A Statue of the Holy Family for Dad and Mom

by | Dec 27, 2015 | Christmas 2015, Marian, My Siblings, St. Joseph | 23 comments

Even though many of my siblings were not able to travel home for Christmas this year – it ended up just being three of my brothers and I out of the twelve of us, unlike last year when nine of us were together – I was still able to coordinate a special gift to give our parents when everyone came over on Christmas Eve! It was so much fun to plan and visit with all my brothers and sisters, currently spread out from Hawaii all the way to Australia, in a private group message on Facebook. It’s been way too long since we’ve all been together!

With the health challenges my mom is currently facing it was so nice to surprise her and Dad with a special gift – an outdoor statue of the Holy Family for our own parents who have sacrificed so much for us all over the years.

Prayer for Parents 
Infinitely good God, Thou who hast imparted to me through my father and mother, my maintenance, a Christian education, and so many other benefits, I thank Thee for Thy bounty. Grant me the grace to show them the obedience that I owe them, sincere love, and great reverence. Never permit that they should suffer chagrin and trouble through my fault; but keep and guide me in the way of Thy fear and Commandments, as I have been taught. Reward them richly for all the good they have done me. Be their protector in danger, their helper in every care and anxiety. Grant them long life, good health, and a blessed eternity. Amen. 


  1. Donna Marie

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful thing to do..and a gorgeous statue! God bless your beautiful family! <3

    2015-12-28 00:49:53

  2. Kim

    How beautiful! God bless your parents for being open to "life" back in the day, {even today…so sad}, when Catholic families were/are downsizing. Please ask your parents to say a prayer for my family…they are amazing, beautiful, Catholic parents!

    2015-12-28 00:56:43

  3. Carol Milligan

    Jessica, a beautiful gift and prayer..and knowing you …you will live out that prayer..I love your parents..your mother is in my prayers.

    2015-12-28 02:29:00

  4. Krista

    Oh my gosh – your little niece is walking and getting so big!!! She looks wonderful!!!!

    2015-12-28 02:52:09

  5. Katie

    Those are your parents? No way! They are too young to have teenage grandchildren.

    2015-12-28 04:10:02

  6. Eileen

    Merry Christmas, Jessica. I loved reading your Blog. Thanks for all the work you do. Tell your momma that I will keep her in my prayers and hope to give her a call soon. Lots of love, John and Eileen Wicke

    2015-12-28 07:09:28

  7. mebarrett8

    What a beautiful gift!

    2015-12-28 12:36:35

  8. fancyrock

    A beautiful statue for a beautiful couple. :o) Becky

    2015-12-28 18:21:23

  9. Bernadette O.

    What a beautiful gift! God bless! 🙂

    2015-12-29 00:18:10

  10. Erin

    Beautiful 🙂 Hey didn't know one of your sibs is in Australia, I wonder if near me:-) and talking fb do you know you can have a private family group or is that what you mean by group message? We have one for all our sibs, a nice way to keep in touch.

    2015-12-30 21:16:05

  11. Angela

    Hi thank you for your blog, its helped me in my new adventures in homeshooling my four children. If I may ask where did you get the statue? Its absolutely beautiful and I am looking for one.

    2016-01-01 16:22:57

  12. Jessica Gordon

    Here's the Amazon link: http://amzn.to/22tY17f The same 42" statue sells for $450 plus (oversized) shipping from Leaflet Missal. I was able to purchase it directly from the manufacturer during a Cyber Monday sale. Having so many siblings to help pitch it made it affordable for all of us, even my youngest brothers who are still in college. Definitely "cheaper by the dozen" 😉

    The same company also makes a smaller version (21.5") as well: http://amzn.to/1mdi21B

    2016-01-02 02:21:47

  13. Debbie

    You and your family are a truly wonderful example of how all Catholic families should live. This is a most thoughtful gift given with such deep love and respect by you and your siblings ~ following God's commandment to Honor your Father and your Mother. The statue is exquisite and the prayer so perfect. May God continue to help your mom through her health concerns.

    2016-01-07 19:23:20

  14. Jessica Gordon

    I'm not sure, Erin. We've just been talking in a group email. Is that the same thing? It's been so much fun and the closest I've felt to many of my siblings in a long time!

    2016-01-13 02:22:01

  15. Jessica Gordon

    Thank you, Debbie! Please keep us in your prayers!

    2016-01-13 02:22:59

  16. Jessica Gordon

    Thanks, Becky! I've been meaning to email you FOREVER!!! I will soon! Miss you and hope you and your family are all doing well!

    2016-01-13 02:23:50

  17. Jessica Gordon

    Yes! 🙂 Teenagers must keep you young! My youngest brother will turn 20 this week, the day before my 38th birthday. It will be the first time in exactly 25 years that my parents haven't had a teenager (or multiple!) of their own!

    2016-01-13 02:27:37

  18. Erin

    No it's not. We made a private fb group and like in any fb group, anyone can start a chat, share photos easily etc. As well as our sibling one (8 sibs with spouses and Mum) we also have an extended one, my mum, her sisters and all their children and now older grandchildren. My grandmother would have loved some of the chats we have. I've gotten to know my cousins (1st) far better than I otherwise would have. I started a group for husband's family, inspired by the other. I just began a group, added those in-laws, nieces and nephews I was friends with and then asked them all to add any of the others.

    2016-01-13 03:26:44

  19. Jessica Gordon

    Oh, okay! That makes sense! What a great idea! Now that you mention it, one of my husband's cousins added me to a group like that where she shares family tree info/pictures/etc. I'm so bad about using any public groups on Facebook (I unfollow most that I am added to, my internet time is so limited these days) but have stayed a member of a few private groups and love the idea of having a private one with just my immediate family. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    2016-01-13 03:56:58

  20. Erin

    Truthfully the family groups are the only reason I'm on fb. Even family members whilst I;m friends with some I don't follow them. wonderful was the day I discovered the unfollow button. So much noise. Love to know how it works if after prayer you decide to go that way. Oh nice idea, at the top of my extended family page our picture header is a pic of my grandparents, so special that they unite us and I remember to pray for them. You could have a pic of your parents at top of your header. just a suggestions

    2016-01-13 04:03:21

  21. Jessica Gordon

    I know what you mean! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    2016-01-13 04:14:26

  22. Tracy Bua Smith

    Beautiful statue and family! What a blessed time for everyone!

    2016-01-16 04:05:27

  23. Victoria

    I have this beautiful statue. A smaller version but the same one. What a beautiful gift for you parents.

    2016-01-16 05:41:09


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