BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia {Review & “Win It Before You Can Buy It” Giveaway!}

by | May 18, 2015 | Giveaway, Marian, Music, Reviews | 62 comments

The following review of BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia by the Monks of Norcia (De Montfort Music, 2015) was written by my husband. Thank you, Sean! 

“Seven times a day will I sing your praises.” – The Rule of St. Benedict

The simple beauty of Gregorian chant – the eternal beauty of chant is prayerful, rich, and necessary in our age. BENEDICTA is the Monks of Norcia’s first ever international recording. The Monks of Norcia, in the sincerity of their prayer are able to draw the listener into the mind and heart of the Church’s expression of faith. The mysticism of the chant, the serenity and timeless beauty of its ancient tradition, the meditative and celestial qualities of the recording transport the listener to a spiritual light. We are reminded that our eternal destination lies beyond the earthly allure. As the listener enters into the contemplative mystery of prayer they are reminded of the spiritual land that indeed awaits those who hope in the Lord. These are the transcendent thoughts that the official music of the Church inspires.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote: “The chanting of the Office continues to sustain the whole Church around the world.”

This album is particularly unique in that the music is not part of any mass settings as many other chant CD’s from monks have done in the past. As the title reveals, the chants recorded in this album are dedicated to the Marian Feast Days found in the divine office and devotional hymns outside of the mass. From De Montfort Music:

“Inspiring, beautiful music of Chant at it’s very best – from Italy by The Monks of Norcia. BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia is the title for this new recording of 33 tracks of Gregorian chant, including favorite Marian antiphons such as “Regina Caeli” and “Ave Regina Caelorum” but also previously unrecorded chant versions of responsories and a piece originally composed by the monks (“Nos Qui Christi Iugum,”) Some pieces are sung by the entire group, some by smaller ensembles of monks and others by soloists, imbuing ‘BENEDICTA’ with a variety of sound. Recorded on location at the monastery in Norcia, Italy, the album was produced by 11-time Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher Alder and engineered by Grammy-Award winning engineer Jonathan Stokes.”

Order your copy today.

“Late have I loved you, Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved you!” – St. Augustine

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Today I have the privilege of being able to offer my visitors here at Shower of Roses a chance to WIN one of three copies of BENEDICTA before you can buy it! The giveaway will remain open through Monday, May 25th and the winners will be announced in this post and contacted by email on Tuesday, May 26th.  De Montfort Music will mail the CDs directly to the winners so that they can arrive just before the album is released!

Please help spread the word about this beautiful and unique new album, and be sure to enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter box below:

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BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia will be released on June 2, 2015 and is available to pre-order at Amazon. You can also order it directly from the monks and an extra portion of the proceeds will go towards assisting them in funding the many needs of their community!


  1. Toni

    So beautiful! Perfect for our morning music!

    2015-05-18 22:14:32

  2. Carrie

    JMJ THESE. Fingers crossed! ;o)

    2015-05-18 22:44:16

  3. Nicole

    Just beautiful! Thank you for all of your chant CD recommendations!

    2015-05-18 22:46:49

  4. Janel

    How beautiful! Thank you Jessica <3

    2015-05-18 23:08:22

  5. Laura B

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-05-18 23:34:11

  6. Megan

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-05-18 23:41:15

  7. Sonja C.

    I've been looking at the Ephesus cd's wanting to include more Catholic music into our daily lives. This sounds great too! Thank you for another wonderful giveaway opportunity. 🙂

    2015-05-19 00:07:52

  8. Jennifer Coulter

    would be a beautiful addition to our home 🙂

    2015-05-19 00:41:39

  9. Darbi

    These chants are very special and beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway, Jessica!

    2015-05-19 00:46:50

  10. Maureen

    Great giveaway! Would love to win!

    2015-05-19 01:11:58

  11. Erica

    What a wonderful giveaway! This would be great to have in our home:)

    2015-05-19 01:44:46

  12. Beth

    What beautiful prayers and beautiful music! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

    2015-05-19 02:05:23

  13. Amy

    Exciting! Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-05-19 02:07:42

  14. mary

    Thanks for offering this opportunity to win!

    2015-05-19 02:16:15

  15. Andrea

    This sounds beautiful! Thank you. The children's book listed at the monk's website also looks lovely.

    And since I'm logged in I'd like to add how much I appreciate your blog. It is a huge resource and inspiration to me. Thanks!

    2015-05-19 02:26:37

  16. Patty V

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Gregorian Chant!!! Thanks for hosting!

    2015-05-19 04:34:16

  17. Kristi

    Thank you Jessica. Do you have a copy of their children's book? I value your reviews and my children and I have enjoyed following your blog for about four years now. Thank you for continuing to encourage us all.

    2015-05-19 05:15:18

  18. theresapmcguirk

    This is gorgeous! I love everything I just learned about these monks. How wonderful that so many young men are being drawn to it too!

    2015-05-19 05:20:39

  19. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you for the kind comment, Andrea! The children's book is indeed lovely! One of our boys received it in his Easter basket this year. 🙂

    2015-05-19 05:56:41

  20. Theresa

    My husband would especially love this, such a great giveaway!

    2015-05-19 09:43:11

  21. Janet

    Such beauty. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

    2015-05-19 10:39:54

  22. Molly

    A friend of ours works for the monks remotely, and when Fr. Cassian was visiting him in Des Moines, we had the privilege of going to a Mass by him in the extraordinary form! I'm sure this CD is just beautiful. (And so is their beer, by the way! 🙂 )

    2015-05-19 10:56:52

  23. KelLee

    My husband loves gregorian chant and I have listened to many different ones. This one is particularly beautiful! I would love to win this for him and give it to him for father's day!

    2015-05-19 12:36:01

  24. Laura G.

    Such calming music. Really lets you focus on what's really important. Thank you for the giveaway.

    2015-05-19 12:39:03

  25. Holly G

    Beautiful music.

    2015-05-19 12:52:39

  26. Jennifer

    I am looking to bring some soothing, sacred music into the home. I'm usually a "no music in the home" type of person because I don't like a lot of noise, but with the kids getting bigger and noisier, I think I need some calming noise to counteract the chaos. Thanks for the giveaway.

    2015-05-19 13:01:58

  27. Elizabeth

    Awesome! Thanks!

    2015-05-19 14:12:49

  28. Lisa C. in KY

    This is beautiful music! I would love to listen to it while in my garden! It is, by the way, a "garden of old roses", dedicated to St. Therese! She is my Confirmation saint, so naturally I was drawn to your blog. I have followed both your blogs for a couple of years now, and I just love them! I homeschool as well, and I have 2 wonderful boys (plus a tiny baby in heaven that miscarried) who are close to the ages of your 2 oldest boys. We had wanted a larger family, so I love to see all the things you do with yours! While I'm at it, I just have to mention that one of my boys had a Lord of the Rings birthday party one year, before I found the photos for the one you had, and the cake I made was almost identical to yours! Your Hobbit party inspired the one I had for my other son! Your family remains in my prayers. Keep up the good work!

    2015-05-19 14:24:29

  29. Rebekah

    Gorgeous! I love Gregorian chant 🙂

    2015-05-19 14:34:39

  30. Kelsy

    Their chant is so beautiful! I grew up listening to Gregorian chant and it makes it so much easier to forget the distractions and pray.

    2015-05-19 15:26:43

  31. Christine M.

    Another wonderful giveaway!!! I am sure this would be a favorite in our home. God bless!

    2015-05-19 15:55:35

  32. Ali

    I love Liturgical chant…it is so relaxing.

    2015-05-19 16:47:19

  33. Kate

    My children learned several of these songs this school year. The monks sing beautifully!

    2015-05-19 17:17:09

  34. Melanie

    Sounds beautiful! Would love to win! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! The children's book looks so neat. God bless you and your family.

    2015-05-19 17:20:36

  35. Allison F

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Gregorian chant is so beautiful. My sister and I sing in the girls' choir at our parish church, and we have learned quite a bit of chant over the years! It is truly the music of heaven.

    God bless, Allison

    2015-05-19 17:29:23

  36. Kathryn

    Thank you!

    2015-05-19 18:02:01

  37. KAMMiller

    Wonderful! This is just beautiful!

    2015-05-19 18:37:46

  38. Kathy

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Our family loves chant!

    2015-05-19 19:02:45

  39. Grace

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-05-19 20:22:07

  40. victoria

    We always listen to background music during dinner. Nothing distracting with lyrics that tempt the children to sing to, but music such as chant or classical. If we listen to music with lyrics, it is usually by performers such as Jackie Evancho, Andrea Bucelli, or Josh Groban. Neither my husband or I are "musically inclined", so we always welcome recommendations, like this on!

    2015-05-19 20:37:11

  41. Dalia

    This is beautiful and thank you for hosting this great giveaway! Many blessings.

    2015-05-20 00:26:31

  42. Erin

    Sounds lovely, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    2015-05-20 02:50:15

  43. Dawn

    You can never get enough chant. This sounds lovely and would be a nice addition to our collection. Tha k you for the chance to win this giveaway! Thank you for your wonderful blog and all of your helpful suggestions on books and music as they really have been great for my family. God bless you. -Dawn

    2015-05-20 10:22:41

  44. Melanie

    absolutely beautiful

    2015-05-20 13:00:38

  45. Vallimasoos

    Great giveaway. Thanks so much for your blog!

    2015-05-20 16:45:37

  46. Nora

    Love Chanting!

    2015-05-20 18:04:35

  47. Sue K

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    2015-05-20 19:09:14

  48. seasonalcatholic


    2015-05-21 17:40:17

  49. Sarah

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway! 🙂 I love listening to chant while homeschooling! God bless!

    2015-05-22 03:54:17

  50. Sue


    2015-05-22 04:17:38

  51. Suzie

    Thank you for the opportunity to listen to their chant and for the possibility of winning the album!! I find chant so calming and it helps me focus when I pray.

    2015-05-22 05:57:26

  52. Claudia

    Great giveaway !!!!!!

    2015-05-22 16:52:33

  53. Kristi

    This sounds beautiful, would love to give it to my husband for Father's day.

    2015-05-25 13:53:58

  54. Bethany

    This sounds great!

    2015-05-25 19:21:29

  55. momx2

    My non-Catholic husband loves Gregorian chant!

    2015-05-26 00:48:26

  56. Morgan

    One of the best giveaways I've ever seen! Thank you for hosting! I love your blog, as a recent convert I have found it very inspirational.

    2015-05-26 01:21:01

  57. Katie

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    2015-05-26 03:05:42

  58. Christina

    I love these monks!

    2015-05-26 03:33:12

  59. Jen Higdon

    I missed the giveaway, but I am going to place an order, and it looks like our OCDS community will be placing a bulk order for the members so that's wonderful for the monks!

    2015-05-26 10:02:02


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