a weekly Latin mass in our area of Arkansas. 😉 Just in case..lol
    Can you imagine having a son that is a bishop? Wow….what a gift!

  13. Erin

    Wow, it has been a long time for you but how thrilling if you can get the FSSP.

  14. Jessica Gordon

    We will have to wait and see, and keep praying! We have a very large diocese and I am sure the odds of them ending up here, even if they are eventually asked to come to are diocese, are very small. But we can continue to hope and pray!! 🙂

  15. Jessica Gordon

    One of my brother-in-laws was in Arkansas for awhile 🙂

  16. Jessica Gordon

    I hadn't realized that it was the 25th Anniversary! How exciting!! My husband traveled to Rome to celebrate the 10th Anniversary the year before we were married!

  17. Krista


    Hoping you can get some more Latin Masses for next year, Jessica! I'm still praying for even one in our area! Keep fighting the good fight!

    God bless!

  18. Anonymous

    I love fall!! Especially love the pic of the path with all the leaves on it…so pretty! Those brownies look amazing and looking forward to seeing the pics of your happy reunion with your fam tomorrow. 😉 God bless.

  19. Anonymous

    Love the ice cream in the coffee! 🙂 that used to be a regular treat in our home. 🙂

  20. Kimberlee

    The fall pictures are all so beautiful! You certainly live near some gorgeous landscapes! We got a good chuckle here at your comment to the good bishop on any possible priestly vocations. Praying for safe final travels and arrival home of your husband and children! Have a wonderful reunion! (and hopefully a smooth transition back to home/school for all)
    PS I totally understand the salt/caramel thing, but alas my children don't see the light. The last round of goodies I made I was instructed to only salt part of the pan. 🙂

  21. Becky

    I have been to the diocesan Latin Mass in Portland and while it is nice it left much to be desired. I think the Latin Mass community could explode with courageous FFSP priests leading the way. Even if they don't start out near you, once they are set up I am sure they will do all that they can to bring a satellite chapel closer to your area. It has been my experience that FFSP priests go to great lengths to bring the Mass and sacraments to those who long for it.

  22. Shalon

    Jessica, did you know there are two Christendom grads being ordained for the FSSP this year?

  23. Liz

    We met His Excellency at that FSSP ordination last year. Everyone just loved him especially the seminarians. My seven-year old son still talks about how nice he was! He seems to be such an excellent Archbishop. We pray for him a lot, seeing as what he must be up against. It must have been refreshing for him to meet up with your lovely family. God bless you! Liz


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